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ben southwell
The only way to win on a machine is simple ...buy the machine and get your friends to play it.

Now it becomes a bloody good pension pot.... (We are the casino owners friends)

Comment from : ben southwell

Joyce Burke
I agree the players card has some effect on your game.
Comment from : Joyce Burke

Brian T.
Tip #4: "Minimum bets can be profitable." Yeah, I kind of knew that.
Comment from : Brian T.

So what you are saying is (about the players card) it's generally thought of by most people the casinos cheat the customers. CORRECTION! Slots were not made to be entertainment, they were made to get people addicted and spend all of their money in them. I thought everyone knew that.
Comment from : Steve

Joseph Heffle
Not true this whole video is bunk really machines don't hit when it's close to what you think is max amount
Comment from : Joseph Heffle

Joseph Heffle
Look for a machine with 5 different bet levels and pray because the house always wins
Comment from : Joseph Heffle

Joseph Heffle
Each machine has random payouts it's better to put $20 in and call it a day on that machine
Comment from : Joseph Heffle

Joseph Heffle
No tip one is a no-no
Comment from : Joseph Heffle

Jack Mock
All these tips are total B.S.
Comment from : Jack Mock

This is one of the dumbest corners of the internet.
Comment from : dattajack

Elvira Gulch
I bet $.25 on a multi-denominational machine in Vegas and won a $1250 jackpot. I don't think it would have hit if I bet the $2 max. I was very happy betting the $.25! So betting small can be good.
Comment from : Elvira Gulch

Jay Dubz
Trash number 1 tip. Next. This video is garbage. It's called RNG RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. Dislike
Comment from : Jay Dubz

Pony Boy
A lot of Slutplayers
Comment from : Pony Boy

James Falcione
What a bunch of bull. Tip one is absolutely false. Take a fkn course in statistics...please! Then again, ignorance is bliss.
Comment from : James Falcione

study massage
Complete and total balderdash.
Comment from : study massage

Joey Phounsavath
Very good points. My own experience tells me pretty much same thing as you have mentioned.
Comment from : Joey Phounsavath

Lynn Elder
Ok I'm confused!! Do we stay and be patient or move on if it doesnt pay in a few spins?? Not a good video!!
Comment from : Lynn Elder

trina glenn
None of this is true. Quit misleading my peeps please.
Comment from : trina glenn

Marc Rouleau
Here's a tip that can guarantee you a win with a bit of strategy.

When you have some down time, take a stroll through the casino and look for the games "Scarab" and "Diamond Mania". These two games work the same. All spins are divided into 10 spins. During those spins, you can collect symbols that will lock into place until your 10th spin. On your 10th spin, all those symbols turn "wilds" and you win with what it connects.

Here's the tip: Some people walk away from the machine without playing their 10 spins, leaving the screen with locked symbols in play. If the screen has a generous amount of locked symbols on the screen and there are only a few spins left before they turn wild, you know you can finish it off and the collect the win.

For example: I noticed one machine had a lot of symbols locked in the screen and there was only two spins left before the 10th spins. So at 80 cents a spin, I knew that it would only cost me $1.60 and I was guaranteed a good win. After my two spins and collecting a few more symbols, they all turned wild and I won $45.00. Not a fortune, but still a good win. Just imagine if it was at max bet?!

Something to look for! You can easily go to these machines and press every credit bet to see how the screen is set up for locked symbols and how many spins are left.

Comment from : Marc Rouleau

The name of this video should be "How to Go Broke Playing the Slots," because that's what will happen if you follow his advice.
Comment from : blank1620

Jackass Dick
Tip #1 is not true at all lol
Comment from : Jackass Dick

billy belk
The secret is not to gamble at all.. winner every time.
Comment from : billy belk

chanpreet singh khatri ambarsir wala
Sir i wana contect you plzz give me any contect details whatsApp number Or telegram any email or telegram Facebook plzz i wana talk to you
Comment from : chanpreet singh khatri ambarsir wala

Alex Chapmon
The problem I have with this video, is that you can win or lose either by using these tips or not using them. You can win as soon as you sit down at a machine, or after you've been sitting there a while. Putting a players card in a machine means nothing, you can win or lose whether it is inserted or not. For every someone who has tried one of these "tips" and has been successful, there are probably just as many that wasn't. There is only one true way to win at slots. "You get lucky"
Comment from : Alex Chapmon

