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Live at the Bike!
Comment from : Live at the Bike!

OMK !!
Comment from : 손별이

Poker Streams
I want to play that table lol
Comment from : Poker Streams

Mamacita so fine.
Comment from : salg

Love mamacita
Comment from : WENDEL NARCISSE

Pinoy Brand
Yaas, Love me some Mamacita. Only Female Poker player I like at the Bike.
Comment from : Pinoy Brand

Dangti Amri
I don't know whom to choose
Comment from : Dangti Amri

Romanian Mike
Comment from : Romanian Mike

TheBest Excuse
i want to lay in that table
Comment from : TheBest Excuse

Beto Romanowski
Shitty behavior
Comment from : Beto Romanowski

Orlando Del Toro
mamacita casate conmigo mamacita!!!
Comment from : Orlando Del Toro

chris py
It would have been cool if they had put DAN BALIZAIAN as the dealer!
Comment from : chris py

Lagineni Sailendra
I clicked for beautiful WINO
Comment from : Lagineni Sailendra

Suraj Chand
love mamacita
Comment from : Suraj Chand

Beautiful Women. Retarded Male commentators.
Comment from : MDW8

Alan Saxton
I can't believe Mamacita stacked on the Ace Jack that she paired I would of lost my shirt. She plays well 💯👍👌👅
Comment from : Alan Saxton

Drew Kiger
These women are so hot.
Comment from : Drew Kiger

Douglas Palermo
thats a hot lineup
Comment from : Douglas Palermo

jason kern
Go moma!!!
Comment from : jason kern

Element EL
Lily resembles the love of my life. 😍
May we meet again.

Comment from : Element EL

#prayformamacita made me burst out laughing.
Comment from : TryingToBeRational

Abel Andrade
can i be a dealer please.....
Comment from : Abel Andrade

Girls likes talk
Comment from : NightRven

Magic! You’re the man! So focused
Comment from : big00bull

omar Breezy
"Im Asian...A flush looks like a full house to me." 😂😂😂😂... GAMBO GAMBO
Comment from : omar Breezy

She’s so hot 🥵 lol
Comment from : M J

BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading
Sorry, a table full of women......I'll be back.......lol
Comment from : BBlack6868 FXLiveTrading

Ben Galindo
I don't even know how the dealer can concentrate on shuffling cards.......🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Comment from : Ben Galindo

Nedle Aironaz
Mamacita that's my idol
Comment from : Nedle Aironaz

13:40 What happened? Did Lily call then back out? Then she’s taking her chips back?
Comment from : asterix811

Steven Szabo
Ummm.........be honest, could ANY guy actually concentrate on playing cards at this table?
Comment from : Steven Szabo

ron valentini
Comment from : ron valentini

ron valentini
I vote for the girls anyone will do.. dont you think
Comment from : ron valentini

Aneesh Bhadra
6 hundo
Comment from : Aneesh Bhadra

John A Neufeld
such a nice table full of sexy baebes gambling total ey candy for men
Comment from : John A Neufeld

Nur Khoirudin
Love mamacita
Comment from : Nur Khoirudin

Matstyx G
“Not 100% Pokerstars”. You mean SetupStars?
Comment from : Matstyx G

i want to be in a relationship with lily
Comment from : lordfashion

Ellis Ellis
Happy dealer
Comment from : Ellis Ellis

Cat fights.
Comment from : ShowMeUGotEm

Brian Lohse
How could anybody root against Mamacitya
Comment from : Brian Lohse

Matt Sheppeck
3:50 🧐
Comment from : Matt Sheppeck

Martin Daniel
Raise with QQ’s reraise with KK’s & a reraise with KK’s & THEN AN ALL IN with QQ’s , call & a call & no one puts anyone on AA’s lol
Comment from : Martin Daniel

givin the bad beat-a xD
Comment from : blazenbet

Are most of these ladies professionals?
Comment from : Fgcjr

Natalia is the finest, then Wino~
Comment from : RedSuxH8r

Jin p
Mamacita is a horrible player. I wished i played against her.
Comment from : Jin p

