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Man wtf was that KJ al in

Comment from : mightybatillo

When you look ag mikes parents u know he has never eaten a sandwich crust in his entire life 😂😂😂
Comment from : R M

Kyle Patrick McCrary
"Pascal, being railed by his gf Stephanie." ....<,<
Comment from : Kyle Patrick McCrary

These guys already have millions... yeah they want the title but I'd still be happy with a $328,000 payday..
Comment from : IceWarrior101

pafpaf paflol
Oooooo c'est bon la , la moitié de la vidéo concerne McDonald.
Comment from : pafpaf paflol

Daniel Gagné
Does someone can explain me why MacDonald push and raise on the turn when he had a quad and the man in the ropes? For me, thats when he lost the title.....
Comment from : Daniel Gagné

This commentator makes me laugh.
Comment from : HoneyBee

Philip Tucker
Stapleton needs his damn mouth stapled shut 😏
Comment from : Philip Tucker

they calling panka kid? wtf
Comment from : ThePowrot

Michael Green
Nobody caught 8:03 ??????
Comment from : Michael Green

Tyler Brooks
Panka was showing aggression there at the end when McDonald flopped quads. Really feel like he should have checked it down to the river since he had position. I'm sure he had his reasons for playing it like that, just sucks to see him get zero value.

I feel like he played it somewhat poorly after that.

Comment from : Tyler Brooks

Mike McDonald looks like the guy who plays Ol Gregg
Comment from : browbeater824

Alex Tourigny
Great tournament with a lot of good players. Thanks for posting and sharing ! Peace !
Comment from : Alex Tourigny

Tony Scarface Montana
Why the fuck didn’t the Home Depot employees get introduced properly. Announcer didn’t mention their origin country for neither of them! Wtf is that all about?
Comment from : Tony Scarface Montana

daniel danny
What are the odds a 22 years old guy with 1 year experience in live poker to win a PCA and he qualified from pokerstars satellite.. OMG :O this is insane.
Comment from : daniel danny

Wow, that Ace on the River and how long did this table last?
Comment from : Yoffo

Prithvi Vc
that Muur jam for over 4M chips, was really strange o_0
Comment from : Prithvi Vc

Who is this Brian Kenny guy?
Comment from : Marv_elous

Dustin Platt
Srinivasan is such a bad loser. How can he be a "professional" poker player and not account for bad beats. Sure it sucks for so much money at stack but if you play for a living, losing should account into your play.
Comment from : Dustin Platt

Why do people fear the truth ??? facts- not myths
Comment from : Why do people fear the truth ??? facts- not myths

Do you have to pay taxes when you win?
Comment from : Ghost

Chechu Luna
Siempre el mejor Panka!! Igual Argentina foreva aunque le fue como el traste
Comment from : Chechu Luna

jonathan bell
Muur folds queens, but goes all in with queen/ten?
Comment from : jonathan bell

Vicious Tyrant
Mike misplayed 2 big hands cause he didnt value bet his straight on the river and bet his quads on the turn and didnt give his opponent a chance to get there on the river.
Comment from : Vicious Tyrant

Gabriel Jordan
Srinivasan more like Srinivasuck
Comment from : Gabriel Jordan

Alan Lloyd
Mike shouldve won this. he got outdrawn plain and simple
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd
holy shit. mike played awful after the quads
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd
Mike shouldve cleaned up with those quad 8's. he shouldnt have bet after the turn.
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd
KJ is not all in hand. its just king high. you are on a draw.. the pocket pair holds up the vast majority of the time. this is a bad move .
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd
JJ is the worst hand. . it looks pretty, then the flop comes QK3.... ALWAYS
Comment from : Alan Lloyd

Binoy Parekh
I don’t know why these guys just want to 4 bet 5 bet all the time. If you have a pair and are ready to shove at least see a flop maybe you might get lucky and make your opponent fold if he doesn’t flop well. And if they are too many face cards then you can fold as well.
Comment from : Binoy Parekh

