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Stefan Madovski
Thanks bro
Comment from : Stefan Madovski

Shemariel Walker
Thank god for this i was freaking out now i can sleep
Comment from : Shemariel Walker

sergio Lopez
thank you for the video
Comment from : sergio Lopez

Ralonda !!
Thank you I thought something was wrong with my phone didn't want to get another one just yet
Comment from : Ralonda !!

Tomas Cambara
Thanks a lot I have been three days talking with different people among them a Verizon rep, nobody could give me an answer. Thanks again
Comment from : Tomas Cambara

Dol l
Thank you
Comment from : Dol l

Dilan Dinesh
Comment from : Dilan Dinesh

Ate K Vlog
does it affect the wifi coonection?
Comment from : Ate K Vlog

Classic Art
Thank you
Comment from : Classic Art

{ Mirely Santos }
😭😭😭Meu celular tá com esse Triângulo com essas duas setas mas não tô entendendo nada seu celular ta em inglês que pena🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : { Mirely Santos }

Ed M
2019 lol mil gracias amigo creo que la mayoría no sabíamos que rayos era el símbolo, gracias!!!
Comment from : Ed M

Vincent Pohkyntang
Thank you so much bro .. was figuring out that what it actually was ..
Love you brother

Comment from : Vincent Pohkyntang

sirzan thapa
Thanks bro same problem in my A50😁😁
Comment from : sirzan thapa

Steve Barnes
Thanks, very clear.
Comment from : Steve Barnes

Michael Henry Malong
thank you. This video is the only one that explains well what that icon is and how to turn it off.
Comment from : Michael Henry Malong

Dot Koi
Thanks buddy ..👍👌
Comment from : Dot Koi

Dot Koi
Thanks buddy ..👍👌
Comment from : Dot Koi

siraj idrisi
Thanks bro... love you yaar.
Comment from : siraj idrisi

Miriam Miranda
Thanks bro, like <3
Comment from : Miriam Miranda

Gracias Man.
Comment from : leytorec

MaryAnn Conmy
Thank you.... it took us hours trying to get rid of it. You saved our sanity!
Comment from : MaryAnn Conmy

DJ MatheusS Super Mega funk
Thanks for vídeo
Comment from : DJ MatheusS Super Mega funk

Opiniones y más con Julián Sosa.
Comment from : Opiniones y más con Julián Sosa.

Anastasis K
Thanks! I thought that's was the reason for the battery drain :)
Comment from : Anastasis K

Mohamed Kotp
that relifing thank u
Comment from : Mohamed Kotp

Joseph Salcido
Thanks brother, learn something new everyday 🤙
Comment from : Joseph Salcido

Joseph Salcido
Thanks brother, learn something new everyday 🤙
Comment from : Joseph Salcido

It's data usage warning to save you 1 minute
Comment from : Knightmare

Enoch Perera
Thank you very much ... wondering what that symbol was and wanted just to make it vanish,, thanks for all the infor.
Comment from : Enoch Perera

Thank you so much!!!!!!!
Comment from : MartyMcFly700

Lisa Cop
Thanks. I'm just now figuring this out in Oct, 2019 lol. Ty
Comment from : Lisa Cop

mel say
Comment from : mel say

Fuck sakes, 30 seconds pointing at the symbol saying "this one, this one"... anyone watching this video came here because they know the symbol and want to know what does it means, and then explaining 3 times consecutively that is data saver...
Comment from : korreatreyu

Merwan Hakim
thanks man u helped me too much .....
Comment from : Merwan Hakim

jytsn panwar
Comment from : jytsn panwar

Gérard Walter
Thanks for information good locked by continued.
Comment from : Gérard Walter

Richard Galambos
Thank you, that was freaking me out!
Comment from : Richard Galambos

Phillip Leão
Thanks for the information. Mine is Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Comment from : Phillip Leão

smart news urdu
Comment from : smart news urdu

Diane M
Thanks you!!!
Comment from : Diane M

Said Mouinet
Thanks a lot !
Comment from : Said Mouinet

Videos,Vlogs & YouTube
Love love love ,thank you so much for uploading such video,i was upset, asked mny people, but no one knows about it
Comment from : Videos,Vlogs & YouTube

hira saleem
Comment from : hira saleem

Chris John
thanks bro
Comment from : Chris John

Ale Mondragon
Comment from : Ale Mondragon

kaua ferreira
Vlw 🔥👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : kaua ferreira

Ashish Mangre
Comment from : Ashish Mangre

Emi Gisela Fache
Is was soo worry but now Im okay... thank you very muchhh!
Comment from : Emi Gisela Fache

Rahul Mulchandani
Very helpful.

