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Corazón De León
Esta de alante estas música
Comment from : Corazón De León

Eric Armodio Stalin S
Te Amo 💖💖💖💖😍
Comment from : Eric Armodio Stalin S

Muhammad Bilal Saad
My all time favorite
Comment from : Muhammad Bilal Saad

Evelyn Gómez
Esto es pura mierda
Comment from : Evelyn Gómez

Falling stars so great and thanks
Comment from : ORI CHANNEL

Patrizia Bonini
Ho acceso una candela per sOttilia
Fatto foto
Foto est blocked

Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Михаил Кац
Prospects are for oil prices to sink
Comment from : Михаил Кац

Lowe this music
Comment from : SANJA 99

Heather A
Comment from : Heather A

Михаил Ашихин
Is there anyone from XIXth century?
Comment from : Михаил Ашихин

Saad Tazi
Best song 2019/11
Comment from : Saad Tazi

Sarah I
You know it’s good when you’ve been coming back to this one for six years straight 😍
Comment from : Sarah I

Rodger Carr
Great track from beginning to End👽
Comment from : Rodger Carr

E m a r
Comment from : E m a r

walter rios ruiz
Aunque pasen los años seguiré escuchando esta música es lo máximo.
Comment from : walter rios ruiz

nelson dsouza gabbar
I love the first track of this song and the second track 28.01 min.
Comment from : nelson dsouza gabbar

This mix has gone many places with me.
Comment from : Pickman

Matheus Lima
Always come back for this... it's unexplainably good!
Comment from : Matheus Lima

Essam Albudayr
I really cant express enough how much I needed this video from 2012 till this day.
Comment from : Essam Albudayr

Paolo Guerrero Gallardo
Since 2011 i come for 01:22.15 i looking for the compilation 6 8 9 :c y didnt foun yet :(
Comment from : Paolo Guerrero Gallardo

Tony Espín
De lo mejor que he escuchado en YouTube, no dejo de alucinar, cada canción me gusta más, y además me evoca momentos del pasado... amo esta música.
Comment from : Tony Espín

Chris S
this track is just so amazing
Comment from : Chris S

Brad Wolf
Time Mark: 19:35
Kalmavaghletempest. - Eugene Kwok

Comment from : Brad Wolf

Rubblex27 OMG
Comment from : Rubblex27 OMG

Brad Wolf
Time Mark: 16:40

This is what I like.

Comment from : Brad Wolf

Franciele Souza
Ai sim, amo esse batidao, e minha praia , aqui e Brasil Navegantes sc.
Comment from : Franciele Souza

Been listening to this since it came out, still listening to it in my playlist Lovely Noise
Comment from : SC2Klepto

Max Rockenbach
Comment from : Max Rockenbach

Christopher Suminski
2019 - Detroit, Michigan USA
Comment from : Christopher Suminski

Pack sr Redfeather
This mix i listen to everyday... Here's to better days!!!
Comment from : Pack sr Redfeather

Khalifa Rmili
Less ads please ! Come on. Takes the fun out of the experience
Comment from : Khalifa Rmili

All the ads have ruined this
Comment from : ROFLCOPTERLOL

Story Travel
listening this from 2015 , and still my favorite
Comment from : Story Travel

Arturo Wiemer
Comment from : Arturo Wiemer

Patrizia Bonini
I would like a quiet death🍀
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

A Khrushchev
I remember when this was posted. Only 11k
Comment from : A Khrushchev

Joselito Siquina
Amo este género de música 😎🎧🎶
Comment from : Joselito Siquina

Виталий Конотопкин
Cool music...😀✌️
Comment from : Виталий Конотопкин

xane cp
15. September 2019..2.07 in the morning .. weekend, and i hear this fantastic mix - Twisted Head..Love it
Comment from : xane cp

Comment from : #SoberFest

pimpón es un muñeco
Is the root
Comment from : pimpón es un muñeco

You want fresh progressive trance,house,deep?)Go on my channel)))
Comment from : EDM GRIZZLY

Still one of my favorites
Comment from : JohnnyJohn116

Above & Beyond - Prelude (Original Mix) -
Comment from : Sandiso

Ronja M
Can’t believe this was uploaded almost 8 years ago... still amazing
Comment from : Ronja M

Who is listening to this in 1894?
Comment from : Oakleaf700

I still can’t believe how good this. I’ve been listening to it regularly for 7 years. Much love to this mix (2019)
Comment from : HymnSake

This is wonderful. So fresh and uplifting. I feel open, light, and alive ✷
Comment from : NVC

David Engel
2019? I am. And beyond...
Comment from : David Engel

Douglas Marques de Macedo
In Heaven!
Comment from : Douglas Marques de Macedo

Fabian G
Here in Atlanta buckhead district in Georgia USA
Comment from : Fabian G

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

damn i'm starting to get hook'd on progressive music, it's so chill
Comment from : Ryuxx

