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Giovanni Bonanno
The Roulette table was Very Good first round for number patterns. Patterns are like 25 goes to 5, 29 to 9, 19 to 9 or 29. When you play Numbers then you want to spread out to cover few numbers in all 0-36. Like 0, 5 to 9, 18-21 & 25-27, 35-36.
Comment from : Giovanni Bonanno

paul murray
A good creepier can spin a third of table
Comment from : paul murray

paul murray
Let him spin 1st...then place bet
Comment from : paul murray

El Nino
That's the worst play on roulette i ever saw!
Comment from : El Nino

swizzLa The One
Comment from : swizzLa The One

Should of quit when you hit 9k
Comment from : Diego

I have seen players at the roulette table bet like this ALL THE TIME. If you get just one or two players at the roulette wheel that bet like this, it gets very distracting very quickly. The only good news is that most of the time, they lose all their money so quickly that typically they are not at the table very long... unless they hit the ATM again. They might as well have a toilet right next to it.

Also, they are often standing in the way whenever other players are trying to place their bets. By the time they are done placing their bets, the croupier is just about to spin the wheel. For players that insist on betting like this, place your bets QUICKLY, then move the fuck out of the way!

When I see players place bets like this, I call it "vomit betting". Why not just put one chip down on every number, that way you "win" each time? Of course, I am not actually suggesting to put one chip on every single number, but sadly, even THAT would be much better than what he is doing. I have never understood why people vomit bet all over the table. When I see them come along, I will try to move to a quiet, or a least, less rambunctious table. When I cannot find a more respectable table available, I take it as the cue that it is time to switch to blackjack.

Comment from : Paul

HAHAHAHA this guy has no strategy no bankroll management
Comment from : JKay11235

Worst strategy ever
Comment from : BroMandudeKnar

Brian Jimenez
The wheel is not consistent because they keep rotating the way they throw the ball. ☹
Comment from : Brian Jimenez

Donald Keyes
28 red? just after 4 mins what a dealer
Comment from : Donald Keyes

Probably the worst odds in the casino. The big wheel only beats it...
Comment from : Brandue

fuko aki
I,m All in
Comment from : fuko aki

Play sections of the wheel example bet 4 numbers in row on wheel then skip section do it again this way when ya get that dirty spin it can bounce in or out and ya win on American wheel I play 0 2 9 26 28 then 789 10 11 12 17 20 29 32 so if ya hit you basically double up
Comment from : jbarres80

William Parker
They have toilets in the bathroom...., much quicker that way
Comment from : William Parker

Vasile B
U don’t know how to play
Comment from : Vasile B

justin snider
Lol degenerate gambling at its finest. I always go to roulette when I’m burnt out on poker and just want to degen it up.
Comment from : justin snider

How fast can you lose? How fast can you lose?
Comment from : jace888

Please play at any casino that isn’t making any money at this point of time 😁
Comment from : jace888

Sam Brikho
There is no strategy to play Roulette, it's all about luck ! You welcome.
Comment from : Sam Brikho

dean brooks
Comment from : dean brooks

dean brooks
Comment from : dean brooks

Erky _
Unfortunately One day you not gonna even have $10
Comment from : Erky _

hector david baigorria
Captain Davo, I love you!!!
Comment from : hector david baigorria

Seth Browler
Nice wins hahah
Comment from : Seth Browler

You are addicted
Comment from : POKERLOVER

Arunas Arunce
No people around playing always :DD
Comment from : Arunas Arunce

stupid gambler ...smart youtuber...more money your throw out on gambling...viewer more like it...and much more money from adsense....good job!!!the point is...you win every on video even on casino you loose...,,,😜
Comment from : MARIO MUSKETER

have I played this guy at Crown poker?
Comment from : J C

Notice how you lost 14k when you ain't using the casino money 😂😂
Comment from : iGainzzz

Steven Clingan
This is a perfect example of how NOT to play roulette in a casino. I am a high limit table games dealer at the Bellagio in Las Vegas as well as an avid roulette and craps player. I have won several tournaments in the past. with a good betting strategy and self-discipline and a decent bankroll roulette is a game that you can actually do well with if you have patience and discipline. of course roulette is one of the worst games in the casino to play via house edge, of course all of the games in the casino are a negative expectation game but roulette and craps can have positive results with the right discipline and knowledge and patience this gentleman shows none of that. The only thing that is in their favor is that this is a single 0 European style wheel. I hate to see anyone lose money good luck to you guys.
Comment from : Steven Clingan

