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I like to play loosey goosey!
Comment from : CanadianLoveKnot

DasJus Mean
Oh my god dans giving advice out of his bed. How sincere.
Comment from : DasJus Mean

Konrad Daroch
you didnt used yeti for audio channel?
Comment from : Konrad Daroch

Dee Loc
"I keep it pretty elementary so that you'll understand it" well dammnnn
Comment from : Dee Loc

Merlin Cadogan
A very well explained video that is easy to understand, a good length and didn’t stray off topic. Thank you very much sir 👍🙏
Comment from : Merlin Cadogan

john barker
Unbelievably generous insights......namaste
Comment from : john barker

Suraj Gaikwad
Daniel I really dont understand the concept of range. Can you please explain more someday by any chance ? Thanks
Comment from : Suraj Gaikwad

Online zarada
I found a good collection of videos that will help you at Card Crusher Fixer
Comment from : Online zarada

pls dont use word "evolve". this word has no tangible substance/mathematical model.
Comment from : 733Rafael

Sebastian Ramos
Comment from : Sebastian Ramos

Mark Teoh
Hello. I've purchased all of the masterclass materials from every site possible. I have a collection of a lot of free materials and most of the paid one. Including those that costs up to 1.500$. It's a lot of material to go through and it's definetly best for you.

If you would like the learning materials and can't afford buying for those high prices, i'll help you out.

E-MAIL : markpokerclass@gmail.com

Comment from : Mark Teoh

poopy Doo Doo britches
Well done tutorial
Comment from : poopy Doo Doo britches

Siggy Lloyd
I like how effectively nothing technical nor useful about ranges is discussed in this video. Clickbait par excellence. Maybe you could have begun, for example, with an explanation of, oh I don’t know, ranges? xD
Comment from : Siggy Lloyd

paul bin
I am pretty good at UNO, but will begin playing Poker soon.
Comment from : paul bin

Surely you can get around this predictable play by playing randomly like a beginner does.
Comment from : Trius

Greg Kilburn
Sharp guy
Comment from : Greg Kilburn

Mark Zuck
lost it when the dogs barked. bad attention span
Comment from : Mark Zuck

Central Scrutinizer
Ever heard of Neurolinguistic Programming? It's a controversial form of suggestion whereby you can "influence" someone to do what you want them to do by talking to them. But its not easy. You have to know the techniques of how to talk to them. For instance, if I tell you not to think of a black cat, well, you thought of a black cat. If I can suggest that you should fold in such a way that you don't know I'm suggesting it, then I can effect the outcome I want. Here's the secret. Everybody is susceptible to suggestion. Some people are just less so, but they're not immune.
If you don't think what I'm telling you is absolutely real, then I suggest you watch the following video (no pun intended). youtu.be/7-osZbxq4Mc

Comment from : Central Scrutinizer

Michael Paterson
Thank you Daniel for sharing your experiences with us, I'm guessing they didn't come cheap for you?

Poker is a crazy game and so addictive good. Lol

I'm afraid I don't think I'd make a good poker player though, as I know how much money can change lives, I'd give away to far too many tells like gulping at a strong hand, or shaking like a leaf with a poor one? Lol

Comment from : Michael Paterson

I think I understand ranges, but what's this "under the gun"? Is it the seat to your right?😉
Comment from : ECduzitgood

Why does he say 2004 is the 'heyday"?
Comment from : nfc14g

ima shaman
high priced bad quality mic lol
Comment from : ima shaman

john allen
thank you Daniel I found this very helpful I look forward to your whole series
Comment from : john allen

You should consider adding in terms such as "typically", "often", or "most often" when/where appropriate. The definitive nature of some statements is likely to confuse, albeit unintentionally.
Comment from : MASTER N3PHILIM

Khaled B
Can an "old style" poker player(typically playing what he really has or hasn't) win tournaments nowadays? or is it only players playing ranges that make it?
Comment from : Khaled B

Wait what the guy called on the river all in after checking all the way down against Gus Hansen?? U call all in with ace high??
Comment from : nonolerobot19

Davey Jackson
This was great!
Comment from : Davey Jackson

DiceNiceDice Official
He speak the language of gods
Comment from : DiceNiceDice Official

