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Freddie T
But still its the same guy gambleing away his money to rigged casinos whay a joke you are a true sucker
Comment from : Freddie T

4:44 thats the wire for there mic...... they dont use wireless headsets.
Comment from : TutorialsByKevin

Aster Yeager
That first dude was faker than 6ix9ine
Comment from : Aster Yeager

Dwayne Greene
That blonde dealers declotage tho daaamn
Comment from : Dwayne Greene

U.K Boxing
3rd the wheel is spinning far too fast which sent the ball out of the wheel
Comment from : U.K Boxing

MAKE MONEY ONLINE! Real or a Scam? Online Casino


Comment from : MAKE MONEY ONLINE! Real or a Scam? Online Casino

Ricardo Madureira
Peituda gostosa
Comment from : Ricardo Madureira

Stephen Lewis
Not surprised at all !!!
Comment from : Stephen Lewis

Scott Andrew Horne
Comment from : Scott Andrew Horne

ck kendrick
Dont understand how it be a scam if there is like 4 players at the table, there is no way they know what cards will be next, now i wouldnt do it by my self with the dealer but still
Comment from : ck kendrick

uday hazare
Online gambling of Leo vegas, Dafabet and Jeetwin I have lossed a huge amount of 10lakhs for just in one year. My salary is 15k per month for more money of my financial problems I was going through online casino gambling. My UserName is CunningFox in all online websites. At starting of 1st game they will make you win after that they will borrow your money 10 times more what you win at first.
Comment from : uday hazare

Jerry Little
anyone who thinks they are getting a fair game online is retarded.
Comment from : Jerry Little

paul poskus
Online Blackjack is scam!! Evolution games!!!
Comment from : paul poskus

Lovin Life
This video had an advert to play at 888 casino but trust me. DON’T!!
Comment from : Lovin Life

prerit kumar
It's painful to watch how tight her dress is just so her boobs can look bigger.
Comment from : prerit kumar

Mitakachu Y.
Comment from : Mitakachu Y.

Never play on these sketchy sites with huge cards.
Comment from : HoodedFreak

Dan 123
Anyway, the Pokerstars casino is a scam, they use the same games as Sportingbet which is also a scam, roulette there is programmed to make you lose more often, you can make this test, you go martingale on odd, even, red or black, it doesn't matter, the thing you choose will come less often, you're martingaling black, its gonna come up red 5-6 times in a row very often, you try the other way around, black all the time. Odd? You're gonna get so many evens you're gonna want to destroy your computer. Don't waste your money on that.
Comment from : Dan 123

Dan 123
I just lost 5 bucks on online roulette after making 50 on poker, you just want it not to be a scam because there's a chance you win if you know when to leave the table, but when its a scam you're always trying to recover what you lost, then you lose even more.
Comment from : Dan 123

The only online betting I would ever do is on sports games. Never gamble table games or slots online. Ever!
Comment from : C M

Where tf you play these games
Comment from : ĐIŒ

Lance Pena
Channels like this should be terminated for clickbaiting
Comment from : Lance Pena

Blackjack Mafia
One of my friends own a online casino he told me why they pull the switch they know the order of the shuffle.
Comment from : Blackjack Mafia

Stephen bubba b
Nice pair though
Comment from : Stephen bubba b

David Manock
So what can be done about this legally?
Comment from : David Manock

Fred Grace
Caught them red handed
Comment from : Fred Grace

Wiltshire #plywoods
Did they get done for it
Comment from : Wiltshire #plywoods

Cláudio Oliveira
you need to show this to authorities
Comment from : Cláudio Oliveira

Dark Bacon
Nice sound :/
Comment from : Dark Bacon

Funny how on a scam video, the advert is for voodoo.io, a scam game studio
Comment from : technicalscience

Squabby Jabbles
That black man was probably just pulling a lucky trick hoping he wouldnt lose his job
Comment from : Squabby Jabbles

Last one wasn't a scam, but they do rig roulette tables. I played on a pretty dead live roulette table and the ball landed on my jackpot number dead(didn't bounce or move at all) for like 0,5 second and then it just suddenly starts to wobble and jumps two numbers over. The dealer even coughed and sounded nervous when she announced the number like "fuck, that shit was obvious"

Would've have won like 1600 USD btw if it had stayed on my number.

Comment from : wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Michael Hummel
I tried this shit once, won 5k, bought myself a nice Enduro and then i never touched gambling again. So in my case at least I made a profit.
Comment from : Michael Hummel

Relaxin With Jaxin
so a compilation is now defined as 2 videos, plus a "bonus clip"
Comment from : Relaxin With Jaxin

I clicked this video to only comment you’re all retarded who think these casinos scam.

