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Roberto Cruz II
thank you
Comment from : Roberto Cruz II

Габиб Кулиев
Comment from : Габиб Кулиев

Brandon Eliason
Thank Buddha for all them good ol ads/commercials, lord know I’m too stupid to know what to spend my money on...but, the set is muy buonitovichsteinman
Comment from : Brandon Eliason

Erick Ivan
Comment from : Erick Ivan

Erick Ivan
Ta bien chidori ya q está bien para relajarse un tiempito no ?like si entendiste
Comment from : Erick Ivan

Erick Ivan
Xdddd arriba España
Comment from : Erick Ivan

Erick Ivan
Comment from : Erick Ivan

Brandon S. Hernández
I listen 2 Progressive Psytrance only when i smoke weed with Joint/Blunt 😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑👽👽👽👾👾👾🤖🤖🤖👌👌👌🌿🌿🌿🔥🔥🔥🚬🚬🚬💨💨💨
Comment from : Brandon S. Hernández

francisco beltran santos
Esto, más salvia divinorum @.@
Comment from : francisco beltran santos

Hiram Miranda
do you have a playlist on spotify?
Comment from : Hiram Miranda

Nitram Mandjovite
"the mind is like a muscle. And if you want it to be porwerful you got to work it out"
Comment from : Nitram Mandjovite

Jorge Acosta
Thank you! ✨
Comment from : Jorge Acosta

when you cant hear it feels so good
Comment from : Techneeke

Chris Katides
Too many ads!
Comment from : Chris Katides

Thalia Hwang
Acabei de aderir. Jamais me senti mais aceita
Comment from : Thalia Hwang

Noma , estaba bien relax llegando al plano astral y que me salta un anuncio y vrga , que me da una parálisis del sueño bien qlera unu
Comment from : R0Y3R

latti boonjaroen
woww amazing i love it 🖒🖒
Comment from : latti boonjaroen

Charles Cam
Yotube de merda!!!! Não para essas merdas de propaganda!!! Bando de PC!!
Comment from : Charles Cam

Car-Navi. kz
Хороший set респектабельный 👍
Comment from : Car-Navi. kz

too many Ads :(
Comment from : ntxmike

Alan Orange
Beginning of this sounds like either a small duck quacking or a trebly fart into a digital delay pedal.
Comment from : Alan Orange

Mike Sudduth
Fuck yeah!!! awesome
Comment from : Mike Sudduth

Avery Grams
Hell ya. been looking for new trance like this!
Comment from : Avery Grams

Classy as always!! Keep up the greatness Mr. Samurai!!
Comment from : XFAiDERse

Is the best psytrance frm 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Comment from : DJ BAJAKAN

Veaceslav Negara
Супер!!!!! Наконец я нашёл самый крутой, энергичный, офигенный транс!!! Спасибо тебе, чувак!! Всех благ тебе!!!
Comment from : Veaceslav Negara

Harrison Riley
Substance abuse is the only perk to being human
Comment from : Harrison Riley

Cordell Erskine
I discovered psytrance at Playa Alchemist, burning man metamorphosis and i love it. Before couldn't get down with electronic music
Comment from : Cordell Erskine

FloPixel HD
Comment from : FloPixel HD

угаАрр нНОО...!!!...
Comment from : КАПИТАН БАРБОССА -ॐ-

Dj Raillander
Top parabens

Comment from : Dj Raillander

Imagine leaving it playing while asleep.
Comment from : Lolipop69

Ahaggar Cass
Amazing music, just started listening this genre. Love it ❤️ greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽
Comment from : Ahaggar Cass

Isabek Ruiz
Está genial el mix
Comment from : Isabek Ruiz

Mmm Fff
Comment from : Mmm Fff

muita propaganda
Comment from : Beatriz

Toujours aussi bon !
Comment from : BRANN

Irelda Meraz
Bieeeeen eh.... apenales 🕶
Comment from : Irelda Meraz

Zach Brown
This song is sick!!
Comment from : Zach Brown

I use your music while training my body. the progress is amazing. thanks for sharing your art.
Comment from : Treborianus

Shiva's Chimera
We live in a 5 dimensional world.
Comment from : Shiva's Chimera

Emanuel Marangoudakis
Comment from : Emanuel Marangoudakis

Lars Hamann
yeah great mix ;) where do i get this sunglasses?
Comment from : Lars Hamann

Blair Crank
I thought this might too much for homework but I just solved my c# riddle that I'd been working on for 2 hours 20 minutes in to this. It's...all so clear now....
Comment from : Blair Crank

Dem Su
Dobr attack kle
Comment from : Dem Su

Yuri Black
Comment from : Yuri Black

Keith Pieterse
Delightful "Variations on a Theme!" Playful, creative and yet interesting and exciting all the same! Thank you!
Comment from : Keith Pieterse

Domingo Bogado
Speed x0.75
Comment from : Domingo Bogado

Achim Weingärtner
MEEEGAA FETTES SET😎😎🤗🤗😜😝👽👻💀👽👾👽👾👽👽👽👽
Comment from : Achim Weingärtner

Alexei Bernaz
Отличная музыка
Comment from : Alexei Bernaz

Jefferson Siqueira
Comment from : Jefferson Siqueira

Marc Standley
We have the technology for those kinds of glasses now, don't we? Like, we can use flexible OLED screens, cram a cpu, ram and GPS in that thing, right?

