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Austin E Lyons
Comment from : Austin E Lyons

Jacob Bielstein
Tell Samara she was a savage for killing those clients
Comment from : Jacob Bielstein

Heather Shuchter
like spikes
Comment from : Heather Shuchter

Night Owl YT
Steal a chip get the clip.
Comment from : Night Owl YT

Supa Nigga
Only about 5% of the British population talk snobbish majority speak normally and not American normal whis is retarded
Comment from : Supa Nigga

Emma Morris
Comment from : Emma Morris

TG i won the buggati and sold it and i sent u a ps4 message ur my favourite youtuber
Comment from : DORITO KID

I hope when gta six comes out the prices drop a lot and getting a lot of money is easy so the people who can’t ball out have a chance to have everything
Comment from : voitrien

Kevin Rosas
Number one always has more chances of winning
Comment from : Kevin Rosas

Millaterylamb 311
Comment from : Millaterylamb 311

Torey 777
Would gave been a good video but she's annoying af!!!!
Comment from : Torey 777

Kerri Kammetler
Comment from : Kerri Kammetler

Jaydan Johnson
English people do not talk like that
Comment from : Jaydan Johnson

Oh you two crack me up 😂😂
Comment from : Ultimately_Everything

Like: if you want gta 5 zombie apocalypse back
Comment: if you don't want

Comment from : HUGE SERENO

Demarquis Henson
La like
Comment from : Demarquis Henson

Thirumavalavan Ganesan
What is gruppe 6
Comment from : Thirumavalavan Ganesan

tife Akintan
Hey TG imagine Robbin the casino LOL
Comment from : tife Akintan

Abraz Alam
Wait i want to know about gruppe 6?
Comment from : Abraz Alam

Flossie Hawkins
I need advice to make money on gta v for ps4
Comment from : Flossie Hawkins

Junior Bassham
I can not believe it took me watching this stream to catch on to bank truck name and when I realized it I busted out laughing 😂😂
Comment from : Junior Bassham

Exotic Ex
Purple Penguin and Dire Wolf
Comment from : Exotic Ex

Aapo Heinola
Samara IS a killer
Comment from : Aapo Heinola

Andrew Legg
I’m a strawberry
Comment from : Andrew Legg

Ivan Beukes
My favourite part is when you guys kill big G the guy with the pink figo
Comment from : Ivan Beukes

michael hendrix
grupe s x
Comment from : michael hendrix

michael hendrix
i get it
Comment from : michael hendrix

Chris Lines
Comment from : Chris Lines

Thank you for helpful video,your great.
Comment from : Alain

Skerdi Kapllani
I started to watch your video and Hobbs and Shaw trailer and I saw the whole thing
Comment from : Skerdi Kapllani

Brian Rivers
Where is the strawberries
Comment from : Brian Rivers

Melvine Ezimoha
do the real life mod again
plzzz TG

Comment from : Melvine Ezimoha

Kristine Castle
Auto speller
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Kristine Castle
Haha haha,she reins uuuuuummmmmmmm,tell me about it.
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Kristine Castle
That was funny as he'll when she walked out.
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Kristine Castle
Andre,not andrea
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Kristine Castle
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Kristine Castle
Didn't know u did GTA 5 vids,nice.i watch ya on fortnite vids dude,u a beast in fortnite
Comment from : Kristine Castle

Jay jaytv
I’ll love if I’m gta 6 you can buy mansions that the game looks real realistic better characters better cars better map better everything
Comment from : Jay jaytv

Nathanael Charles
Yes Real Life MOD!!!!!
Comment from : Nathanael Charles

Tyren Bandy
It's a drop on PS4 and Xbox not enough people still playing the game that are any good at it or want to do missions everyone just likes to fly around greifing other players or joining the mission then leaving right before the end of the mission
Comment from : Tyren Bandy

Samuel Petrie
hey if anyone wants to help me out I really need people to grind with to get money where the mobile operation center my user name is faZe dusty8 on xbox
Comment from : Samuel Petrie

Pppp Rrrrt
53:14 😂😂
Comment from : Pppp Rrrrt

Shadow Beats
What does the gruppe 6 actually mean someone tell me I’m curious
Comment from : Shadow Beats

Micah Omolu Tella
I got it
Comment from : Micah Omolu Tella

Jafkjd Jace Del valle
Comment from : Jafkjd Jace Del valle

Cezar Andrawos
Entity xxr is a Koenigsegg
Comment from : Cezar Andrawos

Kamarious Clark
To do the mission do you got to be a v.i.p
Comment from : Kamarious Clark

Papi 803
Hennigan Steed the horse that TG bet on is a place in red dead except it’s Stead
Comment from : Papi 803

lilboyfly 17
Who peed in Samera’s cereal
Comment from : lilboyfly 17

Cori Sartori
WHo were u just playing live with? Does Avery have a channel?
Comment from : Cori Sartori

grub a six or grab a six lol
Comment from : Stxrm

Happy Savage
This was great gameplay!
I agree on what you said, about getting more money/chips, while doing the side missions, for the casino.
Do more of these wonderful missions!

Side note:
Please put more decorations, in your penthouse.
You haven’t finished yet.

