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Car Noises
Is opening up your range when raising your opponents, when they are tight as he mentioned good to do in $1/$2?
Comment from : Car Noises

Good tutorial! Nice old days at Full Tilt Poker! 😊👍
Comment from : JesusLikesPoker

Chris Wilson
If you are opening 43o on the button then you are basically opening 100% of hands which is a big leak. Just fold the 43o
Comment from : Chris Wilson

colin glen
liking the close observation of your opponents style and your adjustment to them...nice discipline.
Comment from : colin glen

ali birnie
Comment from : ali birnie

Simon Shulgefella
i feel like he is a tad too conservative?
Comment from : Simon Shulgefella

Stephen Anderson
Great video. Super enlightening for a novice player. Thanks!
Comment from : Stephen Anderson

fuckuptheworld fuckuptheworld
thats how you used to play? lolololololol
Comment from : fuckuptheworld fuckuptheworld

gamer YT
Comment from : gamer YT

Paul Pena
08:10 when you have pocket 9s on the button and the same guy has been open raising so many hands in a row you can't fold to a 3 bet sorry. THat's a snap shove. You have 55/45 % advantage over his Ax (unless that x is under 9 than even more). It's very unlikely he has 10s or better.
Comment from : Paul Pena

Jihn Chu
blah blah blah blah blah
Comment from : Jihn Chu

Alex Harris
its like watching rick and morty
Comment from : Alex Harris

Haha try to punish limpers on PS raise with AK idiot calls with K 8 flop comes 882 and you go ty RNG you are flocking with me are you not.
Comment from : MrStevie57

george davidson
great vid bud,invaluable advice for anyone playing these levelsgot to be a winning strategy if your advice is followedmax value with good hands and lose the least when your beatthanks very much and keep em coming please
Comment from : george davidson

im sure he had pocket 8s wen u took him off with JQ
Comment from : JoshuaJayseph

Hobert Masterson
um um um the the the
so hard to listen to you; slow down- make your point
um um um um

Comment from : Hobert Masterson

Luka Milas
This guy needs to stop giving poker advice lmao...
Comment from : Luka Milas

I hate that re-raise @ 17:21
Comment from : Cdub2k

A DimeShort
In short, very well put- keep 'em coming
Comment from : A DimeShort

A DimeShort
As a beginner watching this quick action, it's overwhelming- these online poker/commentary is a bit difficult to follow even the second time thru... But there is some great, attainable knowledge if u put in the time to really listen and go back.. ..More than once
Great job mate! Thanks for putting this together
Amazing juggling skills-


Comment from : A DimeShort

esse cara nem respira pra falar kkkk.....alguém dá um copo com agua pra ele kkk
Comment from : LUIZ CASTRO

Brandon Davis
i call with strong hands often from early position because often i am raised, so i take the opponent's raise price the same as if I had bet anyway (now you can get a good idea of what strength they have, along with those who call or fold after, and you still can have a good hand to call the raise).  Often, even if you have strong pocket cards, they won't flop anything or will be beaten on the flop, so why not entice others to bet YOUR bet preflop, then you call, then you see where you stand after the flop.  This works well for me in micro stakes.  When I do raise from early position I know others will know I have a good pocket hand considering i play tight, but some guy almost always calls or raises anyway.  I used to be afraid of aggressive players but they are they easiest to play against with my style because they hang themselves. I can limp in a pot and be in good shape when people want to "punish my limp"...it's their funeral. This also leaves me room to bluff the shit out of players from a tight image.
Comment from : Brandon Davis

dude you are NOT a poker savant. I'll listen to phil galfond or negreanu's instructions for online...not you.
Comment from : Rev201287

Brom Eliad
dude needs to lower adderall dose...
Comment from : Brom Eliad

Todd Gamble
why does your chip amount always stay at $50?
Comment from : Todd Gamble

Vasile Beuca
Lol this guy teaches us poker...he had to call on the 2nd hand with 8J of diamond as he was getting at least 1.25 to 1...yes,i know he would act first postflop...but still,it worths the risk...sorry broh,maybe on the long run this style pays off
Comment from : Vasile Beuca

ahahaha awsome comments here
Comment from : smile&theworldsmilesback

Jordan-Jon Willett
Lol! Hash tag #Nit  If you check, usually you should call, If you get raised, usually you should call. 
Comment from : Jordan-Jon Willett

Free Flow
very nice video
Comment from : Free Flow

You are talking and not giving a live example of how to win. You should stop making 40 minutes vids
Comment from : AAffinity

Ivan Rogachyov
Man u r pretty bad in this time I would make 150, u made too many mistakes
Comment from : Ivan Rogachyov

