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John Paul Laizure
Fun fact Several chinese peasents thought giraffes were the mythical beast Qilin from their mythology the first time they saw one.
Comment from : John Paul Laizure

Gamers United
subscribe me
Comment from : Gamers United

DL Rab
used to love this game
Comment from : DL Rab

Sabastian Royce
Thank you pravus for playing age of mythology, I loved this game and played it as well
Comment from : Sabastian Royce

channel name
Anyone remember the titans expansion.
Comment from : channel name

des roye5
I have played this since i was a child and i still will play it im glad people still know it exist
Comment from : des roye5

Sharp shooter
Is it multiplayer
Comment from : Sharp shooter

jason saenz
I heard they're bringing it back
Comment from : jason saenz

Robert Pattinson
Holy shit I remember playing this when I was younger with my dad and brother.
Comment from : Robert Pattinson

Why r u screaming so loud?
Comment from : thymajesty

Sérgio David
Comment from : Sérgio David

Ιron Styl
Hey guys . Is there a site to buy the extended version?
Comment from : Ιron Styl

ahhh my childhood favorite game where its always been a total cancer
Comment from : Jr

Ágoston Szabó
it is not an age of empire clone, it was made by the same guys...
Comment from : Ágoston Szabó

Loki Dubsteper
I was born a few months before this game came out (2002 Oct. 22)

It was the first game I bought when I was about 7or 8 and it was the first game I fell in love with, and to hear that not only is it still a big game, but that its still releasing new things??? Im so happy about it and cant wait to play the whole game again, a couple hundred times lol

Comment from : Loki Dubsteper

The Rugged Professional
This is awesome! Where/how do you get Age of Mythology compatible with Windows 10? I tried using my old disc, but it wouldn't load
Comment from : The Rugged Professional

Dom Van
How i can download it??
Comment from : Dom Van

damn when I played this 10 years ago I always used the codes "WRATH OF THE GODS" & "O CANADA" and simply destroy everything in my map :D
Comment from : xorkatoss

Richard Mendoza
We need a remaster or new one. No changes just enhancements and balancing. Game was so fun when I was younger
Comment from : Richard Mendoza

Ian Hillegonds
Watching you react to the new gods was the same thing I did watching this video and never having seen this expension after not playing for 8 years. Subbed
Comment from : Ian Hillegonds

Man Of Steel
Ah man. This game. This fucking game. I probably spent a thousand hours a year playing this when I was in 7-10th grade.
Probably the biggest reason my grades sucked.

Comment from : Man Of Steel

Hey where and how i can install age of mythology old version in 2018 ?
Comment from : ACROX ACROX X989

iknow303 grow
Any 1 wanna play direct IP....
Comment from : iknow303 grow

u talk to much idiot and over react as fuck, wtf is wrong wit u
Comment from : McHarambeface

To sha
You won't believe but my school says this is you're home work watch abzu the game and age of metology
Comment from : To sha

Kyro NiX
How do you run this? I literally can't get this game to work.... I think it means my life is over
Comment from : Kyro NiX

Plz plz plz play this game more!!!
Comment from : PotatoGunner

I was so sad that they messed up the Chinese civilization so much. Especially the campaign. ;_;
Comment from : Sonar009

Patrick Simmons
Comment from : Patrick Simmons

Next Xeneration
More of this please
Comment from : Next Xeneration

bob poiuyfh
this was my childhood!
Comment from : bob poiuyfh

Played this game like 10 years or more ago and it was most of my childhood and recently remembered it and found it on steam. I also bought Rise of Nations, Age of Empire 2 and 3. I’ve never been happier
Comment from : Alex

Talenticous TV
Enjoyed watching this very entreating commentary well done subscribed
Comment from : Talenticous TV

Prestige Advantage
This game was, mind the language, fucking brilliant.
Comment from : Prestige Advantage

Anthony Davis
Norse is the best on that game :)
Comment from : Anthony Davis

siddharth bhonsle
Comment from : siddharth bhonsle

Taran Arora
One of my favorite games of all time.....😍😍
Comment from : Taran Arora

Julian Lopez Zalazar
The game was ruin the day they desactivate the game for everyone.
Comment from : Julian Lopez Zalazar

Jerry Liu
You are very good at explaining! Nice channel!
Comment from : Jerry Liu

Mehmet Çakmak
Never heared about this game?
Comment from : Mehmet Çakmak

Bakunawa BenHierro
"isis hear my plea" :D
Comment from : Bakunawa BenHierro

Christopher G
"I do not understand how a wood horse is going to help us. Does it fight?" - Ajax, as you are about to use the Trojan Horse.
Comment from : Christopher G

Ardees BlackSwordsman
Shame I can't play it anymore on Steam - since the recent extra content and patches, it fails to run every time I try to start it.

Any suggestion on how to fix it anyway?

