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Thank you for your support! The current 2019 edition of our book is the #1 bestseller on Amazon for gambling books. See it here - www.amazon.com/American-Casino-Guide-Steve-Bourie/dp/1883768284?keywords=American+Casino+Guide+2019+Edition&qid=1540737099&s=Books&sr=1-1-fkmrnull&ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1
Comment from : americancasinoguide

myuktours Roland Mendoza
What about online slot machine, are they monitored by Gaming Commission? and would you be able to confidence that the machine is fair with players? Thanks roland, London England
Comment from : myuktours Roland Mendoza

Snake 666
I short: You will orobably not win against the casino so just accept thqt and have fun!
Comment from : Snake 666

How they work: They take your money and don't give it back.
How to win: Don't play them or touch them.

Comment from : cugamer

terry moody
This man sounds like he is working for the casinos, to cover up on you loosing your money! What a fraud!
Comment from : terry moody

Ron Schwartz
The whole time i was waiting for an appearance from Dr Steve Brule
Comment from : Ron Schwartz

Jay Goguen
That was such a great explanation on how slot machines work! You did a great job explaining. I learned a lot Off Of You video thank you so much for posting
Comment from : Jay Goguen

Thanh Huynh
So two things that invalidate what was said here.

1. If by some crazy profound unlikely event that a machine has been played a gazillion times over 50 years, and it has not given out a single win, that machine currently sits at a 0% payout. If it is set to pay back 98% throughout its lifetime, the next bet should have a very high likelihood of jackpot.

2. If the picking bonuses actually do matter, then how come the majority of times I only pick mini bonuses. I’m talking about the games with like 3-4 choices? If it was actually random, then the chance of getting 10 minis in a row is extreme extremely unlikely. (But I have gotten 10 minis in a row)

Comment from : Thanh Huynh

Comment from : JOE D

Comment from : JOE D

They make you hate Your life
Everything is rigged , when you gamble you fight against many compartments and you are alone , the casino with hundreds cams and crews who sit watching you and computerize your game.
The gov with 60 percent tax return from casinos profit which are your loses . Gaming commission with their false reports about unreal jackpot winners and ads to entice you to come and lose

Comment from : They make you hate Your life

Stephen Porsche
Rule #1-dont try slot machine's
Comment from : Stephen Porsche

Joshua E
When you insert a casino players card with your information on it, it keeps track of how much you've won and lost. Can a casino use that against you in the future so you end up losing more versus winning/
Comment from : Joshua E

How to win at slot machines: 1) Insert your remaining money into your pocket 2)Walk out the nearest exit.
Comment from : stok3d99

Ann Mcclean
They take enough money from people .just a rip off periodt.
Comment from : Ann Mcclean

Thank you for this - unfortunately some people are totally unable to comprehend how an RNG works as is evidenced by this VERY ACCURATE video having a "much too high" dislike ratio.
Comment from : DelTangBrav

How they win and how you work
Comment from : Jake

Jerald Leonard
That's just not correct statement....how is it that casinos new machines hit or payout when others don't, as they have never been played
Comment from : Jerald Leonard

Thomas George
I think the chairs they have in casinos are to heavy. But I suppose they have their uses. Went to a casino one night about 2 years ago and this guy was losing so he picked up the chair and smashed the machine to pieces.
Comment from : Thomas George

So, in summary: no
Comment from : Philosopherous

Mai Ho
U get lucky that how lol
Comment from : Mai Ho

Cooper Kramer
Why are there so many recent comments on a 10 year old video?
Comment from : Cooper Kramer

Paul Lalli
I was and am not interested in this man's 'accomplishments' or his bragging. Only from the introductory remarks, this is not/not a definitive explanation of slot machines, only the authors 'opinion'. I will watch this mess but that's the best I'll say about it.
Comment from : Paul Lalli

Leon George
I need a million dollars
Comment from : Leon George

Casinos = Legal scamming.
Comment from : WhutsWhat

His hair moves when he talks.
Comment from : WhutsWhat

Yong K peterson
my grandparents, i we WONDERING why the casinos let you tell all ????
Comment from : Yong K peterson

Citizens, What is in your Heads? Zombie Sheep
What stupid people! Of course it is rigged the whole world is a lie in every category!
Comment from : Citizens, What is in your Heads? Zombie Sheep

Slot Machines are simple, throw in 1$ and get 0,90$ back 🤗 I’m sure it makes fun
Comment from : oSJme

Todd D
This guy doesn't know shit.always play max bet.hit and go to next machine
Comment from : Todd D