Tommy Dinocento
Why did you fold pocket 9s on the button????
Comment from : Tommy Dinocento

Vicehood dotcom
Nice Video! We posted this on our poker forum. Hope you don't mind. Thank You
Comment from : Vicehood dotcom

You were folding after having put money in the pot, but then you went right back to 50 bucks in hand.  Why is that?
Comment from : tjv323

Cool Cat
This video is seriously bad ass. I like the Tight Aggressive play style he has going on here. Works very well in these low limit games. I like the KJo fold and i didn't mind the pocket 99 fold preflop either one bit. It definitely looks like an awkward fold there at first for sure but avoiding a potentially big mistake there is what it's all about.  Your chances of flopping a set there are about 1 out of 8 times...now granted if you hit the set your probably golden, but that still doesn't guarantee that you'll stack off your opponent. I really would like to see more players in the pot if you're going to call. I did consider that he was in position and probably could have called to maybe flop huge there, but I think folding in that spot was the better option. It's tight and its sticking to the plan. Avoiding later (potentially) costly mistakes (that's just my opinion). Anyway, Great video really diggin it keep'em coming. Super good stuff here. 
Comment from : Cool Cat

how do you fold 9s pre flop? lmao idiot
Comment from : matter

Chive Chan
@max Larsen. He folded 7, Q off. Pre flop.
Comment from : Chive Chan

Dav Mori
Comment from : Dav Mori

King Jack-off suit? Where can I get one?
Comment from : BReal

Son Kim
very nice video to explain certain situations like folding 99 in pos, etc. thx for your thoughts and strategies.
Comment from : Son Kim

outstanding video mate
Comment from : Catatonic

Why didn't you just re-raise and isolate the limpers. The BB probably folds if he's is planning on attacking weak players or he re-raises and gives you a better idea of his range. Calling 2 limps and a min raise doesn't give you enough information to make a good decision. That was the real mistake. Punish the limpers!!!
Comment from : familydinner1

That was when I stopped watching the video. I was wondering how he doesn't re-raise 2 limpers and a min raise....
Comment from : familydinner1

I love how the comment section in poker training videos is apparently full of pros. Shut up and watch the video
Comment from : RedWingsFan931

John Griller
80% of these comments come from weak players who obviously do not understand the Simple concept of Profit Vs. Loss situation. With that said, I also doubt that they know how to play "position" or implied odds and outs... I agree with the way you play Outstanding poker, except for the play at 3:15 which If you don't have a read on your opponent just yet, then you should have called to see the way he plays. It's ok to risk $4 or 5$ bucks sometimes to get Valuable info from your opponents!
Comment from : John Griller

24:05, all the draws he could have that you mentioned (78-T7-JT and most flush draws) can not beat your QJ, which is why I am not a fan of this 3rd barrel. Also the 9 on the turn is the worst card in the deck to fire the 2nd barrel in the first place
Comment from : wallythewhale

(2) @ your reply a bit later in the video, stating that only complete maniacs barrel off when you just call, this assumes that this same player is more likely to 3bet bluff shove over your raise? I have a really hard time believing that. If you raised to protect your hand vs Kx and Qx, or to get value from PPs that don't believe you I think I like that reason more. That said, I can tell you know what you are doing and I like this video in general. Just keep giving reasons for every decision
Comment from : wallythewhale

17:40 in case he is 3betting from the blinds for value and not as a steal, it's better to see a J22 flop with AJ rather than a A22 flop because his value range has AQ and AK which dominate you. That said, now you hit this magic J high flop with AJ, why are you raising his cbet? You force him off his bluffs (if you flat, you represent 33-99 which he may try to get you off by barreling) and if he has the overpair he'll ship it. So what are you trying to accomplish? Hand protection vs K/Q turns?
Comment from : wallythewhale

When you had the AJ against the threebetter, why didnt you just call each of his bets and then re raise him if the board wasnt scary? I don't understand the big reraise.
Comment from : Bballguy1121

ok thanks dude
Comment from : BlZZAR

ok thanks dude
Comment from : BlZZAR

you probably make 200$ in 41min? Professional poker player makes around 6-7$/hour 1 tabling 50NL in average. 24$/41min would very huge winrate in average. You probably havent played enough poker to understand variance. One month you can have a downswing of 2000$ playing 100NL, next month upswing of 5000$.. for ex.If you win 5 buy-ins in a day you cant say you are winning player it is probably variance, barely someone in makes 5 buy-ins/day in average profit 1 tabling 50NL.
Comment from : vvalk2vvalk

there's something in the back of his head shouting "FOLD EVERYTHING"
Comment from : BlZZAR

