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back door straight draw hahahaha
Comment from : frankwhite83able

nice plays here.
Comment from : Lanijiro

Senna Rain
Brad you played so poorly there. I think you were just gambling. D game at best. Come on man. Don't ride the dog train, be patient and keep better pot control in those games.
Comment from : Senna Rain

Kl H
I'll watch Brad sometimes, but his narrativing is a bit irritating 🤣🤣.. It reminds me of being in university and everyone in the media class thinks they are broadcasters🤣🤣🤣.
No natural flow

Comment from : Kl H

Comment from : GEOTUS

Steve Mann
I don't know… I sure wouldn't want to make a living making others suffer the way you were after this big loss. Zero sum game: you win & are happy, others lose and suffer.
Comment from : Steve Mann

You just earned yourself a sub. This video must have been tough to make and post, but to your credit as a true Vlogger you stayed professional. This video is valuable for not just for poker players but for all types of gambling.
Comment from : HDsharp

I usually don't feel sorry for Cali types...but Brad is the main man and he has my sympathy here big time.
Comment from : JohnDaWhale3

Brad your a complete degenerate.. GET A FUCKING JOB.
Comment from : C W

This guy always looses... I play poker very often but I dont use it as an income strategy like brad here.. DONT BE BRAD
Comment from : C W

Alex Leach
thsnks for sharing man hang in there
Comment from : Alex Leach

Corey Simmons
Hi Brad. Thank you for your time and insight. Being stuck more than Twenty percent of your starting stack really feels bad but you can tighten up, take a break, or both. If your not promoting a great day, you can leave too. Brad is always promoting a great day so it can be hard to leave. I have had times which I have definitely decreased a bankroll due to stuck-muck play. Watching you Brad is smart because you explain the ideas, moves, results, and alternatives. Thank you. Win Time wishes to you for the remaining sessions this year and the new one.
Comment from : Corey Simmons

Lun He
not sure about that AJ call there
Comment from : Lun He

Adam YouTuber
I like your videos. They are very awesome.
Comment from : Adam YouTuber

The last all in was unnecessary, but proud of you for making this video anyway, couldn't have been easy.
Comment from : Flex-

Jack Raptora
Shake it off. Doo-doo occurs
Comment from : Jack Raptora

You never owned those cats. The converse is what it is.
Comment from : kvom01

Shaun Frost
Was someone sponsoring you this session?
Comment from : Shaun Frost

I understand that it must sucks for you, but I like the fact that you lose sometimes. It shows both sides of poker.
Comment from : Nez-Gars

I just wanted to say that this was my first time watching one of your videos, and I really appreciate your presentation style and explanations. I'm a huge fan of logic and probability; watching your video satisfied both of those interests today. I will likely be checking out more of your stuff.
Comment from : foxbear60

jack life still bad jacky
How to record video like this please ? And wich kind of camera you he use some one can explain please ?
Comment from : jack life still bad jacky

Chris Bowman
At the core of it, it's still a game of chance that's why it's called gambling. Everyone runs hot and cold and it's part of the game. You didn't play poorly, you just never hit when it counted. I appreciate your willingness to share when the results aren't what you wanted. Respect👍
Comment from : Chris Bowman

Quick recap here, tonight I released Im a degenerate gambling addict
Comment from : supremetempo

jiwei snow
One more time. 5/10/20 isnt high stakes.
Comment from : jiwei snow

domagoj murtic
You played really really bad :/
Comment from : domagoj murtic

tabish zaheer
Bucchodi Kam karo
Comment from : tabish zaheer

Anthony Howell
keep fighting brotha
Comment from : Anthony Howell

Sidewinder Adventure
Played like a donkey, they must love the easy money.....
Comment from : Sidewinder Adventure

Nikki Berkowitz
You have got to be the cheapest tipper...dealers/cage cashiers make minimum learn to appreciate them
Comment from : Nikki Berkowitz

This is really awesome that you shared a loss like this. That takes guts.
Comment from : Fishy

well at least we know you're not using CTO
Comment from : Cavemantero

Gunther hunter
The AJo hand man.......
Comment from : Gunther hunter

Todd Hawley
Comment from : Todd Hawley

K/J is worse hand in holdem. Any hand with jack is a bad hand.
Comment from : wavygr

TIGERF4CE1664 Overson
Dear Brad, I saw this on my PS4 and for the first time ever went to get my phone off the charger to cuss someone out. I'm not sure what was more upsetting watching your poor play, knowing you mad a video about it or hearing you say you thought you might be ahead with A high after someone went all in. Oh, you were running well this isn't mysticism it's cards. I've cashed in 4 of the last 8 tourneys I've entered and was looking for guidance not moronacisim.
Comment from : TIGERF4CE1664 Overson

biggest pot i ever won was with 6/2 off from sb. My two opponents kept raising each other and they seemed to forget about me. I made quads.
Comment from : wavygr

Wentian Xiang
Brad, sorry for your lost but it is porker. Don't felt bad too long.
Comment from : Wentian Xiang

You pick some very bad games to play your biggest limit ever. When everyone knows everyone you are already at a disadvantage. I know you have an audience to entertain but you need to pick your spots better. You are also way too emotional when losing. AJ was straight up tilt. Even if he just calls the 400 you are still out of position with a crappy stack to pot ratio.
Who was the weak spots at the table ? I can tell you that most of the players thought it was you.

