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Temp Toxs
Arsenal copied the starter fortnite emote into his game
Comment from : Temp Toxs

zakaria zaki
you pro

Comment from : zakaria zaki

1v1 with swager john roblox
Comment from : HEDDAT AZEDDINE

Caleb RBX
Bandites Is the best player in arsenal and john roblox
Comment from : Caleb RBX

Lila gamer Lol
I got 13 1st place kills
Comment from : Lila gamer Lol

Why does he sound like “Berd”?
Comment from : Emerald

Ham Boney
This guy sounds like remainings
Comment from : Ham Boney

Holly Lukas
He doesnt know how to backstab Hes garbage try hard
Comment from : Holly Lukas

Natrakarn Suanphon
How is ur senstivity so gud
Comment from : Natrakarn Suanphon

Mr. Bruh
i play cb and i got ace killing 7 player then they say "NOOB HACKER TOXIC" lol
Comment from : Mr. Bruh

Mr. Bruh
i play with you before
Comment from : Mr. Bruh

Endurance gaming
Welp there goes his life savings
Comment from : Endurance gaming

Kameto hayato
Is like its on the force when backstab
Comment from : Kameto hayato

Blk RandomStoryboards
3:03 hes unlocking his inner John Roblox
Comment from : Blk RandomStoryboards

0:56 Some guy was dancing while a train arived
Comment from : essasito

xOwN iwnl-
Comment from : xOwN iwnl-

I Know Sight
For your knife he how many boxes did it take?
Comment from : I Know Sight

Milan Christian
5:25 Oml streak 5 with a win that’s cool!
Comment from : Milan Christian

the Farpy guy
Brandites vs JOHN ROBLOX
Comment from : the Farpy guy

Richard Rosario
bandites:get out of my way hair

hair:am i a JOKE to you

Comment from : Richard Rosario

Gamerplayz - ROBLOX
Man I hate snipers xD
Comment from : Gamerplayz - ROBLOX

XxJuniorxX Ur mom
When I get back stabbed I get mad so I back stab the person who back stabbed me and I do the default dance
Comment from : XxJuniorxX Ur mom

1:23 it’s not a halo it’s a eclipse
Comment from : K-9_Lunatic

Adam Lor
basicly geting a backkstab while he is faceing at you is very common i guesss beacuse the knife had went on the back of you and not in fron of you si i guess it is common
Comment from : Adam Lor

Chris Kojios
Anyone noticed he made it a second over 10 minutes? Y u milk ad revenue
Comment from : Chris Kojios

How to kill someone 101:”please die”

Thax fur redding

Comment from : XxAidanxX

damien helm
2:13 it says "already owned refunded 50% of case cost " so wasn't new
Comment from : damien helm

mousee09 :D
I like the sound off people clicking there keyboards since I’m on mobile and might be getting laptop soon hopefully
Comment from : mousee09 :D

K Ÿ Ė &-&
Rip robux
Comment from : K Ÿ Ė &-&

peanutsebom Pamonha
Her inventory is bigger than my gayness
Comment from : peanutsebom Pamonha

FuchinGamingChanel เล่นเล่น
1 like=5T Coin for bandites
Comment from : FuchinGamingChanel เล่นเล่น

Me: Cool.

Comment from : ItzBlueberryz

Kayla _XN
You look like a pro than other ppl
Comment from : Kayla _XN

NRT weeb
You and John 1v1
Comment from : NRT weeb

I got this skin :)
Comment from : ZAYLIANA

i hate the scarecrow skin
Comment from : b-nico

joe mama
1v1 John roblox
Comment from : joe mama

blueboy Art
4:38 I hate the piston with 20 dps head shot only did a bit more and it have 9 ammo that gun is trash
Comment from : blueboy Art

Mr. Fan of Gravy, Russo John,koneko,rb battles
-Somebody likes Henry rifle? Dislike

-Somebody who does'nt like henry rifle LIKE RIGHT NOW

Comment from : Mr. Fan of Gravy, Russo John,koneko,rb battles

Taco Man
10:02 was my favorite part
Comment from : Taco Man

how do u get so much cash?

Comment from : Cheesydeezy

Ejhay Magdangal
33 kill streak like this for argee
Comment from : Ejhay Magdangal

Joerge Koro
The skin you had equpied is my costume :)
Comment from : Joerge Koro

Shershah Iqbal
Bandites...you vs John Roblox/ZERO_TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... it needs to happen
Comment from : Shershah Iqbal

Mihaela Cristina Dobre
Challenge only knife
Comment from : Mihaela Cristina Dobre

henry rifle's are a pain in the ass to use irl and in game in arsenal
Comment from : X S U G A

Bandites what screen recorder do you use?
Comment from : EOG SPIRITLINE

WeiRui Playz
Me have chainsaw as melee weapon
Comment from : WeiRui Playz

Ruth Tolentino
1v1 me Com on
Comment from : Ruth Tolentino

1v1 me PlEaSe
Comment from : MasterGamerKenny

Crazy K1rm3sfr34k
beo I would knee down on your feet and give you all I have for THESE skins OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Comment from : Crazy K1rm3sfr34k