Yeah I get what this guy is saying, but I've watched him fold a lot of hands that I would play differently and after 41 mins his stack only increases to 74 dollars.
Comment from : BlZZAR

"..the texture of the flop.." speak English dude
Comment from : BlZZAR

Aditya Patil
@itxwmyk i can play poker all night, playing with real money actually makes you play properly. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free here >> bit.ly/1a3oEGO?=feytow
Comment from : Aditya Patil

Keith Vancity
It's hard to tell in this spot because he has no hand history with this guy. But IMO I always fire a bet on the turn after being checked into. I think what we can both agree on is that this guy's advice is terrible.
Comment from : Keith Vancity

checking back the turn is ok... as long as you snap call the river bet! - although in this particular spot you are likely to be shown three 9s a lot. Checking back the turn (especially after tanking) was basically begging for him to bluff you. Besides, you can get him to fold 9x, 55, 66, 77, 88 and A3 whilst occasionally getting value from air that picked up a draw on the turn (8T, QT, KT & diamonds)
Comment from : bsaccount1

Keith Vancity
If anyone makes it past the 12 minute mark in this video and takes this guys advice into serious consideration...consider your bankroll gone and just quit. Terrible plays. I'd love to play this guy and take his bankroll.
Comment from : Keith Vancity

Keith Vancity
How is your hand "pretty transparent" ? How can he possibly know your range after playing just 8 hands with you? You were getting just under 2:1 on your money and in position. Bad fold.
Comment from : Keith Vancity

Keith Vancity
Hand beginning at 1:20. (only one I have watched so far). I don't mind the raise with 3-4os in position (although it's WAY to early into the table/no reads to be making tricky plays like this) The call on the flop is good. But the free card you gave him on the turn? You basically floated him, he gave up and you didn't fire a bet into him? I thought when you play with bad hands in position you're supposed to take advantage of it?. You have fold equity and show down equity. Bad play IMO
Comment from : Keith Vancity

great video, fucken haters dont appreciate it. Stop criticizing if you dont know poker. 99 is only good if u hit the flop which is a very slim chance. you dont wanna isolate because if you do and you miss the flop you wont extract value and will most likely fold. If you isolate and you hit the 9 and there is an over card, your opponent might bet. However a multi-way pot is obviously best.
Comment from : marchesantwins

Emre bauer
nit alert
Comment from : Emre bauer

Rahul Kumar
wtf man u said u had showdown value but then u folded on the river.
Comment from : Rahul Kumar

Amagnon X
Your video would be better if you slowed down the speed you are speaking. Your voice is fairly thin, so let it have some air and it is likely to come across a lot better. The information was good though - but I had to grit my teeth through the presentation.
Comment from : Amagnon X

Allan Stanway
the fuck are these stupid identical comments about on poker related videos? Shut the fuck up.
Comment from : Allan Stanway

Annoys me that 33,000 people have free access to this information. In a game where its dog v dog why are we trying to help others!
Comment from : skyblueoli

Matthew Winter
40 seconds in you fold j8 suited and flop and straight and didnt call on small blind. not too sure about the coaching haha
Comment from : Matthew Winter

@ 34 button raise- guy donk`s out and could be doing with any hand and when the turn goes check check for pot control that`s a fair play however on the river when he lead`s out he could be doing so because you showed no strength in the hand at all so i think a call here is a must as the river didnt change anything, the pot wasnt too big so neither was the bet so aswell as prob having the best hand you also get info even if you are wrong as you just sat at the table this info could be invaluable
Comment from : Limitless

john attenborough
First hand u would have flopped a straight u folded pre to a tiny bet. The second hand u bet/folded second pair after arguing for button superiority and fell victim to inkwood pretending he had trip nines when you obviously had the best hand [3/4 off]. U go bananas about top pair top kicker when you should be playing suited connecters so you crack big pairs like AA/KK thats where u make the money ask Ivy hansen and negranou
Comment from : john attenborough

you gotta 3bet 99...
Comment from : Jon

mr face
thanks good video has helped me alot
Comment from : mr face

Jetleo Cullen
I don't like your 3x open raise on the button. Generally, I think it is optimal to open to 2x on the button, 2.5x in mid pos and 3x UTG.
Comment from : Jetleo Cullen

stress what enough>????? dint catch that bit lol joke nice video man
Comment from : 1987djm

omg shut up. you don't even stop speaking for a second
Comment from : juniorjohn30

loved the jq hand from sb. I started watching this sceptically but now realize i really need to look at my short hand cash game. Really love your reasonings. Just not sure why you dont use a hud. Symphony bill is defiantly exploitable and a hud would give an indication of his exploitable tendencies quicker.
Comment from : binpoet

you seam fairly tight 6 max. whats your usual vpip and pfr?
Comment from : binpoet