Let's float into a realm where time does not exist. Great mix. Thanks. :)
Comment from : Andreas

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Patrizia Bonini
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Zach Lafferty
WOW. Why did it take me till now to discover this mix??? This mix is beautiful. Super helpful for continuing to have a productive workflow in the afternoon part of the workday.
Comment from : Zach Lafferty

William Aleman
Best track ever.
Comment from : William Aleman

Patrizia Bonini
Good morning and day
Comment from : Patrizia Bonini

Brandon LaBianco
You had me at Twisted
Comment from : Brandon LaBianco

Miles Anderson
32:00 has got to be one of the happiest moments of any trance mixes out there.
Comment from : Miles Anderson

Michael B
Sad that this song now has 15 ads on it now
Comment from : Michael B

O inicio me faz lembrar Mirro's edge
Comment from : ZB M

Марат Гаджибеков
Русские есть?
Comment from : Марат Гаджибеков

William Aleman
Just give me a moment, i got to step back, a moment.
Comment from : William Aleman

In Seconds
who listenin in 2020?
Comment from : In Seconds

Sergio Espinel Mejia
Es una falta de respeto para con los usuarios, las pocas aplicasiones que he comprado me ciento defrsuda y estafado.Hacen de todo menos de lo deben hacer . No se lasan si no desconectarmen de la red , wi-fi ,dicen que se encargan de todo,en configurar,y es una mentira,aparte de que lo hacen perder a uno tiempo, todo el dia y tofos los dias,hacen con una lo que se les venga en gana,aparte de el monopolio ,y considero que rso es ser atrevidos con los usurios,dicen que la red wi-fi es peligrosa,aparte de es nuestra, me tienen defraudado aparte de que tambiem estoy comenzando a pensar que es un fraude,aparte de la politica, seguridad, y prvacidad, que me e dado cuenta de que no es asi como uno cree que triste pero intimidad no existe,quieri elinar todas las cuentas que tengan que ver con google; por que todo es una burla, para nosotros y todos usuarios ,espero me elinen todo lo que tenga que ver con ustedes, lo lamento pero es todo lo que an mostrado,gracias
Comment from : Sergio Espinel Mejia

Anwar6745 Hussain
Been listening to this for years.
Studied listening to this.
Work out listening to this.
Chill out listening to this.
When I feel lost I listen to this.

Comment from : Anwar6745 Hussain

أزمة هوية
Comment from : أزمة هوية

Bobby Otay
YouTube commercials halfway through your program really sucked YouTube commercials suck anyhow they like the steal they are thieving bastards
Comment from : Bobby Otay

Prabh Rangi
🌄❄️Really good.pr🌅💐
Comment from : Prabh Rangi

Eci Çokfeci
Efsane legent
Comment from : Eci Çokfeci

Comment from : Sagittarius

Isac Horacio
Nice song
Comment from : Isac Horacio

smith brown
Fuc*! I can't stand those fuck*ng ads. I quit.
Comment from : smith brown

The Wall Street Journal
I can no longer fall asleep with this running. Because of the ads.
Comment from : The Wall Street Journal

17:25 best part
Comment from : twisted1800

perry williams
Comment from : perry williams

i like this list but i coming again and again, because not good new 2019 still music :) #36:58 LOVEEE
Comment from : Sinan

Still one of your most influential mixes in modern times. I'm a big fan, and I hope you keep doing well.
Comment from : Fully_Retractable

Alex Aleman
How I look when I am resting because of my hungover.
Comment from : Alex Aleman

matt bigr
Thanks Youtube adverts for really killing the mood on this one
Comment from : matt bigr

Me again and always ~~
Comment from : shamaim888

Арина Доробкова
А я хочу картинку достать.
Comment from : Арина Доробкова

yass bobo
Good work thank you
Comment from : yass bobo

Burt Hacklin
Who's listening in 2077?
Comment from : Burt Hacklin

Why are there 100 commercials now...
Comment from : Courtice

Samy 187
recently your first track was on my set starter
Comment from : Samy 187

Samy 187
nice mix ;)
Comment from : Samy 187

Jordan Dehghani
Had this vid on my favourites bar for about 5 years, it always draws me back
Comment from : Jordan Dehghani

Robert Buchner
This is so dope
Comment from : Robert Buchner

Robert Escobar
Comment from : Robert Escobar

xane cp
..this evening - oh no, this morning i hear it again..
Comment from : xane cp

I have been listening to this mix since 2013. It got me through depression and isolation. Thanks for this mix.
Comment from : HOTBALLZ

mR Kai
check in for 2019
Comment from : mR Kai

ilja moraraschu
Comment from : ilja moraraschu

S Sunny
Best forever Trust me👌
Comment from : S Sunny

Onti :3
Comment from : Onti :3

arun maharban
Kanker tyfus reclame over heel die kanker YouTube !!!!!... kanker de kanker!’👿👿👿
Comment from : arun maharban

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