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Alffa Noomega
That's how they pay their energy debts. Most pg way
Comment from : Alffa Noomega

Bruno Woody
Comment from : Bruno Woody

Yasir Zats
There is eye sing in right side illuminati
Comment from : Yasir Zats

Jason mamoa is the coolest chilled out dude you would want in your group....🙏
Comment from : goldydevil

I Ioane
I showed my dog this video.

Now he’s gay

Comment from : I Ioane

Lisa Bonet's coochie must be lined in gold for her to have had Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa
Comment from : Caramelcurly

Kat Scovil
OK that was seriously some funny stuff those two make a really good team , I would watch them do a lot of stuff together that was hilarious..!
Comment from : Kat Scovil

You guys are just awesome! Te amo Jason!!! I want to hang out with you too!
Comment from : WendyVallarta

Nitin Santhosh
Please watch the tv show See starring Jason Momoa. He plays a blind man in it. His acting is on another level.
Comment from : Nitin Santhosh

Issa G
My “sheduale” just shifted
Comment from : Issa G

Meredith Jones
Paint the House... You don't know me! LOL Had me cracking up at work. I love these two.
Comment from : Meredith Jones

Brittany Wilbert
He’s so edible 💙
Comment from : Brittany Wilbert

Kori .G
I just died laughing 😂😂😂
Comment from : Kori .G

He's one of the most hilarious guests. Hands down!
Comment from : A G

Dawn Posey
I come back and watch this whenever I need to laugh 😂😂 " Paint the house, you don't know me" 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Dawn Posey

Nitin Santhosh
Please watch the tv show See starring Jason Momoa. He plays a blind man in it. His acting is on another level.
Comment from : Nitin Santhosh

Arck Mayor
Comment from : Arck Mayor

Jeffrey Ottinger
Jason Mamoa rides three bikes to pick up his buddy!
Comment from : Jeffrey Ottinger

Kylo Shoren
You can't be a mainly man with all those rings
Comment from : Kylo Shoren

We are 5 sense simulation
Met him last week. He came into my store. Jason is a really great guy. Genuine.
Comment from : We are 5 sense simulation

Haha, this is hilarious!
Comment from : CanYouHandlebar

I get the feeling the Bonet-Momoa clan would fit in nicely at our family gatherings.😂
Comment from : SugahShy

Samantha Dawn Arcenia
I’m extremely curious of Emilia Clarke’s reaction to this video 💜
Comment from : Samantha Dawn Arcenia

Princes Yati Pesek -Yanti TKI di Muscat Oman-
James please AgnezMo
Comment from : Princes Yati Pesek -Yanti TKI di Muscat Oman-

It’s the same scrunchie he wore at the met gala
Comment from : Riya

Kimberly Foster
I love Jason. He is my all time crush. He was my favorite character on Game Of Thrones
Comment from : Kimberly Foster

Wibble Wobble
I will never not see Ronon Dex every time i see Jason Momoa <3
Comment from : Wibble Wobble

Chelsea Lover
06:50 what is whistle song name?
Comment from : Chelsea Lover

Shiva Ho
A couple of my favorite characters from SciFi Craig from Doctor Who & Ronan from Stargate Atlantis
Comment from : Shiva Ho

Ghost reference
Comment from : EggRollGames

Nathan Buell
bro this is gold for sure 😆
Comment from : Nathan Buell

Geoffrey Arburola
Where can I find a motorcycle with a sidecar like that? I'm wondering how does he change gears on that since I saw only one trigger on the left handle side?
Comment from : Geoffrey Arburola

nazimovitch hadji
kids in Africa watching James wasting an egg like why you do this man ?
Comment from : nazimovitch hadji

I am a parson not a UwU 1355
I no right
Comment from : I am a parson not a UwU 1355

remove the crowd. and it becomes a b comedy with a shit head host. oh wait, it already is
Comment from : Mbadly

No one:
James: I swear to god I would quit my job just to hangout with you.
Me: 🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : Sharmaine

Omg the back hug from Jason Moama
Comment from : Sharmaine

Chris Howell
Mamoa is awesome!
Comment from : Chris Howell

arturo montes
if warner brothers will make a movie GOD OF WAR i like jason momoa to portray as kratos cause he looks like kratos
Comment from : arturo montes

i'd quit my job to hang out with jason every day as well 😅
Comment from : ChroniclesofAB

that guy looks like aquaman
Comment from : Subjector

David Saintloth
Momoa is that friend you grew up with ...who your parents told you to stay away from but you couldn't because he was as dangerous as he was cool and you wanted to be a little bit of both.
Comment from : David Saintloth

wendy jenkins
Comment from : wendy jenkins

Josh Banks
He makes me feel inadequate
Comment from : Josh Banks

trishna adhikary
Sooo hottttt mamao
Comment from : trishna adhikary

Jolijn Attema
Jason Mamoa is the manliest man alive!!! James is "mweh''!!! But together they are awesome. You can see that they are friends!!!
Comment from : Jolijn Attema

Jason mamoa is a beautiful human inside and out❤
Comment from : smittsgirl2

Comment from : smittsgirl2

Michael P
what a guy Momoa is.
Comment from : Michael P

Bryce Tubbs
7:50 dude's balls dropped
Comment from : Bryce Tubbs

Abhimanyu Roy
Clearly they have not seen indian parents... they whipped their kids with the belt.... born natural
Comment from : Abhimanyu Roy

