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Rye x
Just subscribed. Pls visit my home as well 💪💪
Comment from : Rye x

Nicolas Herrera
Why no start cav rally? All traps got infantry in front becouse no want much might to unlock phalanx... noob move haha
Comment from : Nicolas Herrera

Comment from : ตาลีบัน

why does he sound like vannoss gaming at the start lol
Comment from : Ryze

Infix Official
u shoudlve hidden your t2 front line and kept what ever your infirm can hold, so keep 600k hide the rest
Comment from : Infix Official

noah jones
1.9 mill t4 nice!
Comment from : noah jones

kevin appelkvist
Comment from : kevin appelkvist

Ariel Combalicer
Quack, quack quack. Fake @ssh0le
Comment from : Ariel Combalicer

No one ever shows the fights..
Comment from : Zage13

Mariah Ande
Why you take out your infantry if it’s a full ranged rally ?
Comment from : Mariah Ande

SonyCraft 1
Why did he hide his Frontline?
Comment from : SonyCraft 1

Hocine Maazouz
his mistake he do a rally so far
Comment from : Hocine Maazouz

ahmed saleh Alafifi
Well played, very exciting :-).
Comment from : ahmed saleh Alafifi

olsi cika
pff you sucks lol
Comment from : olsi cika

Rainbow Dazzli Dash
Hey what is the name on your intro songs
Comment from : Rainbow Dazzli Dash

Sea Gundam
Why did you hide the inft2 when rally come ?
Comment from : Sea Gundam

Sami Jo_ BB
Love seeing Shaw back at it!! I was in 424 when it was still protected. Monster guild :rA!! Lol
Comment from : Sami Jo_ BB

Fun vid. Good job
Comment from : kraken2647

D for Doyoung
I just love how you laugh haha
Comment from : D for Doyoung

Don Devon
I just know that ishaw is a crazy rich bastard he had 1bil might in 2 or 3 weeks
Comment from : Don Devon

Talha Akın
Ainz sama 😂 overlord is beatiful
Comment from : Talha Akın

Roney Setyawan
Nice bro :)
Comment from : Roney Setyawan

Phước Đỗ Huy
Why do you allow soldiers to collect resources when the opponent brings many soldiers to attack you?
Comment from : Phước Đỗ Huy

whats the lords cup vid
Comment from : Lem0nade

amazingly played
Comment from : xX BIS Xx

Jostin Fransua
I had only watch Worthy Prince trap videos but wow I just found your video and I love it. Very good content. I’ll definitely watch your other videos since I wanna to find out what do I need to take a full t4 attack. Keep it up man you got a new subscriber
Comment from : Jostin Fransua

FluKs 2004
YOOOOOO a member from your guild joined our kingdom 497. He's a castle 15 with 25 mil might. HE BEASTIN. I think his name is shittzcreek
Comment from : FluKs 2004

Game Channel
Look My Channel
Comment from : Game Channel

Mrgotbands 1234
Let's play a drinking game, take a shot everytime he says the word rally
Comment from : Mrgotbands 1234

fernada rais
Comment from : fernada rais

Catur Putra
Your name same overlord anime from japan XD
Comment from : Catur Putra

Snow Thailand
Me: will you like send me to a store where I can eat?
Rena: No we are not allowed to get out of the school
Me: I'm hungry rena
Rena: just listen to the teacher...t-t
Teacher: Stares
Me: Shakes
Teacher: If you wanna talk go outside of the classroom and talk I will let you out really
Everyone in the Class: :o

Comment from : Snow Thailand

Kevin Chandra
Lol your nick from overlord?
Comment from : Kevin Chandra

Imam T Santosa
Wow klan ra.. lead the ishaw. Dulu pernah 1 kd denganku di kd 424. Sang klan maharaja di kd tersebut.
Comment from : Imam T Santosa

King Gummy
Bro you talk to much
Comment from : King Gummy

Hailyn G
you were from k241?
Comment from : Hailyn G

Antony Kariuki
Are you an overlord fan?
Comment from : Antony Kariuki

Deepak Bhati No1 brand
lol your phone in charging and I think your 40% battery charged. You got zero haha I know and 1st rally they using wrong line. I'm also trap in k141
Comment from : Deepak Bhati No1 brand

Dominick Youngblood
LOL I was in the same kingdom..... PE1 Ring a bell?
Comment from : Dominick Youngblood

And I'm here with 79k troops
Comment from : YOUR GAY!!! YOUR REALLY GAY!!!?

