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Dawn Keener
It never seems to amaze me the ppl who comment im un subbing because of your filthy mouth....my question is ever since the 1st video you ever watched and "subbed" did you not hear him curse??? Thats not a legit comment from ppl. Lmao!!
Comment from : Dawn Keener

Carolyn King
Button problem---HILARIOUS!!!
Security---SUCK IT!!!

Comment from : Carolyn King

Why do carpets in most casino's look like shit?
Comment from : ROBERT FRIEND

Mark Stephen
Comment from : Mark Stephen

Omg... that button ... FFS!! 😂🤣👊🤜
Comment from : Kristin

Katherine Sullivan
Unsubscribing as I can’t stand your constant swearing. Buh bye
Comment from : Katherine Sullivan

Luv_Travelz Slots
The 1stslot definitely you’ll see on sister’s chanel 😆. Konami slot with bonus and button malfunction 👉🏻 definitely will see on SD’s channel cause it shows the best, the worst and the funniest 😂🤑. First time in slot channel history where you want the bonus winnings to stop‼️😲
Told you to hit it with your crocs 😛

Comment from : Luv_Travelz Slots

Victor Morrison
LOL hit the button!!!
Comment from : Victor Morrison

Melissa Eannuzzo
LOVE this game. Have won a lot in it. Never a hand pay but probably 500
Comment from : Melissa Eannuzzo

Rhonda Chaparro
Worse game eva!
Comment from : Rhonda Chaparro

Leigh Ellington
I love that you invite themto ask you to leave. Fully support that! They dont deserve your business with these antiquated....complete useless no photography/video rules.
Comment from : Leigh Ellington

Leigh Ellington
Gosh. The skills vanished there huh pumpkin? Lol $500 kick in the vag!
Comment from : Leigh Ellington

The Antler Collector
I asked one of the people who work at Prairie Band like a year ago who works for.the gaming Commission for the Tribe... why do you not want vids or pics took.. Her reply was because computer gurus can take the vid and somehow watch it and figure the revolutions and wins out. . all I could do was sit in Disbelief lol .. like Didn't move until they asked if I was okay . I said with a puzzled face. "ya. Ya. Yasssss"
Comment from : The Antler Collector

Is this live?
Comment from : TheMosesdeath

Sorry but the malfunctioning button was funny as hell!!!
Comment from : Bubba

Darren Taylor
meh murrrr xxx
Comment from : Darren Taylor

mesquite slot player
Oopsie 🤣🤣
Comment from : mesquite slot player

Zorayda Gardea
Your fucking attitude is so me
Comment from : Zorayda Gardea

Amber Dean
Merrr. 🐕❤️
Comment from : Amber Dean

deborah perryman
I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing
Comment from : deborah perryman

ann turner
Lots of luck from england
Comment from : ann turner

Lee C
I love this mfer lol favvvv
Comment from : Lee C

Jersey Jinx
Me so sad! I rushed down to the Q to see you last night. But Elton, security guy, shut you down by the time I got there. I am going back today to bitch and try to convince them to change their policy. When I got home my 9 treat old son asked if I got to me you, told him. no. I think he was more upset than I was, lol.
Comment from : Jersey Jinx

Margarita Ortiz
tell security get lost nice win congrats meeeeeerrrrrrrr. 🏃‍♂️
Comment from : Margarita Ortiz


Busted by security after they discover their broken slot machine round the corner with the button hanging off and a hole in the screen
Comment from : D CONWAY

Dang Bro you hairy as Fuck. We feel sorry for Nate
Comment from : CJSlots

They have the Harley Davidson game on the Oregon machines now.
Comment from : TINA S.

Any advice on how to gamble and win more. Does anyone have experience with the video lottery machines in Oregon? They kinda suck now🙄
Comment from : TINA S.

Ken Arnold
Those cheap carpet tiles make my OCD go into overdrive !!!!!! Want to pour sryup into every bill slot !
Comment from : Ken Arnold

Ace Hardy
Comment from : Ace Hardy

Only 50 dollars in the first slot you're not giving it a chance you cheap bastard. Aangry gambler
Comment from : ChrisVM

Steve Melrose
That was so damn funny!! Thanks from the UK 🇬🇧!!
Comment from : Steve Melrose

Deidre Pyatte
1st game with the 'shoe'..I agree..horrible..second machine..horrible and not legal on pays..3rd machine 'yeti' also not legal on pays... ROTTEN CASINO..looks like the same BS they pull at Tulalip
Comment from : Deidre Pyatte

Michelle Denieff
Bastard security....
Comment from : Michelle Denieff

Donna Travis
Omg the button struggle is real! 😂
Comment from : Donna Travis

Damn it kitty it wanted to see another bonus on that slot you were playing - I bet it could be hot & horny!!! TYFS
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Katherine Uribe
Stressful for you, hilarious to me!🤣
Comment from : Katherine Uribe

Angry kitty city on the first game 💩😾
Comment from : CK Ck

Amanda Hill (RI)
How is it that all the other youtubers are allowed to film and they don’t get busted but my favorite one SDGuy does? 😭
Comment from : Amanda Hill (RI)

Angela Robertson
Thanks for the laughs ....
Comment from : Angela Robertson

country boy
That first machine is hot as fuck. I have hit 2 hand pays on it. Wait until you hit a bonus and fill the screen with wilds, then hit the 15-25x
Comment from : country boy

skillet fan
Sd guy how are you ?
Comment from : skillet fan

Jared Spurgeon
Does SD stand for South Dakota?
Comment from : Jared Spurgeon

Cajun Bradley cooper
I was enjoying the live stream, dam security. Wish they had betti the yeti at my local casino, would definitely play it.
Comment from : Cajun Bradley cooper

Carol Johnson
Love the finger
Comment from : Carol Johnson

Lisiate Taufa
Comment from : Lisiate Taufa

Relampago white lightning
Too bad ya dont have skills on your live streams like you do on your regular videos the live stream would be off the charts 🚼 hahaha
Comment from : Relampago white lightning

Texas Slot Lady
You are far more patient than I...thanks for the laughs 💖
Comment from : Texas Slot Lady

Sneezing Chad
Wow! So many casinos are haters!
Comment from : Sneezing Chad

Bryan Pierce
Sorry you got shut down, but Code Name: Katarina is a pretty good game so I hope you haven't completely written it off.
Comment from : Bryan Pierce

Justin W
Are you gonna livestream at another casina tonight?
Comment from : Justin W

Leslie Raymond
Comment from : Leslie Raymond

Jeremy Doshier
What's happenin you freaky sex kitty???
Comment from : Jeremy Doshier

mark koeppel
You were have a hell of a bad time... Still loved watching it...lol
Comment from : mark koeppel

John Ebert
do you get paid for loosing
Comment from : John Ebert

John Ebert
love your slot ply but when you gonna learn how to play
Comment from : John Ebert

Lisa Sunde
Comment from : Lisa Sunde

John Ebert
your awsome
keep UP

Comment from : John Ebert

Florida Kim
Pisses me off. You are not hurting anyone and the casino waited for you to lose a few hundred before shutting you down. Grrrrrr
Comment from : Florida Kim

Stephanie S
Does mystical mermaid play all the lines in the bonus if your playing less lines?
Comment from : Stephanie S

Christine Benson
Paid actors shutting you down. On a lighter note you left with money.
Comment from : Christine Benson

K.O.B. 5
First.....don't hate me lol. Thx as always
Comment from : K.O.B. 5

Chris Stone
The security guy at the end sounded like a fucking cum dumpster. from the brief interaction, he sounded really rude and obnoxious. You handled yourself nicely.
Comment from : Chris Stone

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