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What a waste of time. We wached all those videos of the stotoroe you talking about. So stupid
Comment from : IMAZIGHAN DEHIA

Bigkats Poker
Anyone have a Hamilton microwave?
Comment from : Bigkats Poker

Guy Noir
Whats the amount difference from minimum bet to max bet ?
Comment from : Guy Noir

Raimo Lustig
This dude is full of some swamp water, or high on something
Comment from : Raimo Lustig

Because it's not true RnG...This was broken and proven many years ago...
Comment from : Aerial

SocialWorker 2013
Casino owners must roll around in piles of $100 bills laughing while they watch videos from chuckleheads like this.
Comment from : SocialWorker 2013

chat master
He must of played cracks instead of craps...
Comment from : chat master

Jackie Bridges
I'm cracking up it was really fun reading the comments .I thought I'm looking at comments before I waste my time watching and glad I did soon I realize wasn't worth watching but I truly got a good laugh reading comments and laughter is so good for the soul so all good....
Comment from : Jackie Bridges

Lin Y
This guy knows nothing, feds don't care about slot machines it's the state gaming commission, trust me I used to work in a casino.
Comment from : Lin Y

mariusart gouws
Comment from : mariusart gouws

You waited 12 seconds of my time...
Comment from : K C

Damien Russell
Julle mense is almal faktap😂
Comment from : Damien Russell

Samantha Hardy
If you have a great memory for learning and remembering patterns it is possible to win on the slots.
Comment from : Samantha Hardy

Steven John
This guys a fucken loser
Comment from : Steven John

Lloyd Waters
Mamaluke advise from a Mook.
Comment from : Lloyd Waters

C. W
This guy is a kingpin, look how much stuff he has in his private jail cell. Bet he gets KFC and taco bell when ever he wants as well. He knows his stuff .Trust him . Listen to the knowledge.
Comment from : C. W

My game Room has igt gameking hard rock casino Aristocrat mk6 from MGM igt s2000 1 line 5× pay and p&m poker I collect and trade and repair slot machines and arcade machines and I can tell you that the best gamble you can do is look at letgo offer up craigslist Ebay newlifegames and buy a machine clean it up sell it for way more than could have even Imagine for instance I pay 150 for 1 clean it up sold it for over 1000 all I need was a Watch battery from the dollar store and to reset the machine then With your profit go buy a machine that you really want then you Have fun playing with that 1 instead of going to the casino and enjoy being able to gamble knowing that you can open it up to get your money back or hook up free play so no money is involved it Becomes less stress knowing that you can actually enjoy the game and bet unrealistically bats That way you're not stressing out that you spent too much in need the money back to buy food or Bells I grew up basically any time I saw my dad it was in a casino he was a gamblerI was raised in the arcade 15 16 you could gamble if you tip the waitress gambling addiction runs in my family but not with me I'm now 32 my dad's dead And I turned his addiction and my brother's addiction into something Fun and a hobby After we lost the family home It's Just me and my mom By selling and tradeing machines and fixing them I've Met so many cool people and nice people with the same hobby I have never walked back in a casino before my dad died The true and Best gamble Is to buy your own equipment for cheap enjoy it in your house Or mobile home or game Room in my case on the 2nd floor open apartment my machine weight over 700 pounds by back long story short Gambling addiction is a real thing and It's devastating Especially when somebody lose their life to it but just remember if you go to the casino ever if you put 50 in you could find and owe a working machine for For instance coming from somebody that grew up in that environment I find it so fascinating opening up and finding out how all of this works and runs and how their program to cheat you I love all the Random number generator program It's so fun to work on Aristocrat But probly the most easiest machine for a new person would be bluebird Williams are Blue Bird 3 Williams wms Anyways good bless ps yes I know If you put a hole in a coin and put it through my slot I'm just gonna pull that string and pull you through into the hopper And girl you will get rejected talk about Machine for its all pay lol
Comment from : PODFUN

Vista Danza
I trick em all the time. 1K a month.
Comment from : Vista Danza

Richard Mika
click bait he dont no nothing
Comment from : Richard Mika

Lou Loulou
You suck mate
Comment from : Lou Loulou

Harry Leichtweis
What aa waste of time. Can see why less than 2k followers.
Comment from : Harry Leichtweis

Keith Bernasconi
It is true that the games are on patterns .. just like lottery tickets .. or even a business that has to order food, toys, gas, drinks, ect..ect.. all businesses have to look at their past projections when ordering .. these patterns are easy for managers to pick up on !
Comment from : Keith Bernasconi

crazy pilot
Lol 👍👍
Comment from : crazy pilot

Mickey Thompson
Click bait BS
Comment from : Mickey Thompson

Comment from : R K

HA HA HA You think you can trick an electronic device? After 34 yrs marriage i cant trick my wife. Besides if it was a secret why are you letting it out of the bag???? Oh you need the views for pocket change that you lost trying to trick that slot machine.
Comment from : NiteGambler

Mario Martinez
Sorry dude ,after 4min I just turned u off ,hope it’s your last dude
Comment from : Mario Martinez

Giorgos Koui
Comment from : Giorgos Koui

Andrew Gravel
B S. Time waiting tosser
Comment from : Andrew Gravel

Bob Woods
Click bait...