Helen Conley
This is one of my favourite sections of his show ever. That man mountain is a gentle soul.
Comment from : Helen Conley

James Corden is such a bellend.
Comment from : Fenrir51

James Corden is such a bellend.
Comment from : Fenrir51

karen beal
2 of my favs
Comment from : karen beal

Tasha Willersdorf
I love you both but that’s not how you crack a whip ahahaha
Comment from : Tasha Willersdorf

Tuklo- Nashoba
He’d be fun to hang with :)
Comment from : Tuklo- Nashoba

Jacqueline McGarvie
When Jason joins in singing I was living my best life. 💕
Comment from : Jacqueline McGarvie

Victory Iñea Jorsie
7:12 I need some help 😭😭
Comment from : Victory Iñea Jorsie

Victory Iñea Jorsie
Okay... first Jackson Wang then this 6:52 ... I really wish I was James Corden
Comment from : Victory Iñea Jorsie

Are you good to covering your eyes with bows and arrows? No, I am just afraid to see blood.
Comment from : 百吉

C Sense
I'm fucking crying and now I'm dead from laughing my ass off...These Muthafuckas is crazy!!!😂😂😂👏👏🙌🎩
Comment from : C Sense

Jonathan Hunter
Nice bikes guys
Comment from : Jonathan Hunter

Gina Viecco
OK, Jason with the whip is too much!!!
Comment from : Gina Viecco

Comment from : chico221179

Jason is a VSCO boy...I saw that scrunchie -_0
Comment from : HUMUZZ

Comment from : seekr34

Johanna Sabanovs
Comment from : Johanna Sabanovs

Jason is everything. Awesome personality easy on the eyes. I’d love to meet him an Lisa. Seem like such grounded people.
Comment from : CVNKJ

Zoltán Zaka
Bullwhip sounds like gunfire when you do it right, originally from Hungary, just like the recurve bow.

Comment from : Zoltán Zaka

Cherie Grant Johnson
Comment from : Cherie Grant Johnson

Aquaman The Legend
Comment from : D Z

Malik Waqar Younis
most boring 9 miinutes of mine
Comment from : Malik Waqar Younis

Just Paula
Did go crazy after the Egg got cracked up haha so how was the Eggperience? 🤣🤣
Comment from : Just Paula

وحق دينك احبك
Where the bad bit$hes when momoa hold the whip?
Comment from : وحق دينك احبك

وحق دينك احبك
The whip is sexual
Comment from : وحق دينك احبك

Central Scrutinizer
......Ever since the video of this guy feeling up his daughter came out...you tube is shoving him down our throats.
Comment from : Central Scrutinizer

Jessie Chuang
Is Jason Momoa wearing a scrunchy?
Comment from : Jessie Chuang

Jessie Chuang
Is Jason Momoa wearing a scrunchy?
Comment from : Jessie Chuang

Elmo de la Muerte
I feel like Momoa has like 3 times the testosterone of a normal man
Comment from : Elmo de la Muerte

martin mojica mty
I cant breath . 😂
Comment from : martin mojica mty

Mike Garza
Jason Mamoa comes off to me as simultaneously sweet and genuine AND intense all at once. I feel like he'd be hard to hang with because id always feel like I need to step up my game as a person just to match his speed and not get dragged along.
Comment from : Mike Garza

Alexandra Brown
Yummm, Jason!! 😘
Comment from : Alexandra Brown

Meike Gevers
7:28. Is it just me or did jason sound like chris pratt?
Comment from : Meike Gevers

KingK21 !!!
To everyone saying "he is so damn fine"...yall are talking about James right?? Okok cool just making sure. 😉
Comment from : KingK21 !!!

Nadine Rich
I laughed so hard when they both started singing ......

Comment from : Nadine Rich

Moongoddess Mama
Mamoa / Masculine / Magnificient / Mushpie...💜🤟
Comment from : Moongoddess Mama

Rosella LaFevre
So funny!
Comment from : Rosella LaFevre

Raj Reddy
@8:52, "my man"
Comment from : Raj Reddy

Jonah Hill and Jason Momoa hanging out.
Comment from : Ilustrado

"you split the log with your fury"
Comment from : Regimeshifts

Camilla Koutsos
I love that they’re wearing helmets 🥰
Comment from : Camilla Koutsos

Kera Logan
"Paint the house. You don't know me!" Is not only a mood, it's a lifestyle.
Comment from : Kera Logan

Alan Flores
“I’m a Fucking Rainbow”
Comment from : Alan Flores

Jason is hot as hell physically, but his personality is what makes him really beautiful.
Comment from : C T

Jacqui Michelle
I want this to be a show I can tune into every week.
Comment from : Jacqui Michelle

Michelle Gauthier
can we have Jason Momoa on every TV channel 24/7?
Comment from : Michelle Gauthier

Aravind Prabha Krishna Pillai
manliest man on earth
Comment from : Aravind Prabha Krishna Pillai

Idk about u guys but this is so cute😊💕
Comment from : Tropictita

Jason is literally Ronon from Stargate: Atlantis in real life.
Comment from : Sorizen

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