U can press 'c to squat'
Comment from : JD TGM

I also play arsenal at that day.
Comment from : JD TGM

Curt Matthew pasion
Give me skin
Comment from : Curt Matthew pasion

the last bacon
Why is everyone is mad at you when u play late game and win
Comment from : the last bacon

thirds playz pro
i think u will to get legendarys to or skin effect
Comment from : thirds playz pro

thirds playz pro
went i open a create i have a lucky pretty day i got a karambit
Comment from : thirds playz pro

Loo Kai Yuan
Challenge me! my roblox name call INoobSoWhat,
im a pro

Comment from : Loo Kai Yuan

This game have facestab
Comment from : Nucleus

Ammarou plays
When ppl get stuff whit candys they show off whit it
Comment from : Ammarou plays

Julian Pham
Can you 1v1 me and I’m good an here’s my account name zjulian131
Comment from : Julian Pham

WePlay Roblox
I want to you 1v1 whit John roblox
Comment from : WePlay Roblox

Janzy Wreck Gaming
Jhon vs Bandites who win pls do a chalenge 1v1
Comment from : Janzy Wreck Gaming

HankTheAnkhbayar LOL
My highest kill streak was.. 33 because the server was full of noobs ;-;
Comment from : HankTheAnkhbayar LOL

Dan Parker
Bandites puts out actual content, good, solid content, and does 1 of these and gets views. I hate YouTube.
Comment from : Dan Parker

I want Dio skin :)
Comment from : PhakpoomYT

Nobody TV
i had 17 kill steak in free for all
Comment from : Nobody TV

Pumpkin Soldier365
crusader is also my favorite
Comment from : Pumpkin Soldier365

Comment from : JUAN ROBLOX

hmm... I’m gonna try to see something,
you remember me?

Comment from : Starry_Universe_

Marcin Ler
My worst is muskit cus it takes 9000 years to relolode
Comment from : Marcin Ler

Nicolás Osorio
Lol i killed u 5 times in bad business
Comment from : Nicolás Osorio

bruh i wish i had the karambit :/
Comment from : Symphamane

Charlie Colon
I’m trying to get the megaphone emote and the squeaky hammer and the clown skin
Comment from : Charlie Colon

John Arandia
Lowkey he sounds like remainings.
Comment from : John Arandia

Burgerbrezel HD
I Love this Intro i Love you Arsenal Videos
Comment from : Burgerbrezel HD

Mr. Oof
Getting the magican thank you Arsenal
A few moments later this game doesn't make sense

Comment from : Mr. Oof

Zain Contreras
Campbell is based off ash Williams actor Bruce Campbell
Comment from : Zain Contreras

xtiangamer 146
i thought you got a crusader
Comment from : xtiangamer 146

I hate the Luger too
Comment from : Zocker_HD

BigBoss NinjaxD
hey bandites next video can u make worst monuments plz :3
Comment from : BigBoss NinjaxD

April Lauren Ortega
5:47 it's 5
Comment from : April Lauren Ortega

I hope next time you get a 20 kill streak
Comment from : ジョーンズ睦子

Shadow HD
dont u dare tell me u use robux
Comment from : Shadow HD

Zero Two
What kill effect r u using and how did u got it?
Comment from : Zero Two

Daniel gaming
Do you have bots following you?
Comment from : Daniel gaming

Declan Cheong
Do a video about island tribes and you get full diamond armor in your account
Comment from : Declan Cheong

rayan touile
Can u do this troll in clown infection Wear the clownn stuff the skin and the melee and troll like you are a clown 😈😈😎
Comment from : rayan touile

Tấn Tài Đặng
Who better John or Bandites?
Comment from : Tấn Tài Đặng

ShrekPlaysRB LOL XD
I have 50 usuals
Comment from : ShrekPlaysRB LOL XD

Bandites: There are only like 4 skins
Zombie skin: am I a joke to you?

Comment from : MITRA _

Unban-kun 3-year weeb
Lol finally I found this
Comment from : Unban-kun 3-year weeb

Ninja Gamer
Hey quick question can you stop being in my fucking recommended? Thanks
Comment from : Ninja Gamer

Im only lvl 40 but i have an unusual fro
Comment from : Paulzy

I would like to be pro as you are a god
Comment from : Juana

Flare ZackYT
Comment from : Flare ZackYT

Flare ZackYT
Comment from : Flare ZackYT

Stylxr RBLX
I wish I had the money to buy the unusual crate ;-;
Comment from : Stylxr RBLX

Default Drew
Luger may suck with body shots, but it actually does well with headshots.
Comment from : Default Drew

There are some kids screaming at the top of their lungs outside and it is really annoying I want to strangle them
Comment from : BrainlessCatGuy

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