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Joseph Cortijo
I really think that the newer video poker machines are controlled, at least at the Indian casinos of California. Went to two Casinos recently, Hard Rock of Sacramento and the Harrah’s of Nor Cal, I couldn’t hit but one small four of a kind in each. I played $1,700, with quarters on single hand video poker. Every time I had three of a kind I couldn’t make the hand, and the card I needed would come up on the next hand dealt. Numerous times I was one off from a Royal and next hand the card needed shows up. It’s definitely controlled or programmed, never again will I go to any Indian Casinos. I’m giving up on video poker, or any other type of gambling it’s all a lost cause! A waste of time and money, money I needed for my family. I’m feeling really sick I lost so much, please don’t make it sound like it’s so easy to win, at video poker. I am an experienced video poker player and I know the strategies for most versions. It’s all a lost cause!
Comment from : Joseph Cortijo

Joseph Cortijo
Sure seems like the video poker machines are programmed to hit the big hand or not. Every time I need one card to win a big hand like dealt 3 aces and need an ace or need one card to hit a royal, the card needed shows up on the next hand in the middle. Why is it sometimes I can hit numerous four of a kinds and other times I can’t hit one? I’m still not convinced they can or can’t program the video poker machine to make winning hand? Any comments are appreciated, thanks.
Comment from : Joseph Cortijo

Leonard Kudrecki
LOL Casino's don't make mistakes when it comes to money.The reason being in my opinion of the change in payout is to have more small payouts for the higher payout .
Comment from : Leonard Kudrecki

joames hill
I win more without their card in. Especially if I've won a jackpot. He can say what he wants but every single jackpot I didn't have card in. When I play I've had the card in and straight loss 6 to 10 hands in a row then as soon I take it out money come back. Now maybe it's on a cycle of pay out but a pattern is a pattern
Comment from : joames hill

In a truly random deal there should be no advantage to the casino or the player...both should have the same possibility of winning ...if the chances of the casino winning is greater than 50/50 then the deal isn't random there must be a bias in the machine
Comment from : xadam2dudex

i play lots of vp and slots but i didnt know the 9 6 tip. thanks
Comment from : muthashuckka@gmail.com

GAR mind DFKutulas
First time video poker Northern Quest Airway hieghts ,Wà. held the Ace of spades and the hit Royal Flush paid 20,000 credits. We had a big party with cocaine and strippers. We being me my x wife and her sister and her daughter's were the strippers.
Comment from : GAR mind DFKutulas

Denim Lether
The one card away from a straight or royal is classic. Apeio
Comment from : Denim Lether

JustFor KMW
This father-son team is about as dynamic as Trump's hair, maybe even less so.
Comment from : JustFor KMW

Jeffery Lebowski
Are you seriously explaining players club cards? Oh my God! Listen to nothing these men say people!
Comment from : Jeffery Lebowski

David Evans
Just download Winpoker from the app store. It's only available on the Iphone though unfortunately and it is $10 but it's a life savor. You can input any pay table and it will give you the perfect strategy of what to hold when you input the hand you are unsure of for any game. Just manually input the pay table and manually put in the hand. You don't have to practice anything after that, since the calculator will tell you what to hold.
Comment from : David Evans

winston ledford
they give you half what the machine says on-screen. look on top of machine it tells you how much money has for jackpot ten machines in one spot one wins jackpot mostly on ends.
like pot of gold pay 3 50 cents on 2 dollar for jach pot mostly 25 cents you win less 3dollars a bid you get 3 7s 35 dollars win with 2 dollars win 25 dollars 250 points on sun-wed-aint but 2 dollars 50 cents you play 500 dollars you get 5 dollars 1000 dollars 10 dollars.play on Wednesday more games to choose from.is it beginners luck I went first time without card put 5 dollars in machine pot of gold won 2300 dollars off 5 queens next 2 months I went won 1500 on jackpot on jacks are better ace-high s.flush.after that I won nothing in 10 years

get your own room next door casino you get free room from casino they well get their money back.