Kasyno w Australii? Pozdrawiam z 🇵🇱👌
Comment from : Jabolpank

Zubair Ahmed
This is not how you play roulette my bro
Comment from : Zubair Ahmed

Crazy people!
Comment from : ametllet

Lmao even though there technically is no strategy to roulette this dudes strategy is trash 🗑
Comment from : Rian

Philip Puglisi
Cant beat the wheel
Comment from : Philip Puglisi

Music Overdose
Thats not how you play roulette!!!!!
Comment from : Music Overdose

Tony Luxton
Sorry gents that’s the worse roulette play I have ever seen. I like your video thou
Comment from : Tony Luxton

Vadim VeeVoit
Those were some of the dumbest 30% chance to win bets ever 😂 might as well put it all on one number and cross your fingers giggling
Comment from : Vadim VeeVoit

Jaime 1700
This guy always loses. His videos hurt my stomach.
Comment from : Jaime 1700

Rick Smith
Idiots. It was an obvious pattern of low dozen mid dozen chop. Should have made a million bucks here
Comment from : Rick Smith

Aaron Soto
How to lose a lot of money very fast.
Comment from : Aaron Soto

Jake Ormand
Wow they are spinning that wheel slow. God bless for Captain Davo.
Comment from : Jake Ormand

şiirimin dili
Böle ruletmi oynanır ya biraz Türk oyunculardan ders al
Comment from : şiirimin dili

Arin Ohlendorf
right idea just wrong when it comes to your team go packers
Comment from : Arin Ohlendorf

Thor Harper
Where u think he got that watch from these guys
Comment from : Thor Harper

Brett Smith
Play sections of the wheel instead of consecutive numbers. Dealer was in the same areas 🤔
Comment from : Brett Smith

Rocks One
Lolllll as a roulette player that actually knows the best way to play this is laughable
Comment from : Rocks One

Rocks One
Omg this guy so dumb!
Comment from : Rocks One

hugh moore
Your not looking at the odds of the positions ? Straight up pays 35 : 1 & a corner pays 8 : 1 So why bet the same chip amounts on either positions ? Better to put the corner bets on other straight up numbers. You would have more wheel cover & thus increase your chance of a hit. You can bet up to 18 numbers & that is an even chance return. Alternative is to play the Even chance positions as you have $9 K BR so you can afford to run a good progression.

Financial betting logic is the name of the game if you want a good chance to make some profit.

Comment from : hugh moore

Adam Brake
Stupid way to play... low percentages dont win...
Comment from : Adam Brake

Type X
Comment from : Type X

احمد علي
Both of you playing shit
Comment from : احمد علي

My best was i lost $175 put $25 on 31 and hit 31 walked out so fast after that.
Comment from : MrSavagebeast50

Aloha Poppet
This makes me laugh he looking at the number LCD screen that severs no purpose what so ever it means nothing at all. A Roulette wheel can not think and can not remember. There is only one way to win a Roulette 100% guaranteed. It will make you Millions for 30 seconds work. If you want to know Davo how too then message me here and i will let you know.
Comment from : Aloha Poppet

Bro you gotta post more than once a week
Comment from : crosstgr1604

Shivas Irons
Is this like candid camera? " I'll move it up one" bad strategy. Cover 68% bet a lot to win a little, but. WIN alittle!
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Boudy ElAgmawy
wtf is that why u never win dude!!!
Comment from : Boudy ElAgmawy

Moty Videos
he is much better infront of the PC ... in live, all i saw is losing around 30K this month. great guide to how to be poor.
Comment from : Moty Videos

Craig Roy
Is there a part 2???
Comment from : Craig Roy

john smith
These rich guys aren't smart.
Comment from : john smith

Graham Allen
Lower your bets... And Cover the table
Comment from : Graham Allen

Roulette Game
If You Want Roulette Software,knock me
Comment from : Roulette Game

Roulette Game
Comment from : Roulette Game

There is never anyone at the fukn casino,lol.
Comment from : DAVID GAROFANO

karam rassam
European blackjack please
Comment from : karam rassam

Remco db
its realy the most stupid strategy ever
Comment from : Remco db

BJC Counter
Roulette is a losing game
Comment from : BJC Counter

cheeky kid
why is this casino always empty?
Comment from : cheeky kid

body saan
haaaa u dont know how to playing guys poor money
Comment from : body saan

Get Back To Golf
can't wait for part 2 or is it out? send link
Comment from : Get Back To Golf

Mr Kiki
Learn to play the game before making videos on Roulette.
Stick to Pokies, you don’t need to think.