Comment from : Ardees BlackSwordsman

Why is Atlantis a map of Mindanao, Philippines? ROFL
Comment from : Castorian

Kage Smith
Is it free real estate at 8:35
Comment from : Kage Smith

Stoneciano Mars
OMG! there are still people playing this ?!
Comment from : Stoneciano Mars

Nol Dragon
Comment from : Nol Dragon

You picked all the worst (least OP) god choices and played retarded, said you played this and you don't know Heroes counter Myth Units? lol wtf. I guess the appeal of this channel is not knowing how to do anything and just blindly playing some game then.
Comment from : Praetorian

Jose Games
Well then new series?
Comment from : Jose Games

Мастеp сыра рогалики
Yes please
Comment from : Мастеp сыра рогалики

Илиан Тодоров
I loved the campaign of this game, but versus AI play was terrible. They all rushed you without attacking each other pretty early into the game and pretty much at the same time. Didn't give you to do anything even if you build military units the cannot hold all of them.
Comment from : Илиан Тодоров

Comment from : MikaelS.

Liu Jia Zheng
Man... you could have used the bell to save the people
Comment from : Liu Jia Zheng

This was my childhood as well. Unfortunately when I tried to play online against someone else. I got kicked out immediately because I wasn’t good enough
Comment from : arcross4682

Giant Wilburson
you are incredibly bad at this game lmao
Comment from : Giant Wilburson

Comment from : AxentiumZ

Michael Böck
The Earth Dragon was outta range for the Wadjet
Comment from : Michael Böck

Teun -
i love how he creates his own moment for butchering his cow
Comment from : Teun -

Pallington the Shrike
THIS GAME IS aaanncciieeenntttt
Comment from : Pallington the Shrike

Comment from : Omniscience

How did u download this
Comment from : PA!N痛

Petar Dokic
we ran away from school to play this 4v4 in lan,good days,happy days,and a great great immortal (pun intended) game.
Comment from : Petar Dokic

Aimad Tareksson
how do Chinese gain favour?
Comment from : Aimad Tareksson

javad tah
hi , where is this Chinese content ??
Comment from : javad tah

Reed Bayes
Play more of this game!!
Comment from : Reed Bayes

I loved this game as a kid!
Comment from : iamking132

Jordan England
please play game
Comment from : Jordan England

Comment from : nick

Reinhard Von
You playing on easy ?
Comment from : Reinhard Von

It's definitely time for a new Sequel to this Legendary RTS! It would be cool if they could make a team with some of the development team that worked on this game.God it would truly be a dream come true if we ever get a sequel.. :'(
Comment from : OTT2OWN

TT TheEmeraldSword
I love this
Comment from : TT TheEmeraldSword

Seb Sundquist
I remember eight-player (two teams) Jotunheim. Having eight players trying to force their armies through a tiny opening for hours on end is amazing to witness.
Comment from : Seb Sundquist

a n
Please do more.
Comment from : a n

Emperor Scorpion
Have you thaught about playing C&C red alert 2? it's the strategy game of my childhood
Comment from : Emperor Scorpion

Magical Jon
The Atlantean is just older greek ‘gods’
Comment from : Magical Jon

Tomorrow We Live
Subscribed in the hopes of seeing a campaign plauthrough. Bring on the nostalgia!
Also, don't bother with the Chinese stuff--it's unfinished broken cash-grab tier shit.

Comment from : Tomorrow We Live

Wow I played this when I was younger and I remembered it like having so freaking cool graphics sajhfsakjhf
Comment from : MssBarbaritaa

I guess chinese naval vessels never changed. Junk then, Junk now. HIYOOOO!
Comment from : R3GARnator

I need more
Comment from : DMar.Gar56

This game was so good
Comment from : Jules

Please play more age of mythology
Comment from : Camedmondson

Brent Tillberry
The child in me was having a blast seeing this game again. Thx for making a vid on this ^_^/
Comment from : Brent Tillberry

Astrid Nipflake
Do a playthrough of the game on the channel :D
Comment from : Astrid Nipflake

modex012340 cs go
best game of my chirldhood
Comment from : modex012340 cs go

Astrid Nipflake
My favorit game of all time! <3
Comment from : Astrid Nipflake

Do a lets play of the chinese campaign! I never knew it had chinese units before. All i have is the titans expansion
Comment from : Lag1acrus

Entire Series plz.
Comment from : Alexander

Jacob Tebbe
Dear Gods I love this game!!!
Comment from : Jacob Tebbe

You're just going to play all the best stuff aren't you?? :D :D :D
Comment from : Snackbox

I liked this so fast, omg, Pravus you are amazing.
Comment from : Shroudedentity

The No Life Gamer
Dude this game doesn’t work on my new computer
Comment from : The No Life Gamer

This is so random
Comment from : STIX

Seiferboy Gaming
These are the kinds of games I like to play on my channel. Majesty is my fave! I've been playing that one since 2000.
Comment from : Seiferboy Gaming

Oh man! The nostalgia! Awesome video Pravus!!!
Comment from : part1r0ck

Toe Bar
I loooooooved this game when I was younger but my computer won't run it now
Comment from : Toe Bar

this was my 10th steam game

Can you do a campaign walkthrough of Age of Mythology? That would be very nice to see
Comment from : TophatandUshanka

Ryan T
Love to see a Rome total war series loved that game when i was younger been watching a lot of your content and love it makes me so nostalgic. Hope to enjoy even more of your content thanks for all the hard work!!
Comment from : Ryan T

mekalpnerds2 lol
Wait wait wait... i love this game so before u do the campaining why dont u upload it to yt
Comment from : mekalpnerds2 lol

rachael beth
lord pravus can we get more of this game? you seem to really enjoy it and im interested in how this game works as ive never seen it before and seems like others agree with me
Comment from : rachael beth

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