Comment from : donrane

When utg limps straddle, his range already ahead of AJ. When someone isos that range, AJ is so so so far behind. You’re basically bringing a ‘2/5 vs fish strat to a 10/20 game
Comment from : Roman

Lol all in with AJ off
Comment from : Pat

Its god to see even the good players have bad runs.. makes us all feel human
Comment from : lighter360

Evan Miller
You know what you are doing better than decisions you make Brad. By the way, you did not make a bad call with the nut flush draw for 2200 bucks. That call was just fine with someone behind you
Comment from : Evan Miller

Dam B u lost a used 2012 4wd jeep grand cherokee 🙀
Comment from : PMC05

Yau Shern Yen
Well played. Just bad run out. U r so good in this game.
Comment from : Yau Shern Yen

Émerson Eitutite
what this "+1/+2" means ?
Comment from : Émerson Eitutite

Peter Sparsis
I enjoyed the video but the ace jack was 100% a tilt call and should’ve been easily avoided. You ran really bad though
Comment from : Peter Sparsis

Mathieu Gagnon
I would have called the A 10 clubs hand too for sure lol even for 40k
Comment from : Mathieu Gagnon

Joe Coburn
I appreciate the fact that you show your bad losses, goes to show everyone poker can be brutal sometimes
Comment from : Joe Coburn

kb ok?
That 10x pot call off with a flush draw is terrible... like really really really terrible man.
Comment from : kb ok?

Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag
It happens to all of us...then, we go out and have drinks, pick ourselves up, learn from our mistakes and head on back to the felt to play as mistake-free as we can. Lady luck waits for all of us somewhere at the tables..you’ll be up again in no time. I’d be really interested in knowing how you fared the next session...post it up if you got it. May the Quads be with You....Always
Comment from : Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag

manuel crum
Bad not ready for these stakes
Comment from : manuel crum

Albert Chow
so much respect for your downswing videos. completely humble and willing to show the reality of poker.
Comment from : Albert Chow

Geoff Burkman
Adding "Taps" was hilarious. Tough night. Thanks for sharing. Often more is learned from losing than from winning.
Comment from : Geoff Burkman

Me & U
Omg just give yr money
Ill play for you

Comment from : Me & U

In higher stakes anybody can have any hand at any given time no matter where they raise from.
Comment from : aix23723

Tao Jones
Let's go back to 1-2.
Comment from : Tao Jones

Davis Ta
Hey up swing coming your way
Comment from : Davis Ta

Alex Myers
LA mid to high stakes poker ain't no cake walk! liked the flush draw gamble, but other 2 big hands pretty meh. Hang in there Brad. You'll get it back.
Comment from : Alex Myers

Marco Wiederaenders
Hey Brad,

I've been watching your vlog for a while and this video was so relatable. I took a big loss over this last weekend, one week after my biggest win. Thanks for the uploads, you've got a fan for life!

Comment from : Marco Wiederaenders

Poker is sick game man but we all still choose to love it
Comment from : CheeseByThunder

John Tierney
Dude shipped a few hundred BB on 468 board and you're surprised he has a set?
Comment from : John Tierney

Steven Hir
High stakes is $20,000 buy-in and higher
Comment from : Steven Hir

Take it from an old hand...I ALWAYS had a habit of pulling back stakes quite quickly when looking unsuccessful in trying to RAISE my play level...and that's the ONE THING that I was always happy I did. It's a GREAT FEELING to know that you are NOT going to get slaughtered out there. It's always best to up your stakes when it seems you have "luck" working for you at the same time. If you are playing net positive then you WILL move ahead -- and so (given that) there's no REASON to torture yourself at the cutting edge of variance. Bankroll management was always what I did best, and I was always very PROUD of that, and very grateful that it was the one thing I did especially well. Again, my logic was always based on the very SOLID idea that, as long as I was net positive there was no NEED to torture myself with losses more painful than they had to be.
Comment from : GetMeThere1

Shayan Akhavan
I feel your pain man
Comment from : Shayan Akhavan

Evil Gunz
seems like you went on tilt just a little... Trying to change your luck in poker never wins
Comment from : Evil Gunz

Ryan Salamon
First time watching. And I’m hooked. Keep doing u Brad
Comment from : Ryan Salamon

Trumpet Dinopup
They let you put your phone on the table and record?
Comment from : Trumpet Dinopup