Where can I get wino 2 am jacket?
Comment from : baobaobaoone

Take a shot everytime someone says "mamacita"
Comment from : mightybatillo

Skor Dizzle
Mamacitas a dime!!
Comment from : Skor Dizzle

Master Mindset
this is good for poker.
Comment from : Master Mindset

d dot b
I mean flush draw looks like a full house to me 😂🤣 guy had me howling
Comment from : d dot b

Lucky You
nice to see some mildly attractive women playing poker good for the game
Comment from : Lucky You

Chris Lake
Mamacita got super lucky, thats all.
Comment from : Chris Lake

Xavier Garza
She folds AJ in a bomb pott wow
Comment from : Xavier Garza

Alexander Hitch
The AJ fold deserves RESPECT!!!!!
Comment from : Alexander Hitch

Amit Agarwal
they never change the dealer or what this dealer is thr always
Comment from : Amit Agarwal

Mamacita is my favorite poker player
Comment from : SFN999

Great to see her crushing again. No celebration dance? What happened?
Comment from : Sisiphos

Commentators rooting for mamacita 😂😍😂😍😂😍
Comment from : JustOddy

Pawel 1
"Only half a pokerstars" lol
Comment from : Pawel 1

Yo Gr
This is hawt
Comment from : Yo Gr

headlins legend
She always does!!!!
Comment from : headlins legend

Jonathan Bates
'' I'm asian so flush draw looks like a full house to me '' .

Never saw an asian fold a 2nd or nut flush draw at my casino either. lawls.

Comment from : Jonathan Bates

Eric Petersen
RIP wino’s hair
Comment from : Eric Petersen

Azary Tamarov
So sick love mamacita
Comment from : Azary Tamarov

Peter Nguyen
Luckbox, hardly crushing.
Comment from : Peter Nguyen

Scott Anderson
Anyone else think of Eddie Guerrero's one time theme music when they see Mamacita?
Comment from : Scott Anderson

Steve Lavigne
You the man Patrick
Comment from : Steve Lavigne

Dan Morgan
You've got to love MAMACITA.
Comment from : Dan Morgan

Sean Montague
Mill8817 dang 😍😍
Comment from : Sean Montague

Biggy Marsh
Mamacita is The Illest !!!
Comment from : Biggy Marsh

Poker Mike
I just don't believe that mamacita is a very good poker player , she has had some luck but Wino and others are much better players. Sorry commentators but how is that crushing.
Comment from : Poker Mike

Whinie Thenit
What’s her @
Comment from : Whinie Thenit

Who the hell calls $2k on a flush draw with $90 invested
Comment from : AlMahdiist

"I'm Asian, so, a flush draw looks like a full house to me."
Comment from : NumbrOneHeadband

Kevin Cloonan
everytime she blind raises she stacks someone...last time she did that she woke up with KK vs QQ LOL
Comment from : Kevin Cloonan

Mike Kutzler
12:08 lol
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

preflop equity calculator is messed up. KK and KK should chop most of the time while each will win with the flush a small percentage.
Comment from : SmilingKnight

Winopoker is by far the finest lady sitting at that table....
Comment from : Steve-oooo

Joe Franks
Live poker is rigged! Nice hand mamacita
Comment from : Joe Franks

Luís Couto
Oh, Mami, Mamacita <3
Comment from : Luís Couto

Саша Кораблев
Come on guys, this is not cool video
Comment from : Саша Кораблев

Duc Nguyen
How the hell she folded 2 pairs!
Comment from : Duc Nguyen

Vlady Andrusk
Mamacita is the Queen of the table!! 👸
Comment from : Vlady Andrusk

Bob Weiser
Someone should have folded.
Comment from : Bob Weiser

Crushes = Got lucky
Comment from : TD

Kevin Singh
Comment from : Kevin Singh

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