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Ep. 16 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DHDDS-pByE
Comment from : H2ODelirious

Rosa Maria Delgado
1:07:32 Delirious finds racist cult*
Literally 30 seconds later
Delirious fucking blows them up with dynamite

Comment from : Rosa Maria Delgado

Mariecel Dela Cruz
Ive Disliked This Video cause your clothes are very stupid and your hat im sorry im your fan but your to silly!
Comment from : Mariecel Dela Cruz

They injured my horse so I had to run to the nearest stable to get horse revive
Comment from : seb.c_

Me when i saw delirious being a fool in the train robbery encounter: someone please just kill him
Comment from : AcidicBuble

Jr G
Hated that deputy mission for me, when i was. Riding in the wagon and he was driving , the dude went as slow as molasses. Was able to take a nap before seeing that dead body
Comment from : Jr G

demi god
Comment from : demi god

demi god
Comment from : demi god

Shoot fish with arrows
Comment from : iceberg0106

Mehreen Azmat
You are not opposed to unlock Saint-Denis you have to do that until chapter 4
Comment from : Mehreen Azmat

dustin smith
dutch means your like a brother to him
Comment from : dustin smith

fat boi
I don't know why but kieren is my favorite character
Comment from : fat boi

Gian The Striker
The KKK you find is a Easter egg
Comment from : Gian The Striker

Undertale Clementine
1:10:00 that was so fucking funny XD
Comment from : Undertale Clementine

GhostXTaco 25
Someone make a compilation of delirious getting thrown off his horse that be hilarious, also a 2019 anyone???
Comment from : GhostXTaco 25

Ari Animations
Delirious looted the only one wearing black
Comment from : Ari Animations

xv savage
yup definitely has monster 57:30
Comment from : xv savage

speed demon
The encounter at the end proves Delirious isn't racist and hates racism very much apparently!
Comment from : speed demon

Poopsi Koops PooBs
For those who are starters in dominos here’s 1 tip-

U have to get rid of the big numbers first

Comment from : Poopsi Koops PooBs

Joseph Lee jr
H20 you idiot you shouldn’t have put them on fire there a guy that who gets on fire but not my you when the guy he accepts the light.
Comment from : Joseph Lee jr

Jeff Pate
He is a human cat in a hat
Comment from : Jeff Pate

Stacie Garland
The money that you gave the homeless guy he didn’t fight for the war
Comment from : Stacie Garland

Shadow NightWing
Delicious i love crazy lookin hats you should keep it
Comment from : Shadow NightWing

Criswin Belarmino
Noooooo!!!! You need to wait you atupid
Comment from : Criswin Belarmino

he's American why does he have a British Accent
Comment from : Nixano

Riley Nicholson
nothing like delirious shooting racists
Comment from : Riley Nicholson

Dillon Crowe
I like how whenever they mention anything about the civil war, Delirious doesn't say a thing about it! Smart move, that's a comment section $#!+ storm just waiting to happen!
Know What I Mean?

Comment from : Dillon Crowe

Caden Dicky
Doctor: I'm sorry delerious. Your horse, is insanley drunk.
Delerious: what the heck horselirious?!

Comment from : Caden Dicky

Elizabeth Cedillo
If delirious plays this game again anytime soon, he can use the horse stimulant so horselirious won't lose stamina lol
Comment from : Elizabeth Cedillo

Uma Moca Pea
12:11 is that Dutch
Comment from : Uma Moca Pea

Viables HD
Nogla wtf
Comment from : Viables HD

Chark BTW
Delirious shooting up a KKK meeting is the new ASMR
Comment from : Chark BTW

Daddy Daddy
A shot every time he falls of horselirious
Comment from : Daddy Daddy

Dutch Van der linde
“Fastest right hand in the west”

