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Anthony C.
The real question is why can’t this run good happen in the big games? Never fails.
Comment from : Anthony C.

top set of jiggities - nice
Comment from : Trapper50cal

Austin Heinl
Hey brad, love your videos!! Have you ever thought of putting a chip value notification in your videos for us viewers? would be awesome! Either way love your vids, keep it up!
Comment from : Austin Heinl

Sagar Gupte
I like ur videos and the effort u put behind them, what's the maximum win u have had in a day?
Comment from : Sagar Gupte

Jeff Stimson
Glad u are on the comeback trail Brad! Keep it going.
Comment from : Jeff Stimson

Milp'ed em all Big time brother , Hopefully see you at #WSOP2020
Comment from : MILPMAN Aris

Mandar Chavan
Why do you change tables after making a big stack?
Comment from : Mandar Chavan

Brian Tristan
You play like I do and will lose a ton when your good hands can’t win and get sucked out on. Honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion at 2-5 or 1-3 you simply show people the nut. Bluffing or calling with 50% odds on draws is a recipe for disaster. I lost 12,000 playing 1-3 where the 10,000 of the 12,000 loss was when I was 55% favorite or more. 65% fav lost 6,000 over a 25 day stretch playing everyday.
Comment from : Brian Tristan

Amit Jain
Come to Tunica Ms.
Comment from : Amit Jain

Wiltshire #plywoods
1v1 me £5000 cash stake??? Let’s have some fun ☺️
Comment from : Wiltshire #plywoods

Michael Tedeschi
Brad! Any chance you ever host a meet-up game in Connecticut (Foxwoods is a beautiful casino!)? We need a Bradley Map of the northeast!
Comment from : Michael Tedeschi

Blair Sveinson
Actually Brad, your vlog increases in value when you get wrecked, express humility, and ponder mistakes. ;)
Comment from : Blair Sveinson

Dean Albertson
If you can go to work and lose $6,000 that seems like a tough job.
Comment from : Dean Albertson

Mark emark
129k views nice 👌
Comment from : Mark emark

that 8 2 hand is kind of funny, did not expect that runout
Comment from : ceccavara

Yo when is next mug at some point? Thanks
Comment from : REMYBOY

J Garcia
how often you change tables?
every 2hrs?

Comment from : J Garcia

Good 7 hour wins....
Comment from : RONALD511

Question - Why did you switch tables when you were up $900? My guess is it's because you jammed with the draw and they all seen it? Cheers Great vids
Comment from : Unionmaniac

Tad Schroeder
Enjoy the vids. My takeaways:

Patience, play premium hands.
Raise or fold, flatting is for losers(except set mining small pairs)
Playing 1-3 if they raise huge on the river, fold, they have it

Comment from : Tad Schroeder

500 max at 5/5? That's the same as my local 1/2 buy in. . .
Comment from : TheRealJackWhite

Marissa and Nick Bertram and Sowers
Thought on 1/2 NL buy in.. I enjoy all the vlogs and they have helped my game out. Do you think buying into a 1/2 game for 500 is reasonable when other players are buying in 1000??
Comment from : Marissa and Nick Bertram and Sowers

When is the next MUG at south point????
Comment from : REMYBOY

Sara Ramos
Hello Mr. Owen,
I appreciate your vlogs. TY

Comment from : Sara Ramos

Jay Lee
What is the app that he use in 10:59?
Comment from : Jay Lee

8:34 lmao is that justin escalona just casually chilling at your table?
Comment from : PR3Y

Joshua Patrick
So optimal strategy is to play in flow and check to the raiser, unless your Brad and have top pair..you should pretty much always lead in that scenario.
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

Joshua Patrick
Gotta stop letting people turn 2 outers bro, seriously leak...
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

6:05 6:15
Comment from : -Stephen

Brad do you think its an advantage to you, with people wanting to be on the vlog or a disadvantage to you playing holdem in med stakes games on the vlog? I really enjoy your content, Im subscribed.
Comment from : troyhbk


A9s call was fine, 99 bluff didn't make much sense (OOP against 2 players, we have SDV) - maybe it could be good IP

Lastly the AA hand on T7x

This spot check outperforms by a lot with specifically AA - don't need to protect against any overcards, T7x flush draw board connects with villain more, and we need to have some traps to protect our AK whiffs that check flop. Maybe if this guy is super passive and won't bet his draws, Tx, overpairs, or random overcard combos then bet is better

Also stacks are super shallow (SPR 1.5) so there's no concern about not being able to get stacks in - even if he checks back we can still get the money in easily on turn/river

Comment from : Pyrotekniq

Post a new video already you fuking bum.
Comment from : yourefired

Devin Knapp
Quick question for you Brad, what’s the name of the app you use on your phone to manage your profit/loss and hourly rate during each session?

