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Timka Asensio
Comment from : Timka Asensio

Gyere és táncolj!
And he gave a crown for the dealer girl and put her to the screen 😆👌
Comment from : Gyere és táncolj!

Gyere és táncolj!
Please help me to understand this. How could you do a bet until 10.050 if the bet limit on the screen (on the left) shows the limit is 10.000?


Comment from : Gyere és táncolj!

Comment from : llIIIllIlIlIII-

Harjinder Singh
I have 55K balance in My Sportsbook Account. But i am too scared to take risks like this. You are such amazing Risk Taker Man. Hats off to you.
Comment from : Harjinder Singh

when betting like an asshole pays off
Comment from : Snippet

the more he have the more he bet hahahahaha
Comment from : Romain

Ruslan Abbas
I don’t know why he doesn’t take the big wins and where he gets such money to gamble. I hope he quits
Comment from : Ruslan Abbas

How many youve been loose??
Comment from : MARIO MUSKETER

John John
3:18 the proof that the roulette is rigged
Comment from : John John

You are crazy man
Comment from : JASWINDER SINGH

Hot Water
You are a fucking monster
Comment from : Hot Water

Kevin Wong
at: 2:40 she was uncomfortable after Pauls big Hit...It is 100% Obviously/03:23 she smiles again...Evil Laugh....
So between the Winning and the Lost of Paul...They 100% Cheated! Maybe she had swap movements during spinning the Ball or the Ball has been turned on again: Magnetized!
Okay Magneto...Do your Job!!! lolz!......Clear Evidence....I Bet her P#SsY is also Stressed like Hello Kitty lolz....So Wong:)Smile!!!!

04:29 looking to her Eyes/Expression...She was not Amused: Paul!:)
05:09 she smiles again like a lil Devil:) I got ya Paul:)
05:41 she hasn't Cheat because it was a Logical/Logarithm Cause:
06:47 she still does her Job great her...Not her fault again:)
07:28 Tier/Zero: Good Hit Paul:)
08:17 basicly still the same Paul: Tier/Zero...So number 16 is also Included there!
08:54 good hit: Tier/Zero:)

09:38 should be: Orphelins section...or if unlucky: Voisins Section....

Final: 10:27 it was again: Tier/Zero...So basicly more Smart Luck then Wise Strategy here Paul...Keep it up: Man Of Steel: Superman:)

Comment from : Kevin Wong

Eine Coca Zero ohne Aspartam bitte
stupid idiot why not betting 12,15 what a money waste 10:59
Comment from : Eine Coca Zero ohne Aspartam bitte

Fobt Recovery
I just cannot believe the luck that you have. On almost every single video you spawn something. I've been trying to win tiny amounts on many sites like this for years and have never ever had the luck you have. It's all well saying you post losing and winning vids but when your losing vids are funded it's not really losing is it?!?!?
Comment from : Fobt Recovery

88 Casanova
Comment from : 88 Casanova

Shubham Jaiswal
This roulette game lost my life present time my condition Suside i m very dipress 😭😭😭😭 help me 😭
Comment from : Shubham Jaiswal

Just stop. Roulette is the wheel of death!!!! To all the kids out there......stay the fuck away from roulette!!!! It is the devil......and Also tons of fun......but that's why you need to stay the fuck away.!!!!!! It's the devil.....seriously. learn to play the violin or something. Much better stress relief. Learn to play bohemion rhapsody on the acoustic
Comment from : badfishy911

green leaves 95
How much money have you lost lol do you work
Comment from : green leaves 95

çaça desperado
Comment from : çaça desperado

Daraius Murrell
How much money overall have you won/lost playing online casino's ?
Comment from : Daraius Murrell

Money Talkzz
What is youre problem??
Comment from : Money Talkzz

Crab Kebab
What a fucking idiot omfg
Comment from : Crab Kebab

Clown Prosecution
Have a bet. Get a SAR, bank accounts frozen due to money laundering then get arrested then get a restraint order freezing all assets. Just one of the things that can happen when betting at this stake
Comment from : Clown Prosecution

Lionel Messi
That last 12 was very nice to watch hah
Comment from : Lionel Messi

King Cobra
Bro contact any roulette company & do sting operation, tell them that u want to open a casino store franchise etc. Tell them your requirements of controlling the numbers on wheel.
Comment from : King Cobra

King Cobra
These days roulettes may have hidden electromagnet bars behind every number on the wheel. The ball should be non magnetic to ensure transparency.
Comment from : King Cobra

game changer
Great bottle. I'm sure these companies can control where the ball finishes
Comment from : game changer