How did you got so many resources
Comment from : Julan

killian godderis
Ur legend bro
Comment from : killian godderis

Antreas Iakovou
Thank you for giving me that acc bro. I appreciate it :)
Comment from : Antreas Iakovou

Hi, I just would like to know how much money have you spend on your game or how much it take to make a trap acc. I actually play a game who are too much pay to win, like the best player have spend like 40k$ easier.... and not max yet. So just want to know if this game is better than the one I actually play. Thank you!
Comment from : xŽx ŅĄĪĆHĘŹ xŽx

Mod Nation
Hard to find LM youtubers who actually talk in their video. I hate watching videos with no commentary or live recording while talking. Anyways good video.
Comment from : Mod Nation

Muci Chanel
Oh wow
Comment from : Muci Chanel

john john SILVA
Legends português broww
Comment from : john john SILVA

Rafael Vieira
Comment from : Rafael Vieira

bridget sipel
Nice guild mate there...I take my first rally alone 😢
1,1mill t4 Loses 150k t1 killed 300k t4 but i recovery my t1 in one day only 😁

Comment from : bridget sipel

Angler Laut Selatan
Good videos bro 👍
Comment from : Angler Laut Selatan

Sweet Cane
Can I ask what Song is your intro/theme song?
Comment from : Sweet Cane

Justin Halls
Your lucky you had time to think lol
Comment from : Justin Halls

noah jones
I dont count it as taking a rally if you are getting reinforcements. I call it sharing a rally. If you take a rally at 80 mill all alone it would be more impressive.
Comment from : noah jones

Meow Meow
Why do you hide ur front?? Isn't that risky?? just asking...
Comment from : Meow Meow

Mr. Ching Chong
I dont understand why did you send your front line can somone explain??
Comment from : Mr. Ching Chong

Geni Geni
fake video
Comment from : Geni Geni

Mas Bolang22
new sucriber
Comment from : Mas Bolang22

Alex 99
I don't understand, why did you sent your t2 to the titles ? They would've helped a lot
Comment from : Alex 99

Marcin K
Big haha he like to lose his leader this way :P i played with him and he is a person who dont care about hero and troops until he can get some more kills xd
Comment from : Marcin K

Hamza Gillani
why would u remove ur frontline, it would have been better if u had kept them
Comment from : Hamza Gillani

Shawn Mcpherson
How did you get medals so fast
Comment from : Shawn Mcpherson

Nice broo😉
Comment from : Osvetnik.

Hawk Eye
Did you watch Overlord?
Comment from : Hawk Eye

Mylo Bishop
Just found your channel and love your content! Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Mylo Bishop

Licer xD
xD nice, great job great video
Comment from : Licer xD

Heh F0NSI is now in our family ;p
Comment from : OneManArmy

Lords Mobile Gaming
Can u tell me ur attack stats?with gear and talents?thank you
Comment from : Lords Mobile Gaming

Nice bro!! Keep it upm i barely got back to making videos againm been MIA for a couple weeks now that push to 1k subs
Comment from : XKingSavageX

Antonio Penalosa
Why is your gear not all level 60? :(
Comment from : Antonio Penalosa

Julian Jonassen
Love it❤️
Comment from : Julian Jonassen

Bla bla bla commercial bla bla bla commercial bla bla bla commercial... and then he doesnt even eat the rally like the videos picture says
Comment from : JakobsenAndreas

Steel balls !
Comment from : Garloune

Mr Versus
I want your account overview
Comment from : Mr Versus

Heru Prasetyo
May I see your talent video hold the deployment on video next?
Comment from : Heru Prasetyo

Setrong Gamming
My this new vidio .welcon to k468

Comment from : Setrong Gamming

J Beerz
Very kickass
Comment from : J Beerz

Usually you want to hide your front. Thats what I did when i had 7m troops and took hits from tons of people without losses. (Full rallies)
Comment from : Aldwyn

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