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Tenzin Namkha
Annoying guy haha
Comment from : Tenzin Namkha

You seem so normal when your not playing slots, but everyone must look at you while your playing and be like “Wtf is wrong with this dude”
Comment from : BLITZ

Jennifer Peterson
Tell me you got your mom a very nice souvenir from your trip. If not I'm going to kick your ass!!
Comment from : Jennifer Peterson

Charmony Murray
This guy acts like a screw is loose!
Comment from : Charmony Murray

Loren Burner
stop being so rude you fucking horse!
Comment from : Loren Burner

What is the matter with u. Have u got mental issues or is this just how u roll.
I would watch as it's good to see games that I cant play here but the commentary makes it unwatchable. U could probably have many more subs if u never acted like a 8yr old who wants a toy in a toy shop havin a tantrum

Comment from : Woody81

I had to sub. This guy is hilarious.
Comment from : HelloMotorR1

The Kurt's Place Channel
Very nice video SDGuy. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.
Comment from : The Kurt's Place Channel

Abe Shaw
Ring a ding ding fuck fuck that’s the only words I hear
Comment from : Abe Shaw

Donny K
This dude needs to fucking relax jesus.
Comment from : Donny K

Barbara Huhn
Was that piggy Trumpie? He's been a naughty piggy kitty...the JERK! MERRRR!!! ;)
Comment from : Barbara Huhn

Cool look at the new games I think I liked the rapunzle one or whatever the fuck that was. Can't wait to visit in a few weeks.

Fujita 5
That extra grids game looks pretty cool. Skillz for dayz
Comment from : Fujita 5

Reno is a 3 hour drive to cache creek casino....bring the wins!
Comment from : monizk

Love Bug
SDGuy that piggy with the yellow hair looks so familiar to me!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂💯💯💯💯 yellow piggy hair smell the finger!
Comment from : Love Bug

Beth Hitchcock
Thanks for playing such a wide variety of games
Comment from : Beth Hitchcock

Sorry but absolutely unwatchable. The enthusiam...great. But the vernacular is that of a 12 year old child.
Comment from : BlueEyedSoul24

Tamara High-North
I must have died and went to heaven!! 49:20 with SDGUY!!! 🥰
Comment from : Tamara High-North

Kara Gawer
Forget gambling, SD is my new addiction
Comment from : Kara Gawer

Wow, they're really stepping it up on these new slots. I guess Aristocrat might have to make something other than a LL clone to keep up.
Comment from : DudeMcAwesome

Lonesome Dove
That was fun..... Ringading! 😽😼😺
Comment from : Lonesome Dove

Next Level Toys
I wish you played those Gold stacks more. I love them. Usually win on them myself 😀
Comment from : Next Level Toys

you'd be better off lighting your money on fire than playing that disgusting slotcrack... at least you'd get some warmth
Comment from : matthoward23

Lydia Castilho
Nice new games at Atlantis. Quite fun t o watch. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Lydia Castilho

deborah perryman
Thanks for introducing the new games
Comment from : deborah perryman

Sparky Jones
You won't find suckling pig like that on Brent's channel.
Comment from : Sparky Jones

Laila Hamelin
Love your videos...👍🏼❤️
Comment from : Laila Hamelin

Cassie Twitchell
"Alright shit biscuits." 😂😂💀 You kill me. Please come to the dark side and be my gambling husband would ya? 😻😻😻
Comment from : Cassie Twitchell

Melody Sixx1
Nice 👍 .and nice weather....I posted the ocean magic ultra slot ... haha seam that a .60 and 3.00 looked the same that I seen 2 people play..🤔🤔🤔🤔💲💲💲💲👍👍👍
Comment from : Melody Sixx1

Heather Foster
OMG, I wish I had known you were there, would loved to have met you! I was there Thursday morning & afternoon. Are you going to be in Reno for the weekend?
Comment from : Heather Foster

CQ Pygs
I closed my eyes! Good luck as fuck
Comment from : CQ Pygs

29:03 haha...
Comment from : cazulu3

Margarita Ortiz
Hello sd pretty good machine thank for sharing!!!!! ring ding ding 😎
Comment from : Margarita Ortiz

Liliana Alvarez
fantastic wins congrats
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Mazull Wicked Warhawks
Looks like all the slot machine videos are to afraid to come to Oklahoma. Come break the mold.
Comment from : Mazull Wicked Warhawks

Slot Stoner
did you purposely put your win of 420 @ 40:20
Comment from : Slot Stoner

Cathy Cooper
I ain't no sh*t biscuit! however giggling at the I GOT SKILLS,
Comment from : Cathy Cooper

Tony carbone
U rock sdguy watching ur vids helped me win 1500 fri night with only 400
Comment from : Tony carbone

SD get it💸💸💸💸
Comment from : LadyBadness

Casey Antczak
God bless Sdguy! Love watching him! Need more videos! I have seen every single one, ya shit bag!
Comment from : Casey Antczak