John John
1:45 slow motion x0.25 you gonna see how the roulette is rigged.
Comment from : John John

angel petrov
Never gonna watch you again... I almost got heart attack
Comment from : angel petrov

Royalplayer 666
Man you are crazy....
Comment from : Royalplayer 666

Jesus mate you are absolutely insane
Comment from : gman94

vinaratammi vinu
And see how the ball stopping suddenly after huge winnings they are fake online casinos
Comment from : vinaratammi vinu

vinaratammi vinu
If u see carefully first game it's landed on 31 and in slow motion they showed the result as 22 🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : vinaratammi vinu

Moez Hizi
I love how to play NO i fucking adore it fuckin aggressive get big or lose big.. You do not chase bulshit
Comment from : Moez Hizi

Ani 666
ok you got out with 20 k damn man making me sweat im not even playing good job go take a vacation or a ron zacapa or whatever it is you drink ;)
Comment from : Ani 666

Ani 666
wins 24 000 is like wow wow wow and yes it is wow but with your gamblig that could be 5 min money
Comment from : Ani 666

Ani 666
did not even see the end yet but you seem like a real tilting player deposit about 3 k then go 20 k instead of cashing 15 k and play with even more then you deposit just go and play 5k per spin and then just throw 5 or 6 of 500 chips on the table jeeez im going to look how it ends now
Comment from : Ani 666

Lucas Vegen
The word De-gen rolls off of your tongue so eloquently
Comment from : Lucas Vegen

Crypto Stake
we all know you lost it all off stream lol, because you are an addict lol
Comment from : Crypto Stake

Samsun Green
anybody notice with the replays they show sometimes they show the ball dropping in and on a dodgy looking spin they cut it short
Comment from : Samsun Green

You dont know how to play roulette ,just lucky samtimes .... You play 2 3 number tier,2 3 4 number zero zone :))):))) what the fuck man .... You need to.play just one series... tier ,or zero neighbor ..... or ....orphans...no.more ....
Comment from : DenYs

Gangsta Vic
Comment from : Gangsta Vic

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
Love the reaction when you hit and ima huge fan cause u play like me but must say damn nervewracking sometimes 8K spin s 10 k but also play other Numbers like 2 and 4 8 is also my favorite and 35 cheers and ADD me on Instagram 22hrsdaynite
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
Your the top 5 in the world with great content like to see you play 8 and 10, 2, 4 are my favorite numbers. I once played 5k in a spin its really crazy and the lightning roulette u also hit the 3 like 500 x but dont forget me my name is Tu thats why 2 is my number like to see you hit
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
Damn i wanna play so bad but lost all
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Stream vlog video maker Nguyen
I thought i wass crazy but lookin at u makes it feel better i must say. I had played Many spins of 4 to 5 K damn came to 50 k and then lost all playing 2,4, 8 and 35
Comment from : Stream vlog video maker Nguyen

Jahidul Hoque
Your like the Pablo Escobar of the gambling world 😂👌. Well done buddy 😁
Comment from : Jahidul Hoque

Gemma Barclay
Hope nobody is silly enough to try do the same thing with there wages one month, please don't attempt.. Work hard and save and feel good about it
Comment from : Gemma Barclay

Simon Jupp
Wants the frackin lot.
Comment from : Simon Jupp

Darren Mccay
A take it your skint mate
Comment from : Darren Mccay

i i
love the videos
Comment from : i i

William Waffle
What does your outro say? All I understand is Rolla
Comment from : William Waffle

Zeljko Jovanovic
number 16 omg ...
Comment from : Zeljko Jovanovic

will you ever stream again?
Comment from : rocknstep

Hate to say I told you so but I told you so 2 months ago that fakey boy davo would post more ridiculous fake wins , I said it would be half a million dollars but it was half of that , this moron is no affiliate , he works directly for a casino and that's how hes able to do this, you should of stuck to you're guns but instead you folded when he blagged you off, hes a bonafide casino shill, this was bound to happen sooner or later in this highly competitive arena.
Comment from : dazzerstar

you fuckin mental patient! omg, im sweatin and Shakin just watching it.
Comment from : Woodchipper

Man, i'm done with Davo slots. Posting a slot win vid of a tremendous amount, no showing around of the actual enviroment, a winning bell going off, no handpay, nothing. For all we know he's playing on a 2nd hand used demo slot from ebay with a tamperered RNG in that thing and presenting it's the biggest win on the net. Tool.
Comment from : Jeroen

