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P Val
The Catholics have chosen torture. Trump 2020.
Comment from : P Val

Thomas Mills
Love all your clips and comments!! keep up the good work! btw...it's spelled Greenwich but pronounced (Gren-ich)
Comment from : Thomas Mills

Omg it’s nice Lv your the best youtuber my sisters work at New York New York casino but they work at a restaurant called beer house you should go there
Comment from : ArsenalMan_yoot

Rabby Treax
I want to go America. Please help me
Comment from : Rabby Treax

rick b
Cool vid in NY NY!. Craig can you do a vid on that radical one wheel board you ride?. Tell us how many bandaids it took to learn to ride it. I also noticed you did not let that jerk on Fremont st you bumped into intimidate you. Some people are just natural born bungholes!. good job !.
Comment from : rick b

sam milligan
Thank you for another great entertaining and informative video
Comment from : sam milligan

Betty Bane
Omg!! We stayed there this weekend and I just now realized we never went to the arcade!
Comment from : Betty Bane

terence hayes
great video
Comment from : terence hayes

Rickia Arnette
Her she is I love her she is better than Eminem
Comment from : Rickia Arnette

Comment from : Best of KARTIK ARYAN movies by PRIYANSHU RAJ

Stephen Cooley
3 days and I'll be back for my 3rd time. If you want a great place to stay NY NY in Vegas is Fantastic!! The Front Desk people are really decent. You can't go wrong here!!
Comment from : Stephen Cooley

Larry Moore
Did they change the brooklyn bridge. There was once a tug boat under it?
Comment from : Larry Moore

You need to film the pool during the day at the NY NY. The buildings block the sun and in the first part of the morning it is on one side of the pool and in the afternoon, it is on the other side so you have to move around. A lot of people don't realize that until they stay there. Unless they put in giant sun mirrors in since we stayed there in the early 2000's, which I highly doubt.
Comment from : zaneyone1

You can film except at the tables unless granted permission but slots or walking through your ok, the casino wants people to see their casino and attract.
Comment from : Genuwine6799G

Derek Gabrys
Ive always liked NyNy Casino. Its not the newest or fanciest hotel but its a cool place to wander around in and they did a great job with the theme. It has a lot of great dining options and good, cheap late night eats as well...like New York. It's also pretty kid friendly for Vegas with the rollercoaster and arcade games. I dont recommend bringing kids to Vegas but if you do this is one of the better hotels for stuff to do. Great location. Just the right size casino too where its big enough to not be boring but you wont get lost either like at MGM. Thumbs up overall.
Comment from : Derek Gabrys

Slot/Slut Woorrlldd.. Ha Ha. 😂
Comment from : patr70

Home is Neptune
We are currently staying at NYNY on our honeymoon...we would really love to recommend the breakfast crepes at 48th and crepe in the food courts...Awesome
Comment from : Home is Neptune

Zoe Haskell
Thank you, guys. I'm thinking about staying here next time. I hope the Live music stage is always there.
Comment from : Zoe Haskell

Polar Bear
Great video, brings back memories. We stayed there just a few years ago and loved every minute of it. I forgot the name of the cafe style place we ate at in NYNY, but they had the best pastrami sandwich that I have had. Looking forward to going back there soon.
Comment from : Polar Bear

Gary Moss
nice enjoyed
Comment from : Gary Moss

Smug Smugly
4:46 the gal in the white dress is inbred
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Harvey Banks
do the cosmopolitan please, love your ,love your videos
Comment from : Harvey Banks

Crystal Marks
Hi, I just subscribed to your channel and been watching your videos. I heard you say Tuttle mall in Ohio..are you from Hilliard??? I'm from Columbus! 😜
Comment from : Crystal Marks

kimmy cuthbert
New York New York has a weird smell when you enter
Comment from : kimmy cuthbert

Van Dukeshier
nice video.. I've been to NY/NY but never really did absorb it.. really was a lot more than I remember..thanks again
Comment from : Van Dukeshier

I’m going for the 1st time. Thank you so much for this awesome video.
Comment from : J D

Mark Cappuccio
On my first to Vegas in 2002, shortly after 9/11. There was a display of t-shirts left by a lot fire companies in memory of those fire people that died on 9/11. God Bless!
Comment from : Mark Cappuccio

Mark Cappuccio
M & M's.
Comment from : Mark Cappuccio

I agree: thank you for the historic intro for those of us who have been visiting here since 1965. Thank you for taking us along on the fun tour.
Comment from : F K