Comment from : Devin Knapp

"I guess I made the vlog though" That comment stopped being original 100 vlogs ago
Comment from : HipsterDoofus100

what does a face that you just cant trust look like ? asking for a friend
Comment from : maxmusclem

David Rivers
coming to Vegas at the end of the month, where do you recommend playing to not run into all pros?
Comment from : David Rivers

To me, you look like your were playing tilted because of the big loss. BE CAREFUL!
Comment from : GetMeThere1

The way you film this with your commentary, I feel like im in the game. Enjoyed watching this. Youve got an awesome unique perspective. Subbing
Comment from : PMAC

Joey Blowinski
It's cool that most of the poker vloggers support each other.
Comment from : Joey Blowinski

Emdizzily Whee
I spent two days in LA and came away $4,170 poorer too... but I also got the clap and a few nosebleeds, so there's that.
Comment from : Emdizzily Whee

Jeremy Lin
nice come back win for a good chunk back. what I don't get Brad, is why do you tip after you cash out? They count your cash, and yet you tipped them.....
Comment from : Jeremy Lin

phillypanch 1
Way to get back up.
Comment from : phillypanch 1

Awesome vids. If you out the state name first and then the title of ur video, more people may click on because they are from the area or may interested in headed to that room. Again great video and keep grinding!!!! Btw, Houston Tx rooms, Prime Socail and Lion's Poker Palace have great action!!!! Good luck!!!
Comment from : DNIC

Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad
5 dollar tips!?! That's huge leakage, they're getting a good hourly at that rate and surely a few dollars would be sufficient.
Comment from : Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad

Paul Richards
U talk bollox
Comment from : Paul Richards

He has $253 left so you make it $200 lmao
Comment from : Roman

Ермаков Евгений
Brad why cant you play more on the tighter side, and do less moves with marginal holdings? Froget about fold equity, its not a tournament with pay jumps, cash game is different. Follow some simple rules. 1) Tight is right. 2) Get there cheap and charge (this means if you have a draw you dont have to bet it, its wiser to see a free card always). 3) Dont put yourself in marginal spots, where you think you are ahead of someone's range, like the A9 vs 555 hand, usually if you gety raised its never a bluff. Gl.
Comment from : Ермаков Евгений

watch as brad reaches higher stakes just so he can say “biggest poker pot played” in his video
Comment from : IpilotAnEVA

AAndy Chia
Tip more than a dollar, your luck will change
Comment from : AAndy Chia

Davîn Tynan
Brad how did the talk with you parents go when you chose this career path?
Comment from : Davîn Tynan

Cody Davis
Love your blogs brother. Keeps me wanting to go play and crush. Started watching couple months ago and found myself going back and watching every blog. Keep up the grind!
Comment from : Cody Davis

Juicy J
When are you coming to Mars?
Comment from : Juicy J

Alexander Hitch
Time for a nice comeback, and a new All-Time High winning session
Comment from : Alexander Hitch

James E. C
Yea! Good recovery. And congrats on 151k subs. Also, nice picture with Andrew and the Savages.
Comment from : James E. C

How do you remember every action? very good memory.
Comment from : iMachi

Kostas Tzaferhs
Nice to see you making the comeback man!!
Go out there and crush some soul!

Comment from : Kostas Tzaferhs

Frank de vries
I really think that with the A9 of clubs hand when you don't raise preflop you should bet on the flop. At least you know where you stand + with 3 other players in the pot it's just too much risk somebody hit 2 pairs or a set.
Comment from : Frank de vries

Christopher Garcia
I'm SO MAD, I missed out on the Meet Up game in Hoboken, NJ... I live 5 minutes from there and would've loved to come play :/
Comment from : Christopher Garcia

Timothy Bryan
I think you are getting some serious fancy play syndrome turning 99 into a bluff that hand. I was half expecting him to call with worse that line looks so bluffy.
Comment from : Timothy Bryan

Top Feed Coco
Brother your play and understanding of the game has increased BIGTIME since I started watching you about a year ago. Good on ya!
Comment from : Top Feed Coco

Scott Larrabee
That shove with A9 was AWFUL Brad come on
Comment from : Scott Larrabee

That’s how you lose big going all in or calling all in with a draw JS. Yeah you’ll get paid off here and there but I’m pretty sure you lose in the long run
Comment from : Hyrinmaru

Jake Smith
@Brad Owen what percentage of hands that you play do you put on your vlog? I just turned 21 and started playing and was wondering how often you are in the pot and don’t cover it.
Comment from : Jake Smith

Watching your poker vlogs has helped me play against a few buddies of mine, learned how to read certain plays aswell as “Marco... POLO BIG BETS” haha
Comment from : Apetry14

Ulzii Bayar
good one bro, what is the advantage of switching table ? when i play , i sit on one table for that day.
Comment from : Ulzii Bayar

Karol Olszynski
wow, never seen you get so lucky in one video
Comment from : Karol Olszynski

John Christopher
Nice hanging with ya today! You coulda had 10 tables filled today!
Comment from : John Christopher

Larry Gottesman
Brad, thanks for hosting the MUG/Book in Hoboken. I was great to meet you, Andrew, Trevor, and Greg.
Comment from : Larry Gottesman

