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Hari om Only help to people
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Ionica Sandulache
Asta e tot mersu deci cineva sau mai multe persoane trebuie sa bage ceva bani bine experti mai nou urmareste fiecare persoana cit perde ..pentru ca el sa stie citi bani trebuie sa scoata ..e ff...simpu rabdarea e problema multor persoane ce pierd ..atentiie aparatu in timpul jocului se incalzeste fff.repede ..trebuie sa ii daii pauza daca nu vrei isi ia el si sa nu te mai astepti ca vrei sa cistigi ...ai o sansa pauza cit mai mare ...1 ora sau mai mult ...va multumesc pt..apreciere eu sint jucator si le simt in timpul jocului daca au bai deci a 2 sau a3 mina daca nuda nimic aparatu e gol domnilor nu a perdut nimeni la el ..
Comment from : Ionica Sandulache

Ionica Sandulache
Daca cineva perde o suma de bani la ruleta respectiva eu ii dau pauza la aparat 1 ora dupa care aparatul este dispus sa vomite tot ce a bagat persoanarespectiva inaintea mea .va multumesc pentru apreciere
Comment from : Ionica Sandulache

bang agus irawan lumajang
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讲得对,其实任何游戏都没有 百分百必胜的赌法,但是有策略,有规律的赌赢钱的机率,把控好自己的心态结合软件辅助去玩玩就能运筹帷幄,怎样也好过你没有方法的胡乱赌.永远要谨记人脑打不过电脑,千万别盲目的靠运气去赌,赌!容易让你上头!只有用数据理智去玩,控制你自己才有可能成为最后的赢家!
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jonny sam
Comment from : jonny sam

Fcarlos Emiliano
Very high bets for very low returns that's all the bookmakers want
Comment from : Fcarlos Emiliano

Joko joko
Ngajak mlarat trik mu
Comment from : Joko joko

Slot Mania
gw dulu main rollete di inibet.cf bisa JP8 juta dalam waktu 5 menit
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Vitor Ferreira Santos
Eu moro no brasil como funciona esse método
Comment from : Vitor Ferreira Santos

Roulette Wissender
sorry ,,.. aber verarsch die Leute nicht ! machst Du das wegen Klicks oder gehörst Du zu den Casino Besitzern , Die , Die Leute ins Casino ziehen wollen ? Phuuuiiiiiiiiii ,,
ich zeige mit meinen Videos , das Die Roulette Geräte mit Magnet betrieben werden :-)

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Taylan Özgür Korkmaz
1 ? 3 ? 36 ? 35 ? 34 ?
Comment from : Taylan Özgür Korkmaz

RouletteOnlineWinner 3.0
Beautifulllllllll.......Best strategy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comment from : Ankush

jonny rage
Eventhough you win every time, you lose money every spin
Comment from : jonny rage

Aman Singh
How is this a good strategy your not even covering your bet. Lol this is prob in the top 15 worst I've seen on here. This game is luck. Nothing else or lowering the odds.
Comment from : Aman Singh

Dewa Judi
Bocoran cara menang main judi online Terbaru !!!
Jum di lihat caranya gimana.


Comment from : Dewa Judi

BARTO 2.111
Comment from : BARTO 2.111

lucky life
App or website tell me
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BOSZ Kittikun
บวกครั้งละ 20 กระจายความเสี่ยง % ที่จะแตกแค่นิดเดียว ฉลาดมาก
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rex rox
Hello. Is this video monetized? I'm just really curious because you deserve recognition :)
Comment from : rex rox

hans georg scholte
Du huenkind !
Comment from : hans georg scholte

roulette trick
I think this is the best roulette strategy ever dausel.co/RO7coi
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Liz Su
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pedro calvete
Comment from : pedro calvete

pedro calvete
Comment from : pedro calvete

pedro calvete
Comment from : pedro calvete

Jason Rinaldo
Dogsh*** strategy.....
Comment from : Jason Rinaldo

كوميدي ابو عبدو
الخطط الذي موجوده على اليوتيوب فاشلين عندي الاخطاء الاكثر ربحا لكن مطلوب شريك و هذا رقمي على الواتس 004915731995793
Comment from : كوميدي ابو عبدو

doremi 136
I cannot understand how you could win as illustrated. Take for example - 10 chips of $30 each are placed on "line"(covers 6 numbers) & 3 chips of $10 each on "street"(covers 3 numbers). If you win 2 chips on "line" as illustrated, the payout is $300 (5x$30 + 5x$30) and from the $300, you deduct $240 (8 chips of $30 each) and $30 (3 chips of $10 each) that you have lost, you get to win only $30. How do you get to win $360? Refer to 4.09
Comment from : doremi 136

what is the name of this roulette
Comment from : Loris

rocky ballsboa
If you want to win in a casino, read this: www.amazon.ca/dp/B07MDLC1CP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zR5lCb2J82PYP
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Kayy Ariffin
Cuci byk la cm ni good job
Comment from : Kayy Ariffin

