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Are you all sick or what ???? Dont you understand that all the winners are only the streamers ?? It's all fake that's only affiliate publication
Fuck them all

Comment from : TheMagixic

viewer discretion is advised...
Comment from : tazman

jonny b
Biggest load of balls most of those wins
Comment from : jonny b

Boba Fett
Ahhahahhaha vitto keiroo satana be my little devviiill :-D , he probably will love this track full volyme at his home after this and neigbours banging on his door but he dont care :)
Comment from : Boba Fett

Blair Whyte
Vittu vittu fuck up you Finnish wogs
Comment from : Blair Whyte

kLx ́
5:18 ...just got freespins and says "this might be fucking huge" ...kinda suspicious bro...
Comment from : kLx ́

Amazing big win video again slots running great much love !
Comment from : MitaaSpins

Stranger InNight
jampanpaja is total idiot sound worst then jarttu
Comment from : Stranger InNight

Nice Cashout
Just wow!
Comment from : Nice Cashout

SixSlots COM
Nice. Thx for the upload! :)
Comment from : SixSlots COM

Matt Gary
47k win on 2$ bet and it's not DOA2 😱🤯🤯
Comment from : Matt Gary

rab day
the guy who won on lil devil was a annoying prick
Comment from : rab day

lol fish
Still living in moms basement at the age of 50.... maybe ge can move out now!
Comment from : lol fish

I had to Mute the Sound from the lil devil hit because i get Headache from that. But epic win. After that Gamble_Gangsta :D JAWOLLO 6 MILLE! Haha so nice !!!
Comment from : zahlwerk

luke maloney
Literally got 9s earlier and paid 10x and that was in the full heart bonus wtf
Comment from : luke maloney

soSAMuk's UK slot channel
Comment from : soSAMuk's UK slot channel

Tom Gurn
Wow now I know why people play razor shark🤣🤝✅
Comment from : Tom Gurn

Mladen Simeonov
Maybe fake
Comment from : Mladen Simeonov

Hear no evil See no evil
Skipped though the whole video....no one i really knew on there. You all must have had hangovers editing this vid this week! 😂
Comment from : Hear no evil See no evil

What happened to your crazy translations?
I miss'em!

Comment from : Barten1978

Stephen Allen
Little devil has to be free play lol
Comment from : Stephen Allen

Dannie Jensen
HABEN GEWONNEN won 88k in that last clip.
Comment from : Dannie Jensen

mike841 - Slot Machine Jackpots and Big Wins ONLY
the editing on the daske razor shark clip was absolutely fucking phenomenal
Comment from : mike841 - Slot Machine Jackpots and Big Wins ONLY

Get in guys
Comment from : Takethehit

Benjy Dale
Nice to see White Rabbit still getting airtime despite losing the feature buy option.
Comment from : Benjy Dale

Mat Erix
This guy gets almost 50k from a 2€ bet and my last 20€ BoD freespins gave a solid 12x ...😂
Comment from : Mat Erix

stuart davies
That lil devil bonus was amazing that was sickest hit I've seen I know doa 2 pays more but wow that so much potential compared to gates on dhv
Comment from : stuart davies

Comment from : GLISSnSQUEEZE

Sano mua joonataniks
I got 4 explorer’s in book of ra this week, sadly didint record.. 0,50€ net got 509€ from bonus
Comment from : Sano mua joonataniks

Not Now Cato
Lil Devil guy needs his hard drive checking
Comment from : Not Now Cato

omfg finnish language is so annoying
Comment from : nightowl

aris aris
I am really sad,yesterday i start slots and on a slot with 0.25$ bet i won 120$ on free spins..after that i went on anither slot called aztec or smthin like that,i was playing with space bar and i had 170$deposit..saddenly i missclick tha space bar and instaed of 0.2$ bet i played the max bet 100$
Comment from : aris aris

Martynas Viederis
Jamanpaja rocks!
Comment from : Martynas Viederis

Matthew Kas
that old guy's reactions 😂
Comment from : Matthew Kas

ClassyBeef is needed :/
Comment from : UnLuckyTom

Little Devil....,oooof GG
Comment from : Supermann64

Phil Martin
Thats a once in a lifetime hit on lil devil. insane, congratzs to him
Comment from : Phil Martin

Sven Erik Riis Falck
oh god not the clapping guy
Comment from : Sven Erik Riis Falck

jouko tulander
Comment from : jouko tulander

The Reel Story - Slot Videos
I hate Lil' Devil... but that was one hell of a hit!
Comment from : The Reel Story - Slot Videos

That Lil Devil hit though..... how fucking exciting was that to watch!
Comment from : Nathan

Donald Trump
Remember affiliate money is fake money,its not their own money.
Daske=casinodaddy 2

Comment from : Donald Trump

Slot Ronin
WTF is that Lil Devil win???? That's so sick!
Comment from : Slot Ronin

SixSlots guy is fucking beautiful!
Comment from : Nathan

Onnittelut jampanpajalle
Comment from : vekkuliful

the last one is faked AF
Comment from : moddok

Michael Pressley
Wow! Little Devil went ISANE!
Comment from : Michael Pressley

88 grand on one roulette spin. crazy! Looks like lil devil has some potential too lol.
Comment from : nat90pullen

Cătălin marian Oprisan
49.000€ on 2 € bet. Fok of. 🧐🧐🧐🧐🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Cătălin marian Oprisan

Philip from Daskelelele has hands down the best reactions!
Comment from : KURTMEISTER

Kinimod0405 jo
Crazy Wins this week
Comment from : Kinimod0405 jo

Y. Smit
hahaha what a beast the last guy. Lightning roulette when it pays :P
Comment from : Y. Smit

Only fourth comment..


Comment from : pznull

Jami Renlund
Andypyro 50k win? m.twitch.tv/clip/DeliciousCuteTruffleBCouch
Comment from : Jami Renlund

Comment from : bLACK HACKX

ian wiles
3rrld again lol
Comment from : ian wiles

Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa
Hello there guys!
Comment from : Casper Fantoma Prietenoasa

boss man
Comment from : boss man

Steyn Sky
Numero uno
Comment from : Steyn Sky

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