From that alone, all I can think about is delirious as a male prostitute

Comment from : Dutch Van der linde

Rylan Pruitt
Get a pet dog
Comment from : Rylan Pruitt

Roy Brown
Comment from : Roy Brown

josiah martines
You need lots of
Comment from : josiah martines

Boonkgang 1001
Jesus Christ did the kkk really deserve that
Comment from : Boonkgang 1001

you should have looted more of the KKK
Comment from : Bloodline48

Wilfred _115
“Fine, fine you damn racist horse” 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Wilfred _115

Lmao omg it's hilarious to know you're a beast at video games but can't play Dominos to save your life! Saying the blanks are randoms instead of it just being 0. Wondering how she can turn her Domino nd you can't. Having all the Dominod in hand nd pretty much knowing what's in her hand nd still lose. Choosing the wrong Domino to play nd picking the most random one lmao. Really cringey to watch lol. love the vids tho! Jus teasing ya
Comment from : Muscleboii1

Collin Ralph
1:09:00 i was low key waiting for them 😂😂😂 knew they were gonna be in here at some point
Comment from : Collin Ralph

Valerie S
48:30 "You damn heart of the cards drawing sonuvabitch"
Comment from : Valerie S

William Mills
A black horse kicking a white man oof
Comment from : William Mills

William Mills
U said use the arrow but u cant hear me soo
Comment from : William Mills

Red Fox
Wtf kkk
Comment from : Red Fox

billyedward daniyal
1:10:00 greedyyyyyyy
Comment from : billyedward daniyal

Brother H
Never expected the KKK to be on this game
Comment from : Brother H

John Toney
can sombody tell me where is the slavery.....rdr2 realisicness 84%
Comment from : John Toney

John Toney
4:58 lol haha the horses that ran off glitched hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....ahahahhahahahah lol thats funny
Comment from : John Toney

Emily Wigley
1:05:20 Improvize, Adapt, Overcome.
Comment from : Emily Wigley

4:39 Why You Leave That!!!
Comment from : Giantceph

7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi
4:25 HAHAHAHAHA WTH ... Horslirious ....
Comment from : 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi

Benjamin Sanchez
You should have let them finish they end up burning them selves
Comment from : Benjamin Sanchez

TDA Leader Eathan
XD "Fine, you racist horse!! "
Comment from : TDA Leader Eathan

Nacho Cheese
Fishing in red dead 2 vs fishing in far cry 5
Comment from : Nacho Cheese

Adam13 Gaming Channel
holy sh!t
Comment from : Adam13 Gaming Channel

Gaming with Dharen
55:50 look at them horse balls
Comment from : Gaming with Dharen

dilan kirkland
the first youtuber to go fishing with Kieran thank you so much but in the post office it was 80 cents to send the fish not how much you would get
Comment from : dilan kirkland

dilan kirkland
why is it episode 15 and you haven't used one dead eye tonic. or health tonic or drank any alcohol to restore? all you eat is meat I don't understand why
Comment from : dilan kirkland

Never shoot the fish!!
Comment from : WARLORD op

”You trying to take people’s rifle cartridges and Gun oil? What the hell kind of monsters are you?”
2 secends later...
literally proceeds to take everything inside the chest 03:27

Comment from : Micke

Dying Light Fan
LOL the way you play dominoes is you have to try and score multiples of 5 on the ends of the dominoes. All the ends of the dominoes have to add up to 5,10,15,20, or 25
Comment from : Dying Light Fan

Angelo Misteryo
he dropped the rare cougar pelt has anyone noticed?
Comment from : Angelo Misteryo

Teh Hung Tao
U actually get honor point by blowing up the group of people.
Comment from : Teh Hung Tao

Yee Leng Yang
😂😂😂 by far the most educational fishing lesson video ever, love it man lmao don’t need a rod
Comment from : Yee Leng Yang

Delirious lessons in how to deal with racist people 101: trow a dinamite stick at their feet
Comment from : Ramirosky

BossMode 47
Title: from outlaw to deputy

robs a grave and beats up two guys

Comment from : BossMode 47

Amir Brewer-Law
Did anyone else get ADHD when delirious put the body down diagonal and not facing the other bodies at 34:55?
Comment from : Amir Brewer-Law

