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entrepreneur tips
There is no secret in winning slots! It will never give you more money than it has inside! I win today 306 pounds for less then 2 hours on roule with 1 pound bet. I made a video of my strategy. Look for the video on my channel ;-)
Comment from : entrepreneur tips

Fatima Malik
Refund button 😜😜😜😜😜
Comment from : Fatima Malik

Dean Michelini
I knew that had to be a prank! Funny man!
Comment from : Dean Michelini

You're so funny, ha ha!
Comment from : Chaeya

LoL You Got Me Fooled LoL Good 1
Comment from : M B

Adam Merry
Good one bro
Comment from : Adam Merry

Vacation Kitty
We bet people actually request their money back though. There’s those people out there!
Comment from : Vacation Kitty

Earl Butz
I wonder if gambling revenue is going down.  Nobody ever wins anything so it's not even fun for tourists.
Comment from : Earl Butz

The Desert Inn has heart. youtu.be/qrCehxKPJ0s?t=142
Comment from : number51oco

No way they would give you money back. Nice try Matthew.
Comment from : JAMES HIGA

David Musielak
It was funny!!!!!!!!😂😃😂😃😂
Comment from : David Musielak

Jacob Pedersen
That was a good one Matthew
Comment from : Jacob Pedersen

Wesley Le
I got pranked
Comment from : Wesley Le

Daniel Pope
Not really the same, but it was a promotion for new members at a casino I visited near pompano beach Florida a few years ago they basically let you gamble $200 for free! As long as you gambled $200 the day you got your players card you could come in the next morning before 10am and get $200 refunded back to you. Even if you won! I wish more casinos offered promotions like this!
Comment from : Daniel Pope

Kevin Johnson
i was skeptical, but i have to admit you were pretty awesome at selling it!! Thanks for the levity!! And also thank you for adding me to your facebook forum
Comment from : Kevin Johnson

Linda S
Comment from : Linda S

The Adventures of HEAVY D
Hahah that's a good one man nice to share the table with you
Comment from : The Adventures of HEAVY D

Stuart P
You actually did get me
Comment from : Stuart P

Danny Wvlogs
I was fooled then I realised it was 1st april
Comment from : Danny Wvlogs

Oh IF ONLY lmaoooooo 😂😂😂
Comment from : alexbandow

Scott S
April fools
Comment from : Scott S

Inside the Casino
Haha! That was awesome!
Comment from : Inside the Casino

Atlanta the Brave
Comment from : Atlanta the Brave

Lol 😂 that’s a good one, refund button. not a chance in Vegas..
Comment from : MTSTUDYLIFE

Smug Smugly
Probably cost a couple hundred dollars just to get the chili stains off the walls!
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Steve Hammes
April Fool's! Casinos giving back money! Ha Ha, there are always finding ways to TAKE more of your money
Comment from : Steve Hammes

Paris’ World
Fooled me I was like WTF lmao
Comment from : Paris’ World

Wilma L
Heh heh you got me!! 😜
Comment from : Wilma L

i didnt watch yr whole vid but yeah i cannot wait for a refund button...about time!
Comment from : SL0T _jUNKY

mexighosthunter 86
A better button would have been the cry after u lose all ur money button ...in which the table dealer from vegas vacation comes out on the screen and just keeps laughing at u til u cry 🤣😆😁😎
Comment from : mexighosthunter 86

Heath Brown
Comment from : Heath Brown

Alejandro Bautista
Omg I forgot it was April Fool
Comment from : Alejandro Bautista

rich cohen
Hope u had the best time
Comment from : rich cohen

Guy Davis
Happy April Fool's day Matthew!
Comment from : Guy Davis

Ivy 7788
OMG. I was thinking, how are they making any money? I was fooled!!
Comment from : Ivy 7788

Rocco-Gil Dizon
Hope you had a great time there. I can’t wait to be back there in September.
Comment from : Rocco-Gil Dizon

Roger Dykes
Mmmmmmm April fools anyone !!
Comment from : Roger Dykes

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