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Greoge Westmann
dude, slideshows suck. Everything takes video nowadays, get with the program :-)
Comment from : Greoge Westmann

Targeted Promotions
Do you have plans for this?
Comment from : Targeted Promotions

Great Job! Where did you get the center felt? And what is the black arm rest made of and did it hold up over time?
Comment from : Doug

DOS EQUIS must have been a sponsor for the build? Hehe.
Comment from : Tuneman7777

I know this is an old video, but is the felt taller than the racetrack or even with it?
Comment from : FirebirdA18

is youtube for picture slideshows? thought it was for videos..
Comment from : Gainz-INYA-Face

Victor Romero
Cerveza dos equis.... Mexicana!!!!!!!! I like it
Comment from : Victor Romero

Antalsoca S
Awful video
Comment from : Antalsoca S

Mateusz Pietak
it looks just amazing, like in my dream <3
Comment from : Mateusz Pietak

Not really digging the lights but everything on this table looks fantastic. Good Job
Comment from : CONCEPT DESIGNS

Rob Zukowski
Ummmmmm maybe if you call it "how to make" you should actually give instructions! This should be titled hey look at my poker table!
Comment from : Rob Zukowski

lol... what about the legs for the table?
Comment from : tecnolover2642

Kalo Evans
what kind of ply wood did u use and did u encounter any splintering on the cross cuts
Comment from : Kalo Evans

luis santos
please name of materials?
Comment from : luis santos

Lewis Mitchell
Good day,

This finished table looks fantastic! However, I was wondering what plans you used to build this? I am trying to build my own table and would love the finished product to look as great as this. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated! Any information would be useful!

Comment from : Lewis Mitchell

I didn't see but did you have a materials list? I'm new to anything handy lol
Comment from : redwingnut4013

This is not a "how to" video
Comment from : mrbreezeaau

Really funky pool table. There should only be 6 pockets though! looks fantastic! I may just make one. Thank you for posting...
Comment from : boxes247

Leroy Jenkins
What kind of wood and stain did you use?
Comment from : Leroy Jenkins

Reagan Huynh
I would love to build this table but i have so much question. If you have time can i get some pointers
Comment from : Reagan Huynh

nice table, shit video
Comment from : goodcat1982

Mason Long
Where do you buy the large one piece foam for the padding on the railing?
Comment from : Mason Long

Roberto Baldassari
I wanted to know the measures that you used...
Can you tell me?

Comment from : Roberto Baldassari

Sal Marascalco
Great looking table! May I ask what color stain did you use for the racetrack?
Comment from : Sal Marascalco

where did you buy the rail vinyl ?
Comment from : TehVeggis

roger hamilton
this video sucks... its crude construction gives no detail just shabby measurements there should be some sort of titling just one image after another the sequence sucks...  one would have to watch it at least 20 times just to be able to make any sense on actually doing it themselves... the author of this has no understanding of how to communicate his project other than look i made a poker table top....  does nothing to show... HOW TO BUILD A POKER TABLE...  all he is doing is just promoting himself how he did it for himself nothing more .... congrats you built one... woopeedoo...  learn how to better instruct others if your going to post a video like this teaching others how they are to do it....  ... what type of wood, what type of material or cloth, or black cover you used etc... gave no detail to the supplies or type of wood it would best be used.... simply just a stupid self promoting display of a poker table being built... congrats... does nothing for the rest of us...
Comment from : roger hamilton

Cool, looks good.
Comment from : Edu.Poker

Aquaman Pool Pros
Hi. I have a few questions that maybe u could answer.
How many 3/4 plywood did you use?
What did you do with the left over plywood u use to cut the 4" Rail? Did u use them for the pieces u cut to make the rail higher?
And what size did u cut the cup holder?
Thank u in advance.
Very very nice poker table!!

Comment from : Aquaman Pool Pros

Realy nice pokertable!
Comment from : panoramafreak

Ben R
Nice work, greetings from Belgium
Comment from : Ben R

Well done - where can i purchase felt with the designs on it?


