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J. Ferebee
My Mom and Dad took that cruise. They loved it. Do you recommend it as well? What cruise line did you take? Thank you.
Comment from : J. Ferebee

William Iannucci
It may go up to 1560 but will come back down to 1415 then go up to 1725 fellows and a few months
18.85 for silver. 👍 After the Election or Marshal Law 2000 gold and 20.50 Silver then 30 then 52 then 160 so on .

Comment from : William Iannucci

Stuart Ogilvie
Thank you, Very informative Brother, Welcome back, lots Going on! Catch you on the Next one, Keep stacking 3pc 🚀
Comment from : Stuart Ogilvie

Brent Creed
I’ve always wanted to buy a gold nugget as well. But it just makes the most sense to buy bullion as cheap as possible. I’ve always been a fan of Royal Canadian mint Maple leafs that are .999
They can usually be purchased for $30-$40 over spot

Comment from : Brent Creed

Kevin Belcher
there's a run on PHYSICAL gold, not paper contracts. It will hit the fan if people ask for delivery all over the world, because the gold simply isn't there.
Comment from : Kevin Belcher

Whats with the price of silver. I've noticed you haven't spoken on it much as of late?.
Comment from : domeright1

Welcome back man! Thanks for all you do
Comment from : DragonBallForLife

Lee Lee Sellz
The Puppet Masters losing control of the precious metals Market a lil finally I hope it continue 😁
Comment from : Lee Lee Sellz

Minir Ajeti Monedha Relaks Koleksion
Like 👍
Comment from : Minir Ajeti Monedha Relaks Koleksion

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