Tac 13
Bruh bruh I won 200k from this and I had to give 40 k to the state 😡
Comment from : Tac 13

Bryce Lundy
I'm a smoker of marijuana which does affect judgement but to all the people who insult and say this videos information is fake etc you are the real idiots haha
Comment from : Bryce Lundy

Philip Jackson
None of this matters unless you slept at a Holiday Inn .
Comment from : Philip Jackson

Isabella Murzina
i was always thinking that even when you play free games (let us say Buffalo gold) the number of retriggers and final winning amount is predetermined from the very first spin during that particular set . Am I right or RNG would decide what to give every time after the previous spin is done. The reason I think its preset is because you basically hit the Play Bonus button once and then just sit, watch and wait for the outcome.
Comment from : Isabella Murzina

Zig Zag
All that is shit, no money for Notting
Comment from : Zig Zag

Tyler Durden
Way back when, the slot machines used a metal strip with all the stops punched into it. If they still used those metal strips to determine what icons would stop on the pay lines there would be apps on smart phones that could tell you EXACTLY what was going to come up next.
When I was living in Vegas in 86 & 87 I met a pair of slot change girls that were roommates and we had a deal going where they would keep an eye out for what machines in their carousel had entered a pay cycle. I would come in late on their shift and hit each carousel they were at. They would steer me to the machines that were due and we made out like bandits for about half a year until a security guard put it together that we had a way of cleaning up. Had he not been greedy, we would have cut him in on our deal, but getting paid 75% of our profits to NOT TELL was a bit much.
Unfortunately, that was the end of our not so little side hustle as I was banned from the casino a couple days later and my two friends were fired and blacklisted. Apparently what we did back then wasn't illegal, but they didn't want inside information being used to steer profits into our pockets.
Now, with the digital RNG method of determining the winning stops on the wheels, there is literally NO WAY to have slots be an ongoing profitable endeavor short of cheating like during the light wand era... Damn that was a fun time to be in Vegas!

Comment from : Tyler Durden

Jason Glinton
Please do a video on how the online gaming system work. As this is the system we use in the Bahamas
Comment from : Jason Glinton

Don't gamble
Comment from : JOHN KIBIT

you play for fun, playing to win is a dangerous path
Comment from : AnonymousModders

Joe Freeman
Yeah yeah, lying sumamabitch.
Comment from : Joe Freeman

Not true, Kevin Mttnick broke the RNG years ago.
Comment from : Aerial

Teo Burca
don t play and fur sure u are the winner...!
Comment from : Teo Burca

Michael Brandt
Who paid this liar?
Comment from : Michael Brandt

Barbara Moore
Years ago when coins came out of slots i was in Vegas for a few days and saw same man winning large jackpots.One night saw this man knocking on a door and giving buckets of coins to security.My My
Comment from : Barbara Moore

Keith Mann
The way to make a small fortune at the slot machine is to start with a large one!
Comment from : Keith Mann

Brice Yokem
I used to play the mechanical slots, and when I did, the ones that were idle for long periods paid better than the active ones. Once you get a few coins ahead, stop.
Comment from : Brice Yokem

Mike Orozco
Although this video is quite old by today’s standards, it’s actually correct. I have been involved the manufacture slot machines for top oem’s since 1996, stopped counting at 500k six years ago. In the last 24 years, I’ve enjoyed less than $500 in gambling fun on these machines.

Of those $500..... I won $0

But it was fun

Comment from : Mike Orozco

redstar katchina
lol get lucky i went though all the qualifications for that
Comment from : redstar katchina

Joe GI
you work for the casino's your info i think is BS
Comment from : Joe GI

Get Spammed
You don’t win.
Comment from : Get Spammed

I ve been told by someone at Loto Quebec worker, that it rules casinos in Quebec, some machines will never pay and they are locked to not pay, when other ones gonna pays on a certain time and date, nothing to do with RNG :( I even know someone that worked there and told me all machine RTP are set to 82% no matter what denomination you put in. So really hard to find fact in Quebec province :(
Comment from : Matosboy

Rickey jones. German.
Happy New Year.
Comment from : Rickey jones. German.

