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OG Kennedy
I smoked high grade weed an this video was the most captivating thing I've seen all day..5 minutes I wont get back.haha #loudclouds #UNDALAY
Comment from : OG Kennedy

Age Bellteso
Not that impressive
Comment from : Age Bellteso

Cody Johnson
Like OH MY GODDDDD X's 294828482 times
Comment from : Cody Johnson

Neon Fire
For the top commenr who said a live buffalo comes out with the grand win. I bet when it does the casino says its a malfunction 😂
Comment from : Neon Fire

Phantom Pain
I swear I heard him say machu pichhu 🤔 (multiplier 🙄)
Comment from : Phantom Pain

Dante Medina
I my be next
Comment from : Dante Medina

Congrats on getting 2.8million people to watch this.
Comment from : obiwon76

Kenneth Moran
Comment from : Kenneth Moran

I love watching people win. It’s so exciting!! Can’t wait for it to be my turn to hit big !!
Comment from : R C

Mary Lee
Lucky!! This machine is very hard to win especially if you aren’t betting a lot. Most I won was $50 betting the second highest bet only. That’s why I stick with the original buffalo slot at least there I can still win a good amount even if I’m betting little. 5 of a kind on this slot and I only get pay 5 or 6 dollars but on the original buffalo machine if I get a 5 of a kind I’ll get pay at least $20.
Comment from : Mary Lee

Stephen S
"Even I had handpay" bahaha
Comment from : Stephen S

Canal Missionário
Ola mais nova aqui
Super inscrita
Tambem tenho video novo

Comment from : Canal Missionário

Matthew Johnson
That's not the biggest buffalo win on youtube.... thumbs down...
Comment from : Matthew Johnson

Annoying asshole in the back, must be a taxi driver
Comment from : spoodles50

Shawn J
I want Indian dude stand behind me playing!! Awesome congrats!
Comment from : Shawn J

Dee K
The indian man was the best part of this video😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Dee K

Dan Frick
First time I ever saw a super
Comment from : Dan Frick

Is this slot machine at winstar in Oklahoma? I wanna try this now
Comment from : Aaron

Adrian Ruiz
I won 300 on this slot last night lol
Comment from : Adrian Ruiz

Gerard Kayson
It’s a mini 😂😂😂
Comment from : Gerard Kayson

I wish we knew what casino and state this was in?! Lol a lot of the winner videos I find don't state that. That would be helpful!
Comment from : mcvmarie

Cant find that version, only one i can find online is www.buffaloslotmachine.com/
Comment from : Recentpoker.com

Clickbait.. not even close to biggest Buffalo win.
Comment from : MonsterMetalManiac

Nightchair Records
Omg oh wow!! Evil Wendy!! That was so exciting for me to watch!
Comment from : Nightchair Records

Tony s
How many trips to the casino before you hit that jackpot?
Comment from : Tony s

Indian dude needs to mind his business and play his own game.
Comment from : Reggie87

Slot Angel
Comment from : Slot Angel

This is at the stratosphere in Vegas right?
Comment from : quill

Brian Eaton
The spectator sounds like a filthy Indian.
Comment from : Brian Eaton

달▷콤한 유▥혹은 없습니다. 그러나 확실합니다 XXOXX7. COM
Comment from : 심유진

Mara Vladic
Comment from : Mara Vladic

James Brewitt
Thought I’d tuned into the Big Bang Theory with Rajesh narrating 🤔
Comment from : James Brewitt

king beef
God bless him.hope i ger that lucky.
Comment from : king beef

His language is terrible. So sad.
Comment from : ART MCPHARLIN

Андрей Список
Comment from : Андрей Список

Aleks Kolpakov
всем удачи
Comment from : Aleks Kolpakov

юлия марченко
Comment from : юлия марченко

Super game!
Comment from : Lobasya

учу как заработать 100 доларов в день подпишись на мой канал!
Comment from : Заработок В ИНТЕРНЕТЕ

это невероятно просто шик
Comment from : Заработок В ИНТЕРНЕТЕ

Texas Lottery Fun
Love the vids, keep up the winnin spins! 👍🏽🍀🍀🍀❤️
Comment from : Texas Lottery Fun

NYC Slots Winner Resort World Casino
Awesome video. Check out my wins www.youtube.com/channel/UCNIqN8_1OHW_4wLtZenBDdw
Comment from : NYC Slots Winner Resort World Casino

Carrie Culver
Casino looked empty was this early in the am?
Comment from : Carrie Culver

Steve Winnicki
not the biggest buffalo win on you tube!!... VERY MISLEADING!! ... FALSE!! ... Reported to youtube!
Comment from : Steve Winnicki

Alina Nuvello
Hooray! I won the 3750$ jackpot! Played here 👉 trastfi.pro/handpay
Comment from : Alina Nuvello

Nice hit man. Just a note from a Canadian slot lover. There is no tax on slot winnings here.

