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Nathan Joll
Can I get a transfer for NO FUCKIN REEEEASON!?!?!? Nlwjoll is the ID BITCHES!!
Comment from : Nathan Joll

boxing first
How many final tables you hit since becoming a partypoker sponsored player,very suspicious to say the least
Comment from : boxing first

domagoj murtic
Hy..I think you should JAm TT there because when you call some better players will jam a lot of brodway hands and you are fliping a lot, but when you ship they will fold QJ KJ maybe KQ sometimes..but when you dicide to limp you must call..he can JAM a lot of worst hands :)
Comment from : domagoj murtic

Tomasz Paluch
TT is actually quite easy call to his 85-100% range. It’s usually 88+ and it’s one of the most common icm’s problems (pockets vs. wide range)
Comment from : Tomasz Paluch

10s are a call if you're trying to win the tournament in my opinion, the ICM implications shouldn't go unnoticed however the pay jumps are so big you want to go in as a massive stack to get to heads up
Comment from : LookingForTruth

william evans
You made a great run but you sure had luck on your side with some of those calls you made
Comment from : william evans

Trav lite
Jammal you're getting female boobies bro,cmon man don't let yourself go again man.
Comment from : Trav lite

Sampsa Virtanen
Your overall tournament graphics show that you have lost tens of thousands of dollars at PartyPoker, why so bad results?
Comment from : Sampsa Virtanen

Jon Tom
Jamie potter
Comment from : Jon Tom

well play
Comment from : 動画なしで登録者数千人目指すアカウント

Tommy O
Dont think your the right one to be learning others.. You and other streamers neglect to mention that your loosing players online. jaimestaples: Total Profit: -$8,862.43
Comment from : Tommy O

Guga DFT 110ANI
i think pokergods thinks you slowrolled. and becouse you loosse tens but overwall i think jam will be good move not limp and call
Comment from : Guga DFT 110ANI

борис чвыров
ээййййй привет удачи бро
Comment from : борис чвыров

Katz Yard
do you stll use jivaro?
Comment from : Katz Yard

I think the tens hand is a fold you can have better hands there not worth the flip being there is 8 left I think you can fold unless he is maniac and you are pretty sure you dominating ahead there
Comment from : Matthew

Grecoking 1337
Nice score Chunk!
Comment from : Grecoking 1337

Michael Kuca
Is that ur boyfriend in the back?
Comment from : Michael Kuca

Abercrombie Fuffufnick
How do you focus on not chewing any gum?
Comment from : Abercrombie Fuffufnick

Why the fuck is he commenting on literally everything that happens? We have AJ , the flop is Q56 two diamonds he cbets 100k.... YEAH NO SHIT I HAVE EYES TOO
Comment from : aceontheriver100

Justin Doss
Great run Jamie. Always love watching your style of play. I think I play kinda the same as you.. 1 question for u is this site available for US players? Or will they be working to get it useable for US players?
Comment from : Justin Doss

morgan martinez
idk when you put the live hand viewer panel in but thats so nice to see as a viewer
Comment from : morgan martinez

nik watson
Gg Jamie
Comment from : nik watson

Mihai Androne
Would have called tens, including ICM pressure, because: the other table was pretty tight and you had a "bully" at your table. So you would lose tooooo many chips untill one guy busted. Further more, you are likely to win with the 10s because you know he will apply ICM pressure, in which situation your stacks would be about even.
Comment from : Mihai Androne

Party Time
I probly would of jammed the 10s put the decision on him instead.
Comment from : Party Time

Just raise the 10's or shove not sure l call was best option.
Comment from : dibbla

Kieran Lawton
Been a long time since I watched one of your vids Jamie, awesome to see your still killing it at the tables gg!
Comment from : Kieran Lawton

Ivor Scrotumic
I was enjoying this, but then you started flipping tables & I found it hard to follow. Please just do one table at a time, please.?
Comment from : Ivor Scrotumic

Алексей Алексеев
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Comment from : Алексей Алексеев

pa wa
Comment from : pa wa

Robert Chrapek
Nice win man
Comment from : Robert Chrapek

Curtis Powell
Hey Jamie.. will we see you in the Halls of the RIO this year?
Comment from : Curtis Powell

Craig Rockwell
Hahaha_Owned.........is that irony?
Comment from : Craig Rockwell

Not in use Anymore
21:35 I bet you have no idea who Dot Cotton is! 😂😂
Comment from : Not in use Anymore

Fabricio bernardino
Cole james? ?? vamos malhar de novo .
Comment from : Fabricio bernardino

Mate no Edinburgh?
Comment from : union1872

Justin Karp
Almost as exciting as watching it live, but not quite lol GG @Pokerstaples
Comment from : Justin Karp