Invigorated Happy
Get tilted haha you know your plays aren't the best at high stakes too come on man!
Comment from : Invigorated Happy

Chris R
Man you're A bad player lol shipping that much on A flush draw and JK off? lol that's internet poker.
Comment from : Chris R

Junito Punto Comm
Bro, I don't respect a player who goes All-in thinking about doing business !! SMFH If you don't have the balls to put your money on the table, don't bet and don't call !!
Comment from : Junito Punto Comm

gary ashe
It isn't a downswing, just bad play against solid better players.
Comment from : gary ashe

Mattillmatic !
You win some and you lose some... That’s the name of the game. Seems like you were chasing your losses, unfortunately it’s hard but try and refrain from that.
Comment from : Mattillmatic !

Anthony Conti
what a beating took it well though man get it
Comment from : Anthony Conti

Eric Knight
Hey. You should come play a meetup game in Cleveland, OH !
Comment from : Eric Knight

Jeremy Lin
Appreciate your candor and showing your $6000 loss. It happens and every loss is a good learning experience if you can learn from it. I don't blame you on A8 clubs draw, but the AJ calling of 1800 was a bit speculating... good luck on your next session.
Comment from : Jeremy Lin

Alen Hawk
You just don't know how to play . Horrible poker player. But your vlogs are awesome
Comment from : Alen Hawk

Ken Gendron
I've been there too many times myself.
Comment from : Ken Gendron

Mang Mang
you folded your AK too quick after the flop, even though 3 suitet landed.
Comment from : Mang Mang

Kevin Dickson
this really good
Comment from : Kevin Dickson

Re the hand in which you called the all-in the re-raise from the flop aggressor when there were three players in the hand: Once the flop aggressor asked to see the raiser’s stack, you most likely should have read that as the flop aggressor as being VERY strong and discounted him having weaker hands. If heads up, that request could have been acting by a weaker hand, but multiway, there is almost no chance it’s a move by one-pair hand.
Comment from : ChrisGeez

crchuck H
Comment from : crchuck H

Terminally Drunk
lol u all think the same its complete luck dude at this point an u know that.
Comment from : Terminally Drunk

Stick to 2-5 that’s ur bread and butter
Comment from : Jimmybeck14

rab day
This was a great video .. I love the honesty
Comment from : rab day

You learn more from your failures than your successes, imagine if you AJo had bink a J vs the AK. That was a terrible play and you needed the punishment to learn that for the future results. +1 Subscriber
Comment from : TheEvilJade

Andrew Russell
Brad please take care of your health you appear exhausted.
Comment from : Andrew Russell

Boss Life TV
i watched the full dnges masterclass ad to help contribute my two cents to help recoup your losses.
Comment from : Boss Life TV

Arif Rahim
Awesome video. Really appreciate the honesty which is so hard to come by as you climb stakes in poker 👍🏼
Comment from : Arif Rahim

Space Alien
Comment from : Space Alien

Steve D
Just remember that we don’t watch these videos to see how much money you make, we watch because we enjoy your videos. Don’t try to make things happen, just play your solid game and get through this shitty run 👌
Comment from : Steve D

Edward Soda Jerk Miranda
You suck !!
Your so narcissistic!!

Comment from : Edward Soda Jerk Miranda

iwake 212
Comment from : iwake 212

Coƒƒee Shop
I would be tilted
Comment from : Coƒƒee Shop

justin snider
Sometimes it just runs out like that weve all been there.
Comment from : justin snider

Stewie Griffin
I like you, but I told you. You can't play and you should get your second college degree
Comment from : Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin
1:13 he grew up in casino. cute. :)
Comment from : Stewie Griffin

Johny Waters
Brad thanks for keeping it 100% poker bloggers seem to show only winning sessions but I like that you put both winning sessions as well as the bad ones! You took a punch to the chin. But still kept your head up and stayed positive, GOOD JOB! God bless you
Comment from : Johny Waters

paul foster
You and the any other poker player knows sometimes you have to just focus yourself and use your gut. You may have still run bad but I saw three main hands you could have laid down.
Part of you is thinking that they are trying to run you over but remember they play with big bankrolls.
Use your gut as much as you use your mathematic calculations and you will kill that game.

Comment from : paul foster

Scott Masih
Hey Brad. As far as poker blogs go you have the best table perspective and entertainment value on youtube. Subscribed
Comment from : Scott Masih

the prophet
AJ(o) call is really bad against any reasonable 4 betting range. Have to fold the bottom half of your 3 betting range against all but the craziest maniac or villain on tilt. Being down 4.4K or whatever is irrational thinking and irrelevant to the decision. Not very GTO that. A10(s) was a +EV call. Villain also has over pairs and combo draws 8x(s) 910(s) Kx(s) Qx(s) etc, ace & even 10 will sometimes be live.
Comment from : the prophet

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