Comment from : winston ledford

winston ledford
three different cards one silver gold they are VIP. high stacks are higher bids to play.
Comment from : winston ledford

daniel titmus
truley boring individuals. I like em
Comment from : daniel titmus

Neil Chapman
can't somone switch on the blue guy's mike, I cannot hear him
Comment from : Neil Chapman

Nik Baret
Thanks for filming
Comment from : Nik Baret

Noneya Business
What about.encore.boston.harbor
Comment from : Noneya Business

Aussie Alba
Thanks guys, I never play VP so will give it a go and I just ordered your book even tho I wont use the coupons. Great channel 👍🍀🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Comment from : Aussie Alba

Enjoyed the video
Comment from : TheJukeboxjim

Margeaux Jenkins
Volume is very low.............
Comment from : Margeaux Jenkins

how about talking about the percentages after the flop? Do you always chase the royal flush? This is not good info at all. the first tip is ok, but after that so stupid.
Comment from : Kilnmaster

I played video poker on GTA San Andreas, so I think it'll give me an edge.
Comment from : Jonathan

Andrew Solomon
Sure--Buy our products and we'll give you the real information.
Comment from : Andrew Solomon

Thomas Blue
So they basicly state that you can't win a lot playing video porker and then they say but if you use the house card then it becomes profitable because you get credits for the money you lose. Do you guys work for the casinos?
Comment from : Thomas Blue

jacks or better is always better!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

if i were addicted to gambling it wouldn't be fun anymore, I like to drink and gamble in moderation because its fun!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Michael Knight
The Best version of VP in Las Vegas I have found is Loose deuce full pay!
Comment from : Michael Knight

My wife always wins at the slot machines. She takes money out of MY wallet, loses it in the machines, then comes back to me for more. Its a win-win (for her). On the plus side, if she DOES happen to win, she keeps it all. So I got that working for me. Which is nice.
Comment from : hughsizzle

Mikhail Matthew
Analogy sucks... lol
Comment from : Mikhail Matthew

Wynn Wynn
Video poker is not a SPIN, its a hand. Software programs now
lets the house to watch your play, if you are playing perfect you will be labeled an advantage player and your comps will be effected.

Comment from : Wynn Wynn

I remember when I wrote down the payout schedule for the video poker games at the casino I go to to play blackjack at, and plugged the numbers into wizardofodds and found it had a 4% house edge. I have HEARD that there are some that exist SOMEWHERE that have a 1% player edge if played right, but you're wasting your time anyway even if you find one, your expected returns even if you found one would be like 2 bucks an hour. Might as well get a McJob if you're going to do that. If you CAN, that is, to be fair I don't know how hard it actually is to get a job at mcdonalds, that's the one I didn't ever try for. But if you want to win money, just play blackjack. It's literally the only thing in the casino where the odds are in favor of the player. It's BORING, I know, oh do I know that, and it would be NICE to have more of a variety, to have a winning strategy for baccarat and a winning strategy for slot machines and a winning strategy for video poker and to just go around playing various games for entertainment and money, but the reality is that there really is no option. There's one positive expectation game and a whole lot of negative ones. I guess there's actual REAL poker, but to win at that you kind of have to be skilled at understanding human behavior, not skilled at math or have a winning strategy that fits all cases.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

Ani Mali
The question is: do machines get loser if we play without player’s card?
Comment from : Ani Mali

Jed mcC j
Video poker is a dumb game. Played thousands of hands never hit the royal flush. Not to mention the pay tables are terrible never 9 6
Comment from : Jed mcC j

Balance your audio channels! Steve's audio was low while Matt's was painfully high.
Comment from : Brisdad53