Manuel Tavares
I considered quitting online poker because the beats felt abnormal but seing you go through them as well and being a pro I feal that ther is hope that I can make a deal run as well keep on grinding bro you are a classy poker pron
Comment from : Manuel Tavares

Zack Gallagher
Great job
Comment from : Zack Gallagher

Anderson Samson
ICM - you're at best 50/50 - not worth it; you should fold in that situation. Even though the big stack could be buying pots; you committed less than 3% of your stack; makes sense to fold.
Comment from : Anderson Samson

unun septium
It's a $109 so the pay jumps aren't life changing, which is why I would snap call with the tens 3 handed. I play to win tournaments, especially after already earning 15.7x the buy in.
Comment from : unun septium

Paweł K.
Jamie, why are you folding this AQ in 19:12 after his 3bet?
Comment from : Paweł K.

thanh phan

Comment from : thanh phan

bro bro bro
Comment from : WinnieTheAnimal

jow mister
congrats. I would've called with the 10's
Comment from : jow mister

Ben Coleman
nicely done. question if you are in the same room with another guy in same tourney, same table you obviously don't share info. What about the dodgy setup where guys are colluding? can poker companies spot this and prevent it? monitor IP addresses, fishy bets? seems can be abused..
Comment from : Ben Coleman

em diar
I'd have probably called the 10s too, but then, I am a massive fish. :) my reasoning would be he can't have AA or KK, because he'd have tried to induce, so I'm only behind QQ and JJ. Worth a punt.
Comment from : em diar

Виталий Молчанов
Comment from : Виталий Молчанов

Sam Gurman
Man watching your boys cheer you on as you kept laddering was sick, good stuff Jamie!
Comment from : Sam Gurman

thx hahaowned
Comment from : agiuggio1

Petar pero
Nice to see people who support you,great score,good play,little unlucky in 109$.
Comment from : Petar pero

Nicholas Bessey
Love everyone saying “10s is a call.” Lol no one knows how to consider ICM at all and the risk-reward in this spot, and how the fact that it’s a bounty tournament affects calling ranges. No justication, just “10s, that’s a strong hand.” I don’t know if it’s a call especially but I don’t even play these stakes, so why weigh in? Can anyone run a sim or something in ICMizer ?
Comment from : Nicholas Bessey

Bojidar Chanev
GG but stop this shit with the mouth :D
Comment from : Bojidar Chanev

George Phokas
I saw first 10 minutes of the video he has Aces in the 109 more times than me last 3 months
Comment from : George Phokas

bubba watkins
He sure think's he know's a lot all that explaining why you lose and make bad call's
Comment from : bubba watkins

10s call is fine. Wp
Comment from : Fin

F Dc
I probably would’ve folded 10s hoping to ladder but your call was justified.

Comment from : F Dc

Epic game Jamie! If you're looking into a commissioned art piece, you should check out @JuliaOil on Instagram! She's extremely affordable and her work is amazing. She'll paint any request for you :)
Comment from : Bluelimes8

boxing first
Think the ten ten hand an easy call. You limping to induce action and also at the same time showing weakness by limping, he shoves any Ax there and also any lower pairs so the call imo is relatively easy to make, especially considering that if you win that hand you jump to second in chips and put yourself in a much better position to win tourney, and ten ten in SB against BB is always a call independent of icm.
Comment from : boxing first

Are you sure the 69s jam is good?
Comment from : fibbus1

Well played Jamie
Comment from : polajsz

wow u lucky i must say
Comment from : P

Nikos Balafas
Hey Staples, one question. If you look back do you think it was a good call with 1010? My opinion in that hand is icm > 12 milli chips. For sure in a 6 max battle you would have your chances to play better hands with your amount of chips ( 6 milli). Thanks for the great video.
Comment from : Nikos Balafas

Jack Sock
HahaOwned ran like GOD there on the FT lul
Comment from : Jack Sock

Joshua Mckinney
Good job man you deserve it
Comment from : Joshua Mckinney

very good dude!!!
Comment from : maska87a

Азамат Айменов
Hi Jaime! Could you please answer to my question but honestly. Whats better, Pokerstars or PartyPoker. I play on pokerstars, but want to try play on Party. Need your advice. Thanking in advance.
Comment from : Азамат Айменов

Mateusz Żabolicki
Im your fan but this is second vid where i cant understand so many decision you make. For example push 69s versus SB limp, i know this is Bounty i know this ICM etc but that's you lose HALF of your stack and lost chipleading in stupid way. Anyway great score, gg
Comment from : Mateusz Żabolicki

Amano Jyaku
GG Jaime, about the 10's... good call but only because he is the chipleader. Against another similiar stack i would fold.