McDonald hasn't read Tony G's book about not overplaying KJ
Comment from : secretagentman23

Sten Roosvald
Why does that taller commentator sound like he is constantly frantically holding onto his chair, feet off the ground with almost every hand.. Relax and hear out Joe's comedy which varies from just terrible-horrible-sad to some-jokes-are-actually-really-funny.
Comment from : Sten Roosvald

Taki nub
After the TT vs JJ suckout, Panka is now famous and sponsored in poker, what a fucking joke this game is. All the injustice.
Comment from : Taki nub

ryan lally
im calling with k 6 hu also when im beat 5.5 to 1 suited call os fold
Comment from : ryan lally

ryan lally
panka sucks just lucky, plays too tricky for his own good wins because of run good, mac best player at table
Comment from : ryan lally

ryan lally
mcdonald epic blow up w ak and muur folded macs range is ak and murr just folds, they both played the hand like fools
Comment from : ryan lally

Macaco Macacão
that russian kid must have a very bad feet problerm....coming on flip flips...to a poker tourny ...jaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Comment from : Macaco Macacão

Frank Minnier
How much to enter?
Comment from : Frank Minnier

Panka ese dia se baño con ruda😂😂😂
Comment from : TRAFALGAR WR

El Flow Salsero
Who noticed Neil Johnson the presenter did not mention the country’s of the two Latin guys? Races?
Comment from : El Flow Salsero

Daddy Cheese
Shyam, got some learning to do
Comment from : Daddy Cheese

Hector Velasco Ezpeleta
Comment from : Hector Velasco Ezpeleta

cmon one time hold man :D
Comment from : Dendelin007

Leah Karam
This is how to win a tournament, win more than 8 flips and don't worry about the rest
A2o? really?

Comment from : Leah Karam

McDonald have very annoying poker face.
Comment from : LadyMoMo09

Dustin Platt
I don't know why... Srinivasan makes my head hurt.
Comment from : Dustin Platt

Redbeans & Rich
poker players....so weird
Comment from : Redbeans & Rich

Rod Serling
Mike should have checked the turn with quads and let panka fire another barrel on the river
Comment from : Rod Serling

Brandon S
whats wrong with walking away with a couple hundred grand? win either way.
Comment from : Brandon S

5bet fold queens from sb and 4bet shove qt off from button. poker is really on high level these days
Comment from : ultracool

fooster guilher
Comment from : fooster guilher

Infinity Unleashed
Why did they deal?? This is annoying!! I love WSOP format!
Comment from : Infinity Unleashed

Joelajuie Pdp
Didn't know martin garrix liked poker
Comment from : Joelajuie Pdp

i dont understand this fucking game is too difficult kkkkk
Comment from : errene

I laught from coment on off a reporters saying "Numb 1 polish money list off all the time" it's sadly not even in first 500 with less then 2 mill dolls :D U need some update of your info hahaha
Comment from : MAŁY

Financial Faiz
Who is the funny commentator? Was it James or Joe? What are the other events that he commentated on?
Comment from : Financial Faiz

What Panka say about brazil?
Comment from : Frederic

Filip Johansson
I don't think he should call that all in. Just play it slow, you are better than Panka
Comment from : Filip Johansson

fucj panka, i was watching this solely because Mc Donald, Damn man
Comment from : youtubesucks

Mateusz Jedynak
w szafie na D ?
a Dawid woźniakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kurwa

Comment from : Mateusz Jedynak

Sebbe 98
How the fuck can they have such good cards all the time?
Comment from : Sebbe 98

That commentator... he is the funniest i have ever heard in any commentating role..
Comment from : L33t70mage

Thumbs Up
Mc Donald is a great burger king...
Comment from : Thumbs Up

Prof. Iwan Niczypuruk Yebiewdenko
Dominik najlepszy w historii za kilka lat? Dominik the best after few years?
Comment from : Prof. Iwan Niczypuruk Yebiewdenko

Andrew Kramer
Poker Success Platform - Strategy, Coaching & Rakeback www.pokervip.com/en
Comment from : Andrew Kramer

Tomasz Gronczewski
Pokerstars zablokował mi konto oszusci

Comment from : Tomasz Gronczewski

Myroslava Es
Panka is the best
Comment from : Myroslava Es

Shad Watson

Cant believe I watched this whole series to find out who would win the big bucks only to see a 3 way deal made. What an anti-climax. And the head to head game, both didn't give a crap who won and were playing carelessly. Mike was going all in with high/low non-suited cards which he hadn't done for the whole comp. What a waste of time. Thanks.

