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red w0lf
Huang is not a good player, its nice to know I have a shot at these events.
Comment from : red w0lf

Jason Powell
I loved hearing the “guest commentators” eating and drinking into the mic. Leave the commentary to the pros. Oh, and it’s always coming 7.
Comment from : Jason Powell

23:09 Oh Captain Huang oh my gosh 26:15 Fucking cool
Comment from : 이동찬

red red
Grieco son goes up to him and says daddy and grieco replies i dont understand moron
Comment from : red red

Daniel Leow
47:18 when my folks encourage me to get an arts degree
Comment from : Daniel Leow

Juan Antonio Kim Estrada
Comment from : Juan Antonio Kim Estrada

Junior Mudd
reiss is STILL the luckiest player ever
Comment from : Junior Mudd

Toontt Toon
Crookwell.​ Is.​A.​Farting.​ Pimp​
Comment from : Toontt Toon

Toontt Toon
Adam.the.frog.​Who, put.​A.​ Broom.​Up.​ Your.​ Wazoo.​So.​ U.​ Could.​Have.​ Bette.​Davis.​ Eyes
Comment from : Toontt Toon

Timur Voin
Так ему и надо, кончееный китаеза
Comment from : Timur Voin

Criego... Bad bad bad
Comment from : Turttlez

Fantastic finish to this tournament, hero calls, the chops and great sportsmanship in the end.
Comment from : varityboba67

Ajo Ladiang
I am new in poker why huang win in 32:45, reiss have Q? can someone explain :(
Comment from : Ajo Ladiang

James Ware
Comment from : James Ware

IllicitslayeR Nz
Loeser us a worst luck donk than greiko
Comment from : IllicitslayeR Nz

Daniel Diao
Can someone explain me why both "won" at 36:20?
Comment from : Daniel Diao

Tae Park
Chop pot! Player hearts are a thumpin.
Comment from : Tae Park

Jalmar Eduardo
Damn Juan! So lucky
Comment from : Jalmar Eduardo

36:00 that 2-2-7-7-7 chop is completely ridiculous
Comment from : mathprodigy

Daeng ucup
I cant believe looser get a win
Comment from : Daeng ucup

Griecos railtard is so titling and pisses of reisse alot
Comment from : lockoshamface

Comment from : かず

Uff, it was so sad to see Loeser folding his straight. But huang acted as a bruce lee of emotional kung-fu :)
Comment from : panchemist

mani biegert
it's pronounced 'monte carlo' not 'multi colour'!
Comment from : mani biegert

Liam Casey
Looks like being a massive donkey caught up with Grieco eventually. Some heater though.
Comment from : Liam Casey

I still dont know how to fucking play poker
Comment from : Mr.Anonymoos

Bjørn Skalkam
Why do they skip so many hands?
Comment from : Bjørn Skalkam

Rob Robinson
love the commentary very well presented all tc be safe all of you
Comment from : Rob Robinson

manipuliertes Volk
can someone remove this communist flag in the background?
Comment from : manipuliertes Volk

Nick Appler
45:05 oh no, not so slight anymore ; )
Comment from : Nick Appler

Nick Appler
18:24 Doyle Brunson Impersonator
Comment from : Nick Appler

Wei Huang should watch Mike Matusow's 'Blockers For Dummies' video and learn that blockers are bullshit
Comment from : YoungMan4Quickie

didn´t like the aces limp by huang, he missed value there--
Comment from : thomas148b

Huang on a different level😱
Comment from : VanillaVibes

Григорий Блохин
I really thought the German would lose when he let go of the Chinese, having a straight, but to my joy, he won, I cheered for him.
Comment from : Григорий Блохин

Ting Xu
Huang 中国乖宝宝坐姿
Comment from : Ting Xu

nurullah birtek
Comment from : nurullah birtek

phil driver
Comment from : phil driver

36:30 Why was that a chop pot? How in the hell did that last 7 cancel Katzenberger's full house???
Comment from : Universe88productions

wen yoo
oh I forgot riess can also play
Comment from : wen yoo

wen yoo
am I the only person who thinks loeser is the only player at the table who knows what he is actually doing?
Comment from : wen yoo

32:27 dealer laugh like oh boy and the river gave her more lugh and the player loosing looked@ her like did she just laugh @ me...lol
Comment from : rinnotstimpy1

Matthew Smith
Very entertaining commentary and I'm glad they show many of the details such as stack sizes and such, plus great that they talk about and show the values of the 3 way chop
Comment from : Matthew Smith

Aabecee DeeEff
Comment from : Aabecee DeeEff

nichilista militante
Do miracles exist? Yes, Grieco sitting at the final table.
Comment from : nichilista militante

S Bayko
Wow 10high call wtf what am i doing wrong
Comment from : S Bayko

I guess the Loeser is the Winner?! HAHA
Comment from : cheokboardstudios

moi Micky
all in with 7,8
Comment from : moi Micky

huang is a great player, huge respect.
Comment from : Luke

cabbage Fuller
This is my favorite tournament of all time lol
Comment from : cabbage Fuller

I don't get the very last all-in. and I don't get why loeser could win.
Comment from : chimoRee