Keep making excuses why you’re losing. Casinos do want your money, but they dont have to cheat. The odds are always in their favour.

Comment from : riverahyrule

ledi bregu
Bro just ask your money back
Comment from : ledi bregu

tank 1984
Cheating wanka
Comment from : tank 1984

Brian Keenan
I trust that less than the digital online. Looks like scam to me
Comment from : Brian Keenan

John Lennon
Anybody STUPID enough to play online gambling DESERVES to lose everything they have. Jeez,...
Comment from : John Lennon

Daniel o
Counting cards scumbags
Comment from : Daniel o

The UN should get involved in situations like this now that there’s a internet
Comment from : tehgees

Jerry Gundrum
Well anyone dumb enough to game on line with an old soviet block country gets what's coming. Ya no vibrating ball on that roulette wheel
Comment from : Jerry Gundrum

Dirk Diggler
If you're dumb enough to gamble you deserve to be scammed. That's all gambling is on big endless scam.
Comment from : Dirk Diggler

Jason HW
If they now what the next card is that mean they have a way of knowing. Cards are probably chipped
Comment from : Jason HW

Rico Quitiong
First clip i dont understand. 2nd is just a mistake any dealer makes and 3rd.....just no. Fuckin scam of a video. Dont watch it. These streamers are retards and they are the scammers here. Simple fact. You dont like it, dont pkay it. Fuck these streamers and fuck the guy making this vid.
Comment from : Rico Quitiong

Thanks very much
Comment from : 47Cash

Guys. The last clip wasn't the ball jumps out of roulette. He meant the string you can see when she walks away from the roulette table
Comment from : Doppelbemme

He get busted
Comment from : HoldMyBeer

Jjyaki Jjyaki
Well if u Don go for online betting, all this bookmarks won't get Yr hard earn money

Save it for better purpose rather than giving all this bastards

Comment from : Jjyaki Jjyaki

Andu Toader
Is that Andy?
Comment from : Andu Toader

Sneaky Ninja
Do these online casinos get convicted for fraud?
Comment from : Sneaky Ninja

Gegen Rechts
Gibraltar Mafia!!!
Comment from : Gegen Rechts

Gegen Rechts
Its all fake
All Onlinecasinos are fake

Comment from : Gegen Rechts

Gegen Rechts
Gibraltar Mafia!!!

Comment from : Gegen Rechts

Dalton Aka Dolly
Kick him out of the casino counting cards
Comment from : Dalton Aka Dolly

Francisco rivera
Looks like they know what’s the next cards.!!!! Scammed, All fking casino cheats all around the world, Why they don’t let you play for your luck.
Comment from : Francisco rivera

Albert Royer
one does not need to count cards to win at black jack. just a word to the wise and just read what i say and think about. do you know the odds for black jack. if I play 10 hands I should at the very least win one hand well when that does not happen it is obvious it is fixed. if you play black jack make a bet and lose the next bet double your bet thus recouping what you lost lose again do so again and so on and once you win go back to the original bet and keep playing this system. odds say you will win. but online black jack does not allow for that and I have done so several times and to no avail thus the only logical conclusion is it is corrupt but when you are a nobody there is shit you can do about it. go to any casino using this system and you will always win in regards to black jack this is just using basic odds to your favor.. if you cannot trust online black jack how can you think for a minute any of the online gambling can be trusted
Comment from : Albert Royer

casual slot
You had already busted ?
Comment from : casual slot

And that’s why you record everything
Comment from : Allie

구라 딱걸렸네
Comment from : 백화산호랑이

bones schot
No mistakes cheats
Comment from : bones schot

John wilson
I'd fuck her tits
Comment from : John wilson

Dany Hermawan
All of these are not professional casino.. they could yelled "pitboooos" with that stupid voice etc... play the ones based in riga latvia.. not in black casino with some latino whores
Comment from : Dany Hermawan

Furious George
I would rather burn my money
Comment from : Furious George

Blade Runner
The only scam is the first one.
Comment from : Blade Runner

The stupid thing is that the house always wins, even if it doesn't cheat! So what's the point in losing reputation?
Comment from : MagikGimp

I had a feeling this place never shuffles the cards.
Comment from : MagikGimp

Mdharun Roshid
I already loss 40k,,gambling make life hell,
Comment from : Mdharun Roshid