Catherine Linder
Very nice. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Loving Life
Thanks for your wisdom on advantage play. Left the casino $700 up playing The old slots and 9 lines times 5 on nickel denom...... 🎰🎰🎰
Comment from : Loving Life

Donna Travis
Looks like some fun new slots. I wonder how long they’ll take to get to Minnesota. 🤔
Comment from : Donna Travis

Matt Bailey
Looks like a fun place!
Comment from : Matt Bailey

25:45 the trump pig
Comment from : magicshort

Vina F
I think you will like GSR too! Would love to join your group pull next time you visit Reno.
Comment from : Vina F

Becky Denham
I got mini free spins 5 times in 15 min on Harley Davidson slot machine I was like wtf it keeps giving it to me
Comment from : Becky Denham

Tommy G
come to columbus ohio , have an amazing huge casino here hollywood casinio
Comment from : Tommy G

Comment from : LAS VEGAS KENO /SLOTS

Krista Christopher
Loved the lot, great SD Guy, more please.
Comment from : Krista Christopher

That was fun, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Christine Staten
Question .... when u dooble do u really cash out? or are you like slut queen that lies and says she is cashing out ... then starts recording again cause she stayed on the machine and hit a bonus ...
Comment from : Christine Staten

Sorry EZ, didn't see ya there budy. SD you stop by GSR next time..
Comment from : S C

Christine Staten
Fun video to watch Kitty ... your the best slot video editor in the business ... great job!!
Comment from : Christine Staten

Iwill S#$t in my hand and throw it on the screen! The Jerks!!
Comment from : Whitehot711

n oligney
Atlantis is in my backyard..Like watching your videos as to understand the New Games & whether to play or not, based on your plays.. Nice Flinstone touch.. haha
Comment from : n oligney

vegas on film
I like. You will say hi to me cause I put my finger on it . Told ya mb I got skills . .oh I'll be saaadd
Comment from : vegas on film

Steven Maloney
So, how do you become an advantage player on slots? I've tried many methods and still can't win a damn thing lol
Comment from : Steven Maloney

mike bigelow
If your gonna gamble in navada.. stay out of reno.. when I was there the casinos although big and well stocked with new and old games were much harder to win on then Las Vegas... it was very noticeable the pay out diffrance between the two.. in vegas I would get a bonus about every 10 bucks on low bets... in Reno it was half as much bonuses on same type machines and matching low bets..
There was alot of older fokes in reno... it's like retirement vegas.. with way less weird shady people..
And way better diner choices I felt like... but that's nether here or there... if your going to eat go to reno...if your going to gamble go to Vegas...

Comment from : mike bigelow

Barbara Huhn
Hey! I might be a shit biscuit...but I'm YOUR shit biscuit;)
Comment from : Barbara Huhn

Kathy Carl
Love Lake Tahoe
Comment from : Kathy Carl

Chad Brewer
Are the rules allowed to be amended to where if you’re one bet away from dooblin that you can cash out?
Comment from : Chad Brewer

Becky Taylor
Love when you gasp
Comment from : Becky Taylor

Drew Etienne
You are a savage I hope one day we meet I will use your methods in Vegas #causeiputmyhandthere
Comment from : Drew Etienne

Suzanne Drews
Oohh you weren't wearing your crocs with your buddy lol! So what size crocs u wear?
Comment from : Suzanne Drews

Michelle Denieff
M ew mew.its cold back home....fun session
Comment from : Michelle Denieff

Rhonda Roy
Your da man kitty ❤😘👍
Comment from : Rhonda Roy

Best hotel in Reno is Peppermill, Atlantis comes a close second. the strip there is just run down and borderline derelict when ever I go.
Comment from : BL4K

adam session
THANK YOU SD GUY FOR EVERYTHING .I STARTED WATCHING YOUR SHOW IN EARLY JUNE OF 2019 BEING STRICKEN FROM A WORK PLACE INJURY I'VE HAD TO BE HOME RECOVERING FROM A SEVERE RESPIRATORY INJURY AND COULD NOT GAMBLE AS I'D LIKE TO WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS BECAME SOMETHING I LOOKED forward to waking up every morning as if it were my favorite radio station .i than was so excited you went to Reno on the day I came back from surgery from San Francisco being a Nevada raised and resident but I could not one day I hope to see you mate penny Diana and not so much Brent .
Sincerely Adam Ross Session

Comment from : adam session

Kristin K
The Crocs!🔥😎😂
Comment from : Kristin K

Big Win from Joker
Great content! Thumbs up 👍
Comment from : Big Win from Joker

Linda S
Comment from : Linda S

Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad
Comment from : Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad

Laila Hamelin
Omg last night I almost crapped my pants. I was playing my fav progressive machine at $1.36 a spin. I picked the Mega $20,452. I'm still in shock!!🤦🏼‍♀️
Comment from : Laila Hamelin

Lisa Sunde
Looks like you're somewhere warm!!!❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Lisa Sunde

sandrena moreland
😻Gm kitty and kitties😻
Comment from : sandrena moreland

two taps

Comment from : two taps

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