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Dark Shadow
Skeep they fixed the light glitch and removed the lasers now...
Comment from : Dark Shadow

Who else hates the new casino heist
Comment from : ANGRYPVZ

Caleb White
Comment from : Caleb White

Caleb White
Comment from : Caleb White

Caleb White
Comment from : Caleb White

Caleb White
Comment from : Caleb White

Raton family
When he slap in mad city God night and casino lights turn on
Comment from : Raton family

Raton family
What.... Was... The.... INTRO BRUH
Comment from : Raton family

Cachito Damian
The First Time Ive Ever Seen Sketch Mad
Denis Always said he would win
Then he always Sort of lost
Corl never got mad i think only when he got kicked out of the pals. Alex i think once got mad sub never did

Comment from : Cachito Damian

TTV Theboss08
I like the update like if you do to,also sketch another awesome, Great video 😀😃😄😁😆
Comment from : TTV Theboss08

What is the ocean boss and how do you do it
Comment from : Penguinfull

Gilberto Orellana
It sucks ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞
Comment from : Gilberto Orellana

jeff fritz
there is more things that are new go to the gunshop
Comment from : jeff fritz

Skek a god
Comment from : My_guyyy

Ryan Mitchell
The new casino robbery looks more like a hotel robbery (a very confusing one too)
Comment from : Ryan Mitchell

I dont love you
Comment from : czesc

Sub_Velocity Playz
I don’t really like the casino anymore the bank is okay I guess but I just can’t with the casino the old one is better in my opinion
Comment from : Sub_Velocity Playz

Sketch is just the Jarvis of jailbreak. Hes the greatest and he got banned lol
Comment from : Creative.Cubs

Mr. Beast
Who else love sketch

Comment from : Mr. Beast

Nansadie Maolud
The udate is awesome
Comment from : Nansadie Maolud

Zina Hussein
Can you friend me Skitch username lelloucha
Comment from : Zina Hussein

Wow but now there is no the thing to the casino White
Comment from : JUMA EMMANUEL

The Pensel Show
it is ok
Comment from : The Pensel Show

yahia shayah
taymaster is smart he putts the lihgts there so the game can not lag and in the casino thats smoke probebly lol
Comment from : yahia shayah

Jeffrey Fishel
Comment from : Jeffrey Fishel

Yeshua Burgos
This update sucks
Comment from : Yeshua Burgos

Pinoy Clash
some times he sounds like rick
Comment from : Pinoy Clash

Sweet Bee
37 seconds ago but there r already 1.1k comments??
Comment from : Sweet Bee

Random lilith fan Tooncraft
How u know mr beast are u friends with him
Comment from : Random lilith fan Tooncraft

collin Fritz
it is exiciting
Comment from : collin Fritz

Maxwell Mason
Why is the freaking casino so ugh 😩


Comment from : Maxwell Mason

en_ vyx
I hope the new bank
Comment from : en_ vyx

Kodo Kool
Hi sketch I got my first video uploaded today please like and subscribe to it thanks. Who else loves sketch👇🏻
Comment from : Kodo Kool

Kucher Kids
I hate it
Comment from : Kucher Kids

hell block
they fixed the lights it was a glitch
Comment from : hell block

Jessie Wang
Change mind
Comment from : Jessie Wang

Dan Greg
How much mad city videos has he made?
Comment from : Dan Greg

Kuxonga Phaweni
Boring Thofuu is a bet lol ar
Comment from : Kuxonga Phaweni

Esmeralda Jurado Jacome
I hate the casino
Comment from : Esmeralda Jurado Jacome

Meh likes the new decorations .>. But meh luved the last casino more >~>
Comment from : Donutz

Hey Alexa 13
cool ugly skek 1:00
Comment from : Hey Alexa 13

Charlie_ BloxXR
Like if we should get rid of those Stupid Lights!!!!!!
Comment from : Charlie_ BloxXR

Ashleigh I
The car you can’t get on December 9 it will end and no one will get it
Comment from : Ashleigh I

Ahhh God I've never clicked so fast before anyway hiiiiiiiiiiiii sketch I'm a big fannnnnnnnnnnnn🎆❤❤❤❤
Comment from : ALISA GAMING

Zuhair Azali
Like my comment because i can't spell to.
Comment from : Zuhair Azali

Zuhair Azali
I think after all the people check he updates in the future after that people will stop playin mad city cus day make the bby harder for kids like if u agree.
Comment from : Zuhair Azali

omay plays
Sketch says this is even not mad city

Me: thinks this is grand city

Comment from : omay plays

well i was hella hyped for da car but in the end it costs 800R$ and its limited
Comment from : Yuth PLAYS

Lovro Sipos
You are noob
Comment from : Lovro Sipos

DP Roberts
1. Love the new/old hair.
2. Both heist updates made them more confusing for no apparent reason. If you're going to increase the challenge level, increase the payout by either increasing the money cap or adding more interesting features (like the penthouse in the original casino.)
3. The proximity lasers in the vault room for the bank are nonsensical, especially when placed immediately after the hopscotch laser field.
4. The bank zipline should drop you on the roof of CluckDonalds.
5. The casino is a mess. Slowing down the red spotlights on the first floor, completely eliminating the white light walls throughout and adding a few more points of interest inside could redeem it.
6. Your commentary is always spot on. Hopefully the Mad City devs are paying attention.