Brian M
100% guarantee to win...simple, become the 'guy' who you sat next to... 100% gurantee 🤣
Comment from : Brian M

van cao
Don't be fooled buy this guy. He is a casino's decoy.
Comment from : van cao

Nick Kelly
The odds are ALWAYS greatly stacked in the houses favour. "How to win" is not to play, in the end the house always wins and thats why they rake in so much money, its blatantly obvious but they lure people in tempting them to be "lucky one", just like the 1 in 45 million odds of winning a lottery.
Comment from : Nick Kelly

Christina Faye
Im sure casinos are rigged. A businesses goal is to make money so they have to rig the machines in order to have control on the winnings. If you get lucky and win money ir the jackpot that is to get you exicted so you will keep playing. Its all a game litteraly. Do y'all really think they are going to take a chance on losing all that money??? Casinos are rigged!!!
Comment from : Christina Faye

Casey Field
Can a person that service slots play n win keep the money after she service machine ? I was waiting for her to finish service machine but she play after closing it n won happen before 4:00 pm today
Comment from : Casey Field

He states the feature bonus isn't predetermined, that's a crock of shit... you will hit a mini bonus more than 95% of the time when you do the selection feature... reason they dont show you ones you didnt select because its fixed... you will get 2 grands, 2 majors, 2 minors and 2 minis and surprisingly the last picked is always the mini...

Play 88 fortunes and see how many minis you win in comparison to the others...

Comment from : Cisc0Guru

TJfishbuk Salliverro
Comment from : TJfishbuk Salliverro

FishMan 420
Alright cut the bullshit and tell us how to hit big already!!
Comment from : FishMan 420

Brannu Studios
I think everybody knows that the odds are against but you still have a chance even if it's very, very small. My advice is to only gamble with money that you absolutely do not care about. Look at it as a strip-club, go in with however much money and expect that money to be gone when you leave. If you happen to come out any money then it's a good night! 😂
Comment from : Brannu Studios

Glenn Schadow
Amazes me how this is legal ,
Comment from : Glenn Schadow

ed mandell
Everytime you almost hit a jackpot . This encourages you to play more. Most all machines do this. This guy is telling us its a big accident and not intentional. This guy has no credibility.
Comment from : ed mandell

ed mandell
Why its true the gaming regulators don't allow changes to be made during play. What he fails to mention if the gaming board catches the casino the worse case is they pay a fine. In most cases the fine is less that the result of the action taken against the players.
Comment from : ed mandell

ed mandell
I love how first he says no a machine payback can't be changed by a flip of a switch. then the next sentence he says but there is a way this happens with a central computer. lol
Comment from : ed mandell

Blasphemous Yc
This was 2009, i bet all the machines have that seitch flip thing now
Comment from : Blasphemous Yc

Trackerrzz _
I’m going to the pokies when I turn 18
Comment from : Trackerrzz _

Lui Field
Just stop it your self 2 taps n you win
Comment from : Lui Field

Lui Field
Steve stop lying he's going to miss guide us he wants us to lose lol😂
Comment from : Lui Field

Sharon Lea
This was very informative!!
Comment from : Sharon Lea

James M
Great video and information. And a lot of responses from ppl who have no idea. I do believe though that in this day and age things change fast and all companies will do whatever possible to make more growth ($) and sorry to say that will mean ripping off people by whatever they might get away with at the time then big deal made of such things when found out down the track. Way of the world. Will give media something to get ppl clicking.
Comment from : James M

Very enlightening. TY
Comment from : hejustleft

Attilio Angelone
There is no way in any casino in the world you will walk away a winner. Casino owners aren’t stupid. It’s set up for you to lose!!! I know people who’ve lost $30-$40 thousand dollars!!!! Stay away!!!!
Comment from : Attilio Angelone

legendary noob
Comment from : legendary noob

Jeromy Rome
Take a statistics class. You will never gamble again because the odds will always be against you.
Comment from : Jeromy Rome

Comment from : Kathy VIESSELMAN

I don’t believe this guy or anyone who has a casino. They are sneaky and scammers. These machines are not programmed to give money. I have seen with my own eyes a guy next to me win 12.000€ and as soon as he got the money and left the machine someone came and opened the machine and messed it up. Then someone else played this machine and lost 1.200€ without winning 1€ non stop!!!!! Scammers
Comment from : FreeSpirit123

Bishop Howells
The only way to clean out a casino is to get a job with housekeeping
Comment from : Bishop Howells

Jose Garza
Best do not play stay out of the casinos. The casino floors
Are set up to stimulate the brain. From the music that is played to the slot machine tones emitted they are in the key of C major a pleasurable key to our senses. Also the colors and carpet schemes together attract us. And yes these machines are strategically placed in certain areas of the floors. Winners and losers.