Comment from : Bob Woods

Karlmax Kiap Komun
Bold C$#+

Comment from : Karlmax Kiap Komun

Dj Jesta
What a waste of my life you talk shit bitch
Comment from : Dj Jesta

Speaking of patterns...anyone remember the original Press Your Luck game show from the 70's? A guy won a shit load of money. What he did is analyze the pattern of the board. Since then Press Your Luck does random patterns.
Comment from : jthoen61

Joey Money Man
Comment from : Joey Money Man

Cyril Ducklesworth
Nice little dig against his male neighbor for no reason. I just love these wanker male feminist's.
Comment from : Cyril Ducklesworth

kasey kyle
Dude your an idiot man!
Comment from : kasey kyle

Xinless Vice
You can't back a slot machine, thier not connected to any network, thier connected to a separate fiber network away from the internet, and if you were to drill and spray into a machine, it wouldn't spit out money, the machine would die. Ergo, everything this guy says is bullshit. Thier is no hack, and he's trying to sell shit.
Comment from : Xinless Vice

Hank Moody
Comment from : Hank Moody

If you know what you are doing, especially on progressive slots, you can make a living, and have casinos comping everything and giving you tons of free play and gifts. I got a friend that has an extra room full of high dollar items given to him, a new truck he won, never pays for the food or rooms, and made over $200K last year PROFIT (only lost $9000)......his brother does the same and made $375K last year.....these are their full time jobs....
Comment from : CharlieRedLeg

Junior Robles Slots
nice to watch your channel pls subscribe me too, thanks a lot.
Comment from : Junior Robles Slots

How to go to Federal Prison.
Comment from : D90Girl

Dylan Banocy
Forgot about craps
Comment from : Dylan Banocy

Jeffrey Elliott
All slots are random numerical cycles and you know when you start winning the winning cycle for that slot has begun and the key is to try and figure out or just take notice when that winning cycle peaks and starts to decline then just cash out and go to another slot and try the same or just go back another day !!!
Comment from : Jeffrey Elliott

Jeffrey Elliott
I guess we all bought this rotten pack of bologna !!!!
Comment from : Jeffrey Elliott

Greg Rowe
I've seen this Russian technique.  I don't really see how its illegal though.  You're not manipulating the machine, you're just using math to figure out when it hits.  It still requires perfect timing.  Off by a fraction of a second hitting that play button and you still lose.  Many people who play slots still dont understand that its not the amount of spins and money you put into a machine that determine when it hits, its the exact second you push the spin button.  Like if you leave a machine and someone else gets on it and wins big, there's no guarantee that if you had kept playing you would have also won.  Its technically possible to win a big jackpot 2 spins in a row, though that seldom happens.
Comment from : Greg Rowe

Al Wilk
sounds like bs to me... YOU DIDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING... WASTE OF TIME
Comment from : Al Wilk

enzo testa
retard,,,,i just flagged this video.....STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME YOU PEICE OF SHIT!
Comment from : enzo testa

Roy z
Full of crap
Comment from : Roy z

fodolo craigo
why do people point to where the link/description is?
Comment from : fodolo craigo

Chuck Zamzow
Skip to 10:27
Comment from : Chuck Zamzow

Jon T
what a fucking retard . ..
Comment from : Jon T

Timothy Oster
Click Bait
Comment from : Timothy Oster

Mark Taylor
Boring shit!
Comment from : Mark Taylor

Thresher61 Incognito
Waste of time do t tell you shit do t give a shit about past your UTube is a lie DO NOT WATCH
Comment from : Thresher61 Incognito

Leonard McNeal
Straight bullshit
Comment from : Leonard McNeal

Nothing Free
didn't watch this goofball blupe blob blupe his way to say nothing
Comment from : Nothing Free

Your title is misleading. We don't want to know how people cheat. We are supposed to be learning tricks to win. If there are no ways, you are in contempt.
Comment from : marylouise52

DuckyLou Diva
Shut up, you haven't said anything useful yet
Comment from : DuckyLou Diva

Jeff Sawicki
What a jerk
Comment from : Jeff Sawicki

Rondul Defg
I appreciate any kind advice on how win some of your money back.
Comment from : Rondul Defg

john smith
a true experience happened to me a couple of years ago i was in my local arcade playing on a £1 a spin bar x machine , as i was playing i happened to put rest my hand on the top corner of the macnine when i drew my hand away the fucking door swung open i quickly looked round see know one noticed i fiiled my fuking pockets with £1 coins a bout 2 hundred quid and cleared off , i went in the next evening and unbelievably the machine was still unlocked so i filled my pockets again LOL went in the 3rd evening and unfortunatly the machine had been taken away , thats a true experience im still playing slots i always check the doors but its never happened since
Comment from : john smith

raziel Dark
The only trick is watching this video
Comment from : raziel Dark

N Vel
Just play and get lucky.
Comment from : N Vel

Okay, got it...drill hole in side of slot machine and inject freon. That won't draw a crowd at all! Brilliant advice.
Comment from : Barneyjake