Im not sure I get this 99 hand :- 2 limpers and a min raise from co. you call from button with 99 and fold to raise pre flop. my thinking is youve under repd your hand there and hes bet from bb is fairly large like he doesnt want action. he could have trash like aj but cant see him making it quite that large with kk aa. Although granted if he has a premium he wouldnt want a domino effect priced in effect but still bet is fairly large.
Comment from : binpoet

wow im happy u didnt teach me how to play poker u suck why did u call 34 if u knew he was going to bet u on the river and the other 9 came which means he was bluffing or he would have went all in u suck bro u need to coach urself first
Comment from : dman58766

Rocky Nenshat
well you know what your talking about- completely agree.
Comment from : Rocky Nenshat

Rocky Nenshat
Kid insta folds J8 suited- with a raise infront. Best move is to re-raise slightly above min raise. Then play correctly post flop depending on what happens.
Comment from : Rocky Nenshat

Very poor play here.
Comment from : Rott

People today go all in on nothing, so all these videos are pretty much useless...
Comment from : AvitoholIYI

Outstanding Poker
... since I don't have high enough implied odds to call. If my opponent was spazzy and raising a lot there I could push all in preflop but I don't have any evidence yet that he was getting out of line so that's not a good option at this point.
Comment from : Outstanding Poker

Outstanding Poker
When I call the open min raise on the button my hand is pretty transparent as a low/mid pocket pair or suited connector/suited Ace-type hand. I have to risk $4.75 more to see a flop where I can win a maximum of $49 (my stack) plus the existing pot of $3.50 for a total of $52.50, or roughly 10-1 maximum odds if I win his stack everytime. Since I can only really continue if I flop a set (7.5 to 1 odds) and I also don't win my opponents stack every time I flop a set, I think folding is best....
Comment from : Outstanding Poker

How can you fold the 99 in position with full stacks?
Comment from : hansdownarpantz

J8s fold was bad pre from SB, 99 fold was bad w full implied and your logic on opening ranges is nitty from UTG and spewy from LP, this is 6-max cash dude
Comment from : GoPhish

Kasper Birk
I got to be honest, that checkraise with AJ was awful. 1. Your making him fold hands like 33-1010, AQ, AK.... hands we can get more money from.. your concerned about him having 3-bet KQ.. which players at this level normally don't do. Even if he has KQ, he has 6 outs cirka 11% to hit the turn 2. Your checkraise size is to big, because your commiting your stack with that size. Which means you have taken away the possibility off him showing over you with air, because he knows you have to call!
Comment from : Kasper Birk

Sam Fielding
stop watching*
Comment from : Sam Fielding

Sam Fielding
i had to stop folding when you folded 9's In positon for $4, but then raised with KQ in BB $2.50 ... For $4 in position with 9's its even worth calling if he has AA, KK or QQ if the flop comes 9,5,3 your going to double through him ... you probably have the best hand anyway he probably has AK and even if the flop comes 2,6,4 and he leads in you can still fold if your putting him on KK, or QQ pre flop anyway, such a terrible play for the amount he raised
Comment from : Sam Fielding

Pot control is to save you from risking too much cash, he would have had to reraise him on the flop, and if he was behind, then he would lost much more, pot control was the better option
Comment from : seananify

zees you butcher the AJ hand too, "Im repping a bluff by raising flop" hahaha, everytime he ships over u on the flop he has an overpair there...... lol. Such an easy call call call against a lagtardy 3better, hes probably secondbarreling to get teh nit(you) of an underpair OTT......
Comment from : Numeronx

fk this, stopped watching, the 99 hand was beyond terrible, you shoulndt be trying to teach anyone really...
Comment from : Numeronx

If people are calling like crazy kj kq goes way up in value, for exampel...
Comment from : Numeronx

your logic is gennerally pretty weak...
Comment from : Numeronx

lol, notsureifserious
Comment from : Numeronx

that 9 takes out 9s for hero's hand, that way it help villain
Comment from : DupaCycDupa

In minute of 17:10 you call a three bet OOP with AJ.Isnt that a lilttle bit terrible???I mean if you knew that he is monkeying around making light 3-bets which im pretty sure he does..cause he 3-bet you very often in this session why dont you 4-bet and take it down with aggression???You will be in very tough shape if you play a ballooned pot OOP with a marginal hand like AJ!
Comment from : kakospaidis

good job man
Comment from : caninho10

I`m a new player ( less than a week,any advice for those of us just starting out ?
Comment from : BelligerentBurgers

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