Jeremy Conkling
@americancasinoguide You guys convinced me. I have held off on regular slot play and have been studying and practicing video poker on software. I have a couple questions / requests. First, when practicing on software I can get to 99% or so when it shows 99.54% as perfect. How close do I need to get to perfect play before making the trip to the casino? There are none of these machines in my local casinos so I either have to travel a few hours south or out to Vegas. Next, when I know where my weaknesses are how do I practice in those areas? For example, I miss straights and high flush combinations most frequently (seems like these are critical to not miss). The rest of the JoB strategy I have down pretty well. Lastly, sure would be awesome if you guys could do a series covering JoB strategy card with examples OR point me to good resource. Love your material. Ordered my paper Casino Guide this week. Thanks.
Comment from : Jeremy Conkling

Chelsea Ponzo
The free play in WA state can be cashed out for money and it doesn't have to be played. But i never have walked out with it. 😂
Comment from : Chelsea Ponzo

Don Kiger
If video poker uses a totally random number generator, how does the percentage payout chip control the machines payout?
Comment from : Don Kiger

Just watched a bunch of these videos by y'all and it seemed to end up here with the main point being by y'alls software and books
Comment from : 1980irishsamurai

Beau Bloomer
Thanks guys just ran into your video. I really learned on this video
Comment from : Beau Bloomer

Ace Rothstein
I’m an expert at video poker and that game has kicked my ass in the long run. Many $200 beers playing that game. I do have a players card, I’m a President level w Station’s Casinos in Vegas. I get a free room pretty much anytime I ask, good $ bonus’ too. Even with all of that I can safely say I’m way behind in video poker. To top it off, I usually have about $8000 in taxable jackpots to deal w each tax season. Stay away, if you can.
Comment from : Ace Rothstein

I am writing a book on how to win at video poker. The first chapter is To Win At Video Poker You Own The Machine.
Comment from : wavygr

There are NO 9/6 machines any longer and if you know where they are, TELL US!! I have now looked 11 times in the last 4 Months in 9 different casinos.
Comment from : JeffTheDuckDog

Douglas Neeley
Just buy hookers. Best buy for the money spent. Not nasty hookers, get the clean ones that smell good. Great bet
Comment from : Douglas Neeley

Vincent Hildebrand
I can throw away a card and it will be drawn. Not a cheat, but just keep in mind you can hope to get a card you just threw away. It can happen and once I was rewarded for this.
Comment from : Vincent Hildebrand

Gary Lu Productions
The trainer app deviates from the strategy table occasionally. What’s with that?
Comment from : Gary Lu Productions

Michael Proctor
What I find lacking in the training software is that when you make a mistake, the software will tell you so, but it doesn't tell you why you made the wrong choice.
Its not enough to tell me that you played the wrong unless you tell me why.

Comment from : Michael Proctor

Scott Miller
Jokers wild is the best game and it's seen a lot in Atlantic city five of a kind is Better than a royal flush because there are 13 ways to win and only 4 ways to win for a royal. If the jackpot for jokers wild is five of a kind for 4000 coins then that's the game to play Period!!!!!
Comment from : Scott Miller

So basically the 5 best tips to win are...take advantage of comps...and buy the actual 5 best tips on your website lol.
Comment from : iSpitboxer

The 9/6 machines at Mohegan Sun and foxwoods don't give reward points.
Comment from : iSpitboxer

Heavens Dove
I will check that
Comment from : Heavens Dove

Sara Herrera
I’d just like to point out, that if you’re betting less than normal, it may not be a good idea to use your players card. I believe the casinos also rate you on your average bet. So for example, if you normally bet $3.00 a hand and on a particular day, you have a less bankroll and are playing.30 or .50 a hand, it may be better to play without it? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’m an instance like that, it may hurt you more than benefit you by using it.
Comment from : Sara Herrera

Cj Herrington
Sky ute casino doesn’t give you anything for having a players card, lol you don’t even get a mailer unless you have at least a sliver or platinum card. Looser casino , wont even acknowledge ones birthday anymore.
Comment from : Cj Herrington