Comment from : Jose Garza

Christopher Dean
If the machines past performance cant determine it's future performance how does it maintain a accurate % payout it has to keep track of the payouts or it could payout more or less.
Comment from : Christopher Dean

Que Sero
this guy is so full of shit. not one thing he said is truth.
Comment from : Que Sero

come to Canada at woodbine casino N see if any of what you're saying is true, they are only paying their friends and family big winnings. N they have that switch to turn off the machine. I go there so I know, I now play online. I record all my games my brother will post it for the world to see. I would put thousands of dollars N win a few hundred in the bonus.
Comment from : Sef

Now, that was for once very good info. Thanks a lot.
Comment from : Nidhogg

Rickey jones. German.
Good luck hope everybody win some money for Christmas..
Comment from : Rickey jones. German.

Drue Skillz
Soo if you change your up your seconds of pushing the buttons and switching your pattern up, that means you could potentially create a winning pattern..
Comment from : Drue Skillz

Happy Wrench
Stupid machine, Stupid me. Dont play that stupid machine and save that stupid money for something else.
Comment from : Happy Wrench

Lestad Rutennbur
Casinos make millions of dollars out of this electronic machines and you are telling me they leave it random! Hahaha I can smell dog sh!t, but Im even better at smelling bullsh!t, and there is a whole lot of that here. You are a part of the image that this billion dollar mafia wants to show, a transparent image. To keep sick folk tide up to a chair feeding the greedy vanes of a rich few. Gambling should be illegal. I bet it destroys as many families as alcohol or opioid does.
Comment from : Lestad Rutennbur

Alosious Prince
Are video poker real
Comment from : Alosious Prince

I went to the Casino for the first time 5 months ago and won $1000 , I barley knew I won lol... I ended leaving immediately after cause I felt lucky lol
Comment from : Dodgersgang

The only way to win with the slot machines is to avoid them completely, the dollar you didn't put in the slot is a dollar you have won, selling books about how to win on slot machines is a really low act, the author of this book won't waste any of the money he makes from it by playing the slots and the people he will influence to become addicts will be led down a path of misery. SHAME ON YOU.
Comment from : Lili

Theatre Mad
Thanks for the info, now I don’t need to buy the book.
Comment from : Theatre Mad

Thomas S
The casino CAN STOP a pay out ,it happened to me in 1988 at circus circus when they had a Ferrara and Road Runner and Willie coyote in the car. i put 4 quarters in and pulled the arm on a 4 reel machine the first reel stopped on double bar as the second,as well as the third reel, but the fourth reel stopped on the double bar and floated up one notch, causing me to lose the big prise. It was funny as each reel stopped with a loud thud and the last made no sound at all but just stopped and floated up one notch. You cant tell me I was not cheated out of this prise, now I never play slot machines only the dice tables.
Comment from : Thomas S

Mr Know It All
Slot machines are totally luck. But mathematics can increase your odds.The basic rule is always make the minimum bet. This means you will get the maximum number of plays. Since it is based upon luck the more plays the chance chance of hitting a jackpot. If the minimum bet is $0.05 and you have $10 you will have a minimum of 200 plays. If you play $10 you only get one play.

With slots the more plays the more chance of winning something.

Comment from : Mr Know It All

The comments here are ridiculous lol. If you don’t play, you don’t win or lose. He says to win, you need to be lucky. He also said the 90% or whatever is not every time. It’s through out the payout of the machine. Watch the whole video... even I knew what he meant before he explained himself!
Comment from : AlohaKIG

😂😂😂😂😂 Bull shitt !!! You wanna mean 95% for casinos not for players ! Who is a real player knows what I'm talking about!!! For rest of you ,the best way to win money at slots machine it is just one way. Keep your money on your pocket!!! Casinos destroys lives !!! Peace !!!
Comment from : IONUT PÎRVA

Most of this does not relate at all to what actual people experience. Payout ratio is more like 16% to 23% being paid back to players out of every dollar. the opposite of what's stated here.
Comment from : bcabmac

Learned the right way the wrong way. I lost 150 euros from gambling in two days after turning 18. The trick is dont fucking play.
Comment from : Samuel

Michael Falconi
SORRY, Wrong answer about symbol selection in the bonus rounds. One would need to review the concept of "scripting", which alot of slot Machine manufacturers use in bonus round play. Basically your selection does not matter as the outcome is predetermined therefore all you are doing is revealing the symbol in any selected position that you were predetermined to be awarded.
Comment from : Michael Falconi

Trevor Braden
How to win..... keep your money in your pocket
Comment from : Trevor Braden

Richard B
Don't play
Comment from : Richard B

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