Stop n Step
Link to dream casino here with a bonus

Comment from : Stop n Step

Albert Thurman
Total BS. ALL machines have random number generators. EVERY pull of the handle or touch of the button is totally independent of ANY previous pulls or touches. NONE of these "TIPS" work, but they might make you feel better about playing slots.
Comment from : Albert Thurman

Walt Powell
A lot of false statements on this video and none of it is based off of anything
Comment from : Walt Powell

Fred Baldwin
Bullshit clickbate. I was expecting something insightful
Comment from : Fred Baldwin

john t bennett jr
Hi that’s the point if they can select the number of jackpots they can select the number of win. That’s not random
Comment from : john t bennett jr

Maria Von Borstel
I never never never never win.
Comment from : Maria Von Borstel

Jeffery Lebowski
I've won at least 70 jackpots and I've never won a single one betting less than 6 or 10 bucks. Not saying it doesn't happen, it does all the time but what I am saying is that you'll hit multiple jackpots in a single night betting higher amounts while grandma and grandpa piss away their SS betting 50¢ a spin.
Comment from : Jeffery Lebowski

Jeffery Lebowski
Random number generators don't care about anything said in this video. It's a computer chip that cycles numbers at a 1000 variations per second! Say you and I sit down at the same slot, unless we hit the button at the exact same millisecond we would get different results. Max betting on high dollar machines is the best way to make big gains on most slots. It's 95% luck and 5% experience. I've had 15 jackpots in 12 hours and the next day had 2 or none!
Comment from : Jeffery Lebowski

Angelica Salas De Acosta
My mother has won about $4,000 in the last month at the same casino. She says ever since her friend told her to take some of the "good luck herbs" she has been winning a lot more. Two days ago she won $750 and today she won another $1,200. There's lots of info on google about these herbs. She says she puts her herbs in a sandwich bag and puts it inside her purse 🤭😂 I mean it works for her and before she used to never win huge amounts only like $50 here and there. Her herbs are: cinnamon, rosemary, cloves, field horsetail, chamomile, mint, ginger, common rue & basil.
Comment from : Angelica Salas De Acosta

Caitlin Spence
Just a tip for you on number 6 I work at a casino In soft count and exchange the boxes In the machines and there is no resetting of any kind. It is against the law to “ reset a machine “
Comment from : Caitlin Spence

robert wise
I am ok with Radom statements put together to make a loser try harder with hope maybe they should not be playing.
Comment from : robert wise

Wild Marie
My birthday is this Friday 10/11 I'm hoping these tips work ,thank you🤙🤞🙃
Comment from : Wild Marie

I watch this video every night. This monotone voice puts me to sleep every time lol 😴
Comment from : RICE n BEANS

Cleofe Ozames
Casino Machines don't or never reset.
Comment from : Cleofe Ozames

Dean Carver
1 play only with what you're willing to lose
2 Dont be afraid to try new and different games
3 ALWAYS use your casino card to enjoy free and or discounted tickets to shows food beverages gaming and even hotels.. My Local casino has got 1300 dollars from me this year since March every month I have 60 dollars in free play comped buffet 2 a month and a free hotel every week of this month.. definitely got my money back plus I had the entertainment of originally spending it

Comment from : Dean Carver

Michael B
I totally agree with slots will hit within the first few spins. At my local, almost all of my biggest wins happen within the first five or so spins. Every time I hit a progressive, it is right away. I now machine hop. I will start with 100 and play 20, if nothing happens, I move.
Comment from : Michael B

Joaquim Fernandes
Ur tips are shed they are always set at night when the casinos are closed
Comment from : Joaquim Fernandes

Yetunde Demilade
I m i.ntrested but not here in Nigeria
Comment from : Yetunde Demilade

Dairy Adelphonse
My wife gave me $20 I won $327. Shit I cash out and walk away 😂😂😂I’m a broke man i didn’t have no choice.
Comment from : Dairy Adelphonse