She looks like Virginia Madsen.
Comment from : D J

Darren Conley
You guys are from Dublin?
Comment from : Darren Conley

Richard W
Neither M&Ms or Hershey, although they are both good. My fave is Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.
Comment from : Richard W

Oliver Clothesoff
I’m really enjoying watching your guys videos! Thanks for doing them. Can’t wait to come to Vegas!
Comment from : Oliver Clothesoff

Going for the first time to vegas ever in two weeks and I'll be staying at nyny
Comment from : OldPkeFan

Nate Curtis
haha when that kid was screaming and you said family friendly vegas. hilarious
Comment from : Nate Curtis

Comment from : cance7984

j t
Not much activity in las vegas . Why ?
Comment from : j t

They've since removed the big ball at Tuttle mall. Too much pinkeye? Lol. Go Bucks from Bellefontaine!
Comment from : Roidweiser

Rafael Guzman
I was just in Vegas a few days ago and had a blast. Is changed over the last 20 years. Always so fun to go there. I love it.
Comment from : Rafael Guzman

Scott McCarthy
Hey guys, GREAT VIDEO!!!! You should film more casinos. You did a great job. Girlfriend and I just got back. Won lots of $$$$$ on the slots in NY NY. :) Loved the Hersheys store too!!! MMmmm... You should do more videos. Maybe some of the other big hotels. Keep up the great work!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Comment from : Scott McCarthy

Teresa H.
young lady in the red T-shirt looks a lot like a young Virginia Madsen the actress.
Comment from : Teresa H.

Johnny mahsrow
In 2001, we were here when they open the ESPN ZONE at the New York New York. Fast forward to 2009, and it's no longer there. We love that place. This was their grand opening July of that year.
Comment from : Johnny mahsrow

Trump 2020. His vision is perfect.
Comment from : harbar3000

No disrespect to her boyfriend, but that is a pretty girl!!!
Comment from : harbar3000

Stuart P
I really appreciate when you guys outline table minimums - it REALLY HELPS A LOT! Thanks from Austin visiting LV on 9/8-10.
Comment from : Stuart P

Nicholas Herrera
all these fat men and women. your going to have a stroke.
Comment from : Nicholas Herrera

Donna Graham
How long have you been in Las Vegas
Comment from : Donna Graham

I dislike this place, had a bad experience both times I went on different trips. Maybe 3rd time is a charm....
Comment from : YouTubeWatcher

tracey ellison
Comment from : tracey ellison

Texas Aggie Gal
I saw Michael Jackson here in 2002. We were walking around the casino and saw a big crowd of people and a lot of excitement. Got a little closer and saw that it was MJ. One of the employees told us that he came there a lot because he loved to ride the rollercoaster. True story.
Comment from : Texas Aggie Gal

Ronnie Edmonds
Comment from : Ronnie Edmonds

Nate Curtis
Great walk thru!! You two deserve a show on travel channel!!!
Comment from : Nate Curtis

Love watching your "walking through the casinos" videos.....how do you keep from being stopped? Most, if not all, other slot channels say they can't even film other people playing, while you guys even film people at the tables, at the bar, etc-it's GREAT! Brings back memories of my trips there ;~)
Comment from : eddiejk1

Claire Pierson
great video nice casino
Comment from : Claire Pierson

You guys are great! thanks for all the uploads!
Comment from : sublimefan661

Las Vegas UTV Tours
Good video. Some stuff outside the strip too!
Comment from : Las Vegas UTV Tours

Bluemoon Chirker
Love your videos of vegas. We are over there in June coming from a not so Sunny North Wales in Uk . 2nd time for me and have seen some great ideas on your videos
Keep it up . VEGAS BABY !!!

