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Marcelo Braga Braga
Hello Alessio, I always wonder what moving averages do you use in daily and hourly timeframes? Thank you very much for your updates. Your videos are very informative, my favourites to be honest. Warm Regards,
Comment from : Marcelo Braga Braga

ivory chapel
don't judge a book by it's cover =don't judge bitcoin by it's dividend, go deeper beyond surface and look at the reality, all thanks to team George and their ways of earnings despite the fluctuations.
Comment from : ivory chapel

Kenneth Knowlton
In mathematics, "reversion to the mean" has a meaning that is quite different than what you are referring to. In finances, what you are referring to is formally called "mean reversion".
Comment from : Kenneth Knowlton

Ephemeral Majesty
Probably the best trader on youtube.
Comment from : Ephemeral Majesty

it must break 3200 again.
Comment from : Majed

Hey Alessio, the BBC News are just starting to talk about possible recession coming. Maybe they will invite you onto the show for the jaw-dropping type of interview you famously gave around 2008. The same presenter is on the show too that interviewed you before.
Comment from : XenonJohn

Janne Wolterbeek
today is the perfect day for a new video. #stock #crash #bond
Comment from : Janne Wolterbeek

Dark Bulb
"Bitcoin Rally" as it drags it's balls down through $10k. Yeah I know it's just a dip. I'm hanging onto my BTC too. I believe it's subject to manipulation and it's proven it's self volatile. It's also been proven that if we wait long enough it will go dow & if we wait long enough again, it will go up. The point? IT'S NOT GOING AWAY. The Feds already can't kill it, now they're trying to control it.
Cryptos are the next evolutionary step in Global Currency. I think it's amazing we're seeing this in our lifetime. Literally the application of new technology that will shape the course of our species.

Comment from : Dark Bulb

All, please LIKE this comment if you want to have answer from Alessio on the following question; How to best prepare and maximise profits during the upcoming big recession? Personally, I would say 1) Short S&P, 2) Buy precious metals, 3) Real estate for renting out as interest rates are still very low, which will skyrocket in 1-2 years and in a crisis, people postpone buying houses and will rent more.
Comment from : Michael

dalibor x
if if and if , say me something i dont know
Comment from : dalibor x

Probe Raum
Comment from : Probe Raum

iG W
I think you forgot about your 'warindicator', because LMT (Lockheed Martin) is at its ATM (after broken resistance of 340 usd) and far above the S&P 500... I guess we're heading for war? Looks like GOLD and GUNS are (or were) the things to invest in...
Comment from : iG W

Gold Lion
Gold is going to get around 1850
Comment from : Gold Lion

Crypto Mania
How can it possibly be a Bull market... Where most coins are at multi-year lows?
Comment from : Crypto Mania

Elmin Easton
Comment from : Elmin Easton

spitzndtruth 1
Comment from : spitzndtruth 1

Jorrit Bakker
It's still very probably that this market goes down by quite a lot. Nobody knows what a recession will do to this market. This market is still very early staged and has had so little time to prove itself. The highs we've seen in 2017 (including altcoins) were driven solely by greed and thoughts of crypto being the new paradigm. The rally we see right now is about half the size of the 2017 rally. The actual situation doesn't look that good in my opinion. Bitcoin looks to find its way but alts are completely carnaged and don't look to be coming back any time soon. There's much more room for them to go down. Liquidity is an issue as well in my humble opinion. It's still very difficult for the ordinary person to get a hold of crypto. The big question I have is whether crypto will be used as a medium of exchange over paying eachother in fiat. If people start paying eachother in crypto I forsee lots of growth and in this situation you don't want to go back to your fiat anymore because we're talking different times here.
Comment from : Jorrit Bakker

James Kim
you been saying lower entry and bitcoin doesn't seem to give you the perfect entry. It will be like that all 2019 dollar cost averaging wins
Comment from : James Kim