Comment from : Happy Savage

Happy Savage
Before you buy a new PC:

Check the drive, loading speed, etc.

Defrag the files.
That is what it needs.

Comment from : Happy Savage

Ardan Chatter
hell ya
Comment from : Ardan Chatter

TheRavenKing o
Samera went Jason style
Comment from : TheRavenKing o

Young Chungas
My dad went to Vegas and jumped off the tallest building but was connected to a bungee cord
Comment from : Young Chungas

Isaiah Barrios
Typical your the best
Comment from : Isaiah Barrios

DonaldTrump 9993
I'm the 14k like
Comment from : DonaldTrump 9993

Typical GAMER is The WORST YOUTUBER EVER Ok That's Not Even True Typical If u See this YOU KNOW THAT YOU are NOT the worst YouTuber I KNOW that you Might be tired of Hearing it Lmao But Your The Best YouTuber ON YOUTUBE IN my opinion and I speak for everyone when I say that Forget the haters Haters Suck
Comment from : SUPREME N3ON

TG i have been here since week 2 of your channel and I have watched at least 80 percent of ur vids, RIP BLOODBATH he will always be remembered
Comment from : XXI IXX

Luis De Los Santos
Ion get the gruppe6 someone tell me
Comment from : Luis De Los Santos

Life As Maine
I like how the guy was flexing and samara just sneak him form behind
Comment from : Life As Maine

Nathan Hernandez
Play Brawl Stars
Comment from : Nathan Hernandez

Amber R
You should one v one Samara.
Comment from : Amber R

Mr. Nobody
this girl is super annoying!!!!!! WTH is wrong with her
Comment from : Mr. Nobody

May Knight Law
please do another tho and superman mod
Comment from : May Knight Law

Derek Scott
I won the car first time and when you win it it won’t show up in the casino
Comment from : Derek Scott

You should do a tour of your garages in a stream to show us your complete collection of vehicles!
Comment from : matam13

dj c
love it
Comment from : dj c

Daniyal Cr7
Iv tried downloading simple mod and it won’t download how do I do it pls help
Comment from : Daniyal Cr7

Gage Blackburn
I’m not trying to be rude but samara is kinda annoying while playing gta i like her vidios but not her playing this
Comment from : Gage Blackburn

Antonio Forero Rayan
Only ogs Remember red dead 3 when tg played it
Comment from : Antonio Forero Rayan

Jacob Hazelwood
Buy her a new pc tg
Comment from : Jacob Hazelwood

Flix Starr
Lol broo.... Y is ur gf harder than ya ?!?
Comment from : Flix Starr

Myles Leach
5k poker chips from the first mission if anyone was wondering😂
Comment from : Myles Leach

big Red aka Eric
gta b Real Life mod
Comment from : big Red aka Eric

MDTA playzz
He should do a series in gta with exoph, axvry and samara
Comment from : MDTA playzz

Have a wonderful day everyone
Comment from : Cxiti

Comment from : dabbin-dOj09

Comment from : dabbin-dOj09

I think you should do Real life mod again!
Comment from : Dylan MCCONDACH

Samara: Starts Teleporting From Lag

RockStar Games: You Have Been Banned From GTA Online For Using Teleportation Mods

Comment from : WiL

Joker Heath ledger
Thanks for the informal videos . Those awesome mods random game play . Normally i like to discover on my own game play but i needed this info. Also just bought the tg glasses i am really exited! i need to stop hurting my eyes playing games .
Comment from : Joker Heath ledger

This was a funny stream😂
Comment from : VortexSZN

Person on the internet
I got the mystery and got a quad bike 😭
Comment from : Person on the internet

Who else did the spinning wheel glitch and got the car in exactly in 1 hour
Comment from : VortexSZN

Gabriel Mercado
Comment from : Gabriel Mercado

Michael Knight
Comment from : Michael Knight

DatBOII 101
Not like I got 7.5k
Comment from : DatBOII 101

Darrell Chifamba
If she had a gun I real life 😱
Comment from : Darrell Chifamba

Korenček Laharnar
Biggest noobs in gta 5
Comment from : Korenček Laharnar

Big Daddy Trump
i miss the old him
Comment from : Big Daddy Trump

I need to ask someone for help, I want to do YouTube but my parents won’t pay for things I will need so I can play them on my Xbox or anything cause they don’t really approve of me going onto YouTube even though I know the worst thing i will get is haters but I will not care about what they say but back onto topic they won’t let me upload any videos cause it will say we’re we live but I know how to edit enough that if something is in the background I can blur it out but things like that make them not want to let me and I want to ask for advice on what to do
Comment from : RudeEmperor40

Cashin Nova
Am I the only one who doesn't get gruppee6? Lmao
Comment from : Cashin Nova

soul knight unknown
Grup pee 6
Comment from : soul knight unknown

Betriz Guerrero
That will be 😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Betriz Guerrero

Betriz Guerrero
Play the purgeeeeeee
Comment from : Betriz Guerrero

Comment from : DRAG0NZLAY3R

C'mon Gruppe6 it's rockstar just like Liquor Ace.
Comment from : RealDrPepper

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