Comment from : Bluemoon Chirker

Niki Edmonds
I stayed here last year and I loved it! Coming back later this year 😁
Comment from : Niki Edmonds

Doug Walker
Just did my walk through yesterday with a stop off at slot world.
Comment from : Doug Walker

I was at Tuttle Mall yesterday!!! We will be in Vegas next month spreading Ohio love! maybe we will cross paths

Kendra Taylor
Can't wait to go and stay here with my husband May 12th-15th...heard so many great things about NYNY!
Comment from : Kendra Taylor

TaraRockRevival BeBe
I like M&M
Comment from : TaraRockRevival BeBe

TaraRockRevival BeBe
Well I’m sitting here in the Vegas airport waiting for my flight to go home to Indiana! I had a great 4 days and stayed at the Luxor! I rode the rollercoaster 2 nights ago!! What a blast!!!🎊🎉🎈
Comment from : TaraRockRevival BeBe

raven Joyner
Nice video I'll be in Vegas next Friday
Comment from : raven Joyner

Ate at Nine Fine Irishman there. Good food and music.
Comment from : errk25

Sylvia Sanford
It was great seeing you last weekend, but we just found out the Hard Rock was sold!!!
Comment from : Sylvia Sanford

Big fan of Brian christopher myself !!!!
Comment from : RavaRiley

Rapheal Francis
Comment from : Rapheal Francis

$5 craps during the week
Comment from : Astrosjer

Love NYNY.... great casino and hotel
Comment from : Astrosjer

I always win at the casino in NY NY.
Comment from : Deana

I like how you guys (or Craig) adds the historic photos in the beginning. It's fun to walk around in NYNY, but I always get lost in the food court. <3 your videos!
Comment from : Bluejeans502

John Hinterschied
Heard you talking about Tuttle Mall, are you from OH?
Comment from : John Hinterschied

Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl
I love this! It has changed quite a bit since the old days but I still love walking through and playing at NYNY
Comment from : Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl

The World Of Mike
Good Video.....I have stayed here 8-10 times....my fave place to stay!!
Comment from : The World Of Mike

Phinz FAN
Another great video. Thanks guys. Reeses yum.
Comment from : Phinz FAN

Slot Traveler
Fun tour! I liked the Slot World feature :) I like this property but i usuallybstay at Aria. Fun video! M&M :) peanuts!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Mariah W
I’m staying at the Wynn this week love it
Comment from : Mariah W

Mariah W
Do you guys like living in Vegas or do you plan to move back to Ohio sometime?
Comment from : Mariah W

Wade Atkinson
$15 ribeye not bad!
Comment from : Wade Atkinson

Built Electric T.V.
I was thinking, what if Vegas had a Miami theme hotel and casino called the 305
Comment from : Built Electric T.V.

Grant Carter
Smarties are way better than M&Ms. I’ll have to bring some to you next time I’m down.
Comment from : Grant Carter

Julie Dailey The Fam
Love 48th and Crepe!!!! The hubby and I will be in vegas Monday. Can't wait!!!
Comment from : Julie Dailey The Fam

the big d zone
happy easter lateand i like both brands of candy.
Comment from : the big d zone

Jos Wijnands
Awesome video again. Love the walk throughs. Can’t wait to go back to Vegas.
Comment from : Jos Wijnands

I like NYNY, right at the end for easy hwy access.

However their slots have the worst payout.

Comment from : damianraver

Chris James
everytime I go to the casino I say thatt saying.. pretty fun saying it.. slot world
Comment from : Chris James

chevy 350
Happy easter guys ! 👍nice video again thanx have a great time guys 👍👋
Comment from : chevy 350

Coincidentally enough I was just watching my old Vegas home videos from 1997 and NYNY back then only had the Chrsyler building and maybe two other buildings, and there was an actual river with water underneath the Brooklyn bridge
Comment from : evancortez2

Slots N-Stuff
Great walk through guys love your videos! 👍
Comment from : Slots N-Stuff

Has anyone stayed there?
Comment from : Planksta45

Comment from : PANCITAS VLOGS

GabFer Games
The new york is city las vegas,great living las vegas
Comment from : GabFer Games

Chris F.
Comment from : Chris F.

Stayed here labor day weekend last year, loved it! Great Video Guys , loved the NYNY construction shots at the start, and of course the music! Thanks again for a great video ..
Comment from : djmm77

Great to see you back with another walkthrough video and it’s at my favorite hotel NYNY. I love it there and the rooms and casinos are great
Comment from : MrBiggs8511

Emma Dean
Yay love New York New York heading back in September stay at the mandarin oriental but head to this casino
Comment from : Emma Dean

steve edwards
Staying here April 20....:)...can't wait...love this hotel
Comment from : steve edwards

Diana T
You have to be 18 to see Zumanity because they have some raunchy acts going on for adults only. I enjoy your videos, they keep me up to date on Vegas happenings.
Comment from : Diana T

Michelle Tabisula
I am loving your videos. Thanks for sharing;-)
Comment from : Michelle Tabisula

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