Timothy Michael
You're bearish because you keep saying dollar amounts in the $8K area, that's crazy, if it trades sideways then the 200, 100, and 21 day moving averages will all rise to meet the current range at $11500 giving it support to the upside. The low range of the band rises quickly over time. There is heavy support at this range short term, with sideways movement medium term, and a clear bullish momentum long term, there will be no pull back to $8K, that's just crazy.
Comment from : Timothy Michael

glad mono
Alessio please watch back all ur previous videos of Elliot theory when we were in the bear market...none of ur analysis succeed.....and none of ur new theory will happened either with ABC....BTC does what it wants....and supply is decreasing day after day....BTC is not tradable as a stock market....ur analysis are not relevant with BTC because you don't understand the basic knowledge of supply and demand....learn first then do some smart video.....there are more holder than investor like u go in and out just to take small profit in 2 weeks time...that's why u are still unsuccessful and are looking for BTC to go down because u already missed the bottom during the bear market with ur analysis of the wave 5 from Elliot....Learn it's never too late...U will be successful one day...and then u will not need to stay in the front of the screen watching some stupid wave analysis or useless lagging indicators....cheers....
Comment from : glad mono

Guys, you seem like a cool and rich traders
, pros, you really can't buy HD camera with good mic?

Comment from : jankone19

Jason Jenkins
How can it move from 3k to 13k in a bear market?????
Comment from : Jason Jenkins

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Just download the app at minepi.com

Comment from : Leonidas

Anyone who says that Alessio is bearish on BTC obviously doesn't watch his videos with any consistency.
Comment from : Habslayer

We are not going below 3200k again, my friend.
Yes, I know, I wish that that too... but It won't happen (in 95%).

Comment from : Andelf7

Yet to see how bitcoin is not a scam for people coming into it at a later date only the people who got in early are going to make money people coming into to to make money now are going to lose it all and you fools who think it's going to the moon who's paying it ?
Comment from : 165Tec

Douglas S. Noble
You got your wish. Moon Shot time
Comment from : Douglas S. Noble

lol we snapped and dumped
Comment from : 1ajayc

Flavio Rispo
Why are you having a baby about this?
Comment from : Flavio Rispo

Highland Mining Ltd
Great video and great topics covered there Alessio. Thank you both. Your videos are hugely appreciated.
Comment from : Highland Mining Ltd

Jeremi Kossak
Alessii, diagonal resistance ans support is not very professional, IMO.
Comment from : Jeremi Kossak

neros art
Dumb money in the comments is still bullish, we are going for that 21 EMA on the weekly lol
Comment from : neros art

Nechar Joshi
Hey Alessio, I have been watching every videos of yours. Is there any chance that you could perhaps introduce a cheaper membership plan for someone who like to be ahead of the masses but can't afford to pay $49/month?
Comment from : Nechar Joshi

Facepalm Jesus
its not all about TA although i am analysing charts all the time
TA should go hand in hand with the news and i know that Alessio does not support the ''news'' factor
the current ''meta'' on the BTC market has changed since late 2017 early 2018 when institutional players and big corporations players have entered the market. 2019 is not the same as 2015 on the issue of infrastracture and trust on BTC. all in all the ''news'' or the swift of market meta from ''BTC= scam'' to ''BTC = the new thing'' they do not support the TA of a HUGE crash over 70% down from here.
4digit price BTC is an idea that comes to an end as time flows...

Comment from : Facepalm Jesus

Why are you arguing with these moron commentators? Most of these fools started trading with crypto and have never even owned an actual stock before.
Comment from : Lee

James Benhart
You said it could go up....but you also said it could go down......you didn't call anything......
Comment from : James Benhart

Na Na
Alessio, seriously why do you bother with these videos? Having painfully waded through the comments here for months It’s pretty obvious you have a crowd of financially illiterate Millennials who only want to hear when it’s time to buy or sell and when do I get my Lambo bruh? They aren’t the slightest bit interested in reality and anything that doesn’t fit with their narrative of Bitcoin going to the moon sees an outpouring of ignorant fantasy market crap. Just go back to trading successfully all asset markets that you do daily and be done wasting your time.
Comment from : Na Na

Hi good guy, 1 tip, can you ty to ask a question in 12 words, instead of 120 with 4 time the same question ;-)
Comment from : incobart

Are you serious Alessio? You’re taking people’s obviously uneducated statements personally enough to explain basic market movements. Almost as pathetic as the comments you’re addressing. Clearly there’s a range of people in the markets.
Comment from : Anand

pavan kumar
You are expecting to 21 ma weekly since 5k. I think you are feeling not good with the delay it is making
Comment from : pavan kumar