Even the horses be racist tch tch tch
Comment from : Mani

For every word ending in -ist(eg. racist, sexist, fascist, agecist[jk not a word] the kkk defines it all and did the kkk exist back then I don’t know my history so plz answer me sorry
Comment from : Mani

I left so many comments and I normally don’t even comment OwO
Comment from : Mani

The white robes were the only entity’s in the game that delirious purposely shot again after he killed them
Comment from : Mani

The way lirious screamed “DIEEEEEEE” at the top of the lungs tells me this isn’t just a game anymore, it’s now a very personal matter
Comment from : Mani

Me: Ahhh what a beautiful game
Suddenly sees a bunch of white costume people
Delirious: What the...
Me: plz b ghost and not what I think dat is plz don’t do this Mr. Delirious
Delirious: Ooh look at the loot they have
Me: 🤦‍♂️ Shit got real personal there...

P.s. does anyone know h20’s race/background/heritage?

Comment from : Mani

Good fo’ nothin’ fishie shootin’ ‘lirious | jk I love ur vids how’s my cowboy impression
Comment from : Mani

Dont trade horselirious please every episode yall falling together... so cute😄😄😄
Comment from : King

madeleine martin
the kkk killing was funny
Comment from : madeleine martin

Adam Alani
You can see floating lights in just cause 3 on the Xbox or others as well.
Comment from : Adam Alani

Gemma Kirkby
Lol who needs a fishing rod.
Comment from : Gemma Kirkby

Baylie Zaunbrecher
Yippie kai yay


Comment from : Baylie Zaunbrecher

lol that horse in the end
Comment from : Avinash

User 123
You forgot the emerald delerious
Comment from : User 123

General layne 47 igp
Someone please tell me how to make those red X's go on those guys for the Deadeye
Comment from : General layne 47 igp

M Thomas
Well, that solves that problem right there.
Comment from : M Thomas

Robert Taylor
Delirious obviously did the right thing to them
Comment from : Robert Taylor

Kiley Hardin
I got so pissed when I saw him screw up while playing dominoes....
Comment from : Kiley Hardin

shroom king
Delirious that's cheating go to stores near the legendary fish location they'll have the lures you need
Comment from : shroom king

he should have let those guys cracking the safe do it longer before getting to close often the guys will just use dynamite and blow themselves the fuck up and open the safe for you its hilarious.
Comment from : guitarman0365

Andrew Sisko
dilirious could have made a lot of money from that big fish but he thought he would only get 80 cents when really that was just the price to mail it
Comment from : Andrew Sisko

Mahdi Al Darawisha
I was eating my sandwich and when horselirious fell I choked 3:27
Comment from : Mahdi Al Darawisha

Allen Phy Ellaga
Hahaha. That's truly how gunslingers fish.😂😂😂
Comment from : Allen Phy Ellaga

Layne E
Catches 4 pound bass then keeps catches 4 pound 2 ounces its small then throws it back
Comment from : Layne E

Itzyaboi GordoGutierrez
1:08:46 his battle cry killed me 😂😂😂😂😆

"Do you accept the light?"
tags the clansman like 50 times

Comment from : Itzyaboi GordoGutierrez

YeeTMasTeR Gaming
Delirious: oh my god it’s a monster!!

catches a 15 oz fish

Delirious: it’s a monster!
😂 keep it up with the funny content delirious!

Comment from : YeeTMasTeR Gaming

Rarin Recruit
31:52 it’s like we entered Ghost Recon: Wildlands and are looking for the Predator.
Comment from : Rarin Recruit

Tre cole
Who els is waaaaaayyyyyy behind on red dead?
Comment from : Tre cole

H20, dominios, the object o dominos is to have the least amount of points as possible
Comment from : KibbaKia

Pieper Productions
Tune in next time to find out if Delirious will every find his way back to camp.
Comment from : Pieper Productions

Dumbshit Otaku
Racist horsies have to be put down.
Comment from : Dumbshit Otaku

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