Comment from : Shad Watson

Amaraa G

Comment from : Amaraa G

Jim meh
Chopping these big events has ruined the final table for the audience.
Comment from : Jim meh

Jim meh
Why is this final table one episode and not two? Thus feels extremely fast.
Comment from : Jim meh

Cole McCue
Mikes pair of nines seem good enough.
Comment from : Cole McCue

Floyd Zepp
Comment from : Floyd Zepp

Powermove Squadron
That was worse than the time the guy folded Queens to Jerry Yang at the 2007 ME final table.
Comment from : Powermove Squadron

Jason Talarski
Best commentary ever lol! Hilarious
Comment from : Jason Talarski

Michal Gargamel
Brawo Dominik ! Gratulacje !
Comment from : Michal Gargamel

bingo players 
Comment from : CzarodziejEizenhaim

lol good to see shrinavasan leaving with class

yeah it sucks to get sucked out on like that but there is literally zero chance he made it to the final table without putting a similar beat on at least one other player

Comment from : geneparmesan57

lloyd l
I am no expert at poker, but after watching both, I think WSOP final table is far far more interesting than this. all in on a 10 and q? A pair of Jack? What the hell?
Comment from : lloyd l

Darryl Strawberry
LOL @ Shyam Srinivasan, 22:20. Pure class.
Comment from : Darryl Strawberry

i'm gonna start a law case against pokerstars fore violating privecy , i'm looking fore more poeple who thinks they have bin violated to, and i wanted to say that i don't like poeple who creat , angry humans,(who take revenge everytime they'f bin fkd) maybe they want you to kiss there feets, i don't know, maybe they are suicidel? you never know!

Ron Don
If I had a mirrion dollars.
Comment from : Ron Don

Panka deserve to get at least 2m he eliminated most in final table ! without him they might not reach last 3 to make the deal !! isnt it?
Comment from : emarati69

Pedro L. de Carvalho
Lol, Srinivasan was celebrating victory on Panka before the flop! Just dessert.
Comment from : Pedro L. de Carvalho

why second place gets less money than third?
Comment from : Makaron

Julio Fontanilla
it's an ace!!!!!
Comment from : Julio Fontanilla

Sri my boy, nobody ever wins with Jacks all in. I knew before the cards even hit what would happen. Unlucky brah.
Comment from : gmshadowtraders

LMAO. They showed Chino Rheem......... still looking like a 89-Lb starving crackhead punk !!

As if the scrawny little punk is worthy of even 1 second of air time !!

Comment from : marby602

John Reynold Lopez
what is the song being played during the mike mcdonald bit?
Comment from : John Reynold Lopez

47:08 Why Baron earned more than MC?
Comment from : szy123mek

I'm kinda new to this, can someone explain to me why they dont take home their chip value and instead its the prize money?
Comment from : CookieNectar

Marley Rand
these commentators are fucking great
Comment from : Marley Rand

Polska dziękuje !!!
Comment from : Marcin

joseph dooley
mcdonald thought he was getting shot at i think 47:10
Comment from : joseph dooley

can someone tell me what happened? 26:34 - 27:45 what they're discussing about?
Comment from : prmsocial

8:03 "Pascal being railed by his girlfriend"
Comment from : Brute

21:15 song?
Comment from : lolmomz

Wyatt Crow
What's the song at 16.48?
Comment from : Wyatt Crow

Michael Osborne
44:52 this one is for you JJ Hughes!
Comment from : Michael Osborne

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