Divining Oil Designs
Ahhh! Hand ranges! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Help!
Comment from : Divining Oil Designs

All know is, 'More rake is better!"
Comment from : mdd1963

matt holt
first off daniel is my favorite player. ive got 3 questions though. 1st.. how do u keep yourself from getting Blinded out at a full table? 2nd...ive watched you play alot of people.. theres a match or a table i wanna see u play and thats chris furguson. i want to se u two play each other and i can never find anything n you tube with yall playing. 3rd...ths isnt a question but they should make a movie about u...and have sean aston play you at some point in the movie lol and let me explain the blinded out thing. i play at a local place and its not a money game..its one of those point poker leagues...im trying to build my game before i play with real money...im very good at reading people. but ill get ra hands and ill fold them and the blinds always go up by the time i get some good cards...but i know to not just play premiums but..at these kind of leagues...players play everything that has a face card no matter weither its a face card with a low kicker or not and i dont know what postion means atthe table..how do i know if im in good position or not?
Comment from : matt holt

Craig Flick
And now....Power Blinking with Daniel.
Comment from : Craig Flick

jim foley
Are you kidding this is great stuff! Thank you so much. Obviously, I'm Getting started back into poker. Oh, I'm buying your book. Thanks again, I hope you'll have a lot more to come.
Comment from : jim foley

mate Nd
last night the dude called my 3bet all in with q4 suited.shitty players have an insanely wide range.
Comment from : mate Nd

Fahmil Shah
have you thought about calling this Polker Ranges Explained

oh wait...

Comment from : Fahmil Shah

Tom Voke
If Danny was making money playing poker he wouldn't be doing a video.
Comment from : Tom Voke

Christopher Pacheco
Really nice explanation, what a shame that the theory will not work on pokerstars lol
Comment from : Christopher Pacheco

I never knew poker is this complex.
Comment from : maka3230

Naton Ramsay
Soooo they had two cards and the other guy lost
Comment from : Naton Ramsay

William Bryant
Lets play Daniel. A buck a hand.
Comment from : William Bryant

Zach Martz
Typically you don’t want to have your phone on the table, you want to put it away somewhere
Comment from : Zach Martz

in 2005/2006 remember getting a 2800 2nd place score on full tilt then followed that with a really good cash game run and some smaller tourney scores getting up to about 8000.i thought i had poker figured/mastered 🤣🤣🤣i remember playing Andy Bloch in shorthanded cash game (then eventually heads up )😂😂i lost about 10 grand the next 48--72 id say Andy took about 3-4 grand of it in that session but it made me realize that yes theres Plenty of luck in poker but there is A Ton of skill needed to thrive and succeed(and boy did Andy show me how diffrent heads ups poker is)
Comment from : batchagaloopyTV

I’m the loose and goose person haha
Comment from : SnowPulse

Shahzad Quadri
Genius Daniel Negraenu.. This was an important tutorial for me
Comment from : Shahzad Quadri

PFunk _
So to make my range hidden, I should focus on giving away as little information as possible.
Comment from : PFunk _

Aki Martiskainen
I think all online low tier (up to 5$ entry sit & go tournaments. Yes that's where I play) players have this described range. Fold all but any hand with high pair or a hand with A and then go all in.
Comment from : Aki Martiskainen

Coked up
Comment from : neogauntlet

luke mcmillan
What a great guy
Comment from : luke mcmillan

Carlos Paige
This was WONDERFUL, and absolutely presented in a way that I "a poker fan / newer player,online " could digest. Thank you so much, really it's perfect.
Comment from : Carlos Paige

Nick Martin
Comment from : Nick Martin

tony stan
This guy just loves listening to himself
Comment from : tony stan

Was that gus hand back in 2007 ?
Comment from : BroskyWhoDatedHoski

Soooo...floor it?
Comment from : tenacious645

Manjesh Mahadevappa
My range is quite huge... From 2-7 to A-A
Comment from : Manjesh Mahadevappa

Joshua Robinson
I've played only 7 times all in small tournament setting and studying this and when and how much to bet has really gave me more confidence to place bets more and call and feel pretty confident I got it and also throw some bluffs in.
Comment from : Joshua Robinson

