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Jeff Andrejas
perfect pairs equals sucker bet.
Comment from : Jeff Andrejas

Steve Peters
best gambler on youtube by far
Comment from : Steve Peters

clash knight gamer
Could he have walked away with the cash anytime ?
Comment from : clash knight gamer

Жанибек Жандуллаев
Comment from : Жанибек Жандуллаев

Michael B
Was awesome meeting you tonight at Adelaide grange room buddy.. Michael
Comment from : Michael B

Mabby you try not too promote gambling next time !
Comment from : Chris

Fadi Hadad
Minute 4.15 you gamble 800 with black jack you should got 2000 not 1700
Comment from : Fadi Hadad

Zack Stoney
DM me, comes to singapore, i teach u how to win...
Comment from : Zack Stoney

Alfred Chan
Try baccarat man
Comment from : Alfred Chan

vinh pham
10:14 no way you can't win dealer this hand
Comment from : vinh pham

jon gimbo
Hmmm I don't know about these table rules because you could be doubling and splitting all your hands out and the dealer only draws one card, so they could pull a blackjack at the end.
Comment from : jon gimbo

playing pairs is the worst ! just give the money to the dealer instead..
Comment from : RAUL COTO

Ron Don
Anyone can be a good winner. Takes heart and soul to be a good loser.
Comment from : Ron Don

Canadian in Tokyo
I dont know his davo is trying to impress, women will not be impressed by YOU LOSING
Comment from : Canadian in Tokyo

nice card counting haaha
Comment from : selbzstar

Eric Denninger
Hit a perfect pair with 1k down in Niagara Falls 2 nights ago....25k paid in 1 hand
Comment from : Eric Denninger

Topo HSC
We come back one last time to loose all my money and dip into my funds and blow that too
Comment from : Topo HSC

Ifk 1899
Poker is not ”gambling”. I’ve been a winning player for the last 17 years and have spent a lot of time in casinos all around the world.
I never play games that are designed to be unbeatable. Betting on pairs where the house edge is ~10% might be ”entertainment” for some.
Maybe the ones who hates money?.?.

Comment from : Ifk 1899

Kehan Ma
Well done!
Comment from : Kehan Ma

# Narcolepsy
At 7:40, shouldnt you have got 3-2 for your blackjack?
Comment from : # Narcolepsy

Ron Tsumura
Worst camera work shakey does show the dealer and soo bad
Comment from : Ron Tsumura

Ron Tsumura
Bad camera work can't see the cards wtf????
Comment from : Ron Tsumura

cupraboy !
Busy casino bro you a Camara man and a dealer surprised you got a seat
Comment from : cupraboy !

Bagus Prasetyo
Comment from : Bagus Prasetyo

Braden Barnes
That's a blue kiwi right there
Comment from : Braden Barnes

Aaron Slouber
If I'm up 10-20% after a long run of having fun and playing, I usually just throw all the profit on one last hand, win or lose, and then walk. Worse case then, I'm down nothing but had a lot of fun.
Comment from : Aaron Slouber

Hardeep Singh
Captain, I stopped gambling since i've seen your channel much love
Comment from : Hardeep Singh

James Zammit
So when the dealer does a count for you do you think she's giving you the 500 chips on purpose rather than counting and returning the 100s. Surely they're trained to do that
Comment from : James Zammit

hope aint nobody gambling on dogs
Comment from : MatthewSimpkins

Sroisamang Thongdee
Love you ❤❤
Comment from : Sroisamang Thongdee

Toni Montana
Can you please stop betting on side bets
Comment from : Toni Montana

Ashfaq Sheikh
Its tortuous to watch you play. Not subscribing.
Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

Tyler young
good shit buddy
Comment from : Tyler young

Петр Стерльников
also like Blackjack, it's awesome
but prefer to play with online-casino, like surf.
a bit lazy to go somewhere :)))