Comment from : Mr Kiki

Sick beat in the end
Comment from : roflushh

floor screeder
Davo always plays when the casino is empty 🤔
Comment from : floor screeder

1KinG TV
U are dumb if u didnt realize ball vibration thats all scam
Comment from : 1KinG TV

Jeremy jazwinski
Davo is back!! I'm still working hard spreading the word on the best gambler in the world, davo. Congrats on the 250k baby. Filthy win
Comment from : Jeremy jazwinski

Bill Lumbergh
That bet size sign said “even chance” lol just ignore that zero I guess
Comment from : Bill Lumbergh

F Dc
Betting strategy applied
30% coverage to win
70% coverage to lose

Comment from : F Dc

Ron Tsumura
Always remember gamble responsible 👍
Comment from : Ron Tsumura

Ron Tsumura
Roulette not for you bud you just lose man
Comment from : Ron Tsumura

Top: how to lose 9000AUD in 6 minutes... haha. For fun yes is good.. feeling better when money not in pocket. Just learn how to play or stop feed casinos...
Comment from : Molberts

Bruce Piston
Must bet neighbors
Comment from : Bruce Piston

If i ever feel bad about losing a few quid betting, i come and watch this video. Feel great afterwards
Comment from : T

Angelo Nunez
your videos make my day,,, keep up the bad work :)
Comment from : Angelo Nunez

He jisy won 250k don't think 9k is a problem 😂
Comment from : MegaCardtricks1231

Z5 X9
Sorry but am i the only one who thinks that the Roulette Table is a Little Bit Strange? Look how the ball falls in the Numbers, it dont Look very Natural for me...
Comment from : Z5 X9

Chadwick Lowery
You need to just stay online betting, because all you do is lose in the casino.
Comment from : Chadwick Lowery

Connvict Connvict
Poor gambling don’t even no what the Fuk how to play you 🔔 end
Comment from : Connvict Connvict

I heard they are building a new casino next to this one solely for you 😂
Comment from : GrapjesmetTomenTim

Gary Steven
Stunning atmosphere again
Comment from : Gary Steven

Not Now Cato
Funny how the casino is empty
Comment from : Not Now Cato

Oskars Lapiņš
Whats that currency
Comment from : Oskars Lapiņš

stefaan A.
the orphans, 15000, that's about 7 years of savings. there are many strategies and every roulette player is watching them from very close. but 98 percent of the roulette players cant place the strategies in square boxes and run out. what I just have seen is one straight Flatout strategy with 15000. to win you must switch strategies using a strategy that wins more but wins a less amount, with these less winning amounts you bet flat out. having a mix of strategies incoming, like 5 black in a row, like last three repeating like position on the disc, counting +-180 - 10number, staying not staying, jumping not jumping, follow don't follow, don't be ready and bet, you lose. you could make a chance to multiply by 288 but it was more spread out and never had a real chance.
Comment from : stefaan A.

Love your videos
Comment from : elevate4eva

Fawdina Putri
two dumbos
Comment from : Fawdina Putri

Fawdina Putri
he shits in his pants lmfao
Comment from : Fawdina Putri

Lucas Sredzinski
These live casino sessions are soooo much fucken fun to watch! Thanks for all the great content davo:))
Comment from : Lucas Sredzinski

Kyle Kutt
Roulette sucks. Play some blackjack!
Comment from : Kyle Kutt

Hey Davo aren't you a religious man, I've seen your sister wear a cross. Dont you know the roulette numbers add to 666? Or does that not bother you
Comment from : LittleLightWolf

Always remember to gamble responsibly. Lol
Comment from : KhmaisoIdier

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