Comment from : reachmitch

Edward Ramirez
I very impressed especially since you used a lot of plywood. great job!!
Comment from : Edward Ramirez

Jurik Kähler
Great and wonderful table! Looks really professional! Love it! :)
 - greets from Germany

Comment from : Jurik Kähler

Gorgeous table. Looks like a lot of time went into making it so nice.
Comment from : TheSmoothGrind

Did you ever get a materials list?
Comment from : @FLYBYCARTER

Joseph Bonanno
i will be really interested in your plans, i am making a poker table just like this in my woodshop class and i need some help, i would really appreciate it, thankyou!
Comment from : Joseph Bonanno

Name this "how to post a slide show on You Tube"
Comment from : TLAMont2008

Forrest Brooks
Great looking table. I apologize for not catching on completely, but if the inside cut of the 1.5 inch section of the rail is the same diameter as the outside cut of the racetrack; how does the rail mount to the racetrack? Unless I keep missing something or the build uses three sheets?
Comment from : Forrest Brooks

J Bujanos
Bad ass!!!!!
Comment from : J Bujanos

Fabio Carreira
Parabéns..... ficou muito boa!! Fabio....BRASIL
Comment from : Fabio Carreira

Sweet table - looks great! What kind of felt/leather was used for the table? Any special stains or wood type? I like what you have going on - thanks for the pointers!
Comment from : @FLYBYCARTER

gringo padrino
whats with the random dos XX photo shots lol
Comment from : gringo padrino

Vagetoss J
I will soon later today!!
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Vagetoss J
Thank you homepokertourney that's awesome!!!
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Andres Gonzales
Comment from : Andres Gonzales

Great job!
Comment from : irmajar

Was how you attached the railing? And was wondering if i could get a step by step on this sweet ass table
Comment from : davidkrug22

Solid craftsmanship. Think I just discovered my winter woodworking project.
Comment from : BiskitznGravy

Vagetoss J
Thanks I have a great time playing on it, and is holding up pretty good with all these drunk people around it.!! :)
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Vagetoss J
For the other sheet that will be used for you racetrack, do the same but measure 1.5" and do you cut. You are going to glue the 1.5 inch rail to the bottom of the 4 inch rail.!!
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Vagetoss J
Use the best looking sheet for the racetrack. Grab the other one and trace your rail. See video (51-57 sec) I measured 4" from the outside of the sheet (all the way around). For the arc, simply use the same method as As the 1st cut. Cut the 4" outer ring with your jigsaw. The outer ring will be used for the top of the rail. The inner oval is scrap do what you want with it.
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Still not 100% on how you made the rail. BTW with such a sweet table you need to pick up some nice chips and a nice deck.
Comment from : doluseb

Vagetoss J
If you look at the video from 4:48-4:52 on min 4:48 is the lower part pretty much made a big shoe box. As you can see on min 4:52 the lid of the shoe box is nailed to the bottom of the poker table and it slides right in top. so I can remove the top part of the table easy to move around hope this kinda helps!! If you need specs let me know and I'll get them for you.
Comment from : Vagetoss J

Matt Poole
Amazing table!!!
Comment from : Matt Poole

Carlos Rafael Araujo Rivas
whats the distance betwen cupholders??
Comment from : Carlos Rafael Araujo Rivas

That's one hellava table!! Nice job!
Comment from : musashi06

Karla Araujo
how do you attach the rail to the racetrack?
Comment from : Karla Araujo

Chris Paczocha
Do you have that tutorial that you were talking about? It would be a huge help trying to get mine up and going. Also, how big is your plywood (4'x8')? Did you only use one piece of plywood or two to make the table and railings. Great video.
Comment from : Chris Paczocha

The best Dos Equis commercial that I have ever seen! thanks
Comment from : djsirtifiable

Great video. It gave me some good ideas. The table looks awesome.
Comment from : irmajar

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