Comment from : Rahul Mulchandani

My Guitar
Cool! Thanks Man!
Comment from : My Guitar

katherine s.
Thank's 👍
Comment from : katherine s.

Wanda Landreth
Thank you i didnt know what was going on
Comment from : Wanda Landreth

Brooooo no homo but i'd like to kiss you . You're great !!!! Thank you
Comment from : Ace666

Kleidy Santos
Comment from : Kleidy Santos

Bawa Kavya
Comment from : Bawa Kavya

Amanda Teles Alves
Comment from : Amanda Teles Alves

Nora Su
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)
Comment from : Nora Su

Conscious Efforts
Thank you so much, def got a new subscriber
Comment from : Conscious Efforts

M. Budi Setiawan
Thank you, I undeliberately tap that data saver, and I confused that icon shown up. Now I know
Comment from : M. Budi Setiawan

Cyndi Cleveland
Omg thank you so much I was losing my mind trying to figure it out xo bless you.. just got phone few days ago ..lol
Comment from : Cyndi Cleveland

Roger Hickman
Comment from : Roger Hickman

Ahmed Hussain Assam Tube
Thanks very helpful tips
Comment from : Ahmed Hussain Assam Tube

devid Roy
thnks man . 😊
Comment from : devid Roy

Joy Rolle
Thank yyou! This was bothering me sooo much! Subscribed!
Comment from : Joy Rolle

VERY helpful! Thank you. 😊
Comment from : loveinspired7

Shehzad Gul
Thanks man i was searching for this. Subscribed
Comment from : Shehzad Gul

Jasmine H
I update my note8, but some msg keeps popping up saying a new software update is avalible
Comment from : Jasmine H

Tatty Dutra
Comment from : Tatty Dutra

AbdeRrahim AbdeRrahim
Thanks a lot
Comment from : AbdeRrahim AbdeRrahim

Grace M
Thank you!
Comment from : Grace M

eSports Jamaica
Thanks bro!
Comment from : eSports Jamaica

Danielle Ellis
Thank you. Been bothering me all day. Lol. Thanks again.
Comment from : Danielle Ellis

E Cruz
2019 and this video still helpful. Thanks
Comment from : E Cruz

R Dubya
Cheers for uploading - wondered what it was.
Comment from : R Dubya

rock roll
thanks man.
Comment from : rock roll

Doménica Galarza
No hablo inglés pero igual pude resolver el problema jajaja gracias compa
Comment from : Doménica Galarza

Green Dorian
Comment from : Green Dorian

Green Dorian
Tanke you
Comment from : Green Dorian

This info is nowhere else on the internet. Wtf! Thanks.
Comment from : TheSphongleface

Sadaf Awan
thank you bro
Comment from : Sadaf Awan

Van Totop
Thank you so much. I finally know now what that symbol means.
Comment from : Van Totop

Mbalusi Chinaza
Thanks so much you've save me right now was worried about this symbol
Comment from : Mbalusi Chinaza

S.Butter Mose
Thx guy, u really helped me
Comment from : S.Butter Mose

Acaside Love
Thank you!
Comment from : Acaside Love

Ehsan Asghar
Tnx bro
Comment from : Ehsan Asghar

Karwan Baloch Production
Its Reallly helpfulll♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Karwan Baloch Production

Thank you, I was going crazy 😂
Comment from : NicoRourke

Deivin Flores
gracias no entendí el idioma.pero seguí los pasos
Comment from : Deivin Flores

tarvL Tarv
Data saver icon. Go to the data usage section. 👍🤙
Comment from : tarvL Tarv

Navya K
Thanks a million.
Comment from : Navya K

Joe Mac
Comment from : Joe Mac

Jan Silver
f Samsung MUST TELL Me THAT!!!!!

Comment from : Jan Silver

Paul S
Thank You so much i just turned it on to save some data and didn't realize what it was
Comment from : Paul S

Liz Walton
It is the Data Saver symbol, this does not need a video.
Comment from : Liz Walton

Daiana Choi
Thank you for sharing!!!❤
Comment from : Daiana Choi

tats Filmar
Damn i really wondered what was that haha
Comment from : tats Filmar

Sarah Ip
Thank you so much. This icon was also on my phone which is also SAMSUNG.
Comment from : Sarah Ip

lynn :3
Graciassss me sirviooo yo pesaba q me jackearon el cel 😅😅
Comment from : lynn :3

Thank you.
Comment from : JediTim

DarkneSsShadoww 141
Thanks! Really helpful
Comment from : DarkneSsShadoww 141

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