Comment from : Петр Стерльников

Cole Blake
Anxiety man hahahha
Comment from : Cole Blake

Irfan Keklikci
this is my man,I was as sorry as my own loss when you lost. you say ,
to be continued please my man :)

Comment from : Irfan Keklikci

You can do it
Comment from : いとうだいき

kaka chan
is this a anti casino gambling channel
please like if you concur🤓

Comment from : kaka chan

Scripted Links
Congrats on 70k subs, Davo! Much love, man.
Comment from : Scripted Links

Kellen Rios
Joey gets kicked out and banned for a year for Ryan filming....
Comment from : Kellen Rios

Jonathan Tubby
Keep the videos coming And good luck 🍀 bro
Comment from : Jonathan Tubby

Troll 🥴🙄
Comment from : ChicoTwins

Yusuf Rahimi Västerås Vård och Omsorg 1901
Bro your Cryzee 💔💔
Comment from : Yusuf Rahimi Västerås Vård och Omsorg 1901

drop part 2
Comment from : KIRSOP

Online pairs pay 11 to 1, how much did they pay you on the aces hard to tell wasn't 1100 that's for sure, am I wrong? I love watching online more, you can't even see dealers face when you play at real place, I haven't finished the video but I hope you came out a winner this time! Thanks for the great entertainment and will always look up to your blackjack skills! I enjoy it a lot, and the amount of balls you have!
Comment from : LittleLightWolf

Dante Anzevino
I would love to see some roulette gameplay at this casino Davo!
Comment from : Dante Anzevino

outro music is fire
Comment from : Daniel

Raymond Torres
No perfect pairs! Please! 😂
Comment from : Raymond Torres

HR Willz
Nice come back brother
Comment from : HR Willz

Blackjack Australia
"Blackjack...is not a way to make money." I disagree.
Comment from : Blackjack Australia

Youtubasaurus Youtubasaurus
Where is this casino located at?
Comment from : Youtubasaurus Youtubasaurus

Youtubasaurus Youtubasaurus
When will part 2 come up?
Comment from : Youtubasaurus Youtubasaurus

We like the live casino vids davo keep it up
Comment from : gevaarmo

Nick Gagliano
I just feel bad for you, my god
Comment from : Nick Gagliano

Bring on part 2, dont fast forward it.. make the video long!
Comment from : Policeman

i live with a rare bone disease on my neck (not a joke, for real, and i can give you evidence), how about you send me some money to my bank account instead of "spending ALL at the casino", i think you should spend some but not all, i have a westpac account in Australia.
Comment from : StanislavyeungHK

i don't like Aussies in general i find them racist (I am Asian living in Asia) but I find you very good looking and hot
Comment from : StanislavyeungHK

Keir Silver
3 things in life are certain: death, taxes and davo losing money on perfect pairs
Comment from : Keir Silver

Wins so many hands, gets a push, I would've stopped there to be honest.
Comment from : Tega

Gary Sharp
Actually blackjack can be beat with card counting
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Sander de Nijs
get the director of youtube on standby.
Comment from : Sander de Nijs

Hey Davo, know this will probably get lost in the comments but I wanted to honestly thank you for your content. I had been a pretty serious gambling addict for most of my adult life. Lost 10s of thousands of dollars, lost most of my disability award I got for being injured on active duty while in the Canadian Forces. I was out of control, couldn't stop. I almost lost everything. I finally got the help I needed, and I've been gambling free for 6 months now. But, I still get the urge and I want to play so bad. When I watch your videos, I feel that same rush, it fulfills that urge, and after the video I no longer feel it. I put myself in your shoes. Feels like I'm playing. One day I'll cut it out completely, but it's a slow process. Thank you for helping me through it.
Comment from : BackpackZak

moses whare
I want part 2 now 😭😭😭
Comment from : moses whare

This guy is banana’s 🍌 & I love it, lol 😆
Comment from : DJQuikSilva

Does anyone come to that casino, all the time empty..
Comment from : DushanNish

Brian Dochertt
Already liked the video without even watching yet
Comment from : Brian Dochertt

