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Bradley MH
You’re the guy!! Love it 😁😂
Comment from : Bradley MH

Sam R
Comment from : Sam R

Benji J.A
YOYOYO I JUST WON 225!, in SEK so 20 pounds :D
Comment from : Benji J.A

John W
What was so good about that table.. I think they are all red..and they are all flat!! :o).... a table is a table... I would say to watch how other people play first.. and then once you know how other people play.and play against the dealer not 21
Comment from : John W

bravo 22
hate when you play multi hands i do be shiting itforyou
Comment from : bravo 22

Ali Hasan
Super Gams
Comment from : Ali Hasan

Don't split with 10 cards
Comment from : 生産者Tおこづかい馬券師

Pirjo Cheerio
I really dig your Welsh accent and can't stop listening lol
Comment from : Pirjo Cheerio

Yiu Chung
Haha... Classic Endin Lad...
Comment from : Yiu Chung

Michael Paterson
An expensive search for fun mate, I wouldn't have the singers to bet £400 and £500 quid a time on BJ, just watching it on YouTube scares the hell out of me. Lol

At least you walked away with your money back, but what you had to go through to get what you already had is what gives you grey hair? Lol

Comment from : Michael Paterson

Jacob Amiri
Legit bro. Thank you for letting me have my gambling fix for free.
Comment from : Jacob Amiri

get in
Comment from : ocelot.

Kyle Mcintosh
Comment from : Kyle Mcintosh

Ruben Fernandez parada
A little bit worrying that you saying you are sober and it feels weird.
You got some problems with alcohol?
I hope not buddy! :/

Comment from : Ruben Fernandez parada

Brandon Ray
Never split 10’s..
Comment from : Brandon Ray

This guy doesnt even understand basic strategy. Never split your 10s, and also a hard 16 hits against a 9.
Comment from : Geissenberg

Zheng Chang
happy ending :-)
Comment from : Zheng Chang

Tungsing Sy
Stupid..Split on QQ
Comment from : Tungsing Sy

3:30 you sir just committed heresy. The blackjack gods demand recompense!
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

Brayden Glauser
Splits tens and fucks whole table.
Comment from : Brayden Glauser

Gürkan Kayhan
Hey, what happened now ? Time 0.01 have 2000 £ and then last time 20.21 have 2000 £ .. lol
Comment from : Gürkan Kayhan

Charles Jordan Aslarona
Why would someone split 10s?
Comment from : Charles Jordan Aslarona

Hugh Neutron
I love watching you go from 2,000 to 0
Comment from : Hugh Neutron

Owen Davies
No deviation of play and you payed for it every time
Comment from : Owen Davies

Kevin K Adj
are these online games not rigged??
Comment from : Kevin K Adj

Brian Korth
Haha. That was hilarious man
Comment from : Brian Korth

So entertaining! It was so brutal how one more hand ended up in nearly losing every pound!
Comment from : Adam

Did you really just split 10s.... that girl is cute btw
Comment from : HOU KUAN CHOI

ali irani
you definitely talk too much....
Comment from : ali irani

RayD Official
What gambling side is this?
Comment from : RayD Official

haha all for nothing xD but good you dont lose
Comment from : theoneandonlyworldruler

recherla yaswanth
I don't care what people say I just love you so much!!
Comment from : recherla yaswanth

How does she know she has blackjack at 7:00, she never looked at her card
Comment from : ads

Why there is more than 52 cards?
Comment from : NiktNieWieNawetJa

Avanti Savoia
Comment from : andreaguaro

J Lawl
I've quit gambling about 3 years ago and watching this literally reminds me of the voices I used to hear in my head while gambling.
Comment from : J Lawl

Ali Needs Dawah
I lost all my money on black jack I can swear it’s fixed
Comment from : Ali Needs Dawah

you're never gonna win 3 hands in a row. if you win 2 in a row then leave one hand or play double handed that hand. and the other way around if you lose then bet more next hand and then more if you lose that. and don't mix the hands up then with multiple hands
Comment from : HypliX'

A Alpha
She's cute
Comment from : A Alpha

hyou zan ren
The camera angle didnt high enought!... I m OUT?!!!
Comment from : hyou zan ren

Atif Hussain
Well done walked away with 2k
Comment from : Atif Hussain

I never understood why you foolishly change the number of hands you're playing once you start to get on a roll... cant instead it
Comment from : Samseen

She's like a pretty version of Taylor Swift
Comment from : Turnitaround

Splitting queens?????
Comment from : Turnitaround

Strange W A V E
We're good as long as she doesn't...
dealer turns over 11

Comment from : Strange W A V E

Jay No
Splitting 20? LOLOLOLOL
Comment from : Jay No

Splitting 20? That's a bad move.
Comment from : BeatBoyMaker

Big al Ok
Pure cock
Comment from : Big al Ok

Big al Ok
If your gonna gamble then don't bottle it prick
Comment from : Big al Ok

Jack Taylor
Money wheel!!!!
Comment from : Jack Taylor

Yulianus Zhong
do you even know the basic strategy...
Comment from : Yulianus Zhong

Splitting the 20 holy shit
Comment from : ypsilon

All that to break even lol don’t play more than one hand and also jump into the table and watch for 3 hands first then make a decision to sit then go all in 1 hand then do the same again
Comment from : iGeNeReCoNzZ

