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KingCreeps Nguyen
*Matrix intensifies*
Comment from : KingCreeps Nguyen

Where can i find it?
Comment from : Tsiman

Rift Clan
Comment from : Rift Clan

Jiasheng Oh
Comment from : Jiasheng Oh

Bradley Baldwin
What is a "Cran"?
Comment from : Bradley Baldwin

Daniel C
Where can you buy these?
Comment from : Daniel C

Barbara Evans
Are these on sale? Kids would love them to trick their friends (Adults would love them to trick their friends)!
Comment from : Barbara Evans

hassan Shakeel
Comment from : hassan Shakeel

The True Legendary Super Saiyajin
Oh I know the trick, its the arrows' shape both of them have a diamond like structure with little jotting out ends on each side 1:00
Comment from : The True Legendary Super Saiyajin

OMG HE SAID IT FEELS LIKE YOU ARE TOUCHING TO BLLAS 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😍🥰🙃🙂😉🙂☺️🙂🤣🤣🤣😛🤣😕🤣😳🤣😤🤣’😰😰🤭🤭🤣🤔🤔🤭😑🤭✋🏽🤙🏿🦶🦶👅🦷🦷👀👶🏿👶🏿🧑🧑🧑🧑💁🏿‍♂️🧙🏿‍♀️4:05
Comment from : kazman115

my braiiiiiiiiin
Comment from : Ozzberry

Devajyoti Sharma
Comment from : Devajyoti Sharma

Derek Tran
Somehow Action Lab never runs out of ideas

Me: What happens when you put ice in a microwave

Comment from : Derek Tran

Vampiric Fox
Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?
Comment from : Vampiric Fox

ExcitedZachS8 Gaming
Comment from : ExcitedZachS8 Gaming

Nice trick, Wizard.
Comment from : TertiaryChrome

Ivana Arana
I touch my tounge with crossed fingers
Comment from : Ivana Arana

I Farted Gaming
*hawkins lab wants to know your location*
Comment from : I Farted Gaming

Tenuun Temuujin
When you can't flip the direction so you put it in the furnace

Forget the damn rulea

Comment from : Tenuun Temuujin

1.14 got it
Comment from : Jet

When yo tryna play with ur arrows that u just bought, but they've already ascended to the 6th dimension
Comment from : LiterallyJupiter

Where can I buy these arrows? i want to play with them
Comment from : matoscu

The Truth
The final Matrix question was on point
Comment from : The Truth

skylar payne
How can I get a pair?
Comment from : skylar payne

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
"But outside of the mirror, in real life..." Actually, what's in the mirror IS in real life. Just because you're seeing something in a mirror doesn't mean it's "not real life." It's still real life. If I were in your house I would be in person with you. But I'm talking to you from right here , not in person with you, but it's still real life. Please get to know the difference.
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
"WHEREVER books are sold," eh? So if I go to Deseret Book or Seagull Book, Walmart, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, or The King's English, you're sure I'll find them there, huh?
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
"Real reality"? What, as opposed to the... "fake reality"?
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
That name Kant is not pronounced "kant," like the word "can't," but like "kont" or "kawnt."
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Haha, I know some guys in here are gonna go, "Ha! I don't need to have that ball or do a weird thing with my finger just to touch 2 balls at the same time!"
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
"All you need is something round... and also a cran..."? Oh, you have a cran(berry) there?
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

Hello Kitty Lover Man!
What's the difference between a "visual illusion" and an optical illusion?
Comment from : Hello Kitty Lover Man!

This is a really cool illusion
Comment from : Dueygamer

big chungus
3:28 did the blue part just accelerate away from him dafuq
Comment from : big chungus

That spin tripped me out
Comment from : TeslaYT

alen jos
I need atlest a pair...
Comment from : alen jos

alen jos
How do I get one of the arrows
Comment from : alen jos

Comment from : bLaZeGaMeR101_

Giuseppe Sodano
Why don’t you sell these arrows too? I want to buy them!!!
Comment from : Giuseppe Sodano

Gfsdgjknvv lmnop
I used to cross my fingers on each hand, and touch 1/2 of them together. It would always feel like the two not touching WERE touching, and vice versa.
Comment from : Gfsdgjknvv lmnop

I'm blind in my one eye. My entire life, these illusions have never worked, not even the touch perception illusions.
Comment from : tcdahn7

Where do you buy these from?
Comment from : TheResurrectionOfMars

1:52 it’s fake u can’t fool me
Comment from : BOY YOURTALL

Shell Macy
Red arrow or Blue arrow

Choose wisely

Comment from : Shell Macy

Marcio Neves
Comment from : Marcio Neves

Ruby Castro
just saw the sides and i also finished imagined how the illusion works
Comment from : Ruby Castro

Truth Troll
After this there is no turning back
You take the blue arrow, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to.
You take the red arrow, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabit hole goes.
Remember, all i'm offering is the truth.

