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Budgie AlarmTech MightyEagleAlarmFan83823
Turning right in a red arrow as a stop sign or a flashing yellow, In California, An Red Arrow Means No right turn, On red, Usually Caltrans Using a red Ball For a right turn signal, Yellow and green are arrows but a red ball, They could be used in California but not even Nevada, Nevada Shows a red arrow with a No right turn on red sign, Even 3 way intersections.
Comment from : Budgie AlarmTech MightyEagleAlarmFan83823

Hank Bridges
Red arrow to me means stop, then turn right. There should be signs saying NO RIGHT TURN at the stoplight. Take them to court!
Comment from : Hank Bridges

These are so dumb. We have these in Tampa at the end of offramps and they have two right turn lanes with two of those red arrow lights. You can run those lights right in front of a cop and they won't even stop you.
Comment from : cumulo25

Don Quimby
I’m afraid this will cause more people to give up on logic and Indiana will become a stupid state. Why would two different lights have the same meaning? For the red arrow, why not stop and hold? How will they efficiently communicate a stop and hold if they ever need to?
Comment from : Don Quimby

Don Quimby
Ugh? I thought I would come away with an understanding as to why not just have a regular disk shaped red light. Is Indianna a stupid state or something, or is it just me? If all the money to install, why add cofusion. I guess the only thing that makes sense to me would requiring something different than a regular disk red light - such as stopping and holding until green. No, this report can't be right, is it? Who are these people anyway? And why do some refer to the regular disk lights that are not blinking as solid? I want to understand, but the more information given leaves me more confused.
Comment from : Don Quimby

Nobody Business
I literally almost beat some dudes ass today over this. So I had to check it and make sure I was right. lol The guy stopped at a red turn arrow and sat there and waited for it to turn green even though there was no cars in sight. So I honked at him and we just so happened to be going to the same place. So he gets out and says, "You know you have to stop and wait for that light right" and I said, "No you don't, you just gotta make a complete stop, yeild to traffic and pedestrians and you can turn as long as there's not a sign that says no turn on red" and he went off about how he teaches traffic school to the middle school, which makes no sense at all. Then got I my face, so I shoved him across the room and then one of the ladies that works there end up kicking him out for causing trouble.
Comment from : Nobody Business

Renee Loves Despacito
If there is a no turn on red arrow sign, YOU don't t turn
Comment from : Renee Loves Despacito

Renee Loves Despacito
no turn on red
Comment from : Renee Loves Despacito

Renee Loves Despacito
in illinois u cannot turn right on red arrow and left on red arrow
Comment from : Renee Loves Despacito

Louis Healan
Here in Texas, i would take a signal like that ( I have never seen one like that. ) as meaning, " right turn on red, after stopping".
Comment from : Louis Healan

Michael Niemiera
Just leave it a red ball if you can turn right.
Comment from : Michael Niemiera

Amtrak and AWVR Fan
In California, a red right turn arrow automatically means no turn on red.
Comment from : Amtrak and AWVR Fan

Chilly Willy
In California, a red arrow means no turn on red.
Comment from : Chilly Willy

skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
The right turn singal can even turn green if the thru light is red. But what about pedestrians.
Comment from : skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
In California, you CANNNOT turn right on a red arrow.
Comment from : skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo

Ethan Cua
Turns on red are allowed if there is no sign that says "no turn on red".
Comment from : Ethan Cua

Joe Diver
In California you can't turn on a red arrow.
Comment from : Joe Diver

Then put a fucking sign up that says "TURN ON GREEN ARROW ONLY"
Comment from : OriginalRaw&Uncut

What pompous report-aversive newsfolk, deceptively supposing the answer to the dangerous dilemma there as being borne by their manipulative news organisation. :tut_tut: The answer rests squarely with the roadways authority at properly rolling out a public awareness campaign.
Comment from : trainrover

According to the MUTCD, right-turn red arrow means no free turn-to-right.
Comment from : Hampstead343

Right turn arrows like that are redundant.  If you can still turn right on red, leave it as a solid red.
Comment from : millenniumman75

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