Bret McGough
Some good points but I REALLY disagree with the last point. Playing when there are promotions is great but to not play unless there are promotions takes this out of the realm of fun/entertainment into work. I play for fun, not income. You need to balance your microphones. Old guy hard to hear while young guy makes me turn down volume.
Comment from : Bret McGough

what happenedbeotch??? TRUMP2020
Cheated you talk long enough about the Players Club card but a fucking joke dude nobody uses those fucking things and if they do they're stupid
Comment from : what happenedbeotch??? TRUMP2020

What keeps any casino from rigging the cards that come up? After all it is electronic.
Comment from : evofd

Guys-I played a FIXED Video poker machine at Bally;s AC---I hit a double joker royal for 1K , then hit 13 hands later for 5 Queens for 500.00 . I played same machine for 8 hours-the exact same scenario-cards dealt in exact same order Double joker royal, and 13 hands later a 5 Queen 500.00 Jackpot. ...I would say the game was FIXED lol..it was an OLD Video poker machine--they removed it in 2006
Comment from : Piggy-218

Is video blackjack ok to play or should you only do live blackjack?
Comment from : fireball1

Isaac West
Hey steve what is the most popular way to make a living as a professional gambler?
Comment from : Isaac West

hey Steve or Matt am I wasting my time on playing and training on Video poker dot com
Comment from : Carteris7

Poker Snob
Audio is horrible!
Comment from : Poker Snob

9/6 Jacks or Better machines are getting harder to find!
Comment from : tm4tare

Yumpin Yiminy
All good and correct tips.
#6 Have a large enough bank role to offset a bad streak and set win/loose limits.
I've been playing proper VP for 15 years. Playing VP with comp points always paid my my whole 1st class trips to Las Vegas.
I usually play multi hand because single hand is just too much of a grind. Also because if I get dealt a decent hand (ie 3 of a kind) I can hit a big win and walk away. Thus bank role and limits is a must.

Comment from : Yumpin Yiminy

Hi Steve, one thing I have found when checking the pay tables is that some machines change the pay tables depending on the denomination of your bet. So it's important to change the denomination on the machine to the amount you want before you check the pay table. I mostly visit tribal casinos so I'm not sure if this is common practice in Las Vegas.
Comment from : Tom60062

Pamela Anzaldua
Thank you for this! I just started playing video poker.
Comment from : Pamela Anzaldua

The only time I am guaranteed to get money is at the ATM... come to think of it, that's not always a guarantee either.
Comment from : Patralis

Always play max coins! That bonus for a royal flush of 4000 coins is what you need in the long run.
Comment from : cecilb48

Figures you post this, the day after I get back from Vegas... DOH! Keep up the good videos.
Comment from : mrsmurf1

Scott Keatts
wait where can you get buffets for $8????
Comment from : Scott Keatts

CASINOS must LOVE you guys, you're so full of sh*t
Comment from : cluboasispatttaya

TheMaster Zman11
Always enjoy your videos bc you are always trying to educate the gambler on being a smarter player
Comment from : TheMaster Zman11

Yes, and how does the casino control how many, good, great, and Royal Flush, winning hands, and winning hand frequency?
Comment from : oncenterline

Sara Herrera
Congrats on 70k subs
Comment from : Sara Herrera

Mike Sutliff
This video is at least 10 to 15 years old. Good luck on finding a 9-6 game. Casinos have made them a dinosaur.
Comment from : Mike Sutliff

Solid advice. If you can on future videos, please make Steve's volume higher. Thanks!
Comment from : GlenMiz

I have been watching this channel for years and love the addition of Matt he has a wealth of knowledge as well.
Comment from : angelsfan15

fifty something
Thanks for the tips!
Comment from : fifty something

Vince White
thanks, Steve and Matt for the tips. enjoy your videos.
Comment from : Vince White

David Prodigy
Keep up the great work
Comment from : David Prodigy

San Manuel Casino
Always use your card! Our cards - Club Serrano!
Comment from : San Manuel Casino

Caleb Estes
Comment from : Caleb Estes

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