Comment from : Amano Jyaku

The limp is a trap. If hes a thinking player and knows how to apply ICM pressure hes probably shoving 70% of hands. You also only have 33 bbs 3 handed. If the bubble doesnt burst relatively quickly your going to have to take some higher variance spots anyways. Cant think of a better spot. Your only flipping sometimes. You have maybe 22s probably 33s shoving but have 44-99 dead. Also he will be dead pre or have 3 outs with his suited connectors. Hes also probably just raising your limp with KKs+AAs. Your only dead to JJ and sometimes QQ when they decide to not raise that pre. Folding might get you a ladder or two. Win that pot and you put yourself in contention to win the tournament. I snap call Hellmuth style and beat him in the pot.
Comment from : caleb24865

I would call with the 10s. Him having so many chips he has so many broadway hands that you are slightly ahead of. Amazing session Jamie, congrats man!
Comment from : Scotty

Only TheHurf
The Plays!!!!
Comment from : Only TheHurf

Relics Slays
no 1 gonna question the fact that dude just knocked out the whole table and won at the end in 5 hands
Comment from : Relics Slays

Comment from : revolverkid

S Gunna
TT is a call. You win that flip and it’s a completely different story. You have a stack and you are competing for the title. Gotta back yourself and unfortunately you got unlucky.
Great 2nd place on the 530!

Comment from : S Gunna

Greg Mondello
Amazing runs today with amazing results.
Comment from : Greg Mondello

Gonçalo Dias
With a TT is call when you limp.
If you dont want ICM pression you shove.

Comment from : Gonçalo Dias

Alexander Presthus
TT is a F*** it call imo :P Not the best reasoning I know, but that's probably what would happen if I was in that spot lol
Comment from : Alexander Presthus

Dimitar Shapkov
I would be happy to limp/call the 10s when he shoves. You are flipping in the worst scenario.
Comment from : Dimitar Shapkov

I Hate Everything
You do no bounty calculations per the stack size and amount of bounties, you just looks and see if the bounties alot of "cash" that's now how its done
Comment from : I Hate Everything

I Hate Everything
You need to study bounty spots, 107 suited is not a call
Comment from : I Hate Everything

Awesome Jaime!
Comment from : Lislac

He’s probably shoving 80% of hands or something. Can’t see 10s being a fold
Comment from : Blade16

You played well. A little too aggressive at times when you're chip leading. I think you had to call with pocket 10s even though it's such a shitty spot.
Comment from : Ryane

Very well played bro, don't think you can fold 1010, his range is so Ax heavy with all A2, A3, A4, A5, A6... he's probably also shoving all the lower pairs but he's never shoving JJ+, just kinda unlucky that you were flipping here but against his range you're doing so good plus winning would put you in an excellent spot as 2nd chipleader that I think you can never fold here despite icm pressure.
Comment from : yeahh

Nolan Wilson
10s he has all smaller pairs and probably doesn't really open shove j jqq kk.. gotta risk it for the biscuit
Comment from : Nolan Wilson

Brickfist Mma
Sick run bro.. enjoyed it.. Jamie the bounty hunter.. lol..
Comment from : Brickfist Mma

Fantastic scores, Jamie! Way to go, man!
Comment from : ByWordsAlone

Hahaha_owned= one of party pokers bots i assume
Comment from : Frozkadur

Nick B
Sweet runs. Nice to just sit back and have the other guy knock everyone out.
Comment from : Nick B

Ryan Pollack
I think you played the 10s correct. KO tourney and your table was what 3 or 4 handed? You just happened to lose the flip but if you hold there you have like 12 million and you tied for chip lead and coast to final table. The risk reward favored reward there imo
Comment from : Ryan Pollack

Are you streaming from a hostel...Who are all the randoms?
Comment from : Tom

Lmao haha owned made you about 7k at that final table by knocking out the last 3 people.
Comment from : Jeremy

stuart johnston
wou;d have folded 10s with the ICM but flipside you win that pot you will probs be a top 3 finish so who knows .
Comment from : stuart johnston

so sick!! congrats! :D
Comment from : lajeandom

Ale pro ok no
JAIME RULES !!!! my heroe
Comment from : Ale pro ok no

Brian Jensen
Playing well atm mate. Close spot with the 10's. Reckon you have to call though as it's just too strong of a hand. He could be jammin smaller pairs
Comment from : Brian Jensen

Congrats Jamie well played
Comment from : 111kingston1

Kjell Lidbacken
Well done,but the 10:s,it's difficult...rock on
Comment from : Kjell Lidbacken

Steve Brake
'Bout time u manned up son lol
Comment from : Steve Brake

Does anyone know what happend with the second prop bet with bill perkins?
Comment from : GrapjesmetTomenTim

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