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ed schneidmuller
looks like I'm not the only one that's so attracted to this beautiful woman! and good interview too
Comment from : ed schneidmuller

What about miners etf like jnug
Comment from : jricherts99

tom haan
Total idiot. Clueless moron.
Comment from : tom haan

good luck
Comment from : mdichou

What a naturally hot babe.
Comment from : ozarkprepper1

John Lee
Thank you Doug, very exciting year that's mean.
Comment from : John Lee

Damien Cook
Don’t you get sick of doing the same interviews year after year with zero price movement ?! I’d be so over it
Comment from : Damien Cook

Great interview!
Comment from : Soaptoaster

Johnny Askari
Screw the miners, buy physical
Comment from : Johnny Askari

whats a good "beat up" company right now? LODE?
Comment from : R S

Iam Negan
Buy silver now
It is goin sky high by the end of the week.it will keep rizing slowly after. Do it NOW.

Comment from : Iam Negan

Jj Chen
Gold is iffy. But if you live long enough. It always beats paper
Comment from : Jj Chen

U.S. dollar is in big trouble ... things get much worse on Monday.
Comment from : FGTBOGSAT

renaissance guerrilla
My god, this woman!
Comment from : renaissance guerrilla

Ananda Mañana
Look for the miners to get crowded soon but if you have a local bullion dealer....go clean him out tomorrow! Wait for Monday and you are late.
Comment from : Ananda Mañana

One free human in this reality
Getting all caught up, with ice beer and a few pieces of pepperoni pie.
Comment from : One free human in this reality

AG Argentum
Daniela love your outfit you look amazing!
Comment from : AG Argentum

David Fischer
I agree with you about buying mining stocks and buying the actual commodity.
Comment from : David Fischer

David Fischer
I've been thinking the same thing.I hope you are right !
Comment from : David Fischer

FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com
Comment from : FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com

Ben H
What company did he say before first majestic? What is the stock ticker?
Comment from : Ben H

Devin Brines
Cambone's fucking awesome
Comment from : Devin Brines

Adrian FC82
Very good interview!
Comment from : Adrian FC82

Kyle Brooks
Daniela seemed very much intrigued by his answers and asked great questions.
Comment from : Kyle Brooks

Matthew Hudson
Buy now while prices are stable so you'll have it when the economy is crashing ... just like it always ends up doing.
Comment from : Matthew Hudson

Eric Hart
TMH is moving.....more than blue chips
Comment from : Eric Hart

Road Dog
Sound advice.. no crazy self promoting numbers. One of the better interviews this year.
Comment from : Road Dog

Andre De La Fontaine
Stocks in correction territory, P.M's in corruption territory.
Comment from : Andre De La Fontaine

timeless xpress
sell every gold, silver holding before these become scrap metal
Comment from : timeless xpress

sam gee
this guy is full of shit, gold stocks are super high rite now! buy low sell high... not buy high and expect to go higher....
Comment from : sam gee

Karl Ushanka
Great comments re: speculation vs. investment! The ratio is also a great tool to use to maximize returns on physical/ETF silver and gold too. TradeTheRatio.com
Comment from : Karl Ushanka

Blair Macdonald
With the geo/economic politics at the moment it may be.
Comment from : Blair Macdonald

Gofo K
gr8 interview.
Comment from : Gofo K

Silver bullion buy buy buy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Comment from : havikshorst120

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