Matt S
you obviously have no clue how slots work!
Comment from : Matt S

Agatha Smith
beer n more beer
Comment from : Agatha Smith

Wow... Only #4, #5, and #10 have a shred of truth to them. The other 7 are 100% bullshit. Stop spreading misinformation to get views!
Comment from : questort

Sheila Johnson
Every time I use a player card, I lose all my money every time. I quit using it and I win quite a lot.
Comment from : Sheila Johnson

maria I


"A lot of times the tendency by a manufacturer is to make these machines real user friendly and sometimes they can go to excess and give them (the casino) the ability to change payout percentages without any notification to management or the regulators. So we would have them remove anything that could compromise the integrity of the game.

Comment from : maria I

Alexia Purciful
Dude has no idea what he’s talking about!! Moronic idiotic stupid ignorant man
Comment from : Alexia Purciful

maria I
players card manipulation? That would be illegal.And it would take time for the casino to wade through all of that info.Not likely at all.
Comment from : maria I

TC Mayes
Players cards are not that all they give tiny little things that don’t even make it worth your going just add to the addictment I’m the type like that certain amt no wins leave 👍
Comment from : TC Mayes

Trevor Graham Welch
Slots 🎰 Are Not Random I Was Told A Main Frame Computer Determines What Slot Pays Out Large Jackpots . It’s A Massive Mathematical Equation . Players Card Make You Loose ? ( I’m Not Sure )
Comment from : Trevor Graham Welch

Edward Mehnert
This is a joke right? a parody? I couldnt listen to whole thing as first tips had no bearing on winning or losing, so Im guessing 10 said this vid was a farce and fake?
Comment from : Edward Mehnert

Anthony Carlo
sorry a lot of your advice is incorrect. Just because one person has dumped a lot of money into a machine MEANS NOGHINT. A randomly generated outcome is based on the timing of the spin. The second you push the button your outcome is locked in. Winning at slots is better won using "happenstance" My show in 2020 will demonstrate how to do this.
Comment from : Anthony Carlo

Arkatoria Neon
For some reason when I have plenty of money and I play for fun and from abundance I win (for instance we sold a house and I had plenty of money and I wasn’t worried about money at all, I went to the casino for fun and won 9 hand pays totaling $20,000.00 over two months, I also have a lot of awesome vacation nights also from rewards!!). But when I am playing from lack (meaning I go because I would like to win and have less money and actually am hoping I will win and not just there for fun) I lose every time. This is consistent with me. I have won a lot of money over the years and I typically give to charity. But I never win if I go wanting to win. This is nothing to do with the odds of the machine but maybe it is true what they say about you attract whatever vibration your giving out. If I feel abundance there is more abundance, if I feel lack there is more lack. I wish I could feel abundance when I really have lack but I am unable to make my conscious and subconscious align with abundance when I feel lack so I can’t test this theory out.
Comment from : Arkatoria Neon

Evil Gunz
Best way to win at slots is don't play expecting to win. Slots are for entertainment and the reason casinos exists. You put $20 in and lose it then your already behind and chasing to win that $20 back. You lose another $20 now your trying to catch up to $40... You win a bonus and make $50 your up $10. But you think well if that hit it I must be on a lucky streak. Then you hit another bonus and win another $50 making you a profit of around $55... Best time to walk away is when your ahead. There is a random number generator in the slot machine. The machine will most times pay out %96-98 depending on the casino and what they want it to pay out... But this is over the long run meaning you could put in $100 and still not win a thing except a few cents here and there. The generator is all about keeping the machine random thus no way to beat it. It does not matter who pushes the button or when or if someone put in $100 and lost it all. That does not mean it will pay you if you sit down. You must press the button at that exact millisecond to get that pay out win. Thus you can get 3-4 bonus in 10 spins if you push the button at that right time. same with the jackpots. Yes they only have a very small chance of wining because that generator only has that combination come up very rarely and you would have to press it at the exact time it comes around. Look up your local casino and check their slot payouts. They by law have to disclose the % they pay out. You will find a % payout range. One casino was paying out %92 thus I won't play there. I did that and found the casino with the highest % of payouts which was %98 and I play there. Bigger casinos don't pay out more BTW. Some of the little casinos pay out more to compete with the bigger casinos. Play within your limits is the biggest key. Take what you can afford to lose. Take your money but leave all your debit and credit cards home. You get stuck then stubborn thinking eventually your going to win your money back. Next thing you know your maxed out on your cards, and bank account drained.
Comment from : Evil Gunz

