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Noah Musal
No subs 😂😂😂 I would delete yo channel. None likes hearing boring stuff on god 😂👌🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Noah Musal

UB Jack
Anyone else find his black speech annoying?
Comment from : UB Jack

kally-_- droppedu
Comment from : kally-_- droppedu

Pickle Rick
My nigga just downgraded
Comment from : Pickle Rick

You lucky my g, you got (388 000 000 000+$). Idk how you got it but I wish I had that much money
Comment from : YungLordKayy-

You need to buy vip to spin the wheel to get the new car
Comment from : xXblazeXx

The God
Lmao he got up stairs and was stuck in the hall
Comment from : The God

dis nigga stupid asf but at least he good at the game 😂
Comment from : Tylernol

Veronique Lapointe
He is so unpacent he can go to suck his moms dick
Comment from : Veronique Lapointe

APeX - ViBeS
Lmao he said I could buy everything whay I want me but u can’t prob buy shit in real life lmao just as a joke :)
Comment from : APeX - ViBeS

Bro anybody else do a yurrrr
Comment from : CayF4R

How tf does he get so much money
Comment from : Flezzo

Colton Benavides
Love the vid
Comment from : Colton Benavides

He the dumbest niqqa😂😂
Comment from : Elie2Exclusive

Bad Plush
Me.He didn't even buy the whole penthouse!🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : Bad Plush

You facking hacker
Comment from : Dragonbreif

kassem nizam
This fucking retard thinks he bought the whole thing when he said why is it lock fucking dumb
Comment from : kassem nizam

Modded acount looking ass
Comment from : Reitrac

Treyvin Tracy
You're too loud
Comment from : Treyvin Tracy

Jay Reaction Squad
Who care if he bought the whole thing? Youtubers clickbait for views bro, it’s the way things go to get the bag
Comment from : Jay Reaction Squad

gøøđ gąmęř
The Professional: Hold my beer (does more than this after 2 day)
Comment from : gøøđ gąmęř

Carma and Payton
Oml your so fucking dumb
Comment from : Carma and Payton

Sayso 1x
Crazy u don’t but the whole penthouse
Comment from : Sayso 1x

Sayso 1x
U can spend the wheel
Comment from : Sayso 1x

Jordan Gutierrez
Intro song?
Comment from : Jordan Gutierrez

Rob Marrero
Yo bro the reason why you wasn’t able to spin the wheel because the alert on your left top screen you have to let it go away then you was able to spin Nd u only get to spin 1 time a day
Comment from : Rob Marrero

Steven Campos
The only downside i dont like is the indoor horse track. I wish they used the outdoor track
Comment from : Steven Campos

How did you got that mast it lit as f
Comment from : Alfredoツ

brent gray
I love your intro
Comment from : brent gray

No Comment
So.. yeah interesting i guess though you didnt buy anything really but okay.
Comment from : No Comment

We’re the same 🤪😂
Comment from : Alex

Jonathan Gomez
Yes sir level 45 have the car and the full penthouse
Comment from : Jonathan Gomez

Caleb nj
4:58 dude dont know how to say pattern man said painterrns
Comment from : Caleb nj

Anonymous ###
Sooo lucky I’m in bad sport and have no money and rockstar took my act 2 away from me
Comment from : Anonymous ###

Das ist nice Tag zurfreien Verfügung kaufen Milliarden modded 😌
Comment from : FATON-GAMER -GTAV

XBlazen MavenX
Shit I don't have money but so ass I do I'm buying it
Comment from : XBlazen MavenX

How did get so much money
Comment from : CosmicRwaxh

DJ Edwards
Only nigga on gta I can watch
Comment from : DJ Edwards

must be nice
Comment from : OgVonte

wo wo nfs
Comment from : wo wo nfs

I’m broke af no one will help me get money
Comment from : TOXIC_DEAD mum

Jamar L
Bro u tryna u post to update it then start it up crazy kills g 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Jamar L

Patrick Van Hullen
ill pay 50 psn for a rich gta acc
Comment from : Patrick Van Hullen

fernand gauthier
I just won a free car spinning the casino wheel 😃 its a "Thrax" car
Comment from : fernand gauthier

The Illusion
Funny af 😂😂
Comment from : The Illusion

Christian Aguilar
U missed half the add ons when you bought it
Comment from : Christian Aguilar

zz_lzz36 xx_
Noob lzzz😈🤫
Comment from : zz_lzz36 xx_

This man so lucky he got money 😂
Comment from : OG_SUKI

max morenoh
do a face cam
Comment from : max morenoh

Need to make it where we can bet against other players 😂
Comment from : CHIEFERRUNTZ

