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You play in site with 40 plrs in tournys. Stop bulshiting
Comment from : EMF EMF

This is a really great video. 😊
Comment from : Daniela

unknown territory
You cant beat the variance in poker with 10,000 mtts a year. You don't know what your real roi is so its false information. I know a player who won for 3 years straight heavy volume mtts then next 3 years lost for 3 years straight. GL believing that 10k mtts is enough volume. ANd his volume was higher then tht so over 30k mtts he had losing graph. And this was a guy who had well over 15% win rate for the 3 years prior. The only way to beat variance in poker is through cash games over the long run. sustaining a 15% roi is not realistic. More like 2-5% roi is what your average will be over 10 years of playing heavy volume mtts. And it took my hard headed friends 6 years to realize that.
Comment from : unknown territory

Ultimate Grinder
I play micro stakes and I'm either always cashing or making a FT currently I'm at $70 i want to move up in stakes at least to $3.30 or $5.50 but I'm a real nit when it comes to BR management because I've gone bust so many times and this time I'm so dedicated on grinding up a roll that not even variance will slow me down is it wise to shot take every Sunday or should i do it every other sunday??
Comment from : Ultimate Grinder

brian lavalley
You played over 10,000 tournaments over the last year???? So you play 27 poker tournaments every day? Yeah no you're full of shit
Comment from : brian lavalley

Toto Master
Rigged anyway so get a JOB.
Comment from : Toto Master

Shanti Shanti
Last few days ive lost with AA 18 of 24 times, should be impossible right? Playing on PS with the eastern european luck players.. I have lost with top 2 vs 4 outer straight draw 9 of 17 times. There is so much more, i have 82 pic on bad beats and ok i know its only last 3 days and only few tournaments... wish i had a EV calculator.. yes im a fish obv, but what ever its too sick
Comment from : Shanti Shanti

Mario Zeledon
It's always kind of in the back of your head, but every once in a while I need to hear that Soooo bad. Thanks Henri!
Comment from : Mario Zeledon

Bro, you said it all. Damn right about everything you said and from now on I'm on it too.
Comment from : VIKASH AGARWAL

Jamie Davies
can be summed up in 1 word - "German"
Comment from : Jamie Davies

is the difference in ROI based only on perceived skill level ? Also is the field size directly proportional to variance? (i.e bigger field -> more variance?) bigger field sizes means more places paid and typically easier to at least min cash.
Comment from : tklink81

lino choi
hey man yesterday i made my first deepstacke at a 50 cent MTT at 888poker
Im still a beginner so i was rly patient and had my veryfirst deep run (900k) and finally to the Final Table and ended up 5th.. well it was fun but i was a little bit undxperienced beeing in deepstacke
But your videos help alot thann you man !

Comment from : lino choi

Kane Wilson
jj into 78 suited flop 4 4 10 turn 5 river 6 how sick is that shit
Comment from : Kane Wilson

Sebastian D
ich versuche aktuell ein bisschen aus fun zu pokern und spiele erstmal microstacks und schaue mir viele videos an. mach weiter so gute videos und viel erfolg auch weiterhin!
Comment from : Sebastian D

Nikhil Autar
This is 100% true. But if you only get to play 100 - 1000 tournaments a year and are a rec player... you'd rather go for the bink.
Part time players have gotta mix it up. There is a LOT of money to be made in low - mid stake SNGs in my experience.

Comment from : Nikhil Autar

Jackson Burgess
beautiful explanation!
Comment from : Jackson Burgess

great video brah.
keep them coming

Comment from : MonsterTVchannel

Stefan Butterfaß
Krass ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass mir dieses Video gerade mal wieder die Augen geöffnet. Ich habe jetzt viel zu lange Turniere mit großen Felder gespielt ohne kleine Turniere mit einzubeziehen. Natürlich ist mir jetzt über längere Zeit genau das passiert, was du im Video beschrieben hast, öfters deepe runs nur um dann am Ende als 14,11,10 oder 9ter zu busten, was einfach deinen Seelenfrieden zerstört. Dieses Video hat mir auch wieder verdeutlicht, dass man von jedem etwas lernen kann. Du bist 5 Jahre jünger als ich und spielst Poker seit einer wesentlich kürzeren Zeit. Das war jetzt wie ne kleine Backpfeife für mich haha. Keep up the grind !!!
Comment from : Stefan Butterfaß

Mr. Weed
ich kann "variance" auch kaum aussprechen :D
Comment from : Mr. Weed

Aleksander P
But isn't it like the lower stakes the bigger variance? When you can't even predict your rival's ranges and everything is pretty much random.
Comment from : Aleksander P

Kali Connery
also, what do you find the best way to study your game and hand history is?
Comment from : Kali Connery

Julius Stroehlein
richtig gutes Video, mehr davon :)
Comment from : Julius Stroehlein

Hey man nice video! One thing though: isn't 10.000 games in a year near impossible? It would mean you play ~37 tourneys EVERY day. Seems unlikely to me but could be wrong :P
Comment from : raigo97

Hey Buehlero, How do you grind 10k MTTs a year? That's like 30 a day taking no days off ever! Clearly you take breaks. I play low-mid stakes as a part time job and have been profitable for the last 18 months. I play like 10-20 a day 5 days a week(4-6 tabling). That's like 4k average a year. How do you manage to get that 10k volume? Or is simply just playing a super grind, high volume session with 8+ tables?
Cheers, Keep up the great work!

Comment from : MrCraigBlack

Christopher Hamilton
Hey bro great content!!!!! Keep doing this this was an awesome video as I just lost kings versus 10-2 lol variance
Comment from : Christopher Hamilton

Abuzar Achmad
Comment from : Abuzar Achmad

Brandon Stone
Watched your video from a few months ago talking about the same thing you are in this video and it helped tremendously. I've run up $50 to between $400-800 3 times in the last year or so and just punted it all off everytime but once I stopped relying on all the Bigs and Hots to make up my sched I've ran up a $3k BR in the last 4 months. Thanks a lot brother and hopefully you can pass some of your latest run good onto me lmao
Comment from : Brandon Stone

Erik Jonson
Hey Buehlero, I'm a low level player usually bankroll around 100-500 $, I've only won sit n go tournaments, 8 $ 180, 5$ 90 PKO, stuff like that, I've only ever won 1 tournament with 1600 people in it, I usually come in 20-100 in other big tournaments. Do you think that just playing Sit N Go's can be profitable or I should try to improve my game in bigger tournaments?
Comment from : Erik Jonson

Jason King
great vids ma man....they help me on so many lvls...all the the best
Comment from : Jason King

very well said sir
Comment from : Syrupyone

Spurtim Kas
Ey buehlero echt tolle Viedeos, die du machst. Könntest du mir sagen, welches Programm du nützt beim Spielen!!! Wäre echt nett!! Keep grinding bro
Comment from : Spurtim Kas

Great video! Keep it up Bueh <3
Comment from : SickIndividual

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