Jasonholt 105
Comment from : Jasonholt 105

you are one fucking crazy bastard, One Two <3
Comment from : TheMrCareFul

Will casino ban winners? How much would you say you had to profit from a betting company before they restrict you if you know?
Comment from : Bleach

Danny Smith
Any chance of a stream tonight mate
Comment from : Danny Smith

Magnets on zero
Comment from : James

Frank R1501
thats to crazy for my nervs^^ please dont do that^^
Comment from : Frank R1501

‘Love things that live’
Mad man! Love it!
Comment from : ‘Love things that live’

Hando Crow
How come that Dave Lebowsky and that Josh from Fruity Slots talk through their noses...?
Comment from : Hando Crow

Crypto Stake
so when you win it's okay and when you lose it's magnates ? lol
Comment from : Crypto Stake

Keep the content coming whilst your not streaming.

Much appreciated.

Comment from : Ben MFC

James M
What you think about the Roshtien saga? Degsy Degworth has done a decent video on it?
Comment from : James M

Simon Jupp
Comment from : Simon Jupp

Filippo Baldassarri
Bro I'm just 18 yo, and I already lost 15'000 Euro. How can I win back these? I'm very desperate
Comment from : Filippo Baldassarri

Game Box365
Better Result
Comment from : Game Box365

The Reel Story - Slot Videos
Roulette is always utterly horrible to me. I once went a session without a single win, not even an evens bet!
Comment from : The Reel Story - Slot Videos

dani morris
You my lad are clearly the biggest degen around. Totally out of control and I can see why so many people love your vids because your are nuts but sadly you are bad bad news for gamblers . You promote roulette whether it be £5 bets or £5k bets, yes you show losing vids now and again but so so rare. You've clearly got a massive massive problem and I bet your creating one for atleast 30% of your viewers also
Comment from : dani morris

So glad I don't gamble any more. This is stupid stakes. Well done on your win.
Comment from : joker199

Ross Turpin
7:15 I know that nervous/excited/shitting yourself gulp type swallow thing. Usually when you’ve done your bollocks in trying to claw it back with a massive stake on small chance lol
Comment from : Ross Turpin

Ur crazy
Comment from : JustLeaveThaGame

Charmaine Angwin
You’ve got serious gambling problems betting 10k a spin sort yourself out mate 🙄
Comment from : Charmaine Angwin

Danackó István
Because a real rocknrolla, wants a fuckin' lot..
Comment from : Danackó István

bright view
fuck me if that's not luck... fuck knows what is !! got you up a few times 18k 20k 27k you did well to take the 20k
Comment from : bright view

Vincent James Tolliday
Yes I’m trying to get you too streem I hope I can not sub to find out I’ll keep looking you doonut ha clue
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
Well you always surprise
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
I’m on fortnight in steed
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
Only in fun. Ha it must be your acksent
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
That’s good that’s good it sounds like show me your nips
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Vincent James Tolliday
Paul I get payed today I’ve drink come on I finish baby sitting the dog at 11 flap jack then will do are you on show me A sign ha
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Lu Brindley
Miss u playing slots
Comment from : Lu Brindley

Vincent James Tolliday
You on tonight mm
Comment from : Vincent James Tolliday

Darren Taylor
You on tonight Paul !!!?
Comment from : Darren Taylor

Why are you so gobsmacked at £27K when youre betting £10K? Its only a little over 2.5X
Comment from : SureShank

Never a dull Video from this Legend !
Comment from : Buttduck

hamza malik
U play huge spins if u convert sterlling into my country's currency it costs millions...no offense but if u send just some sterllings to me i can survive months,kindly think about it if u changed ur mind i can send u my bank details ....x
Comment from : hamza malik

Guappin 365
that what u call ROCK N ROLLAA AKA MAD DAWGG!!
hahah savage get in there!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Guappin 365

Ex Fobt Addict
Your my bath time buddy 😂 Cause a real rocknrolla doesn’t drop the fudgin’ soap! 🧼 Much love Rolly ♥️
Comment from : Ex Fobt Addict

Far to greedy at times
Comment from : mcrowlands

Dude...im saving 10years for 9-10k euros car to buy....im crying :D get the fuk in
Comment from : DushanNish

Here's Why
Ahh ahaha you are a maaadddddd mannn!! Respect;
Comment from : Here's Why

bvmark bvmark
Crazy video 7k spin I saw is this responsible gambling used to enjoy you vidoes now these are not Enjoyable and now crazy stakes bandit sadly going same way high stakes
Comment from : bvmark bvmark

Richard Newton
Anyone ever been asked for a iban for a withdrawal?
Comment from : Richard Newton

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