Yves Vandyck
‘Bet 95, 9-5, nevermind...’ Legendairy dealer
Comment from : Yves Vandyck

Jason Kiess
This better not be click bait
Comment from : Jason Kiess

Jeremy Stark
Congrats on 150k subs...I've been here from when u had under 1k subs & Andrew only had 5k or less. Thanks for bringing us along this incredible journey..👊
Comment from : Jeremy Stark

Tim Borske
I feel like your post flop play is getting worse
Comment from : Tim Borske

Guys I would like your opinion about a hand I played yesterday
It’s a straddled pot and it goes like that
UTG(me) I got QhQd
BB calls straddle
UTG 3bet to 5eur(blinds are 50-50)
BB calls
We are heads up
FLOP: 9h 9c 7d
Bb checks
UTG bet 8eur
Bb reraise to 17
UTG calls
Turn : 3d
BB checks
UTG bet 15
BB shoves all in for 100eur more
I am taking my time and I fold the best hand as he shows me a pair of 10s
My question is if that fold is so bad as it seems to be after all or if it was the right decision.
Something more to consider is that the specific player is quite a maniac so kinda unpredictable. I believe after replaying the hand in my mind that I had AK and he had the winning hand all the time.
Any thoughts ?

Comment from : eee457

i enjoyed it.
Comment from : D H

Brad. Your Vlogs are great. One suggestion though. Because we see your right thumb all the time, maybe clean that thumb nail or have a manicure now and then. But you are amazing.
Comment from : PJ M

Lax Thapa
Monster kicker when you hit pair of 8 with duce haha your funny bro
Comment from : Lax Thapa

Jeff G.
Comment from : Jeff G.

This one must have felt awesome. Good for you Brad - I've been watching your vids since about vlog 60 or so. Love the content you put out
Comment from : 89soxguy

yetmise otuz
congratz brad 👍🏽
Comment from : yetmise otuz

8:36 Looks like it's Justin Escalona!
Comment from : RyuShinEX

Adam Pasquale
And hey brad I’m pretty sure draft kings is in PA now too
Comment from : Adam Pasquale

Adam Pasquale
Jiggety you made me laugh on the inside brad. It was a straight faced lol if you know what I mean.
Comment from : Adam Pasquale

Daniel Rudge
The pewdiepie of poker
Comment from : Daniel Rudge

Ongle __
That k10 Hand is the kind of shit that tilts me
Comment from : Ongle __

Aj Manitisa
How do you get your mind out from losing big the night before
Comment from : Aj Manitisa

Chris Gonz
I would have bet the 9s on the flop to control the pot size and know where I'm at.
Comment from : Chris Gonz

Matas Pacevicius
Great stuff Brad. It's really amazing how much your videos and game have improved since your vlogs started. The evolution of the 🦒 has been very noticeable since I just binge watched them all in the past 2-3 weeks as part of my poker study. lol Your confidence, humor, and analysis are on point. Keep up the poker study, build up that roll and keep taking shots at the higher limits so you can move up through the stakes. Keep up the great vlogs so we can live vicariously through your success! See you at the tables as soon as I've built my roll back up and am back at the grind professionally again. Thanks again for the inspiration!
Comment from : Matas Pacevicius

Petrovich 93!
Why is everyone better than me???
Comment from : Petrovich 93!

Leydah GG
nice work bruv thanx for the vlog

Comment from : Leydah GG

saeed ghassemlou
Good job!!
Comment from : saeed ghassemlou

David Lee
Comment from : David Lee

Jerome Castillo
I wanted to tell you dont worrie about it your good enough to win it back that the game we play I lost alot to. But you had the balls to do it. Feels good you make it your good you lose drink at the bar. Fuckem
Comment from : Jerome Castillo

Leonardo Brown
Hello Brad, I enjoy the content you put out. I live in Pennsylvania I hope one day you can make it out to the Poker Room at Wind Creek Casino. I play but not as much as I would like so I live vicariously through your channel. Keep on Keeping on brother!
Comment from : Leonardo Brown

nope nope
No one has ever called the JIGGITTIES
Comment from : nope nope

Jeff Boski
Whenever I get back together with an ex girlfriend, the best thing is the revenge crushing!
Comment from : Jeff Boski

OMG you are so fishy. Please come back to Portland ;=)

EX. All in pre flop for thousands with AJo.

All in on turn in this vlog with A9s

I could go on and on...you sir are a punter

Comment from : Belmicah

Americo Pedroni
Killed it in Redding tonight, love this game
Comment from : Americo Pedroni

Mike Tidman
Never noticed before how tired the Qc looks. 9:53
Comment from : Mike Tidman

gonzalo f
Brad if you’re losing it’s because you’re playing 28 6j. Suited wth. What’s next 72 off suit
Comment from : gonzalo f

nicholas tucker
What app do u use to keep your poker stats on your phone? The image at 11:02
Comment from : nicholas tucker

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