10 high beats lie.
Comment from : ROBERT FRIEND

Old Saint Nick
loeser is high af lmao. straight up makes you better at reading people.
Comment from : Old Saint Nick

did anyone realize how smooth huang is moving as soon as he enters a hand? ridiculously good... he's not just having a pokerface... he's having poker-gestures... incredible.
Comment from : CIIZAR

Dave E
Grieco straight downhill after he shows his bluff. Fuck that guy. Everyone had his number after that. Remember don't be a dick at the table kids! Keep those bluffs to yourself!
Comment from : Dave E

Bernabeu Sorbetes
36:10 Epic
Comment from : Bernabeu Sorbetes

36:00 is insane
Comment from : zipohfour

San Chan Saetern
Last Hand was a stupid ALL In call. Dumb!
Comment from : San Chan Saetern

Terje Simensen
So bad play, you dont go all in right there. Is not nett poker. Amateur go so far credd for that
Comment from : Terje Simensen

how did he fold the straight?
Comment from : OBRIEN DYNASTY

Karl Pershin
Italiano facker😂😂😂loser
Comment from : Karl Pershin

10 2 call one of the best lol
Comment from : TheLuozhixiang

Yi chen
Comment from : Yi chen

Danimals channel
How do you play a tournament like this?
Comment from : Danimals channel

That dealer seems like a super cool chick. I wanna date her.
Comment from : Money

grieco is sick, only play all-in, no skill at all
Comment from : myingxue

Maria Pakhomova
Dis fir play huang .Terrrible fish
Comment from : Maria Pakhomova

Riess call animal..
Comment from : dcpapa00

Tim Haug
Hands down that K5 bluff from huang made me horny. Beautiful hand selection and actually having the balls to pull that off at a final table. Just a brilliant play
Comment from : Tim Haug

William Hagler
That's a long time to hold a flag. Do they get "reeducated" if they don't do it?
Comment from : William Hagler

35:02 it is the best hand ever
Comment from : MUSE

lol Grieco is funny
Comment from : MUSE

Huang.. another idiot who thinks he's smart...

Looks down, A2. Insta shove...


Comment from : DashDrones

Maethor Mop
I was really glad to see it was Huang and Loeser that made it to the heads up. Both players have real good etiquette and played fantastically, unlike that absolute donk Grieco.
Comment from : Maethor Mop

Gioele M
WTF......T high...........my new favourite player, he won WSOP for 1 reason: he got skills
Comment from : Gioele M

William Christopher
um um um are you wearing a bra?
Comment from : William Christopher

Go USA and Germany! Germany outplayed the Chinese player, I'd even say outlasted.
Both players Big poker masters!

Comment from : yetideti

18:30 T High Very good very crazy
Comment from : 聶耳

Daniel Lugo
40:00 slowroll
Comment from : Daniel Lugo

Thank you for uploading, but why are you commentating while they are doing tabletalk...
Comment from : Niiice

Gabriel Lopez
How TF Riess call 10 high but can't call the second pair flop 9 against Greco 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Gabriel Lopez

Fábio Neiva
32:25 dealer face between turn and river, even her felt Reiss pain LMAO
Comment from : Fábio Neiva

Max Peck
Great, weird FT with a lot of interesting spots + different types of players. Best player - by far - won, too, though Reiss surprised me by actually playing well too.
Comment from : Max Peck

Juju Bean
A lot of personality at this table.

-said no one ever

Comment from : Juju Bean

Poker is a sick game
Comment from : IAD

Charles Pidgeon
Mr. Stapleton u sure r someone I would enjoy hangin around with, love your wack sense of humor
Comment from : Charles Pidgeon

jim smith
36:00 See,it does happen live.
Comment from : jim smith

7 from heavon! Punished for early celebrating TWICE. Ha!
Comment from : SystemExclusive

codetaku -
I have literally never seen a more hype chop pot
Comment from : codetaku -

Shred Head
I can't believe how sticky these guys are. And these little baby bets Huang makes when it's head's up make me slightly ill. And his all in at the end was a fucking donk move. The other guy called every single one of his bets the entire game.
Comment from : Shred Head

Liam Halliday
I imagine if beige was a person, it'd be the guy interviewing the winner at the end. My goodness...
Comment from : Liam Halliday

Joe Coburn
I remember watching this live, those running 7’s made me literally yell out loud
Comment from : Joe Coburn

Petr Hlisnikovský
45:14 is it ok to go all in with pocket 3s for 26BB? and wonderfull call with a high card 10 by Riess
Comment from : Petr Hlisnikovský

Vani 333
I'm convinced Loeser is pretty damn lucky. He got that stack on luck.
Comment from : Vani 333

Vani 333
Riess the beast! I remember rooting for him his whole main event and sure enough he didn't let me down!
Comment from : Vani 333

хуёк играл хорошо а в конце пошел сдвиг по фазе
Comment from : KangenAlec

Mikołaj Michna
33:10 What a split!
Comment from : Mikołaj Michna

Tony Shark
31:55 it certainly is that Nash in the beautiful mind. How many Nashs do you know who is famous for Game Theory?
Comment from : Tony Shark

All the dislikes are from people who lost to a 10 high

Neil Hartley
That 10 \ 2 was one of the best calls I have ever seen ,well played sir.
Comment from : Neil Hartley

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