One thing about the multiple cards is I wonder if you hit a major jackpot using a family members card will they still pay the jackpot
Comment from : Ness

conan Smith
I sometimes feel like the casinos can manipulate your payoffs by you using a players club card.for an example, I was using my card, I am generally a low bettor, and not winning anything, my son comes by and he always plays big, I tried his card and won a good amount on my second spin, so I think they can manipulate payoffs.
Comment from : conan Smith

My tip is to play the slots at a high denominator. You will have a higher chance to hit the jack pot. Also DON'T play the progressive machines.
Comment from : Sonny12681

Simply jade
I’ve seen people rub on the machine for good look
Comment from : Simply jade

BAD ADVISE!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : baggatitus

*Never play a machine that's malfunctioning in any way.

*If you hear no bonus sounds in the casino, don't expect to win either.

*And Remember... Each machine is set to make a profit and each group of machines are set to make a group profit. If one machine in a group is hitting, the other machines in that group probably will not hit. What the one machine gives to one player, the other machines will take from the other players.

Good Luck!

Comment from : PaulGreen11

Lola Pavon
I went to Vegas and by luck hit for 3400. The best time
Comment from : Lola Pavon

I quit going often, when I go now I take $100 2 to 4 times a year and max bet with a rule of keeping every $20 I win or only spinning 40 times.
Comment from : G2K

Janet Dylla
Comment from : Janet Dylla

I always try to win a second time, I believe machines can be hot or cold! My experience..
Comment from : Raven

Stormy Fourwolves44
Casinos love people who have a "SYSTEM" lol.
Comment from : Stormy Fourwolves44

sick of liberals
I am going to start stalking people and ask them how much they lost in a machine 👍👍 good point
Comment from : sick of liberals

Brian Cabalic
I think these are good tips. I would also recommend having some type of system or routine before you sit and stick to it. For instance, understand the machine betting scales, it may make more sense to play 10cents x50 $5 bet vs 1cent x500 $5 bet because the mini and minor are higher at the 10cent denom. Define your parameters when you sit. “I’m putting $100 in this machine and I’m going to do $2 spins, but if i can’t hit a Bonus or line hit that can get me to $110+ then I’m cashing out by $50”. Last piece - I just started carrying a locking money bank (and leave the key at home) and now i always go home with $ in the box. It sounds gimmicky but I’ll be damned it works. Good luck and thanks for the video!
Comment from : Brian Cabalic

Don Crap
I could not listen to that annoying voice for more than two minutes.
Comment from : Don Crap

Anthony Tudman
Wow! Tip #2 basically: You win more with a players card but you win more without a players card. Handy tip.
Comment from : Anthony Tudman

Hank Moody
I missed something, how do you know its gonna hit its max and must pay out? how do you know its "close"?
Comment from : Hank Moody

Hank Moody
I've found if it doesnt hit in the first couple times, move on. when you win something, move on. it wont hit again. 10 bucks, 20 bucks.
Comment from : Hank Moody

Barbara Sweet
thats bull shit..... if i was playing a was a big looser.. and you came along... you think you are going to win.. well thats wrong..
Comment from : Barbara Sweet

Chris Bonnette
thanks for the great tips. I have one more great strategy. I love playing all the Dragon link games in Vicksburg. O. the Dragon link games there is a last chance feature and this feature might be on other games. Here is my tip. Put into the machine your bet amount and $1 more or less. For example on the .10 cent denom you have to bet $2.50 right. Put in $3 only and push once. The remaining .50 cents will get you another spin at $2.50 for only .50 cents. I love betting $10 a push so for $11 into the machine I get 2 ten dollars pushes for $11 and let me tell you it works. Use the last spin feature every single time. I hit a handpay once by doing this. It doesn't always hit big on the last chance but it's a free spin. You get 2 spins for one if you put just a little extra over your bet amount. Try this please and see what you think about it.
Comment from : Chris Bonnette