John Wayne
Helpful vid, thx Daniel N..
Comment from : John Wayne

Miguel Rivera
Definitely need this kind of training. I watch a lot of poker videos, but none have showed in depth, how to guess your oponents ranges/outs. Yes please continue and thNk you for sharing your poker wisdom Daniel!
Comment from : Miguel Rivera

A Ms
a great mind for the game, no taste for furnishing a house. terrrrrrrible
Comment from : A Ms

Zareh Kantzabedian
So what Daniel is talking about, playing more sophisticated at a high level, I learned watching Esfandiari while he was commentating a live game. He was always talking about telling a story. Really resonated with me.
Comment from : Zareh Kantzabedian

De ViceCrimsin
The way you explain it was perfect. But how did you pick out a your opponents rang in the first place. And how does position dictate that range?
Comment from : De ViceCrimsin

If u think about the Gus hansen hand, Gus gave the other dude 2 free cards, 2nd it all depends how much was at stake for AK person to lose by calling
Comment from : gd2812

“I try to keep the way in which we discuss the hand as elementary as possible so you could understand it”
Hmmm.. I didn’t realize everyone wrote you and let you know we’re stupid! Kinda shitty statement dude!
FYI.. Subscribed!

Comment from : Gunny

Kyle Beavan
You are very helpful
Comment from : Kyle Beavan

Cameron M
This is why so many people say pocket Jacks are trash and nothing more then a set mining hand. Because most of the time when you get into a 4 bet/5 bet/6 bet all in war scenario pre flop, usually the person isnt sticking it all in on you with KQ, KJ, 8s, 9s, 10s, or anything lower and those are really the only hands in you're opponents range that you can beat with JJ aside from AK or AQ, and then their are 3 hands that have you drawing dead basically with AA, KK, QQ, that they could have in their range, for a total of 18 hand combinations. So most of the time in these 4-6 bet back and forth all in pre flop war scenarios you are usually going to be dominated by 3 hands when holding JJ (AA, KK, QQ) and then at best you're getting it in on a 50/50 coin flip with JJ against the 2 hands you can beat that are in their range AK & AQ. So in those scenarios you're usually dominated or at best a 50/50 with JJ. Basically Jacks are an overrated headache hand that gets lots of people in trouble and should generally play big pots with it only when you hit a set imo. This is why you hear so many pros saying that they all hate pocket Jacks even though its one of the strongest hands. When you look at all of the top online cash game players biggest pots they won usually its with hands like AA, KK, QQ, AK suited, AQ suited, and once in a while theres a suited connector or two on the list, but on the opposite ends when you study the biggest pots that high stakes players have lost on HighStakesDB you'll find that one of the main recurring hands on the list is always JJ. I think its a hand that you have to try and excercise some caution/pot control with depending on the scenario and what the board/run out is like, unless you hit trips with it. This is esentially the same way people treat 8s, 9s and 10s and pocket Jacks are just 1 more higher then 10s so i think it makes sense to really approach & treat Jacks the same way you would 10s and not get too carried away with them, so many people just get so carried away with JJ.
Comment from : Cameron M

The real question is how to properly balance whether you use the handicapped parking spot at WSOP events. I guess as long is it helps you avoid seeing the billboard...
Comment from : bigautismo

viet doe
the man!
Comment from : viet doe

Ron Butcher
I live in Vegas....Daniel is the nicest, most genuine person in the poker world. I'm also very happy about his new relationship.....he's a good guy.
Comment from : Ron Butcher

mad dog
I guess you took some of your winnings and bought some hair..lol
Comment from : mad dog

You are one of the best if not the greatest of all time. Definitely my favorite player. Just one thing Daniel...can you fold more often when you guess your opponent's hand 😂
Comment from : T2HeadedEagle

Clarence Jones
The appearance of the mic doesn’t match the quality. Sounds like shit.
Comment from : Clarence Jones

