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"Who's the bride?" is dead or alive 1 with different symbols?
Dead or alive 1 part 2 😂

Comment from : PeachyMike

Kiren Uchiha
Comment from : Kiren Uchiha

Cyrus Hawkins
If I only when i have $20 left in the slot I could win 14k like... wth is up with his luck
Comment from : Cyrus Hawkins

Cyrus Hawkins
I think this should be #48
Comment from : Cyrus Hawkins

Kornél Farkas
16:58 can you avoid this fuckface scammer at least from the community videos ? i know it's your channel but don't promote yourself at least in these videos . thanks .
Comment from : Kornél Farkas

wow poor people playing with 10 cents bet omegalol
Comment from : Psyweedelix

I lost with 91% on answer C on millionaire slot I was so fucking salty took like 2 hours to get that bonus lol.
Comment from : dichaelovic

Carl Smith
The bonus footage is very misleading at the end, you should explain in the title that it's a resimulated video made by BTG just to show a really big win that a woman had.
Comment from : Carl Smith

Trevor Considine
Where can I train to be as good as these guys I never win I'm useless
Comment from : Trevor Considine

Marius Meyer
Der bei min 13 is locker12....
Comment from : Marius Meyer

Thorben S.
2:04 Thats 6944x
Comment from : Thorben S.

xdddddd hi
Comment from : bLACK HACKX

Benjy Dale
I've been meaning to ask this for a while - why do most phone users play the slots upright? Surely you can play it horizontally like you do with most mobile games? E.g. racing games.
Comment from : Benjy Dale

Nice Cashout
Wow i need to play that game more :D
Comment from : Nice Cashout

Azverin As
Из видео в видео одни и те же слоты. Неужели в другие не играют? Или за что платят то и показывают?
Comment from : Azverin As

Kim so salty watching that 28,000x
Comment from : James

My 16000x Doa made it 😎😎
Comment from : dozn01

Sam Duckford
Love your vids guys but getting a bit just passable and bit boring tbh 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ allways looking forward to your vids tho ❤️
Comment from : Sam Duckford

Okey so the guy in the second video won almost 400 euro he screams like he won eurojackpot... cmon that dosent even pay for a night at the pub
Comment from : ollonborrensweden

12:04 Super Mario xD
Comment from : RemuCSGO

George Kirkman
Some crazy sweet wins this week , and no 4 minute clip for 800x , best video for a long while and maybe the best I’ve ever seen ! Don’t think anything will ever top the 111,111x DOA 2 bonus where the win capped though !
Comment from : George Kirkman

Thank you for to be first in your Video : - D
Comment from : Xtremeg222

Jim999 Jim999
Great video but you still need to highlight equally, losses to maintain a balance of awareness to gambling !
Comment from : Jim999 Jim999

Fucking megajinx millionaire hahaha
Comment from : Rastaman

Julius Scheel
12:00 was stimmt denn mit dem nicht? 187 hä xD
Comment from : Julius Scheel

Zyveras lil devil
Comment from : oliwerlol

Callan Champ
Probably the most enjoyable video you guys have put out.
Comment from : Callan Champ

Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa
LIL devil seems to be the new DoA2 😂. Nice as always guys! 😎🍻
Comment from : Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa

Oh my...... LIL Devil..... just wow! 😍
Comment from : Nathan

Boba Fett
Simply the old Cats n Cash is oneline game :) legacy of ra dont pay that much on A, is not true for swe players
Comment from : Boba Fett

Flash Tango
Forget DOA2... it’s all about Lil Devil now
Comment from : Flash Tango

187 kek
Comment from : Ben

Timothy Rooth
That first lil devil win multiplier is incorrect it was 6944 x
Comment from : Timothy Rooth

john allen
Comment from : john allen

Mari Jane
First , lifegoal achieved
Comment from : Mari Jane

Matt Gary
Comment from : Matt Gary

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