John Smith
Lower lows and lower highs.
Comment from : John Smith

j jones
If gold broke 1450 it was always going to go to 1500 . Every pro trader should have picked that . Long term 100% going to ATH . The economy is falling apart . FFS Dalio even said its time to look at Gold . Dalio never mentions gold .
Comment from : j jones

j jones
BTC is controlled by very few whales . They pump it and as soon as it loses momentum they dump it . It happens every time .The volume is no longer there . Despite what you keep hearing no new people are coming into BTC . Its just the same people going round and round . While it is unregulated institutions will not touch it and for it to get to the next level it needs regulation . Long term BTC mining is unsustainable and only a matter of time till countries shut down the operations . Just be prepared to bail when you have to .
Comment from : j jones

Mariella Odonnell
Come on guys, the volume of this entire bull run is laughable compared to 2017. All pumps appear exactly at the end of each major candle, we are in the third month of the pump with no cooldown. The whales are still in full control of this market. They dump a lot of BTC and then the public buys the price back up again for them because nobody likes to be still bearish after such a long time. The sentiment is so positive that it might be true because of this. It all started with a £1000 increase in just an hour or less. That was the signal that everybody decided that the bear market was over. And if enough people think that, it increases the chances of it happening. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr. James Long's program, a pro trader who is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3 Bitcoin to 9 Bitcoin in just 3 weeks. You can reach him on (jameslong241 @Gmailcom or WhatsApp + 447480724121)
Comment from : Mariella Odonnell

Gold 2300 in 2021.
Comment from : davenetdog

Rubèn Plantinga
Thx for the awesome video. Personally im starting to scale in on some alts. We could meet the 21mwa at 30k as far as I know
Comment from : Rubèn Plantinga

Bitcoin price is obviously manipulated by exchanges so why are these "Expert" traders acting like it's a "real" market?
Comment from : markmeson

My World
At this point very carefully invest in bitcoin I think it is last corrective wave “C” start which bring bitcoin to $2000 or below then time to invest may be go up to $200000 after last wave C COMPLETE
Comment from : My World

You're great and genuine human being, Alessio. Thanks for your advices, helps a lot <3
Comment from : hermit

Olivia Robert
Nice video, The truth is even with the fall In price of bitcoin,trading and profits are still made daily, Well this does not affect those who trade btc on the right platform, it a lovely video but I care less of it instability, Philip really changed my life, i invest with him and he double my btc I got 8BTC into my blockchain wallet I can proudly say that instability of bitcoin doesn’t affect me investment is everything, especially when you get positive returns It’s a pure manipulation and if you have not made big profit sent a mail to the contact below,thank yourself later , self doubt kill...take the risk cheers and good luck text him on Philipjan8@gmail,com
WhatsApp +1 (239) 579‑6274 he’s so reliable you can contact him for more I’m so glad trading with him

Comment from : Olivia Robert

Robert Galfi
Hi Alessio.
What do you think about Silver?

Comment from : Robert Galfi

AT&T User
Great video, thanks for the update! I'd be nice if you touched on other cryptos like eth or xrp every now and then. Thanks!
Comment from : AT&T User

I am born to love the bears

Nexus5 Google
Informative as always.
Comment from : Nexus5 Google

Tom A
If, If, it breaks above. I'd like to see it drop back onto the top of that trend line. A daily close above it, An upward channel to form, then find an entry.
Comment from : Tom A

Dean Lindemann
7:17 With Bitcoin, the absence of a long-term, adjusted-for-inflation price, Bitcoin owners are flying blind. They do not know if they are “flying into the side of a mountain or at 10,000 over the ocean” at its current price. John T. Reeds author of "How to Protect Your Life Savings from Hyperinflation and Depression"
Comment from : Dean Lindemann

It is entirely possible to be "short-term" bearish and long-term bullish.
Comment from : BlueToronto

Dain Bolling
Very wise analysis. And as of this comment, Bitcoin did test and move down. Still looking for 100DMA test myself.
Comment from : Dain Bolling

Ashwin Mohan
You morons have no more info on what happens next than the rest of us. Stop fooling ppl and more importantly yourselves on this! Stocks/Gold/Cryptos dont go on your precious predictions. They follow their own trends based on market. Whenever you have predicted you always hedge it by saying "if" its a bear market it will go down DUH!!! if its a bull market it will go up DUHH!! PATHETIC.. folks please think about it.. Warren Buffet does not say this type of shit. Alessio just covers all sides and when a movement occurs he says "i told you so"!! Thats his mo!!
Comment from : Ashwin Mohan

No No
Consolidation can be both bullish and bearish doesnt have to be only bearish.
Comment from : No No

Another video where we don’t talk about macros of fundamentals? Just talk about triangles and lines? Not talking about what drives the charts is a fallacy.
Comment from : FuckILoveYouTubby