Azim Heiqal
Goblok kau kontol
Comment from : Azim Heiqal

Comment from : BOMBISKY

Lucas Watts
Is it me or do you sound like the guy from Top Gear
Comment from : Lucas Watts

If you didn’t split your queens she would have drawn the 9 and you would have pushed instead you lost both hands . Never split 20 even if the dealer has a 5 you never split
Comment from : sfotinos22

Mysterious Labyrinth
I dont play blackjack but enjoying the vids.One thing that worries me is do you get to see the cards shuffled?
Comment from : Mysterious Labyrinth

Best Ever
4:00 Rigged
Comment from : Best Ever

Francisco rivera
You and your multiple hands, Try to keep only 1 for a period of time.
Comment from : Francisco rivera

User 23
“This feels weird sober”... same
Comment from : User 23

Apple Berries
Basically you wasted 20 mins of your life, putting urself through all that only to walk off with what you started with, no logic
Comment from : Apple Berries

Daniel Wood
Go on you dirty bitch
Comment from : Daniel Wood

It's entertaining to watch. But why bet 200-300 quid hands with an opening balance of only 2 grand?
Comment from : ItsLloydM8

Bobby K
Brilliant video 😹😹 Well played mate.
Comment from : Bobby K

their numbers are small + does a 5 card trick mean nothing
Comment from : edward6000

Zak Rankl
God this feels weird sober, was the best part of this whole video.
Comment from : Zak Rankl

Jeffery Stanley
what a dumb move, splitting 10's are you serious?
Comment from : Jeffery Stanley

Sairam Reddy
What is the name of casino
Comment from : Sairam Reddy

зачкем две дамы сплитовать? у тебя 20 уже есть что ты хочешь поймать? два туза подряд?
Comment from : Чешир

Marco Tsang
not drawing on soft seventeen?
Comment from : Marco Tsang

Josh Steele
Wow. Lol
Comment from : Josh Steele

says walk away regardless... plays one hand loses... keep on playin... TRUE GAMBLER! man you need to get a HELP! ASAP!!!
Comment from : BP AMOCO

Can someone explain what the bets on the left and right with 21+3 mean? Thanks for any answers.
Comment from : Royale

you 20 splitting greedy bastard.
Comment from : aegilello

Elvis Presley
12:00 caffeine in tea? Interesting!
Comment from : Elvis Presley

Juan Bomfim
Comment from : Juan Bomfim

Jonatan L.Odría
Are you serious? The casino owners should love you a lot. Stop playing this way my friend.
Comment from : Jonatan L.Odría

A.R. Gentum
let's split queens; let's snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the way to the poor house.
Comment from : A.R. Gentum

Michael Bonyad
I laughed so hard when you said, "You Bastard" 🤣 I don't play online casinos because they don't check for blackjack when a dealer knows a 10. That's a huge house edge.
Comment from : Michael Bonyad

cryonsice Joe
How to lose your money tutorial...
Comment from : cryonsice Joe

Lane Tomkow
That split of 10s bro hahaha classic
Comment from : Lane Tomkow

Doug M
I was with you until you split the queens...anyone who splits 10s deserves to lose every time.. just saying.
Comment from : Doug M

Christian Burroughs
3 or freee hahahaha
Comment from : Christian Burroughs

ml martin
Funny as
Comment from : ml martin

Ar h
U definitly have no clue what perfect pair means
Comment from : Ar h

Derrick Foo
Just wasted 20 min of my life, watching him break even so boring
Comment from : Derrick Foo

Matthew Tramutolo
Why don’t you just learn to count cards
Comment from : Matthew Tramutolo

QzickX Fortnite Edits
13:21 Hope she busts, i bet we all do
Comment from : QzickX Fortnite Edits

Alen P
We are back we are back ten times
Comment from : Alen P

kwan chiu li
I can't see clealy what the dealer and player's cards are, too confused?
Comment from : kwan chiu li

Mo Rehman
Just keep fast forwarding 5 seconds until 4 and half minutes and watch the balance go down it’s kind of funny.
Comment from : Mo Rehman

HereIsWisdom 1318
i prolly commented this before but: GREAT ENDING!!!
Comment from : HereIsWisdom 1318

HereIsWisdom 1318
Crazy. Im at 6:21 of the vid, and you were saying you're supposed to hit on 16. I didnt believe that (like, I COULDN'T believe that) but when i looked it up, sure enough. I dont play professionally like you do, but I almost always stand if im at 12 or above (or at least 7 times out of 10, I do).

It just seems such low odds to get a 5 or below if you have 16! (i live in the USA, AND I live in a state that does not allow on-line gambling.)

Comment from : HereIsWisdom 1318

Is this actual money? I say this because actual people are dealing the cards.
Comment from : Apples

Grant Bremner
You should crawl 1st buddy walking is always your best hand.
Comment from : Grant Bremner

Jacob Ford
Subbed for the last hand legend
Comment from : Jacob Ford

tom ru3
I think u need help man
Comment from : tom ru3

Brilliant...tooooo funny hehehe
Comment from : dannyboyspain1

To Infinity and Beyond
Watch you play is therapeutic ,,,,,,,
Comment from : To Infinity and Beyond

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