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Christine Kilpatrick
No serious video poker player plays Deuces Wild....
Comment from : Christine Kilpatrick

damn bro I felt that "pffftt at 0:14
Comment from : Joseph

julian morales
Make a video where you show us when you lose all your money and go home without a single dollar please!
Comment from : julian morales

Brian Dawe
Just hit one tonight... but on a 25 cent bet 😭😭😭😭 only paid $65 I was so bummed I didn’t max bet it because I had been alternating all night 😢
Comment from : Brian Dawe

Jed mcC j
You must have burned up so much money to get that many almost royal flushes.
Comment from : Jed mcC j

what eva
Before it gets boring?
Comment from : what eva

slot machine luv
Congratulations on the loyal flush
Comment from : slot machine luv

Great video compilation.
Comment from : WorldCasinoIndex.com

Daniel Gillespie
I wish I could win that much! I lost a lot of money in Las Vegas, but I might have to stop going there for a while.
Comment from : Daniel Gillespie

chris kramer
You pay tables are kinda shitty. Look for pay tables with 9/6 payout for full house and flush
Comment from : chris kramer

Daniel Chavez
Lol how much did you make off that trip?
Comment from : Daniel Chavez

PA Skillz Champ
Wow someone is actually excited about hitting a royal flush. shocking.
Comment from : PA Skillz Champ

jason lipiner
what casino is this?
Comment from : jason lipiner

Old Conspiracy Dude
Do they have $5 6-9 jack progressive in OK ?
Comment from : Old Conspiracy Dude

Sheldon Cooper
Does the percentage return include taxes? Taxes are the casino's best defense against video poker advantage players. Even if a game situation causes the casino to lose money, the taxes can make it a losing situation for the player as well.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

taylor hanson
U guys seem to get a lot of hands with 4 dealt to a royal
Comment from : taylor hanson

Ather Chavez
Ok I feel stupid but what's the bad word I can't think of anything it could be
Comment from : Ather Chavez

I got 1 for 1500 $ and took 15 dollars with me lol
Comment from : BroskyWhoDatedHoski

jrcards 781
Love your video. All my videos end with a royal flush. But like you, I have probably 100 videos that did not end well. Never really thought of posting the misses. Smart idea. I like your percentage return in the corner. Very smart play by you guys. Did you guys ever try multiple hand play??
Comment from : jrcards 781

Dee Loc
The time i hit i was only playing 2 creds and hit it with only 3 CARDS to it
Comment from : Dee Loc

Alex Dashkoff
Are you an advantaged player?
Comment from : Alex Dashkoff

Alex Voxel
Why i'm here anyway?
Comment from : Alex Voxel

James Mckane
Quads are easy have had only 2 royal in over 100000 hands
Comment from : James Mckane

Best i ever got in video poker was Quads
Comment from : TheBobbyDare

Much luck? u seems to raise your cash all the time haha
Comment from : Triborn

Dan Phillips
Long time ago i lived in Reno. We were all bartenders and for the most part drank at one bar. The bar was lined with these machines and it was progressive. The progressive always paid out at a certain amount or close to it, Once it got close were all in there pounding those machines, Great times.
Comment from : Dan Phillips

Shaun Reviews Stuff
all about timing too. In one year I hit about 3-4 royal flushes for $1000 cause I would only play quarter video poker.
Comment from : Shaun Reviews Stuff

Chris Baker
I would only play the quarter demionations to avoid paying taxes on the royal flush.
Comment from : Chris Baker

"I'll end the video before it gets boring"

Oh because the start of the video was the exciting part

Comment from : Famdingo

Chris Wilson
Only 5k? Total rip off lol
Comment from : Chris Wilson

so fat
Comment from : gemxwave

James Espin
Need alot of patience with Video Poker.Pick the right cards.Any win can happen.
The Royal is a rare hand but no doubt it can happen.The question is are you willing to invest time and endure losing streaks.Not a bad video and pretty good idea showing near hits of the Royal Flush.

Comment from : James Espin

Johnny Hammer
It's like watching two meth heads playing pull tabs, same amount of skill and luck. Why not post videos of all the time you lose?
Comment from : Johnny Hammer

chazz Lucas
Bobby Freethe ...Congratulations .... Very Cool : )
Comment from : chazz Lucas

I was a gambling addict for over 20 years, literally spent over a million dollars on video poker ( I know, hard to believe but 100% true) in my time i've probably hit 25 - 30 royal flushes, everything from holding 4 cards, to being dealt all 5 cards of the RF. On some machines you are able to "double up" depending on your wager and if that machine is capable of paying out the amount of your double so long as you are successful on it, IE - I've doubled my $1000 a couple times to $2000, i've also lost numerous times too on trying to get to 2K. Two times I have doubles 5K to 10K and both times I was successful (again, hard to believe but 100% true) but, in the end.. the machines get you. I no longer gamble anymore and have now taken up a habit of watching BBW granny porn on PornHub, it doesn't give me the same kick like gambling does but its much easier on my pockets and still keeps a slight grin on my face. Bye now.
Comment from : SATAN

Helen Bovay
We've all been there! Congratulations!!!!
Comment from : Helen Bovay

Fei Li
If it’s 100 x return shouldn’t you get back $50?
Comment from : Fei Li

Joey Bayles
How fun!
Comment from : Joey Bayles

The Emperor
Such a grind, but persistence literally pays! Beautiful!!
Comment from : The Emperor

I've never had it been trying for about ten years
Comment from : dazzerstar

Marc rap
What is the point of this stupid video ? LMFAO
Comment from : Marc rap

garrett kleven
Rigged shitbox machines
Comment from : garrett kleven

soSAMuk's UK slot channel
Nice compilation
Comment from : soSAMuk's UK slot channel

TG Foley
Haha haven't hit a Royal in four years myself. Really enjoyed your show😊
Comment from : TG Foley

Kris Green
I always record my 4 to a royal draws too! It's exciting!! I also record drawing for a kicker or holding 3 aces.. usually. :) Nice hit!
Comment from : Kris Green

East Coast Slots
Even better .....just saw it!! Well done!!
Comment from : East Coast Slots

East Coast Slots
Loved it! Fun!!
Comment from : East Coast Slots

jack of club
Hi I'm a new sub here nice video . I like watching this exact poker machine version . I want to learn . I'm aware it's a very high return 98% payout? So potential you can win on this if played over long periods at a time. And not lose much inbetween ?
Comment from : jack of club

Vitalik Rolex
Made in Ukraine, I need help money please.. Visa 4149 4991 0734 0109....sos
Comment from : Vitalik Rolex

Nice one god bless you !
Comment from : MoneyMike

julian morales
Suban videos cuando salen sin dinero del casino también
Comment from : julian morales

The Quant007
Comment from : The Quant007

wow RF was up to $7777.
Comment from : movieguy73

John Cats
Comment from : John Cats

Isn't 1 royal out of 400k hands way below expectation? The normal frequency is 1 every 40k hands, correct?
Comment from : wylde678

L Gr
How do you calculate the return %?
Comment from : L Gr

NICE! Congrats on finally hitting that Royal on a dollar machine! It's hard to get those royals. I'm still waiting for my first one :)
Comment from : FourKingAwesome

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