Jake Sherman
Davo you have to post more videos regularly. Youtube is boring when you aren't making videos.
Comment from : Jake Sherman

part two please.
Comment from : 232248473

Nice one, how is this possible to record in casino? In PL its not allowed. :)
Comment from : KretWoj

Manny Padilla
I fucking love watching your videos Davo!!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Comment from : Manny Padilla

Amit Agarwal
amazing videos captain davo very chilled out n lot of fun to watch
Comment from : Amit Agarwal

Lol you color up to pink chips then immediately break it down for blacks. And for gods sake cant you count your own money? You ask the dealer to count your money for you multiple times it's a clear sign you dont know what your doing.
Comment from : twass

Colin Sushiboy
Maybe you should try baccarat. Hard to imagine you'll be losing playing that everytime
Comment from : Colin Sushiboy

Rifky Hidayat
one time!! livestream please!!!
Comment from : Rifky Hidayat

John D
Your a cool guy you mate keep these vids coming can't get enough
Comment from : John D

Joseph McLaughlin
The reason why people dont like perfect pairs is because rhe chances are 1/13 and it only pays 1:5
Comment from : Joseph McLaughlin

Mr Biggs
Can you start calling the money dollary doo's?
Comment from : Mr Biggs

coolkid503 Mancia
He lost it all in part 2 lmao dealer pull a blackjack lmao
Comment from : coolkid503 Mancia

Shouldn’t the dealer deal herself her second card and the end? When you bust that card doesn’t get delt here
Comment from : Leaman001

bigstackD Casting
Part 2 Lets get part 2 up NOW👌🏻😁👍🏻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
Comment from : bigstackD Casting

spence duck
U Inspired me davo, lost all my saving last night
Comment from : spence duck

Dan Vallance
Go to Las Vegas and win U.S dollars it is the only way to be the best gambler.
Comment from : Dan Vallance

Philip Mcritchie
How does this Davo guy get so much monet to gamble with? I've seen him play hands of blackjack up to 100k. That's more than some people see in a lifetime. Is he from a rich family. Does he have a cool job?. Please reveal Davo. You owe it to your fans. Ta. P.
Comment from : Philip Mcritchie

There is nowhere near enough of this content on youtube. Casinos should allow it more. Compelling, keep churning it out!
Comment from : Gallery1111

we want more !!
Comment from : Rzol

Chevy Chase
Bring part 2!!!
Comment from : Chevy Chase

is this your last video?
Comment from : Twinx

Marc Peter de Wit
Can't wait for part two
Comment from : Marc Peter de Wit

Ben Humphreys
Yes been waiting for this vid
Comment from : Ben Humphreys

Dee Jay Reimer
Atta boy. Good Content mate
Comment from : Dee Jay Reimer

Isn't pairs 11 times?
Comment from : 김현희

Poker EndBoss
Pefect pair is so bad your just paying an unnecessary tax every hand
Comment from : Poker EndBoss

Sam Sok
Hey bro i love your videos youre fucking hilarious hahaha
Comment from : Sam Sok

Willy Gaming
Part II : Go on NETFLIX
Comment from : Willy Gaming

Great Shirt!!! Go Bears!!!
Comment from : JonLopez01

Jeremy jazwinski
King davo is back, dunno why your in the Ville bro. I live here I could escorted you around like the king you are....
Comment from : Jeremy jazwinski

Fastfunpoker Jamie

-online troll

Comment from : Fastfunpoker Jamie

Richard Latu
Brother, if I win the lotto, definitely going to see if we could have a session with you haha doesn't hurt to dream
Comment from : Richard Latu

Best series on youtube right now.
Comment from : Genau

Robin Stevens
Part 2 looks fun!
Comment from : Robin Stevens

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