Jackson Seow
Then who you going to complain with ?
Just quit

Comment from : Jackson Seow

Kaan 46
4,02 when u hit green
Comment from : Kaan 46

only the first dealer was cheating
Comment from : Codido

I dont get why casinos cheat, they have the edge anyway?
Comment from : nZym

Taylor Hasal
That girl dealer obviously knew she was about to get a 20....
Comment from : Taylor Hasal

Errol Best
Don't gamble at that Online Casino.....Go to PORNHUB CASINO!!!.....You're welcome! !!
Comment from : Errol Best

If the house cheats they will say it’s a malfunction and voids all plays and bets.
Comment from : Genuwine6799G

Second clip knew outcome so she already goes 20 when she knows the 7 coming but forgets to pull it
Comment from : Corpainen

ExJw FlatEarther
The second one was a mistake by the dealer and the third one happens from time to time when the ball hits the fret in just the wrong angle.
Comment from : ExJw FlatEarther

Anthony Banks
House is definitely cheating in these examples, nothing new about that.
Comment from : Anthony Banks

I can appreciate the conspiracy theories but these are just innocent mistakes. There is no NEED for a casino to cheat you - they already have the advantage. Think about it - why would they risk their entire business for a $50 bet?
Comment from : truthsmiles

A casino is a scam inherently. They don't have to do anything else.
Comment from : Paretozen

Using my videos with out asking bud. Please under video put my link to my twitch.tv/CannaManTv is all I ask
Comment from : CannaMan

Stealing my videos from my channel and then posting them up on urs.
Comment from : CannaMan

Collector Guy
I did a bit of blackjack on the computer table on 888 and saw it rip me off almost every hand!
I went onto Live dealer blackjack and won a bit with a male dealer then on two different women's tables lost it all! There is a scam going on as when the cards are dealt the computer actually puts on screen what you have before it's even turned over - therefore showing some delay in video etc Enough time to deal a winning card to croupier? Who knows but I think something definitely dodgy!

Comment from : Collector Guy

kev2x x
Was playing baccarat earlier and I heard the dealer announce the winner before the card was even drawn then on top of that when I tried to bet a 50$ chip on red it logged me out... red ended up winning lol ..
Comment from : kev2x x

Peet boss
Comment from : Carl

Jack Tredgold
Know one cheated, the first clip is edited as you can see they forgot to change the balance as it went from 100 to 330 which is a win and the 2nd was just a miss count that was changed and finally for the bonus clip it's a unprodictable ball 1 in a million would do that ! Idiot must of just lost a bunch of money and got angry so make this video. LOL
Comment from : Jack Tredgold

Mary J Warner
hardly a compilation
Comment from : Mary J Warner

Just tells that casinoes should be banned permanently all off them simple
Comment from : DoNothingOrAll

Rastislav Dibala
last clip - cable from mic maybe ?
Comment from : Rastislav Dibala

you gotta be crazy to gamble online even with these live places that came about after the old ones... i live in Jew Jersey.. i mean New Jersey.. stuff like this has people losing everything.. and atlantic city is in my state.. just go to a casino... at least you will get drunk for free of the free drinks so the raping you get isnt as bad!!!
Comment from : THEODORE BUNDY

Doug styles
If u put real money into these things, u deserve to be robbed.
Comment from : Doug styles

Don't Turn Around Scary Stories
Comment from : Don't Turn Around Scary Stories

cake boss
Holy shiitt that’s a good catch at 1:30 they totally fucked you damn only gamble at real casinos I guess awesome video
Comment from : cake boss

Neil Godfrey
Do you also have other videos confirming that bears shit in the woods or that the pope is indeed catholic?? Of course they cheat idiot.
Comment from : Neil Godfrey

Adam Bumble
Nice titties though
Comment from : Adam Bumble

shaun lowndes
Go to William hill play any pc generated blackjack credit your account £100 in 10 minutes or less you will be at zero pounds lol fixed fixed fixed it's legalised mugging
Comment from : shaun lowndes

Hans Heydoll
Honestly it's a casino. No scamming required. They are in favor.
Comment from : Hans Heydoll

show the cucks face and which casino ffs
Comment from : HypliX'

Their card shuffling systems reads mixed decks and puts them in sequential order when deck changes are due , this is why I stopped playing tables.
Comment from : Voltaire

Yeah. He did switch. Scene 1:07 the Dealer flicks up one card the ( 8) then takes the secondary card the (6) and gives it to the player , then uses the (8) for dealers hand..
Comment from : Voltaire

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