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Bernando Turner
No sense in betting $20.00 bets. They will make sure the Machine Pays Next to Nothing😅
Comment from : Bernando Turner

Nextround I
That was fun to watch....great job!! 👍🏻
Comment from : Nextround I

slot boy slim
Good video! Too bad about the phone call...
Comment from : slot boy slim

May Kouri
Nice wins, congrats ❤️Happy Easter 🐣🐣
Comment from : May Kouri

Madagascar Benningsworth
Upon gazing at this myriad of delightful slot excursions, I tipped the stern side of my cap to you sir. Twice.
I will engage strangers with the warmth of my handshake and the link of this video for the remainder of my days.
Stay classy my friend.

Comment from : Madagascar Benningsworth

Great win Jack I guess I will never see my spin it grand vid but it’s ok still love the channel and will continue to watch happy slotting and positive vibes
Comment from : MrJhizzle79

Serge Sam
Nice OUTLINE :) You follow my advice eh eh It look Sweet !
Comment from : Serge Sam

Pam Carter
Wow great job...💜
Love your videos as always...

Comment from : Pam Carter

SpazHead Slot Videos
holy shit on timberwolf bet!
Comment from : SpazHead Slot Videos

Diana Jimeno
Hey! Good job buddy, good to see u again, hope ur BFF is doing good as well👍 I'm glad you went home on a winning note, because that first slot machine YIKES!
Comment from : Diana Jimeno

Rose Garcia Rodriguez
Great win!!!
Comment from : Rose Garcia Rodriguez

Dalana Brown
Hey Jack sorry I have not been in your comments lately but been sick and just fill like crap..but I have been watching and thumbs up all your videos...Being sick sucks...
Comment from : Dalana Brown

Jaxon McBride
Gotta love going home from the casino a winner!!! Keep up the good work!!
Comment from : Jaxon McBride

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Mystery is always a scary one to pick lol we only do it about half the time ..!! Five of a kind I mean five of a kind with the guy lol
Man that first bonus was not to nice specially with a 4.50 bet them aces with the guy was a better pay then your whole bonus thank goodness for that !! Always enjoy your videos so much fun best of luck to you and happy Easter

Comment from : MrMrs SLOTZ

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