I got the thrax on the wheele 🤘🤘
Comment from : THJ GAMER

U needed to stand left on the wheel to spin it 😂😅🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Wute

above Adverage
You buy the 3million one you didn’t get the full penthouse
Comment from : above Adverage

So who modded yyour account
Comment from : pumpfn

kaleb l
what’s the into song that shits 🔥
Comment from : kaleb l

Your dumb
Comment from : Spectural

Dolph World
I think u cant go in passive in weaponized vehicles
Comment from : Dolph World

Lol u funny asf
Comment from : Elimb

5:02 “Painters” it says (patterns)wit yo slow ass 😂.
Comment from : fzneral

This guys a fucking clown no wonder he was never adopted. 😂 Omfg Cunts with low IQ need to get help AKA this guy
Comment from : IAtomicI

Soon as the video start im already dying laughing
Comment from : Niqibe

Jose 02
That's weird how it said use ur computer it didn't say that to me but im on xbox
Comment from : Jose 02

Subzxy ?
How do u get so much money
Comment from : Subzxy ?

Good 9 ads on an 11 min video
Comment from : ToTheMaxGaming1

Ahmettill 09
From where did you get your unlock all
Comment from : Ahmettill 09

MvXl Clan
Comment from : MvXl Clan

Arrion Cooks
Comment from : Arrion Cooks

Chayten Thomas
Damn you big dollars 💵 😂😂
Comment from : Chayten Thomas

bro read stuff before u buy lol smh
Comment from : SmgSZN

jimiyah hicks
I’m broke on gta 😭😭
Comment from : jimiyah hicks

SBN Sway
How much did you buy that for
Comment from : SBN Sway

How did you get so rich
Comment from : Xzdeathkillz

U used a mod bruh bruh fucking goofy ass
Comment from : •김정은

i got the obey 8f drafter and sold the tempesta
Comment from : OcDeverx

fuckin whack
Comment from : M2K

Daniel Tit
Bruh you got rid of more than like half the customizations 🤣🤣
Comment from : Daniel Tit

Dungeon Dragonz
Bought everything on new DLC but still hasn't bought missiles for his MK I Oppressor.
Comment from : Dungeon Dragonz

he dumb he didnt even buy the whole thing lmfao
Comment from : Dclean-_-

xGunzi Gaming
You didn’t buy the 6mil penthouse
Comment from : xGunzi Gaming

Bout 2 ball out too lol
Comment from : KANE322

acoustic money
Bro you didn’t buy the 6mill dollar penthouse just saying
Comment from : acoustic money

Yooo imma big fan but you messed up everything wasn’t locked but you put something out and now you don’t have a theater and more penthouse accessories
Comment from : Abe

Davin heard
I love this nigga bro he funny asf
Comment from : Davin heard

The professional ain’t gotta worry about being broke after this dlc
Comment from : zXULTIMAT3 SXVAGEllV

Passive is 5 minutes now
You can't deck people
I think god modes patched
That's all I know GTA is basically a R.I.P

Comment from : Velcyia

Raymond Ip
You cancel the second one so third one is locked too
Comment from : Raymond Ip

Yo i support all your videos keep up the amazing work that you do. Hopefully you can like my comment
Comment from : qtPocket

Jeremiah Wilson
You got to stand up by the wheel for a while than u can spin it
Comment from : Jeremiah Wilson

Good video bro 🤝💥
Comment from : DominicanShotta

relly white
That shid weak waste of money.
Comment from : relly white

Yvng BabyDraco
You didn’t buy everything omm😭😭
Comment from : Yvng BabyDraco

Why don’t it show ur subscriber count ? But love the videos 🤣❤️
Comment from : ツYourExLovesMe

eric whatley
GS lll_GO_CRAZY_lll
Comment from : eric whatley

I love your
videos so much ❤️

Comment from : Nxxty

Osmany Reyes
You and your glitched money
Comment from : Osmany Reyes

Devz X-
Ugly as outfit
Comment from : Devz X-

i bought everything too 😆🤲👑
Comment from : MimiCowboy

fusion Network
3:13 its 5000 bro not 500 lmaooooo
Comment from : fusion Network

Dylan Barnes
You bought the worst penthouse😂😂
Comment from : Dylan Barnes

It was so annoying how you didn’t know how to spin the wheel
Comment from : 我國她喔

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