I've always hated this video because it ends before you even see the bonus end

Not the biggest on YouTube . Not even close

Tonny Gegan
WOW! WOW! WOW! This is insane Maaan! I like IT!
Comment from : Tonny Gegan

Josh Nichter
That Indian guy talking in the background just totally ruined this clip. Thumbs down
Comment from : Josh Nichter

Edward Bothman
im so jealous rite now
Comment from : Edward Bothman

I will never understand why people get excited about being hand paid. That means you hit the limit that they can tax now and you must fill out a tax form.
Comment from : MrTheoLater

Fat Brothers Slots
Boom 4x Yeah Buddy!!! Fantastic Win!!! Nice 5k day!!! Yeah Buddy!
Comment from : Fat Brothers Slots

Douglas Lang
Imagine if they replaced the word pay with job.
Comment from : Douglas Lang

conekte dt
In a casino in holland i win 360 euro on this maschine
Comment from : conekte dt

Tiffany J
'Press the button' .... ughh hello guy mind your own damn business lol
Comment from : Tiffany J

Great bonuses great win congrats! Best of luck to ya next time.....👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : GETLUCKY101

One con about casinos is if you're playing a game, and another guest intentionally bets for you and wins the JP, that person gets the money instead of you. Rules are regardless of who's sitting down at a machine, if someone other than you wins a JP for you, they get the money. The person who gets JP wins your money damn.
Comment from : Darkside

Shane McFamous
I would FREAK OUT! Congrats!
Comment from : Shane McFamous

Ross Brumby
The voices had me thinking it was a Cheech and Chong sketch.
Comment from : Ross Brumby

Snoop Dogg
Comment from : Snoop Dogg

Comment from : W.M.A.T/REZ -YUP

bridgett williams
Damn! I can’t stand folks standing about and distracting me while I’m playing. I can’t believe the nerve is some folks.
Comment from : bridgett williams

snake man
Stfu and go away!!!
Comment from : snake man

byrom Joseph
Congratulations on your winnings! That was exciting for me to watch! Well done!
Comment from : byrom Joseph

troll that is not the grand you cheapo
Comment from : masche360

James Henry
Im the winner. Mr jamesm.henry from Poplarville ms iv being trying. To get my money. All i got was alot of hackers
Comment from : James Henry

Pedro Guerreiro
Is that Stewie from Family Guy in the background vocals?
Comment from : Pedro Guerreiro

Get to da choppa
Comment from : Get to da choppa

Slot Ninjaz
I can't wait till we get a handpay one day lol...we've come close!
Comment from : Slot Ninjaz

turan bagatur
If U want I press for U ..And U give me half..!
Comment from : turan bagatur

Matthew coins
Not the biggest.....
Comment from : Matthew coins

Julius Barocio
I'm 22 the most I've hit at the boat was about $900, wasn't able to stop smiling for days because I only went in with $100. Can't imagine the feeling he felt watching that money going up, congrats man hopefully you paid that credit debt off !
Comment from : Julius Barocio

So is that guy a friend or just a leech?
Comment from : Crisperdad

Hugo Stiglitz
We only see videos of people winning which is extremely rare
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

Hugo Stiglitz
Longer you play slots the more you will lose
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

Skidoo Skidoo
ooooh what that big....
Comment from : Skidoo Skidoo

You know that guy chatting all the time was looking for a handout.
Comment from : BFB-DanceySteve

Don’t hate cuz you’ll can win like that

Last Chance
If you hit the grand, my dick comes out of the machine to slap your face!
Comment from : Last Chance

Jesse Bella
Your first han pai, u never had a han pai, even i got a han pai
Comment from : Jesse Bella

Jeff Sawicki
Comment from : Jeff Sawicki

Rose Garcia Rodriguez
Why did you cut it of???? Ugh!!
Comment from : Rose Garcia Rodriguez

Too small. Omg.
Comment from : 중도의눈

Nice hits!
Comment from : HIGH LIMIT SLOTS

Drucilla Vance
Ooew..!! Boy you bad! I'm gonna go there again 😍😍🤩I went there first time, didn't played. I love it.
Comment from : Drucilla Vance

Brad holland
If u get the buffalo They give u rare buffalo horns ..Big Money... But u can't sell them
Comment from : Brad holland

Check the comments for what white people think when they hear a foreign accent
Comment from : MrRobby707

Popcorn TV
Aarons thanks for this Video.Great channel GREETS from GERMANY
Comment from : Popcorn TV

Watching this video is clearcut proof that hot and cold machines exist (we are lead to believe it is a myth). Slot payouts are a vast system of timing and true-ups since machines have a legal obligation to payout its stated overall win% (say 85-95%) at certain points. I've played this bonus thousands of times, and to get a yellow bonus with the multiplier is rare, maybe 1 in every 30-35 spins. This guy got it 3 times in a row, basically the same odds as picking a specific number at roulette 3x in a row. It just doesn't happen.
Comment from : TheIceTC

Melanie KH
i used to play this at www.lm333.com the live casino in Malaysia, many variety choices of slot game, so fun.
Comment from : Melanie KH

Andrew Horry
That is an awesome win right there good for him
Comment from : Andrew Horry

Over 40 Keeping it healthy
Disappointing the whole win is not here
Comment from : Over 40 Keeping it healthy

Lone Wolf
my native american name
is scared pigeon

Comment from : Lone Wolf

big elz
How many times did that fuken Indian repeat himself what an annoying cunt
Comment from : big elz

I sat down at the same game last week and 2 chairs were open. I debated on which 1 to sit at, of course I picked the wrong 1. Guy sits down next to me betting max ($3.75) like me. Hits the Super Jackpot in the bonus with multiplier just like this guy. $1,195 x 5 times multiplier. Never any luck.
Comment from : tbone

Sweet WIN 🤑
Comment from : JEROME KENDRICK

oscar lobaton
Is this the classic buffalo slot machine but with touch panel? Never saw that roulette bonus.
Comment from : oscar lobaton

Saxon Ray
Not the biggest win on YouTube with buffalo!
Comment from : Saxon Ray

Saxon Ray
Not the biggest win on YouTube with buffalo!
Comment from : Saxon Ray

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