Luke Triton
if you play card games you need a good manipulative face.. honestly
Comment from : Luke Triton

Super Affiliate
You are truly full of shit
Comment from : Super Affiliate

zinghis khan
wuts your point?
Comment from : zinghis khan

Jeff Sawicki
What a jerk
Comment from : Jeff Sawicki

Linda Fukuyu
I think I know better than you for tricking the slot machine. Just pay attention to the random outcome. When you win (doesn’t matter how much), just leave that machine and come back another day.
Comment from : Linda Fukuyu

Miles Foster
Wrong mini bacarat 1st , double deck blackjack with dealer stands soft 17 3-2 bj payout , single deck blackjack, 6 deck shoe, then. Crisps and roul
Comment from : Miles Foster

paul solfelt
How to trick a slot,? Go back 25 years ago and use a coin on a string, LOL,#!! How to cheat a online slot? They just figured it out a month ago, play it off line at max bet and when u win a big win, interrupt it and turn your online switch back on and dock your win to your account, I still have have 5 trillion credits in my account but say goodbye on max bets,!!! This only works with idiots that let the r.n.g work when you are offline because they have it duplicated in your device, !!! Ps, the only reason I put this comment on here is they finally figured it out after seven years and it won't work anymore, but I still have all those credits to play at a lower bet and will last for quite some time! !!
Comment from : paul solfelt

Joe Rivas
Bla bla bla
Comment from : Joe Rivas

Butta Smuv
If you knew how to trick the machines,why would you tell anyone? After 3 min I knew you had nothing viable to say
Comment from : Butta Smuv

Kelly Bults
misleading title its just a moron talking shit.
Comment from : Kelly Bults

Ayameyxii 88
Actually, he just talking , do not help you at all
Comment from : Ayameyxii 88

Isaac Gibbs
This guy is full of shit. It takes him too long to make a point. "Random number generators" are "Random number generators", that's why, they are named that. If any one could predict them, they wouldn't be Random number generators, and the "slot machines" wouldn't be the "greatest money maker" the world as ever seen, and the casinos would not have so many. And this guy would not be on you tube telling you how you can beat them. He would be on a beach, or in one of the biggest casinos, predicting his next pull on the slot machines making money. Just an interesting side story here; my wife and I was gambling in Shreveport once, and made $31,000 dollars on slot machines in one night. That stroke of luck never repeated itself even though we often tried, until we realized it was only a one time thing. We did hit multiple jackpots that night to accumulate that total. Soooooo good luck predicting random number generators. Try predicting the lottery also.
Comment from : Isaac Gibbs

Meffa Mass
Comment from : Meffa Mass

Ayameyxii 88
WOW! 😵😵😵😵😵
Comment from : Ayameyxii 88

Tricked me into watching most of this B S
Comment from : MUFFA 912

P North
Odds are against you in every game in the casino. Slot machines are set up to pay out approximately between 90-97% or for every dollar it takes in, it pays out 90-97 cents. You just have to be there at the right time and hit the button. Simple as that..
Comment from : P North

Robert Shields
Talk talk wasted time to view this
Comment from : Robert Shields

Naomi Love
B'S you can't trick a slot
Comment from : Naomi Love

Garnyx Design
The most evil thing they are... Only idiots believe they can beat the machines... The only way to beat the machine is to use a hammer
Comment from : Garnyx Design

Well that's 10:26 seconds of my life that I wasted watching this video, that I will never get back.
Comment from : pzitry

Bill W
the casino doesn't lose any money on poker no matter how long one plays. They have no house edge in that game , but when you ante up, that's the casinos money
Comment from : Bill W

Burmanbear Hyde
We didn't ask for the history of the slot machine what you said you had a technique get with it
Comment from : Burmanbear Hyde

Dick Head
Comment from : kcuf7

james goodman
Absolute Rubbish, waste of 10 minutes!
Comment from : james goodman

What are you on?
Comment from : kjnest

Richard Harris
Comment from : Richard Harris

JP McCray
5 minutes I can NEVER GET BACK!!!!!!
Comment from : JP McCray

Lala Eskridge
Comment from : Lala Eskridge

John Bobak
This guys full of shit,slots have a TRIGGER MECHANISM,built in by the manufacturer prior to a casino getting them. ....Amazing how many MORONS like this are making videos "Beat The Slots"!

He doesnt say anything informative,bounces around cause hes a BULL SHIT ARTIST !!!

Comment from : John Bobak

John Santo Rawluszki
Shuffle your feet and build up alot of static electricity then sit down and zap it!!! 🤑
Comment from : John Santo Rawluszki

Terri Hess
How does this teach us to win on slots......should we film all day or what
Comment from : Terri Hess

First of all, nobody can purchase a slot machine to study.
Comment from : chmellen

brian anderson
Can you believe some dumb bitch sucks this guys dick.
Comment from : brian anderson

LightningSurvivor 14
Damn clickbait
Comment from : LightningSurvivor 14

Rod Hutchinson
If you believe your own shit your dumber than you look
Comment from : Rod Hutchinson

Chris Mack
Very informative. NOT!!!!
Comment from : Chris Mack

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