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magic wand
You are in the right trade ...your voice has done justice to your videos...we all love you man, just keep doing it
Comment from : magic wand

Janice Britt
I don't understand the bingo game at the top. If you win at Bingo, does it add to your total and how do you know how much you've won? We've played at a couple of casinos that have Bingo, but I've never understood it or even knew if I won anything. Thanks for sharing your winning videos.
Comment from : Janice Britt

Sergey Kudak
Comment from : Sergey Kudak

Nice win!! Good luck next time..
Comment from : GETLUCKY101

Like your Channel I am a new subscriber come by and check my channel out whenever you get a chance trying to grow my channel trying to get up to 700 subscribers .... thanks👍
Comment from : MIDWAY

Belinda Rosenbohm
Nice but the showing of this video really sucked is ur phone that small
Thanks for sharing

Comment from : Belinda Rosenbohm

Lillian Juri
Love your videos...and your voice...
Comment from : Lillian Juri

RSC-RedScreen Chaser
I never play progressives but I was at Choctaw Grant & donated $200 since it was at 999k. Can't win if you don't spin.
Comment from : RSC-RedScreen Chaser

Big B's Slot Channel
Nice hit!🍀👍
Great video!

Comment from : Big B's Slot Channel

Shawn Regan
Nice little hit
Comment from : Shawn Regan

Janice Reed
Love all your videos.
Comment from : Janice Reed

Nancy Dominguez
Have you won that Progressive jackpot?
Comment from : Nancy Dominguez

darrell blankenship
I was at Paoli this morning and it was at 993,309.??. Drop about 50 in to 2 different machines and never got really anything out. Pretty sure this will go over 1.1 million before it is hit.
Comment from : darrell blankenship

just Sarah
Have you ever suspected a casino of rigging their machines to payout or not payout at certain times?
Comment from : just Sarah

First !!
Comment from : RavaRiley

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