Not Mike Postle
Daniel, If you happen to play vs a guy who's all loosey-goosey having his sandwich, is it best to assume the villain usually has either a lettuce blocker or a tomato blocker? If so, does the hero need to be thinking in terms of ranges? For example, If the villain is in early position, should we assume he/she could be holding a hand like a suited ham and cheese, or even a pair of olives? If in late position his range becomes wider right? Like somewhere between a good honey turkey breast with a bacon strip and two slices of london broil with a pickle kicker? Usually the best option here imo is 3 betting your Pumpernickel knowing he's going to be jamming his Mayo or onion on any pancake flop. Do you agree?
Comment from : Not Mike Postle

Jeff Feudner
Thought Range meant the 6 gun on your hip. ;)
Comment from : Jeff Feudner

Jeff Feudner
Wish 5 card draw as still alive..;)
Comment from : Jeff Feudner

I find this strategy works well if you are deep in a torny or at the higher stakes game, but when you play at the beginning of the torny or on lower stakes it doesn't work as well I guess because there are so many bad players. Also great tutorial you explained that perfect. Blows my mind though when I see you call someone's hand exactly, would love to know how many times per torny you do that.
Comment from : Butter

B. Seah
The man. The myth. The Daniel Negreanu.
Thanks for this "value"able video. XD

Comment from : B. Seah

I played poker with that fat girl the other day, she was rubbish, you know, that Lucy Gusey
Comment from : bobolinkr

Ever thought about using a sound proof room?
Comment from : XenojinX

Gordon Waterman
Phones should not be at tables! Some players are getting help from technical buddies
Comment from : Gordon Waterman

keu joshua
I though it was poker rangers
Comment from : keu joshua

john john
i have to reply this video. i lost focus after becoming a little loosy goosy.
Comment from : john john

Hayden Noel
I think I finally understand that everything I do at the poker table, conveys information.
Comment from : Hayden Noel

Samuel Hughes
Why did Daniel dunk himself in the bath before recording?
Comment from : Samuel Hughes

Itay Dor
Daniel you are my idol!
You're awesome!!!

Comment from : Itay Dor

This is not the guy you want to learn from about ranges
Comment from : MCFoultier

Kendall Hall
Loved this video. I am of that 2004-2010 era poker player you spoke of. I would love more info on how the game has evolved since then. Maybe i could figure out why im not good anymore :)
Comment from : Kendall Hall

Björn Hansson
This is great Daniel! Good Luck!
Comment from : Björn Hansson

Chad Hoskins
What the fuck is that thing on the table with the yellow thing wrapped around it???
Comment from : Chad Hoskins

turn gain to 15% pls i see the bar on the top f that yeti, your next to it its overblown.
Comment from : DUCKarena

A Cat
Why did daniel not once look into the camera. This whole video he was looking over my shoulder.
Comment from : A Cat

Herbert Schaeffer
one of my dreams is to play a live wsop tournament. maybe one day we'll meet in a final table heads up :)
Comment from : Herbert Schaeffer

Tony Lombardo
Q: Two cowboys in the kitchen, which one is the Cowboy?

A: ‘The one on the range.

Comment from : Tony Lombardo

Shaun Robinson
Huh?? What?? lol........
Comment from : Shaun Robinson

if the dealer knows you got a peek at a card does the hand just continue on?
Comment from : M J

I don't really believe in range charts, I think they're for beginners. D-neg plays with a wide range of hands because he uses small ball strategy
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Steve Wyche
4:00 Hanson went all in with Jacks and the guy with A-K CALLED? With nothing?
Comment from : Steve Wyche

Steve Wyche
So basically he's saying it's much harder to read players today
Comment from : Steve Wyche

Daniel help us understand that anything you do in a poker table conveys information

I liked your method of counting the ranges. Seems like those numbers can apply to many situations. Thanks.
Comment from : Chris

Christine Davis
Hey Daniel im an old school poker player I grew up in my grandfathers card room and i cut my teath playing guts. I really want to take your master class but I am disabled and I have absolutely no income so I am stuck in the land of " Free Poker Hell" that said ... I manage my bankroll, I dont let myself get tilted and I make it work.
Is there any way tgat I can get a scollarship to your class? Or prove to you that Im worth investing in??

Please help take my game to the next level.

Christine Davis

Comment from : Christine Davis

Nick Peterson
did he say "combinatrix"?
Comment from : Nick Peterson

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