Comment from : Truth Troll

Gaming Hunter
It's just lateral inversion
Comment from : Gaming Hunter

military wants to know your location
Comment from : Scienceoform

Wiza k
Girls: Why don't boys get our signs
Their signs:

Comment from : Wiza k

Asad Abbas
Ahha....my brain is too smart to get perceptual disjunction 😅
Comment from : Asad Abbas

Fleming Tran
if you look at the arrows from the side it looks like a sqished arrow
Comment from : Fleming Tran

Will Wright
Thanks for opening up a new paradigm in my thought processes. ... Hate you now BTW... Gave the video a thumbs up though- smiley face.
Comment from : Will Wright

I'm ready for them balls jokes
Comment from : FirePhoenix75

Stefan Metz
Duo you have a 3D model of this part?
Comment from : Stefan Metz

Atif Ejaz
I got that before you told it
Comment from : Atif Ejaz

gotti bang
yo i swear i said they had pointy things on each side
Comment from : gotti bang

cody hedges
Both pills
Comment from : cody hedges

Dude they would’ve killed you for this back then because they would’ve were doing witchcraft. Your so lucky 😂
Comment from : TRISTEN J HORTON

Super Swag
Answer : these are not arrows
Comment from : Super Swag

Build Battle Games
Me when I saw him spin the arrows around. THIS IS MADNESS
Comment from : Build Battle Games

Thanks now I'm dissociating
Comment from : Matt

Whoever made these arrows has an amazing brain
Comment from : R.A

Ankit Kumar
What I learnt is" reality may not be real"
Comment from : Ankit Kumar

XxgeorgeXD Gaming
Does a magnet works in a vacuum chamber?
Comment from : XxgeorgeXD Gaming

Chris Daniel
I promise you guys this channel is so underated
Comment from : Chris Daniel

the doge
redditors:oh shit
Comment from : the doge

Kristi Teneqexhi
Reddit left the chat.
Comment from : Kristi Teneqexhi

Comment from : ItsDarkie

jay quickblade
It is an optical illusion that makes it seem like they are pointing a different way when in reality they are not even arrows at all
Comment from : jay quickblade

fotis kritsioudis
Nice video! You another idea is to show us how to make a DIY vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber
Comment from : fotis kritsioudis

captain skeptical
and this is how tv is manipulating you!
Comment from : captain skeptical

I don't know why a random thought came in my mind to comment something and get a heart
Comment from : A.M. GAMING

TVG Philippines
Why does it feel awkward when you don't say anything when he speaks to you
Comment from : TVG Philippines

Suleiman Hassan-Olajoku
They look like router bits.
Comment from : Suleiman Hassan-Olajoku

Nick Burns
You win this round Dr. Mindbender
Comment from : Nick Burns

Monir Hasan
When you crush made it obvious..... 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Monir Hasan

yozef verdadero
arrow is an illusion
Comment from : yozef verdadero

Nick Black
Australians on reddit:
Comment from : Nick Black

Prince Shaggy
I got hemroids from watching this video...
Comment from : Prince Shaggy

Stefan Cordes
looks like the 3d dino thing, very niceee :D
Comment from : Stefan Cordes

minhnghia hoang
Comment from : minhnghia hoang

F3 R
He looks permanently confused 😂
Comment from : F3 R

Lost it when he said... Touching two Balls.....lol
Comment from : weerobot

Kyle Logan
Is there some kind of naturally occuring effect where if I remove money from my wallet there is some kind of way it still appears as if I never took it?
Comment from : Kyle Logan

That's fake
Comment from : Imperator

fred lucier
You’re dumb I know you’re at work I work at NASA so I know how Connor mechanics and everything works so you think that’s all works you think of new work but I forgot that I bought chips so if you count on that would arrows
Comment from : fred lucier

Teacher:-the test was easy why did everybody failed

The test (As you can see in the video)

Comment from : YASH JAIN

Chiranjeevi Illa
Optical illusion it is called
Comment from : Chiranjeevi Illa

Jason Michael
Great video!
Comment from : Jason Michael

Super Luigi 64
The impossible upvote/downvote
Comment from : Super Luigi 64

White Skeppy
Comment from : White Skeppy

Violet Blue
i knew it
Comment from : Violet Blue

JU4N1T0 M16U31
I cant feel two balls or two red crayon
Comment from : JU4N1T0 M16U31

Tshepo Thamana
Wow today's Show was so Philosophical nice aiy! 😀🇿🇦❤
Comment from : Tshepo Thamana

sebastian hogue
i'm drunk and confused
Comment from : sebastian hogue

Dalek Caan
PLATOS CAVE!!!!!!!!!! I’m so into Plato!
Comment from : Dalek Caan

So, who made this model? Monetizing on another person's project without giving credits? Shame on you.
Comment from : pensamentoazul

Hey actionlab" what happen when universe acquire positive or negative charged!!🤔
Comment from : ADITYA

0:52 okay that’s a mind fuck
Comment from : EvilXtra

Vic Gonzales
Comment from : Vic Gonzales

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