Junior Robles Slots
thanks for sharing,new subscriber here,maybe you can return the favor 👍 👍
Comment from : Junior Robles Slots

melissa vemi
I miss the coins dropping down. I would have a play cup and a win cup and when the play cup is empty I'm done and cash out. The electronic versions are harder to keep track of what I started with.
Comment from : melissa vemi

Kathy Roknich
Thank you. I hope this works cause I never win anything.
Comment from : Kathy Roknich

I'm glad I don't play I gave to much money to the people who hate us in the first place.
The thing is this the winner is the casino those who win play a lot and put a lot of time in betting at the casino.
The winner is the Machine the odds are against the player.
So glad I stopped it just about ruined me wait I lied it did ruin me can't fool a player who played a lot.

Comment from : Cookinitmax

Felix Melendez
Whole Lotta bull!😪
Comment from : Felix Melendez

Deidre Pyatte
UNLESS you go to an Indian Casino 30 miles N of Seattle.
Comment from : Deidre Pyatte

Dude it sounds like you’re pinching your nose and talking lol stfu
Comment from : Falze11911Destiny

Steven Hite
BS on tip #1. These machines use RNG's, no rhyme no reason, it's ALL LUCK!
Comment from : Steven Hite

Elena Garcia
Yes, it’s good to play small, you will win more that way. If you are looking to win the Jackpot, you need to bet more. When you are betting a lot, you are actually losing more and faster. Do not rush and when you get upset, walk away!! You will not win when you are not patience.
Comment from : Elena Garcia

I can actually attest to number 1 tip being true, I've been playing slots since 2006 and when a person dumps a bunch of money into a machine and loses...a lot of times it is ready to start paying back because of the return ratio
Comment from : MissAmazanda

guy fawkes
You are a fucking idiot and wrong why you giving people bad advice also get a better fucking mic sounds like your broadcast thing for your mother's fucking toilet
Comment from : guy fawkes

Tree Floraken
I don’t understand your tips. For the first one, you say never expect a machine to pay out right away. But then for the third tip, you say sometimes machines pay out right away.
Then, for your second tip, you say use a card for better results. But if you’re not getting better results, don’t use the card.

Ok. For every tip I’ve heard you give so far, you’ve also given the exact opposite suggestion as a tip. So basically you’re saying you have no idea how people win, and if one thing works, that’s great, but if it doesn’t, try something else.

Comment from : Tree Floraken

Marcella Jaynes
Can you please explain the part about the machines that have to pay out by a certain time? Like where do you look to see where it is. How can I tell what machines are those kind, etc. Thank you!!
Comment from : Marcella Jaynes

james romero
Tip number 11 ... Don't play them at all
Comment from : james romero

oculos prudentium
if there is someone nearby banging on the computer screen and/or cussing a lot, it really throws me off. I really hate it when they bang on the screen as that can cause the touch screen to lose its sensitivity & calibrations.
If there are negative people around me I've learned to just leave the area as their spirit does nothing good for my play.

Comment from : oculos prudentium

There are not tips to win a slot machine it is all luck the chips in the machines randomize every single combination the only “tip” there should be is to play on higher percentage paybacks but even at that point the percentage is based on millions of tested combinations post manufacture
Comment from : D H

Fortune Cookie
Feeling lucky? - Venmo @fortunecookie2020
Comment from : Fortune Cookie

Mr D
I've hit like 5 really good wins and was never using my card those times.
Comment from : Mr D

Jeffrey Perry
Jeffrey play video poker the best games to play
Comment from : Jeffrey Perry

Jeffrey Perry
Comment from : Jeffrey Perry

Jeffrey Perry
You patricide was the best
Comment from : Jeffrey Perry

Koua Vang
They say every spin is random but I play enough to know slots have a pattern.
Comment from : Koua Vang

Daicy & Mia Luv
Hoping to win too on slot machine
Comment from : Daicy & Mia Luv

stephen alejano
these tips are legit thanks bro :) been doing most of these for quite some time now some are pretty effective specially #1 :)
Comment from : stephen alejano

Carmen Hylton
It's not true after the paper is changed it has no effect on when a machine pays.
Comment from : Carmen Hylton

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