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Behnam Taghavi
Hi I found a strategy that gauantees 100% profit in _ game. In case its proven and true i want some percentage. If youre interested please contact my telegram id: @bidevahshii email: game_over021b@yahoo.com
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Cowboy Tuga
Try with this Android app: youtu.be/km9VIh4ASQ0
Comment from : Cowboy Tuga

Argishti Karapetyan
Круто. Но немного стремновато.
Comment from : Argishti Karapetyan

haha what currency is this if it's even Real Money mode? So many youtube videos these dickheads use Practice mode
Comment from : 4exgold

only works if you have a lot of money
Comment from : unitor699

александр тепцов
Comment from : александр тепцов

fetih 1453
Start Kapital 102550 finito 102730
Comment from : fetih 1453

Duu Mahh
In your case EVERY game is a winner then as long you can press your bets and hopefully WIN! Btw this game looks like they are points no money value signs next to the numbers.
Comment from : Duu Mahh

shanghai sydney
No way !
Comment from : shanghai sydney

Comment from : 5314

M Neal
Personally don't get that as very risky! And you were only 180 up from start and was down till last bet. The bet before got you out the shit leave 3 numbers left out!
Comment from : M Neal

Melanie KH
I normally bet on colors.. Seems easier for me to win. I was playing on livemobile888 and bet for 1000 maximum, and won doubled back.
Comment from : Melanie KH

Theo Manea
by how much you increase, the bet when you lose ?
Comment from : Theo Manea

Whidarte Joel
You must read this book : "Les points faibles de la roulette" Whidarte J. !!!
Comment from : Whidarte Joel

Roulette Game
Comment from : Roulette Game

If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette
Comment from : If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette

Not a bad strategy but need a lot of cash in hand to play this strategy.
Comment from : MICHAEL LEE

Nb X
minimum risk www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmlQLU5IwLU&t=69s
Comment from : Nb X

Sutisna Widjaja
Comment from : Sutisna Widjaja

Dario La Mantia
😂😂😂😂 che down
Comment from : Dario La Mantia

DT Channel
love you everybody.........
Comment from : DT Channel

Technical YouTube
Thanks everyone
Comment from : Technical YouTube

หลายๆสูตรผมนำไปใช้ มันได้ผล ขอบคุณ ติดตามเสมอคับ
Comment from : EDA BODO

BruceLee Fannl
Oke system.
When you lose you increase your bet, but you need big money.

Comment from : BruceLee Fannl

intel cilk
296 30x30
51 20x20
60 20x20
29 20x20
505 20x20
152 30x30

Comment from : intel cilk

Jay Betting low risk
Did my 1st vid no sound yet. But was hoping I put pictures up to show how I bet . But mmmmm I work it out. Need sound tho . But only got a phone at the mo tho do this on lol
Comment from : Jay Betting low risk

Jay Betting low risk
Nice idea. With the other 3 unites split bet them. Win on the other 90% and when u don’t win on them, 10% u that’s the ones u want to cone in . 36/1 on the 0 & win on the 2/1/3. I bet on 1-2-4-5 all the time them numbers cone in for me always.
I bet on split 4ways, say 1-2-3-4. But 1 unite per duzon. So 1-2-3-4 / 17-16-20-19 / then 31-32-34–35 . Am sure u no what I meen. But like your thinking 🤔. I bet small as well low risk.
£0.01p 0.03p a bet u can spin two times and bet 6p win 9p . Ok 3p wow but Ok 9p. But then loss two spins add one per unit 3p bet to 6p and u can loss 6/12 spins but then out of them 12 numbers will come in. & win. £2.77 . Or more.
Keep up the vids . Big 👍

Comment from : Jay Betting low risk

Мурлыка 13
Большое спасибо. Вторая уже моя любимая стратегия.
Comment from : Мурлыка 13

Technical YouTube
Comment from : Technical YouTube

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