Anyway, sweet mix!

Comment from : Marc Standley

V. M.
Comment from : V. M.

Comment from : 77kirkwood

Дмитрий Сластенов
Классная вещь особенно первое вступление спасибо
Comment from : Дмитрий Сластенов

Bradley Pidge
Always enjoy your mixes thank you for the jam
Comment from : Bradley Pidge

uma playlist de qualidade neste you tube
Comment from : RUHTRAX

Steven Buckingham
Aesome set DJ as always. Bucky @ Brisbane Loving it.
Comment from : Steven Buckingham

Tamara Alves
de eu patrick roger fernandez uzamdo o computador de minha amiga tamara quao dezejo muita prosperidade e darmas,gostei muito das musicas e todas as otrasqualidades emterativas que tambem estao muito bonitas prosperidades e darmas a dj eletric samurai e a vareas e vareos djs quai fazem parte da qualidade eletronic em todos os paizes
Comment from : Tamara Alves

Comment from : Sinapsy

Adrien Guéry
Comment from : Adrien Guéry

Is it good at the Gym ?
Comment from : DelHip

Just too many ads
Comment from : clensHQ

grisha pardave
20:41 heaven <3
Comment from : grisha pardave

alejandro rocha
Quiero escuchar música no malditos anuncios están muy mal en eso
Comment from : alejandro rocha

Tamer Vampir
very very very goodddddddddddd music
Comment from : Tamer Vampir

Isaiah Fedur
Just subbed keep it up
Comment from : Isaiah Fedur

Николай Данилюк
Comment from : Николай Данилюк

Álvaro Neto
Comment from : Álvaro Neto

hey ;9))
Comment from : KecingeR47

u.v done
Comment from : KecingeR47

just try ; )
Comment from : KecingeR47

Олег Бурашников
ВО-ООО - 👍👍👍!!!
Comment from : Олег Бурашников

Taif Motor Sport
Excelente dj set
Comment from : Taif Motor Sport

Arturo VII
Ese mix esta strong!
Comment from : Arturo VII

Ayman Aldamen
That's will make you smart.. I'm waiting the Million watch 😉
Comment from : Ayman Aldamen

Mebarek Djendli
High technology music in the world
Comment from : Mebarek Djendli

scifi seems to be getting back in style
Comment from : Discontinued

Alek7andr Krl-ok
Comment from : Alek7andr Krl-ok

Gabriel Salas
Nice work 👍🏻
Comment from : Gabriel Salas

Marcus Wrigth
Saludos de chile
Comment from : Marcus Wrigth

Sense of Criticism
sneak energy shaker ? subliminal or directed advertisement :P
Comment from : Sense of Criticism

Abraxas Sage
Such a good mix! So glad I found this!
Comment from : Abraxas Sage

Grey wolf
Comment from : Grey wolf

Lukasz Jurzec
Your mixes are the best
Comment from : Lukasz Jurzec

Jesús BM
Me encantan tus sesiones Bro !!! Sobre todo las de Psytrance progresive😀😉👌🏾
Comment from : Jesús BM

nathan minty
awesome mix
Comment from : nathan minty

Amazing... and amazing, and amazing again...
Comment from : SHOW de GOSTOSAS

Neko Sex Nightcore
Your music always opens my mind up to heaven.
Comment from : Neko Sex Nightcore

Juan R Burak
master de master, IDOLO!! nuevamente FELICITACIONES!! hermoso set!!!
Comment from : Juan R Burak

joao rio
Eu sou Brasileiro.. E sou super fã do trabalho.....mmbesselencia.
Comment from : joao rio

Eric Vieira
Salvao do Braza joinville santa Catarina dale dale
Comment from : Eric Vieira

thibault michelet
,)*** excellent ! wooow *
Comment from : thibault michelet

Jaime Pastagueule
Respect from France ✨✨✨✨✨
Comment from : Jaime Pastagueule

clinton bennion
Discovered your channel a couple months ago and immediately subbed! Your music is 🔥🔥 thank you for sharing your talent.
Comment from : clinton bennion

Saroha Thaqs
Ignore those dislike.
But I like n subs

Comment from : Saroha Thaqs

Gerhard Prantner
I really dont understand the dislikes... Great work!
Comment from : Gerhard Prantner

Rodrigo Fredes
Para los que dan dislike, si no les gusta salgan del canal y ya DJ electric Samurai eres lo máximo
Comment from : Rodrigo Fredes

marcin rychlewski
Comment from : marcin rychlewski

Eugen Tomljenovic
this mix is amazing 👍👽
Comment from : Eugen Tomljenovic

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