Now going to 9800 levels
Comment from : XAVI CONTACT

Crypto Bunny
Consolidate, create new swing support is what’s needed
Comment from : Crypto Bunny

josano Diaz
What's funny is that most people won't even know there is an official recession until near the end of it, when the media finally tells them and keeps telling them. So it will most likely take at least a year before the mainstream media tells Americans that there is a recession and fuels boomers to panic sell and really tank the stock market. Then the wealthy will buy everything up for cheap. Except bitcoin, which won't be cheap. MY ONLY ADVICE FOR INVESTORS AND NEW BEES IS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MR MARK’S PROGRAM, A PRO TRADER WHO’S IS HELPING INVESTORS ACCUMULATE MORE BITCOIN THROUGH HIS AMAZING TRADING STRATEGY, WITH HIS PROGRAM I WENT FROM HAVING 3BTC TO 11.5BTC IN JUST 3WEEKS. YOU CAN REACH HIM ON EMAIL @ MARKMOSS665@GMAIL OR TELEGRAM @MARKMOSS1. WHATSAPP +1(916)302-4515. .
Comment from : josano Diaz

Alessio, you don't need to waste time addressing noobs
Comment from : CryptoPug

Walt Moore
no we are not in a B - Wave I don think that
Comment from : Walt Moore

Antonio Bertone
Alessio..... You keep ignoring the pink elephant in the room.... The US dollar..... Which looks like it topped last week with a completed ending diagonal that started in September of 2018. What happens to BTC if the US dollar tanks..... What happens to gold and silver. What happens in a hyperinflation scenario..... The battle has been going on for years.... Delation or hyperinflation..... I think it will be hyperinflation.... If hyperinflation happens, you can forget any reversion to the mean because it won't be a "normal" market.
Comment from : Antonio Bertone

Walt Moore
I like to see BTC to consolidate
Comment from : Walt Moore

Cuong Truong
To know if Bitcoin is in Bull or Bear market just look at the price of XRP coin. The central banks didn't pump XRP for a reason. 😁
Comment from : Cuong Truong

J Guillory
$7000? Right? 8500? Right
Comment from : J Guillory

Ron Burgandy
I said it 2 weeks ago and I STAND by it.

Bitcoin is going sideways in a consolidation squeeze until the 2nd last or last week of August then it will SMASH the 13k and test 16k and fail before consolidation at a new 15kish level to break 20k high by end of year


Comment from : Ron Burgandy

Red Orange
Alessio, thank you for making these videos, no matter what is happening in the markets. It is amazing how many so called 'experts', seem to disappear when the markets don't do what they said they would do. You are my favourite people out there talking about the markets.
Thanks again!

Comment from : Red Orange

Love ur grounded videos about markets...btc hype videos are over saturated. U have one of the best youtube channels out there in my opinion. Keep up the great work 👍📉📈
Comment from : MAN - DAR

Yvonne Praml
50% probability it`s a bear market is the same as it could rise or fall or just I don`t know.
Comment from : Yvonne Praml

What kind of bear market goes from 3k to 13k in a matter of weeks?

Oh yeah...bitcoin

Comment from : xMidgeWON

The Pman Van
I don’t think you are bearish, I just think like most TA guys you just don’t know. Do yourselves a favour ppl, dollar cost averaging is the way to go. Trading is very difficult and a bit of a crapshoot.
Comment from : The Pman Van

Daniel Iles
Time to guess what will increase in value next
Comment from : Daniel Iles

You are a perma bear.....thats a fact.
Comment from : ANTV

Raúl Vielba
The consolidation must be bigger than he draw.
Comment from : Raúl Vielba

Allesio, when has Bitcoin ever come out of an 80% correction, touched the .618 fib retracement and then reverted back to lower cycle lows?
Comment from : Stay_at_home_Dad

Alessio, the reason people are calling you bearish on BTC is bc you still believe BTC has not bottomed yet, you don’t believe we’re in a BTC bull market, and your Elliot Wave Theory analysis is all over the place. You consistently are calling for a major downfall of BTC to $3K-$6K levels, which would NOT be a correction to the mean, but a crash like we experienced in early 2018. I’m just stating facts mate. If what I said isn’t true then pls correct me. You’re still a great analyst, I learn from you, and that’s why I follow you.
Comment from : miamivlad

