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JS Slots
New to your channel!! Thanks for sharing great video!!
Comment from : JS Slots

Tommie knight
Casinos are just donations center for extortion from the poor ... Guilty , I'm poor I try my lu.....donate a couple dollars once a week.Yup, if wasn't for us fools donating they wouldn't exist .Good luck peoples
Comment from : Tommie knight

Green Lion
I think we finally saw Kuri. How exciting!!
Comment from : Green Lion

MGSlots 21
Fantastic win!! Enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : MGSlots 21

I saw kuris face in the back!!!!
Comment from : maricelaa6

Holy crap! Epic bonus!
Comment from : AttnJack

Lucy N
Good job Akafujj!
Comment from : Lucy N

Amber Dean
That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. Good luck.
Comment from : Amber Dean

Catherine Linder
Very nice win. Fantastic. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Nice one
Comment from : danmw77

Cindy Scott
Comment from : Cindy Scott

slot machine luv
Wow $730 profit from free play . that was fantastic my friend
Comment from : slot machine luv

fern Lowzik
Delightful Dancing Drums really exploded for you! Congrats on a super session!! May Wins Be with You!!
Comment from : fern Lowzik

hashbeen 1985
Comment from : hashbeen 1985

GemAnon TV - JackPot 777
Where is here? I mean which country?
Comment from : GemAnon TV - JackPot 777

Linda Lee All About Slots
Awesome congrats on that one!
Comment from : Linda Lee All About Slots

Hey Ya
Comment from : Hey Ya

The money tree really came through for you
Comment from : tonyman2c

John Reyes
Good morning Akafuji and yes I look at the top prize too and say someday 😁😁 that machine kept saying don’t go Akafuji 🤗🤗 that bet and win was total Kuri Style!!! And I see Kuri was giving you her gambling power😉 Akafuji if you’re at the casino Hopefully Akafuji Style gets back on track💵💵💵
Comment from : John Reyes

Jim Panella Rhino Slots
That was Beautiful
Lots of Peace

Comment from : Jim Panella Rhino Slots

*** EnergeticEnterprizes***
How do you do it?! You have a real gift for seeing the "flash" a machine gives off to draw you to it. I do as well...but not like you! You're the best ever! Lotsa love and best wishes, always...
Comment from : *** EnergeticEnterprizes***

Comment from : mongopipes

Handpay Jackpots
Good morning friend! Wow, all of those 🥁🥁🥁 free games! This machine is very tough to win on, congrats on hitting a huge payout! Have a great weekend🍀👍🍻
Comment from : Handpay Jackpots

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