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Nice hit!!
Big comeback.

Comment from : jkbigkat

Erica's Slot World
I need to play these more often! As you can see, I’m catching up on your videos this morning and now commenting on all. I still need to watch VGTHURSDAY! I’ll try to watch at lunch if not this evening, love! Great rolling!! Love ya! Have a beautiful day my true friend! 😘💜🤗
Comment from : Erica's Slot World

Kay Bright McDede
Nice comeback with the 25 cent denom! I’m getting video poker fever now 🥵😆
Comment from : Kay Bright McDede

Cindy T-Town
Nice comeback win! Can't wait to try my luck at poker...I've been practicing online! Haha! We'll see! Hope you keep up YOU'RE winning streak! 😘🍀💰🍀❤
Comment from : Cindy T-Town

Kenneth Smith
Excellent job of explaining, the suites!
Comment from : Kenneth Smith

Kelly Diehl
Hi Carla, I love video poker but don't play it often. Glad you had the big spin! lol. Question: I've often heard you saying in other videos, "Private Stripes". What exactly does that mean? I must have been absent the day we had class on this LOL Thanks and love your videos as always!
Comment from : Kelly Diehl

slot machine luv
Look like thst hot roll very active for you with the dice kept rolling out .
Comment from : slot machine luv

Het-heru Khepra
Comment from : Het-heru Khepra

steven Mabe
Comment from : steven Mabe

steven Mabe
also cost 30 instead of 15 for each play
Comment from : steven Mabe

Heather Lee
Morning! Love the video poker, so relaxing to watch!
Comment from : Heather Lee

PandaJock Slots
I’m lovin the poker! I don’t get to play video poker very often so this is nice to see. Hope you’re having a fantastic morning Carla! I was hoping for the 7x royal flush. Next time 🐼🐾🍀 thumbs up fourteen 🤗
Comment from : PandaJock Slots

deb s
Luv video poker! Thanks for playing
Comment from : deb s

Shay Carter
Thanks for my morning fix. Have a great hump day
Comment from : Shay Carter

Sylvia Trevino
Great that u came back n played quarters!! Awesome win!!👍👍
Comment from : Sylvia Trevino

Windy City Frenzy
Came back and got a great hit congratulations our friend ❤️😎😎-The Boyz
Comment from : Windy City Frenzy

Texas Lottery Fun
Howdy and good morning, best of luck from Texas! 💪🏽❤️🍀
Comment from : Texas Lottery Fun

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