Comment from : DP Roberts

Maia Glissmann
Me and my friend tried to rob the casino like five times and we failed drastically.
Comment from : Maia Glissmann

I hate this friking update, casino is so hard, dead so many time, i really want the old casino. And i so like Sketch!
Comment from : 屈红梅

yahia tiger
the lights sucks in casino we cant see where to go
Comment from : yahia tiger

Gohan Daily
Sketch thinks he is so cool.
Comment from : Gohan Daily

Meme Spawner
Unwear that hair

Listen me

Comment from : Meme Spawner

7dainty Gear4
Sketch your hair looks so weird

Comment from : 7dainty Gear4

Peyton Whittle
*sketch gets banned for glitching in the bank
Comment from : Peyton Whittle

Ultimate Nintendo Ninja
You have to hack the computer in the casino to stop the red lights and white walls
Comment from : Ultimate Nintendo Ninja

Arnold Ayala
in the casino every time I get the last lever I die
Comment from : Arnold Ayala

Macretha Cozier
I just dum
Comment from : Macretha Cozier

April Militar
Skeky the casino light wall problem is fixed
Comment from : April Militar

Sarah Ramdath
Everyone just complaining about the update it's so easy to play I mean it's hard to make the game just stop complaining
Comment from : Sarah Ramdath

MooseAddPro Was Never Here
Uhh when he clapped his hands the lights on the casino turned on. HIS A WIZARD
Comment from : MooseAddPro Was Never Here

Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch
i miss the old bank and casino iv played both of them and manage to succeed but i think its just getting use where the safe is cause it was like a maze even through i did want to look around i think it makes more time to find things i would rather stick to the orignal but hey eventully it propley grow on me!!!!
Comment from : Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

Iskandar ._.
Sketch...u so handsome
Comment from : Iskandar ._.

My username is Swap2138
Comment from : P ROY

Jamil Saleh
i hate the casino like if you do too ⬇️

Comment from : Jamil Saleh

I WENT UPSTAIRS RIGHT WHEN I ENTERED it took me and my friend forever to figure it out also ask tay to fix the hoverboardi die instantly when i jump out of it
Comment from : Tigeroxx

Morgan John
i loved the looks on the inside but the outside of the casino is :(
Comment from : Morgan John

• Kahita •
The hair I live it!!
Comment from : • Kahita •

Nojus Maciulis
You need to hack a compurter at the start
Comment from : Nojus Maciulis

Nabila Hemal
U are the best
Comment from : Nabila Hemal

jonah docherty
yo sketch wanna be friends because I need a nice friend
Comment from : jonah docherty

Jamo epic guy!
It’s ok I guess😕
Comment from : Jamo epic guy!

Wolf X
Comment from : Wolf X

Wolf X
1like if like madcity
Comment from : Wolf X

Jack of spades
I need to know
Comment from : Jack of spades

Jack of spades
Sketch plz respond back

Why did corl do that....

I'm so confused

Comment from : Jack of spades

Exploring with Erin
I think that there are too many lights
Comment from : Exploring with Erin

Stephanie Jenkins
I think it’s ok but needs work
Comment from : Stephanie Jenkins

Life of a Morales
They should have the ability to merge hero powers
Comment from : Life of a Morales

Meh kinda hard to go through the lasers and the rest of that stuff
Comment from : REAL ROBLOX MAN

overdrive 153
Nothing injust wang tp see them news season
Comment from : overdrive 153

Can we see Sketch VS MyUsernamesThis in mad city?
Comment from : Aziz1YT

Heroshi Ushijima
I dot like that kasino bank is ez to rob
Comment from : Heroshi Ushijima

awww maaan
Skek look at the Atlantis it's gone.
Comment from : awww maaan

Laser_ Klaft
They fixed the lights and every one of the complaints u had
Comment from : Laser_ Klaft

Cherie Fontaine
Tell Tamastr to make a difference mad bod
Comment from : Cherie Fontaine

R. Amorim
👍 1K
Comment from : R. Amorim

Maddie_Queen 2007ROBLOX
I agree. I think the updates are cool and all, but the zip line is inefficient and the casino walls are just bad. (No offence to the devs) P.S. I love your vids, and can you please bring back just dares?
Comment from : Maddie_Queen 2007ROBLOX

Emily_Jem Plays
skoopidy le poopidy
Comment from : Emily_Jem Plays

Omg i never watched u in a long time you are funny man i ciant stop laughing. Bc of gacha life
Comment from : Gachaz_lifez

Valerie Estes
Comment from : Valerie Estes

Valerie Estes
Comment from : Valerie Estes

The white walls and the red circles in the casino are gone now.
Comment from : IbraheemPlayz


Comment from : Lanana

Yeuris Saldana
Hate the casino but like the bank👇
Comment from : Yeuris Saldana

Elizabeth Dodd
Well he has it again
Mc Donald’s hair is back baby

Comment from : Elizabeth Dodd

Joe Sanchez
Play Fornite
Comment from : Joe Sanchez

Elizabeth Dodd
Who remembers sketch hair do for a year ago
Comment from : Elizabeth Dodd

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