Tarik ELAR
I love you .😎
haters are everywhere.😉
Keep going✌

Comment from : Tarik ELAR

so where should I put my btc buy order at? 10300? 9000? 8500? ?? thanks very much! best regards
Comment from : Sweetcanary

Martin Strange
...The 5 platforms I have been on to - Everyone's charts did the same thing (varying degrees, Pro real-time did it less) when you brought up the charts open and compared the same time frame with a new chart...most of the time they were subtly different with the new chart being more obvious with candlesticks that indicate possible moves in either direction.; whilst the older ones didn't show patterns clearly seen in the new.
...Ninja trader was the worst, even moving averages were different - this is how they remain on top.
You can buy level 3 charts that the professionals use but the cost is tens of thousands.
All companies played dumb - even when I screen saved pictures showing the difference.
...Understanding patterns on longer time frames give you more time to compare patterns that may indicate future changes. Hope this helps someone, and save them money...

Comment from : Martin Strange

the people who complain about bearish corrections during a uptrend apparently never heard of the elliot wave theory
Comment from : PaperUpBro

Maria L
Thanks Alessio! Always appreciate your insight! Congrats on 200k subs!
Comment from : Maria L

Just a Dad
Hi all. God bless
Comment from : Just a Dad

Sajjad Kabir
Congratulations Alessio for 200k sub
Comment from : Sajjad Kabir

Anthony Abramo
What's funny is that most people won't even know there is an official recession until near the end of it, when the media finally tells them and keeps telling them. So it will most likely take at least a year before the mainstream media tells Americans that there is a recession and fuels boomers to panic sell and really tank the stock market. Then the wealthy will buy everything up for cheap. Except bitcoin, which won't be cheap. MY ONLY ADVICE FOR INVESTORS AND NEW BEES IS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MR SHAUN’S PROGRAM, A PRO TRADER WHO’S IS HELPING INVESTORS ACCUMULATE MORE BITCOIN THROUGH HIS AMAZING TRADING STRATEGY, WITH HIS PROGRAM I WENT FROM HAVING 3BTC TO 11.5BTC IN JUST 3WEEKS. YOU CAN REACH HIM ON EMAIL @ SHAUNAMES01@GMAIL OR TELEGRAM @SHAUN095. WHATSAPP +1(510)972-3951. .
Comment from : Anthony Abramo

bryston toms
Bitcoin price continues to struggle to regain the bullish momentum it had during the parabolic climb above $10,000, but bears have also been unable to push the price of the leading crypto asset by market cap any lower, resulting in an impasse that is playing out in recent price action. We saw a solid bitcoin (BTC) has been facing a significant amount of buying pressure as of late that has allowed it to surge from lows of $9,100 to highs of $12,300.. Some people are still waiting for a correction to start buying bitcoins and others are waiting for a major bull run to start making profit but those approaches are wrong and my portfolio is a testimony to that. I actually may not be as good as i sound but i am smart. I advise you to enjoy Mr Joshua Walker, a trader known for his trading strategies and signal provisions, which are so accurate that his users have proven so much. In the bear markets and also in the current markets. He is also a great teacher and, with that guidance, I made a lot of money in such a short time. If you are needing some help or skeptical with all this cryptography business, surely Joshua would be more than willing to give you a hand. I am spreading this for those who have issues in turning in a consistent profit from the crypto space. You can contact him on Gmail(walkerjoshua592 @ gmail. com).
Comment from : bryston toms

Is Charlie trading Dumbells??
Comment from : Dennis

Eagle Artillery
Why someone goes out of gold? The one and only evidence that you should be bullish on gold is fairness in U.S. and world economy .
Comment from : Eagle Artillery

Mario Schmidt
Thanks for the video ✌🏽💙👍👍❤️
Comment from : Mario Schmidt

It’s hard to be bullish on bitcoin before the halving has even happened. Still bear
Comment from : Bohr

alessio just miss the boat when it was 4000-6000 range still calling for pullback for months, he just missed the opportunity
Comment from : C N

Johnny B
Some interesting points but some dumb ones too.
The good outweighed that bad at least ;0).

cheers Alessio

Comment from : Johnny B

MARTIN ARMSTRONG says GOLD will see one final drop back down to $1350-$1360 in SEPTEMBER and then to $2000+ in 2020/21
Comment from : staycontent

António Bastos
Comment from : António Bastos

The ship has sailed for gold
Comment from : M H

No Hodl
What about 6800 $ resistance ?
Comment from : No Hodl

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