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Aslam Gafoor
Aslam gafoor
Comment from : Aslam Gafoor

What if you are dealt (3) different face cards (A,K,Q) and (2) low cards? Should u hold (2) of the face cards or try to go for a straight and hold all (3) face cards?
Comment from : ericwoodspring

Michael Proctor
Great videos, was wondering if the strategy for double double bonus can be used for triple double bonus?
Comment from : Michael Proctor

any benefit from playing on max credits?
Comment from : FASTDOUNUT TV

These video poker games ALWAYS forget one card: the Joker! He’s not just a Batman villain! He has feelings, too!
Comment from : BNSF1995

Thank you so much ! Your video was straight forward and perfectly timed. Some of the other ones I've found are very dull and lengthy (some almost a half hour long!) Keep up the good work and happy gambling!
Comment from : M

Fixx 26
You are AMAZING!!!
Comment from : Fixx 26

Good sense
Comment from : EUGENE SHOWTY

Lisa W
That was a surprisingly good video!
Comment from : Lisa W

Most casinos don't give you 9-6-5 or 9-6-4 or 9-5-4 Jacks or Better. Most give you 8-5-4.
Comment from : J P

Boom Bet
If you want to practice how to play we put a game on facebook called Boombet Video Poker. It's a great and fun way to learn! Say youtube sent you in chat and well send you extra chips!! <3<3


Comment from : Boom Bet

David Gentile
Comment from : David Gentile

dilip patel
this is for dummies
Comment from : dilip patel

I'm good at getting 4 of a kind, but I only seem to get 4/5 for the SF and the RF
Comment from : DakariKingMykan

Justin Hart
What do you do if you have 4 of the same suit BUT a pair of JJ for example. So let’s say it’s J-J-9-3-2 (4 hearts) do you go for the flush or keep the jacks. ??
Comment from : Justin Hart

Cliff Sharp
Can you give me what the following hand looks like? "3 to a straight flush, spread 5, with 1 high card". Thank you
Comment from : Cliff Sharp

Eli Hess
Is the narrator Jeffery R Holland??
Comment from : Eli Hess

Norm Render
if someone could help, Jack of dia plus 7,8,9,10 hearts @ straight? are Jack's wild on straight and flushes?
Comment from : Norm Render

Jeffrey Stanton
How can I practice for free cant figure it out
Comment from : Jeffrey Stanton

Conk- VR Vanguard
Won $120 in 4 minutes tonight. It was an 8/5 machine and 25cent bets
Comment from : Conk- VR Vanguard

Rolandas Grigaitis
omfg this song is stuck in my head... This is the weirdest song I've ever heard.
Comment from : Rolandas Grigaitis

Brent'sCardsAnd Coins
Your website runs horribly. The games keep locking up.
Comment from : Brent'sCardsAnd Coins

Marie Huff
I went to the casino with $8. Mother and I had a two night stay in one of the room. I took my $8 won $25.. play jack or better and hit the royal flush for $400. The next day I hit it again for another royal flush for $400. Now my mother is making me show her how to play lol
Comment from : Marie Huff

How much do odds go down by not better x5 but rather betting x1
Comment from : Z B

Jim Pimmers
The only thing you need to know about this is that it's a negative ev game.
Comment from : Jim Pimmers

Dennis O'Neill
Isn't the EV higher with two "paying" high cards vs. holding a low pair?  For instance, statistically holding a K Q pays more often than holding two fours.  I believe that the math supports this theory over your advice to hold the low pair.
Comment from : Dennis O'Neill

Abdullah Alajmy
Thanks for the tip casino kicked me out they said I was winning too much
Comment from : Abdullah Alajmy

Machine Shop Inc.
wished I would've watched this before I went to the casino last night, I was throwing away too many low pairs! Wasn't horrible but didnt win, until I got lucky on slots. 8/5 jacks or better is best in my area. Played for an hour and a half only down 8 bucks not too bad I guess.
Comment from : Machine Shop Inc.

I always break at least even on this. Add in all the free drinks I get and points on my players card at the casino and it's always a win!
Comment from : Michael

Marlene Lipari
Good for beginner
Comment from : Marlene Lipari

Poe Try
This chapter is fake
Comment from : Poe Try

Wilson Maingrette
Lol..u will not be so lucky wen ur money is on the line....
Comment from : Wilson Maingrette

Discover Yourself
i realy dont know how to thank you
Comment from : Discover Yourself

Jill Tanner
just here to learn how to play ir on garry mod tower
Comment from : Jill Tanner

David Jackson
I got a question. At casino that I often visit, it offers 9/6 Jacks or Better with normal typical pay outs except for a 1000 to 1 pay out for a royal flush on 5 coins play. Then that game is beatable?
Comment from : David Jackson

I'm looking for software like you're using in this video.. Is there any type of online strategy checker or free software?
Comment from : J P

jay banon
6:13 we should click on the 3 of the same suit right ? 8,2,4
for a flush ?

Comment from : jay banon

Clifton Mccargo
It's really an amazing poker video tutorial. I also got a lot of use out of Ace Poker Solutions videos to learn the poker strategy perfectly.
Comment from : Clifton Mccargo

Nathan Evans
He sounds just like Kevin Spacey, ironically who was in the movie 21. About blackjack.
Comment from : Nathan Evans

What do you do with three high cards of different suit? Hold all of them?
Comment from : J.P.

W Leon
I love this game. I have won quite a bit on Jacks or Better playing the machine using the core rules.
Comment from : W Leon

Paul Gerber
Very informative! Instills some core knowledge for approach to video poker:)
Comment from : Paul Gerber

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