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Game Quitters
Do you think GTA Online is a form of gambling?
Comment from : Game Quitters

Awesome Modz
this is funny as hell! y'all talking about a game that's for 17 and up. it's the parents fault anyway
Comment from : Awesome Modz

Alvin A.
Hi im alvin pleased to meet you. Pls do give me a shout out and subbie me thank you.
Comment from : Alvin A.

I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!
Who cares
Comment from : I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!

waldo gehrad
In rockstar defense, the games rated mature so kids shouldn't be playing it ffs
Comment from : waldo gehrad

Thanks gta, now I will start gambling 😁
Comment from : Slumf

Linty Carcass
Did this guy seriously just compare alcohol to video game gambling? Alcohol can seriously damage a child. The parent can choose to expose their child to such a game if they want. It's their child. I personally find this video obnoxious, because this is the exact picture you have in mind of a concerned parent who doesn't know what he's talking about. Let me just ask you one thing before you ramble about your age verification idea. Can you name one way that this could actually be implemented without any loopholes whatsoever? This is like the "porn sites should have age verification" discussion all over again.
Comment from : Linty Carcass

Linty Carcass
Boo hoo
Comment from : Linty Carcass

Beamish Foreman
Hey Cam, I haven't commented in a while but i just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and you should keep it up, you changed my life.
Comment from : Beamish Foreman

GAP Communications
Awesome Video Cam
Comment from : GAP Communications

Amazing work as always, Cam!
Comment from : Leo

I feel like they just wrote a list of countries that don't allow gamble straight from Google search there's no way they contracted every government in the world to check if it's ok to gamble in your country or not
Comment from : random2wins

Jamie Paton
This is why the game is rated 18 or M. It's because it includes this sort of stuff which is made for adults. The developers aren't making this for children, they're making it for their target audience of adults. So if a child plays the game it's not to the discredit of the developers but the parents
Comment from : Jamie Paton

Mikal Swanson
If I remember correctly the ESRB rates it M for Mature, with an age restriction of 17 years or older. Not saying I condone gambling in a game or not. Its a way to make money for that company and we, the consumer, have a choice to pay/play it or not.
Comment from : Mikal Swanson

John C
Amazing content and job well done on your video man, keep it up!
Those of us lurking that keep Game Quitters on our email list are freakin' blessed to have the thought provoking concepts you introduce to the back of our minds.
Can't thank you enough,

Comment from : John C

Marek Tužák
If you really want to gamble in GTA Online at least use money hacks or modded accounts, don't give money to greedy and morally corrupt Rockstar.
Comment from : Marek Tužák

How about parents parent their kids and not let them play M rated games where you can fuck and murder strippers, commit armed Robbery, steal cars, Kill innocent civilians, ect? This is a non problem, They put a cap of 20k chips after a certain period so people cant just gamble all day. As for age verification, Its the parents responsibility to know what their child is playing. People who have never played GTA know how fucked up this game is, Its not rockstars responsibility to parent peoples children and make it a "Safe space" or prevent kids from playing. Its really that simple. Its NOT rockstars fault for making their games fun, This DLC made me come back to the game because it added something new and lets me use my in game currency i have spent house building up on something risky. Im against loot boxes, But this isn't loot boxes, This is just simple fun and as long as rockstar isn't using algorithms to make people loose then there is nothing wrong with this.
Comment from : TOBA Tim

Murder? Nah
Theft? Nah
Hookers? Nah
Gangs? Nah

Gambling? Everyone loses their fucking minds!!!!

Comment from : Dime

Paul Graves
So sad man. I think this whole issue can be summed up in one word: GREED. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate all of the content you put out. Keep it up!
Comment from : Paul Graves

Islam Basiony
The government: you can't gamble if you are age is less than 20

GTA Games: yes you can, also you can get a hooker in a car or a topless stripper if u want

Comment from : Islam Basiony

I've been playing this game since launch day and I've never seen anything so ridiculous. This is very annoying to walk around the Casino and see "this feature is not available to you". What do you think I'm feeling? I am excluded! Man, I'm + 40 years old, I play games since the Atari era, I don't play real life gambling and I don't want to play but this is just a video game, not real life. No problem, I uninstalled this game. +80 Gb free on hard disk.
Comment from : ROCK: ON

Iyas Massoud
Thanks, Cam, for spreading awareness.
Comment from : Iyas Massoud

Thanks man, appreciate the vid. Gaming is out of control...loot boxes... I don't even wanna start...
Comment from : theartistcraig

kaseem q
1. The game is meant or 17+ so it's the kids fault if they start gambling. 2. Even though they'd still play you can't use shark card money to buy chips, only money that you earn from the game
Comment from : kaseem q

3 years ago I was in a video game store and a father with his 2 sons(both looked like 12 or 14 years old) came in and father bought them GTA V. I wanted to tell him not to buy it for his kids but I minded my own business. I was surprised that the seller never told the father that it's not for kids. We need better age verification system for 'M' or not for kids rated games and parents should also take care of these things.
Thanks for sharing Cam.

Comment from : ASpicy

That Guy Again
The moment I read that sentence the moment I have to stop you right there

"GTA exposing kids to gambling"

GTA it's not a kids game, and for the first time defending a gaming company

It's not GTA fault kids play this game, yes kids play this game but it's up to the parents ho bought a "M" rated game

Yes I wouldn't want gambling in any game (then again is better to gamble in a game then in real life) but this is an adult game where mostly adults are supposed to play this and where things like extreme violence, sexual themes, and drug use happens

Gambling would be the 4th of this game's problem

This falls on the parents actions not the developers

Comment from : That Guy Again

Charley Wolf
Gambling is dangerous yes. If it is virtual money it is ok. Now I don't mean it isnt dangerous. The real danger is microtransactions. In watch dogs I've won and lost at poker and enjoyed it. This doesn't mean I would gamble much if any money in real life. Gambling is like anything else you do. It's fine if done in enjoyment and not competitively or too much.
Comment from : Charley Wolf

Dielquo dielquo
Man that mrbossftw video surely feels surreal. Weird how normalized these things like gambling are getting nowadays.
Comment from : Dielquo dielquo

Деннис RTtech
“It only takes one Big win to get the jackpot”

Think I heard a lot og ludomaniacs say that before 😂 ridicioulus

Comment from : Деннис RTtech

Sober Leon
Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Sober Leon

Gambling in games, should not be allowed in any games. In my opinion. GTA is already expensive, and now they want gamers to pay even more?
Comment from : HazeN

James Good
It wouldn't be as much of an issue if the average age of a GTA player wasn't 12 years old... Gambling shouldn't be normalised to children growing up.

It's as simple as that.

Comment from : James Good

I feel like the idea of the casino is fine however players no matter what age should not be able to use the money that they bought with real currency to gamble
Comment from : GhostDynamic

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